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  1. It always cringes me when people think being nagative/complaining/moaning as opposed to agreeing/being happy = having an opinion. Complaing/moaning and having an opinion are very different things.
  2. Demanding this or that from artists, or complaining about quality of DVDs(they complain even when it's decent quality. ''Oh it wasn't shot with whatever quality cameras.'' etc) sometimes cringes me. Artists don't do as much promotion as before now. Whose fault is that? It's us! We simply don't spend money on music anymore. Appearing on TV shows is still a good publicity stant, but it doesn't tranlate into profits. That's why the record companies stopped doing things they used to do. Don't you just think demanding hardcore promotion(of their CDs), super quality DVDs, DVDs extras without actually paying much money is unreasobale? Even if they do that, we all get hold of them illegally or for free by watching it on Youtube etc. Artists kinda stopped doing them because, as I said, we all don't pay much money! Simple as that! If we want hardcore promotion, great quality extra stuff, then we need to spend more money on music! The industry is short of disposable cash because of the internet and they're trying to find a way to get people pay for their work. On top of that, touring is the money source for them now, but we kinda started complaining about the ticket prices etc etc. Why are concerts more expensive now? Because we don't pay for music itself anymore. It seems like all we do is complain and demand nowadays. Unreasobale, IMO. Don't get me wrong, I think promotion is still somehow important for any artist. And if Madonna does a lot of TV promotion etc, it'll be great and I want that, too. But if she doesn't, I kinda understand that, too.
  3. As someone has pointed out already, what the F**k did you expect from the snippets we saw? She was out there in a car prenteding to be having fun. That's all! From them, did you think of a ''Vogue''-like video? Get a grip! And she could tell a team to come up with an idea and they could tell her what to do? Like she would work like that! And even if she did, you would be saying ''she has lost her creativity. She now relies on her team, not herself, for ideas.'' blah blah. Oh god, it's not even being negative. It's just simply being stupid and a huge drama queen! HAHA! Also when did we get a grandbreaking video whilst she was on tour? ''Dress You Up''(live), ''Causing A Commotion''(live), 'Hanky Panky''(live), ''Miles Away.''(compilation of random footages)
  4. It always makes me laugh when people say ''it flopped coz it's not a good song.'' What is a ''good song'' anyway? It all depends on each person's taste. For me, horrible songs become big hits all the time. Also it's kinda funny to see that when the song leaked many people seemed to be negative about the song, then the video came out(and the Superbowl peformance) and they all liked them and the vibe became positive, then it flops in some markets and they're back to being negative again.
  5. People don't spend money on music and TV doesn't show music videos anymore. What's the point of promoting singles? The singles market is fucked up. Going on tour is the main source for money nowadays. Blame it on technology but whose fault is that? It's us!
  6. Funny those who criticise how crappy M's music is now seem to like some other horrible music... I do agree that she's not as edgy as before but when are people gonna realise she has other priorities now. In the past, she was so ambitious in music and searched for new music and producers keeping eye on the underground scenes etc but now she hasn't got the time or forcuses more on other things in life. She's just not as ambitious as before musically but that's not surprising. She's over 50 now. Doesn't mean she can't be edgy anymore though. Hope she finds new inspiration and keeps digging on new music. Anyway, it's too early to judge anything, so let's wait and see.
  7. This is why I mostly stopped reading ppl's comments about her music on fan forums. It's crystal clear now that Madonna's fans change their opinions about her music according to the chart performances, reviews and whether she promotes it heavily or not. People would've loved AL(single) if it had hit No,1 saying ''it's original'' ''it's cutting edge'' or whatever. Another example of this is when ppl talk about other singers. When they say good things about her, people say ''oh I like her/him'', ''s/he's cool'' blah blah and when they say bad things, it's completely opposite. And also I don't get when a song wasn't a big hit and people say that's coz the song is shit. Shit songs become huge hits all the time.
  8. Same old shit - complaints about the ticket price and the ''why doesn't she come to my city/country/region?'' moaning! She's been charging US$300 or more (she charged more than $500 for the Japan dates on Confession tour) everywhere for the past few tours. She's not a super human. She can't visit every market and of course, she won't skip the major cities/countries. Why do you think she tours this many times? MONEY! Singers/bands/record labels don't make money out of promoting singles/albums, selling them or downloads. Whose fault is that? New technologies and every one of us who uses them. The music industry is in a completely different state now. Anyway, if she tours soon or not, we'll see.
  9. Madonna - Borderline / Burning Up (tie) Like A Virgin - Over And Over True Blue - Open Your heart Who's That Girl - Who's That Girl You Can Dance - Where's The Party Like A Prayer - Like A Prayer I'm Breathless - Sooner Or Later / More (tie) Immaculate Collection - Justify My Love Erotica - Secret Garden Bedtime Stories - Sanctuary Something To Remember - You'll See Evita - You Must Love Me Ray Of Light - Skin Music - Paradise(Not For Me) The Next Best Thing - Time Stood Still GHV2 - I don't know... American Life - Nothing Fails Remixed And Revisited - None Confessions On A Dance Floor - Forbidden Love Hard Candy - Give It To Me Celebration - Burning Up B-side - Has To Be Soundtrack Song - Into The Groove Internet Surfaced Demo - Like A Flower / Revenge (tie)
  10. I hope this digital era will collapse and the good ol' buying music(physical copies) days will creep back in SOMEHOW. Wishful thinking...The music industry is really fucked up now, especially in the U.S.(in Europe, it looks slightly healthier than the U.S.)...
  11. People like it because it's more likely to be a hit in the U.S. or they really like it? I'm kinda confused here. It's an OK song for me. Lil Wayne doesn't annoy me as much as I thought it would but his part still annoys me and wish he wasn't on it.
  12. Sanctuary Where Life Begins Keep It Together Over And Over Forbidden Love(Confessions) Skin Secret Garden Voices
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