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  1. So, after the storm of new releases being announced yesterday, I'm decided to buy evary one of them Including Japanese DVD and blu-ray
  2. Rebel Heart Tour Intro 3.57 • Iconic 4.39 • Bitch I'm Madonna 3.39 • Burning Up4.28 • Holy Water / Vogue 6.05 • Devil Pray 4.17 • Body Shop 4.07 • True Blue 3.00 • Deeper And Deeper 4.52 • HeartBreak City 4.38 • Like A Virgin 4.52 • Living For Love 5.11 • La Isla Bonita 5.03 • Dress You Up / Into The Groove 5.35 • Rebel Heart3.47 • Music 3.36 • Candy Shop 2.54 • Material Girl 4.02 • La Vie En Rose 3.17 • Unapologetic Bitch 7.06 • Holiday 5.44 • Like A Prayer 4.12
  3. Why is it such a problem to post a tracklist??
  4. From https://www.amazon.de/Rebel-Heart-Tour-Live-Sydney/dp/B073XBNNB1/ref=sr_1_6?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1502881298&sr=1-6&keywords=madonna+rebel+heart+tour
  5. Why oh why oh why are there so many pre-order links, but no exact tracklist? I need to know which 22 tracks of 24 made it to the final 2CD edition.
  6. It was M herself posting clips of TOAC on her Instagram with #rebelhearttour DVD hashtags.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Great! Even though I'd be happier if she included the whole show, I'm buying as well. I'm happy for every supportive fan!
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes, check the Components List here: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/madonna-rebel-heart-tour-video
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It is. 15 minutes.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's simple. Because of more TV broadcasts. They earn her more money than 100 000 gays, who buy the disc. I am one of them actually.
  11. I hate these we-know-but-cannot-say news.
  12. Ehmm, no
  13. Yes, it may be incorrent. Everything seems to be so chaotic. But if M reads this forum, we now need her to add Take A Bow and Love Don't Live Here Anymore and I'll buy every format she asks me to
  14. The links on Amazon.com are deleted now. But there was even a tracklist for the 1CD version with 14 track only!
  15. You miss Body Shop. That is another confusion. The 2 CDs are said to have 22 songs. Which one is supposed to be cut?