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  1. As I've found out in the past when I was initially disappointed in a producer working for her, she'll make Avicii abandon his own style to match hers.
  2. Hey The Guardian, a Madonna album isn't a Madonna album without dance tracks.
  3. The first half of the album is brilliant but it seems to run out of steam after I Don't Give A...
  4. That's what I was thinking, it's sort of like So Lonely from the rerelease of Emancipation of Mimi. That track has nothing to do with the original track yet is considered "part two". Wasted cash-in.
  5. It's like her spectacular tribute to Addicted to Love. It even blends well into the Motiv8 remix of ATL when played back to back with the delay filter in WinAmp.
  6. I just saw the thread over at the Org and had to come running over here. GOT DAMN! Madge is back full force! Show those pretenders who's boss, girl! The queen is NOT DEAD YET!
  7. Oh good lord this. It really makes me wonder if these people actually listen to the music or just follow these artists because of their costuming and chat show appearances. I'm sick of the "MY Diva is God/Jesus and your favorites are hasbeens and suck" crap. Sometimes I'm rather glad that I just stand on the sidelines. I'd like to think that I'm the Joel and the 'Bots (remember MST3K?) of UKMix, Flop of the Pops and Pulse Music. I make witty comments and it usually just flies right over their heads. It's especially amusing to do it to Mariah, Beyonce and Gaga fans.
  8. I never bought into the hype of Glee, mostly because I'm with Project Fox and they badgered us on every aspect of the show's marketing, so much that I had no desire to see it when it actually aired. I saw the trailer for this episode during American Dad on Sunday night and it's the first time I've heard anything from the show. They sound like incredibly generic studio singers and it's like a modern Stars On 45. As to my understanding all they do is cover Top 40 hits from the past few years anyway.
  9. Lurking... always lurking.

  10. I cannot believe how high American Life and Music are rated, I was sure that everyone would say COAD was the best of the decade. That being said, I'll go with everyone else and say American Life was quite good. I'm secretly stanning over Hard Candy, though.
  11. I saw this posted over at prince.org and I had wondered if it was true. At least she's taking proper time between albums so hopefully we get decent material this time around. I do admit to liking Hard Candy, but I know for sure she can do better than that. Hopefully it will be something that will make these other wish-wash half-assed divas look like crap again.
  12. Madonna, naw, I don't think she's brainwashed. I don't see her as a weak brainwashed easy to manipulate type, to be perfectly honest. There are quite a few of the "divas" that I would say are easy for the industry to manipulate, though. Mariah Carey, a Scientologist? Yeah, I can sort of see that happening. I've been wondering if she's really still a ~*Christian*~ for a while now. All of her faith songs could be actually aimed at Lord Xenu for all we know. When it comes to the whole MK agent Butterfly Project, I do believe in some of it when it comes to Mariah, because it would explain a lot of her behavior and her obsession with butterflies. I think a lot of her oddities probably have to do with her bizarre Lolita/damsel complex as well.
  13. When I first heard about the album title I was hoping that Madonna would go the Willy Wonka route with a purple top hat and all. As for the rest of the list WTF with Heart of Stone? I actually liked that cover a bit, I thought it was cool back in the day. I don't understand the hate for Ozzy's cover, either. Fantasy imagery is actually appropriate for the genre.
  14. I'm not really that interested in Memoirs because Mariah has this thing about albums leaking at the last minute. Most artists would have had some of the actual tracks out on the internet by now but all she has are a few low quality clips and some tacky Dream demos. This girl is really stuck in 1999 if she thinks that "leaking" a song on an urban radio station is going to make an impact on sales. I don't think people have been buying her single because of the song, seeing as most out-of-major-market stations only finally started playing it last week, but because her name is on the product. At least Whitney had the balls to have some songs off the album leak 2 or 3 weeks before the CD dropped and I remember Hard Candy leaking a month or so before the physical/iTunes came out. Mariah needs to step up her game and let go of this old business model that appearing on TV and premiering at radio is going to move anything. Enter the digital age, girl and not just on your Blackberry.
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