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  1. The file subforum shutdown The piles of leaks and demos on YouTube and SoundCloud Spotify + iTunes EP Has it really been a full year since all of that?
  2. I'm attached to the Immaculate edit of the song but only because I listened to the cassette so much when I was younger. Causing a Commotion? Underrated classic.
  3. Yesss. I've been wanting this for a while. I've got the Nirvana and Pink Floyd editions and those are pretty good, article reprints and a lot of photos.
  4. I tried but this is all Google is giving me. Thanks, google?
  5. Yes!!! It's all up on Spotify as well and I love all the alt edits of Head Over Heels. I'm fearing a Edsel Records-style botch job for Madonna "remasters" in the future because of this misplacement.
  6. I think it's because the song is in such close proximity to Oh Father. You know it's coming and when it does, you feel the sadness immediately.
  7. 95 VMAs don't even seem that long ago. I remember when MTV repeated it all the time.
  8. I had never thought of it as "crow voice" until I got on this forum. I always thought as she aged she was letting the nasal part of her register take over and it was a slightly different style from her early days. At least I don't hear fan excuses about her having nodules.
  9. There isn't a celebrity Wikipedia stub I haven't seen where the photo is actually representative of them but rather from some weird between era from an award show step and repeat.
  10. This reminds me of every other stupid picture Gaga has taken with celebrities lately (The one with Mariah looking clueless about her) and proves nothing.
  11. I never see the 14 track standard edition anywhere. It's always the deluxe.
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