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  1. Enjoy, http://www.buzzfeed.com/leticiamiranda/madonna-remembers-paris-victims#.gn1xxV1dD
  2. thelight

    Boston September 26

    Saturday night was amazing. For some reason I can't post pictures or videos but I've plenty on my @illmatic.poet instagram. She made eye contact with me several times, tried reading mine and my crew's shirts (got video x pix). Her smile and energy was infectious!
  3. thelight

    Boston September 26

    I'm going! FLOOR C!!
  4. thelight

    Rebel Hearts joining me 9/26 Boston Show?

    Thanks fellas! Beyond excited, staying at the Wyndham to be walking distance to venue. Add me on instagram (@illmatic.poet), I'll be adding tons of pix x vids!
  5. September 26th Boston @illmatic.poet
  6. Paying tribute to the Queen in Boston 9/26? I will be on the Floor, Section C. So excited! Hope to see you! @illmatic.poet
  7. Madonna stayed true to her lyrics "The neighbor's pissed and says he's gonna call the Five-O If they show up then we are gonna give a good show" when cops were alerted to her Hamptons mansion following noise complaints. Those fortunate officers got to live out a line from Madonna's hit "Bitch I'm Madonna'. http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2015/08/18/madonna-cops-called-birthday-party-hamptons
  8. Madonna is still able to inspire x motivate! This video gets me pumped
  9. So true, u can be so excited about something and hope to share the mood but instead ppl take the negativity TOO far
  10. I just showed my mum performance and now she's singing "Bitch I'm Madonna" lol
  11. https://youtu.be/bivsgqVsoe4 Good quality youtube link. But let's aim for an official one!
  12. Can't stop watching http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/madonna-bitch-im-madonna/2858135
  13. Can someone please pick me up off the floor? ?