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  1. Concert Setlist of Album Songs ONLY

    Sanctuary Skin Theif Of Hearts Impressive Instant Where's The Party Over And Over Beat Goes On Can't Stop More Forbidden Love Promise To Try Little Star Beautiful Killer Sooner Or Later I'm Addicted Physical Attraction Amazing Secret Garden Paradise(Not For Me) Candy Shop Let It Will Be
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lMcb_ttE_Kc i don't care if it's been posted before. Just needed to do this. this whole section is just incredible! The choreography, her vocals, everything is just fierce!
  3. It always cringes me when people think being nagative/complaining/moaning as opposed to agreeing/being happy = having an opinion. Complaing/moaning and having an opinion are very different things.
  4. Ever since ROL,why such a big change in M's voice?

    Sometimes, having no professional training is a good thing just using your natural talent. Then you get some help from professionals and become more conscious about the technical aspect, then you end up forcusing on it more and somewhat you get trapped in the middle. For M, before ROL, she was using her voice more naturally without caring about how she sounded ''technically'', if you like. But then she had training for Evita and became more aware of the technical aspect. Then she ended up sounding a little ''cold'' on some of her songs because she was thinking about techiques in her head more than before? You can tell from her live singing, especially on slow songs that she's more aware of(or tries to be more careful about) technical aspect on the later tours compare to her earlier tours when she was just singing freely. (I hate Broadway actors' actresses' singing coz they sound so aware of their techical sides of singing rather than emotions)
  5. Demanding this or that from artists, or complaining about quality of DVDs(they complain even when it's decent quality. ''Oh it wasn't shot with whatever quality cameras.'' etc) sometimes cringes me. Artists don't do as much promotion as before now. Whose fault is that? It's us! We simply don't spend money on music anymore. Appearing on TV shows is still a good publicity stant, but it doesn't tranlate into profits. That's why the record companies stopped doing things they used to do. Don't you just think demanding hardcore promotion(of their CDs), super quality DVDs, DVDs extras without actually paying much money is unreasobale? Even if they do that, we all get hold of them illegally or for free by watching it on Youtube etc. Artists kinda stopped doing them because, as I said, we all don't pay much money! Simple as that! If we want hardcore promotion, great quality extra stuff, then we need to spend more money on music! The industry is short of disposable cash because of the internet and they're trying to find a way to get people pay for their work. On top of that, touring is the money source for them now, but we kinda started complaining about the ticket prices etc etc. Why are concerts more expensive now? Because we don't pay for music itself anymore. It seems like all we do is complain and demand nowadays. Unreasobale, IMO. Don't get me wrong, I think promotion is still somehow important for any artist. And if Madonna does a lot of TV promotion etc, it'll be great and I want that, too. But if she doesn't, I kinda understand that, too.
  6. For me, the last 2 mins is the worst. It's just annoying. The song should finish at 4:00 or so. Then I'd like it.
  7. Shoo Bee Doo Cry Baby I'm Going Bananas What It Feels Like For A Girl(Album version) One More Chance
  8. 100% or don't bother.

    I just think no matter what some people say, if MDNA had done well on the charts or/and had been praised by critics, a lot more people would have liked it a lot more. It doesn't matter how much some people say ''I don't care about the chart positions,'' deep inside, it DOES matter. She is a commercial artist, therefore her fans expect a commercial success with her products. As simple as that. And when people forget about MDNA's lack of commercial success in 5, 6 years time, you will see threads like ''appreciate MDNA'' ''MDNA was cutting-edge'' etc etc and people will start saying they like the album.
  9. I LOVE Shoo-Bee-Doo. I'd love to sing it in karaoke. When Something To Remember came out, I thought ''she should've chosen One More Chance over You'll See.'' The rap part of American Life is the best part of the song. I don't get the hatred for Love Makes The Workd Go Round. It's a nice catchy song. The MDNA sleeve is crap. I will definitely skip LAV on the MDNA DVD.
  10. So she should have been honest and said ''Australia, sorry but it's damn too far to travel!'' in her message or should she have stayed quiet?