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  1. Girlie Show MDNA Tour Re-Invention Confessions Rebel Heart Blond Ambition Sticky And Sweet Virgin Tour Who's That Girl Drowned World
  2. They're all too weak to be included. Unfortunately.
  3. Should have been a single and performed on the Rebel Heart Tour!
  4. I must have died and this is heaven..
  5. Girlie Show!!
  6. I wish the music was her new single..
  7. As long as TOAC, BAT and RIT are included, we can wait, M ;-)
  8. That's pure speculation, no real news.
  9. I still believe they are now editing the BA and RIT
  10. Yes, a true masterpiece!!
  11. I still think it's possible to release a 3-disc combo together with the BAT and RIT. That would be a really nice treat for us fans to survive the years with no music that are ahead of us.
  12. Madonna has never been to anniversaries. I doubt she knows when were her albums released.
  13. Frozen. It's a masterpiece.