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  1. The file subforum shutdown The piles of leaks and demos on YouTube and SoundCloud Spotify + iTunes EP Has it really been a full year since all of that?
  2. I never see the 14 track standard edition anywhere. It's always the deluxe.
  3. Three Four covers? Why not connect them, Cosmo? I like when the covers interconnect into one larger image.
  4. Tidal for some, miniature American flags for others.
  5. I think she bathes in Pinot Grigio or something, but we're not here for her.
  6. This is why I've stopped looking up the names of celebrities I like on Facebook and Twitter. The stupidity and bandwagoning on those places gets old quick.
  7. Really? There's more than enough room on CD2 of the Super Deluxe for Queen, Autotune Baby and Two Steps Behind Me.
  8. What sound issues? The mastering on Rebel Heart is better and clearer than something like Hozier's CD, which has the bass and treble mixed so high it makes my speakers vibrate.
  9. My Super Deluxe shipped yesterday and the autorip is available.
  10. Aside from a few tracks I heard on Youtube and the Spotify/iTunes EP, only because I stick to streaming and don't really download leaks from sketchy sites anymore.
  11. I'm getting ready to order the Super Deluxe CD and I'd really like to know why it's $28+Ship on Amazon. They don't give a lot of info about the content of the box other than that we get the extra tracks. Edit: Oh never mind it's $22 now.
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