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  1. All these awesome interviews under one link ♡
  2. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    Well said!! BTW, I'm now I'm late on this one, but I didn't know artists can pay for likes x view.. what a shame
  3. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    I gotta rewatch! Didn't catch that!
  4. Madonna has inspired x motivated the hell out of me this week! She took Carpool to another level (and was the first artis to sing acapella). I got Showtime just for her. Brought back awesome memories of Rebel Heart Tour Boston (where David was the UB for his birthday).
  5. Is this the lap dance she references i.e. she felt like she had to force him to enjoy it?
  6. Does anyone know who the women she is with are? Are they friends or assistants? They look familiar. Jw.
  7. Do we have a lineup or know when Madonna is performing?
  8. Madonna: RARE Part IX

    Thank you for this!!!
  9. Madonna reaches out to Brahim

    Really? Is there a link?
  10. Madonna, according to Brahim, contacted him after the Paris attacks to ask if he was "ok". Brahim reports losing 2 friends in the attacks and claims he would have been a victim if not for a last minute change of plans. Interview in French: http://www.public.fr/News/Attentats-de-Paris-Brahim-Zaibat-le-coup-de-fil-qui-lui-a-probablement-sauve-la-vie-875327#xtor=CS1-23
  11. 3 Unseen videos

    Do we know what M gifted Joan with? A fan on FB swears it's a BMW, but all I know is obviously a vehicle.