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  1. I'm praying for a Bedtime Stories kind of album.
  2. Thank you, but these songs, except Ghosttown of course, are boring to death..
  3. Leaving a studio today could mean the album can be released this year!!
  4. I cannot deal with it! Call me 112 please!!
  5. Fuck me! Gay coma! Belgium stress!
  6. I don't understand a word..
  7. HQ Photos Thread

    Oh my God!! ❤
  8. Is Cook and Fuck the new lead single after all? I remember it was rumored to be the new track on GHV2.
  9. Oops, my bad, that was the new modern promotion.
  10. HangedMadonna.com can share exclusive rumors, that Candy Shop (live from Medelin) might be another bonus track for the reddit app edition. Guy Oseary allegedly said this to fans.
  11. Gambler Rescue Me Bad Girl Skin anything from Bedtime Stories except Human Nature
  12. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Forbidden Love vs. Inside Of Me
  13. She needs to get rid off Demo Castellon even more than a proper record company. I'm sure he did his shitty mastering on his cellphone. He ruined the songs.