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  1. The thing is that we are slowly learning. We are much more enlightened than we were 200 years ago, for example. Sadly, as any creation, it is very hard to achieve and very easy to destroy. We only need hunger, tension or propaganda to reach that instintive animal point of survival. One neurophiliologist explained to me that our brain is made of different layers: the innermost layer is the reptilian one, with all animal pulsion and violence. And then, the more we evolutioned, the more layers we have until the recent ones. Thing is that once the recent ones fail, either by illness or brain damages or pure hatred and instint of survival, the reptilian brain takes command and we are able to do any monstruosity. It doesn't mean that any person in war is being dominated by the innermost reptilian brain, but it means that we have those instints inside of us and we have to fight to keep them at bay. It is a theory that other people discuss, of course, but it is interesting.
  2. I'm afraid in the future we will be those aliens from other films, going to other places to create havoc, steal resources and destroy cultures.
  3. The reductive Trump of Pop

    I'm not sure. General public are not as aware as we of her demise, but it is clear that they don't give a damn about her. It is true, though, that if she were able to release a good song she can spark interest again.
  4. The reductive Trump of Pop

    she's not getting away with anything. She's a flop and nobody ever talks about her. She doesn't even have a back catalogue or a couple of generations behind her. She doesn't have the nostalgia factor either. She's a like some Pop Idol artist.
  5. Horrible. Every war story is horrible. Just look what is happening this very minute in Gouta, in Syria, where 400.000 civilians are trapped and being bombed, little kids dying... Every little story is so incredibly sad. And that trauma lasts for generations.
  6. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Well it's a 20 paged book with beauty tips based on horoscope and astrology. Of course it was written by some else because this woman can't barely read. But it's already considered the follow up of Hawking's work by The Huffington Post and Astrophysics Journal.
  7. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    It’s her new book on astrophysics as THE TURD is now the first Afro-American woman who shook hands with Stephen Hawking and therefore she's a Honoris Causa in the University of Cambridge. The book is called "Sun, Me".
  8. Ican't see the video because of some copyright things but according to the title it's some Disney character??
  9. Sometimes these news disturb me. They are clearly ill people who need a better healthcare system as they don't have a family to take care of them or a medical institution. Well... Don't want to be a Negative Nancy or some Debbie Downer so I stop here By the way, who were those Nancy and Debbie from those English sayings???? They seem like a boring lot to hang out with!
  10. Who would have known... Well, after dozens of times she's said that. AS this conversation will turn ugly and will open once another can of worms, I will go back to my shanti ashtangui place called Samantha Fox
  11. By the way, we never comment on how Calvin Harris turned from ugly to hot in such little time. What's the matter here?
  12. The only weird one was Calvin Harris. To be fair he didn't need the stick insect and was genuninely pissed with all the mess. Maybe she tried to be hetero for those months?
  13. Media is nowadays paralysed with fear and making desperate moves. ALL MEDIA. Newspapers and magazine more than the rest. Vogue has lost millions, just like any other magazine, because people nowadays want everything for free and want to read in a mobile. That means strange moves like having these two or the stupid Kardashian on the cover.
  14. Frankly, both Mariah and Janet deserve it more than these two.
  15. Time for this both to go down the toilet. Although by the way the world works now, she will be considered the best model ever for 20 years and he'll be the bestselling singer with more top 5 than Elvis soon.
  16. We definitely have to find those matching jumpers!!!!
  17. Hahaha Omg I soooooo want to go to a concert of hers in Norway!!!!
  18. Wow look at her. She was an international naked and lingerie model and she looks chubby by today's standards!!!! Now she would be bullied at school.
  19. The reductive Trump of Pop

    OMG, I love Martika so much. Great albums, singles, songs... The fact that poor Martika was dropped after Martika's Kitchen and this Gargol is still going is one of the biggest unfair events in HISTORY. I mean, Martika had just release this gem:
  20. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Alive? You meant "at one of her peaks" I assume. And they have to be 18 year old. If not, they would remember Hung Up or Music.