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  1. From what I saw from Periscope, the concert was amazing, EXCEPT, the ending. Holiday felt a bit flat and tired this time. This concert deserved a more proper climax, but anyway, thanks Madonna!
  2. Guys, Deeper & Deeper is on the setlist. She clearly rehearsed it yesterday.
  3. BTW, WHO is attending Montreal and will give us full live reports?!?!!!?!
  4. When the family and friends full rehearse concert took place? Not even a single picture?
  5. Watch hilarious brazilian homemade parody of BIM! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4v-zPvEKro
  6. BIM only satisfies Madonna´s current egotrip, it won´t even touch the charts...
  7. It´s an odd era for sure. Guy Oseary should have been fired a long time ago.
  8. She didn´t sell out yet a single concert in the US...only Canada and Europe.
  9. In my humble opinion, she did not sell as expected in Miami (surprisingly) and places like Porto Rico (it should be sould out by now). So looking from a business perspective, it is safer to postpone those concerts and increase sales on the long run with the tour already going on and with much more buzz from previous concerts. Why she would loose money in Miami or Porto Rico, that are supposed 'safe' markets for her? You know, 10 days is not justifiable.
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