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  1. So so excited about all these epic music videos and how we’re getting treated I can’t help but wonder about the business and, is Interscope financing fall these videos?
  2. Funana is a Cape Verdean dance. As a Cape Verdean I am elated seeing Madonna incorporate our music. By saying now Funana, she’s ostensibly saying “now let’s dance”.
  3. Sorry if it was already mentioned but Madame X songs are all over Top 100 Brazil (including non bilingual bops) And Faz Gostoso is NUMBER 1!!! I am so excited
  4. Noticed new videos were Licensed TO Interscope & Live Nation FROM Boytoy Inc. I’m fascinated by her business mechanisms. Anyone know how this deal works? How, unless considered promotional, does she recoup the millions to film videos for Medellín, Crave, etc?
  5. Can someone help me GET the lyrics “I wasn’t lost “ then the the “thing that hurt the most wasn’t that I wasn’t lost”?? Just don’t get it
  6. Admittedly, the first time I listened to crave I wasn’t just disappointed — I was angry. Cut to a few weeks later and I’m utterly obsessed . The songs do slowly grow on you.
  7. Hoping the song outweighs the lyrics I heard in the clip e.g, rhyming “lost” then “cost” then ending the line with “lost”
  8. These songs are growing me. I’m a drop obsessed with Soltera atm. Translating the lyrics has been fun (the lyric websites aren’t exactly correct). Here’s a little tid bit: Aguardiente (which literally translates to burning water) is one of the most famous alcoholic beverages in Antioquia (where Medellín is located). The Aguardiente Antioqueño, which is the most famous in the region, accompanies all parties in Medellín and has become an icon of the Paisas (inhabitants of Antioquia). This liquor has an anise flavor and is derived from sugar cane.
  9. I made a Madame X Era Playlist on Apple Music. I included Soltera and Champagne Rose (which is considered the best song on Quavo’s album). Fun fact: My obsession with lyrics, as a poet and songwriter led me to reversed the opening reversed lyric by Madonna on Soltera. She’s saying “and I rather be alone, and I rather be alone, lone, lone”. It’s just the beginning of her of the lyric:verse in the song. When they reverse it, it lends toward an Arabic vibe.
  10. I reversed the opening reversed lyric by Madonna. She’s saying “and I rather be alone, and I rather be alone, lone, lone”. It’s just the beginning of her of the lyric in the song. When they reverse it it has the Arabic vibe — I’m obsessed with lyrics I needed to know what she was saying
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