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  1. that was before cinema was even invented!!!!! But I never danced to Many as much as I danced to Madonna or Samantha Fox. They were my REAL JAMS in childhood.
  2. This bitch omg this was my jam for like two months in a row!!!!! My father recorded the song from the tv for me (he knew back then my little gay heart so well) and I transferred it into tape from the video. And got CRAZY and even more gay. But Stacey seems THE REAL DEAL!!!!!
  3. YEAh! watching the clip turned me into 1987 right there!!! I wonder why Mandy Smith was promoted in Spain and not Stacy Q?????
  4. This girl never was promoted in Spain so I can't join this beautiful party :( I don't know her at all. It's a shame though, because she seems PERFECT FOR MY 12 YEAR-OLD SELF!
  5. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    The funny thing is that after Puigdemont did that embarassing mess, most Spanish people have moved on. This second part of the conflict is like those second seasons that can't catch your atention. Most people in the rest of Spain have already moved on. I just ask some of my pals at work when was expected Puigdemont to answer and nobody knew. They are the Features and Arts section, mind.
  6. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    A judge sent to prison to two leaders from associations related to the independence. These two leaders were part of a big demonstration were cars of the Guardia Civil (part of Spanish police) were destroyed and the guns robbed (which if you think about it, is VERY VERY BIG). They were on the cars calling the people to demonstrate more and more. At the same time, they invited the people to be peaceful. Are they good or bad guys? You choose. With those two people in jail, accused of incitation of hate, things are hot again, because: 1. Many corrupted politicians aren't in jail. 2. Independentists consider that these two leaders are now political prisioners (they are not, because they are because of the acts, not the ideas, but then again, who is right?). There are MASSIVE demonstrations against this situation, asking for the liberation of these two people. And the three political parties are together again, claiming liberty and all that junk. 3. In my case, I'm sad because once again you can feel that the separation of powers, so needed in a country, is a myth in Spain. Judges seem to obey what the Government wants. Meanwhile, the most important EVER trial case of corruption in Spain is ending these days and, of course, nobody is talking about it. This Catalonia mess is a smoke courtain for both parts. And now it seems only people of Catalonia will lose, because independence is out of the question, as they have zero international support, but it is already affecting their economy. And what is worse, the region is parted in two, with independentists on one side and those agains it in another part. This is going to blow up big time there. I doubt this will affect the rest of Spain, tbqh. Tomorrow (or was it today?) Puigdemont has to say FINALLY if he declares the independence. Then the Spanish government will use an article in the Constitution, article 155, that voids all political structures in Catalonia, which will be controlled by Madrid. That has never been done before, not even in terrorism times in the 80s or 90s, so I don't know what will that mean and, with the streets so wild there, I dont' expect people will take it very pacefully.
  7. Beyoncé Thread

    How is this that starlets age less and less each day? I mean, Beyonce looks as great as she did 17 years ago! Even better, tbqh.
  8. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    Why so? In my opinion is perfect because is void of all emotion. When I read it I thought "well, this is what I would like to write, if it weren't because I'm part of the mess too and can't take whatever emotion I have". By the way, as I predicted, Mariano Rajoy has fed the conflict AGAIN and now the streets in Catalonia are on fire with demonstrations. However, the lack of international support has put Catalonia in a dangerous zone: they are already losing a lot in tourism and business.
  9. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    Then why is there still pink vinyls out there in so many shops? Was the limit edition like half a million? Or maybe it was limited only in USA? It makes no sense, sorry.
  10. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    Charlie Hebdo's editorial is so incredibly spot on. It sums up what many of us tried to explain for weeks. Love it! STUPIDITY OR DEATH ! Par Riss - 11/10/2017 The Catalan independence referendum has shaken Europe. If all the European regions with their own language, history and culture start claiming independence, the Old Continent will soon break up like pack ice under global warming. Given that there are 200 languages in Europe, why not create 200 new countries? And why not as many declarations of independence as the continent has cheeses and wines? Independence, but from what? Independence is legitimate when you want to break free of tyranny or oppression. From what tragic destiny do the Catalans want to free themselves today? Franco banned the use of Catalan after his victory in 1939 but in 1977, not long after his death, the Generalitat de Catalunya was re-established, followed by a regional Parliament and government. So today, in the absence of Franco, they must find another tyrant to overthrow. They have chosen the Spanish state and, of course, the worst dictatorship the world has ever known: the European Union, based in Brussels. Independence: a flamboyant word sometimes hiding less noble concerns. As with the Italian Lega Nord, it's always the richest regions that seek it. Catalonia wants independence so it no longer has to pay for Spain's poorer regions. We can almost hear the despicable Margaret Thatcher again: "I want my money back". Language, culture and tradition are nice on postcards, but dosh is so much better. Europe's poor regions rarely take to the streets demanding independence. Beyond these mercenary considerations, it's curious to hear certain voices from the Left claiming that the independence of a region like Catalonia will strike a blow for cultural identity, which, by the way, no-one is disputing. But in that case, why should the cultural identity claimed by the Catalans be considered OK when the Christian identity championed by European xenophobes isn't? Why are the words "identity" and "culture" audible when they are uttered by the Left, but become repugnant when used by the Right or the extreme Right? The aim of Catalan independence is not to free the region of a tyranny that doesn't exist, nor to enable the economy to become prosperous because it already is, and even less to speak a language that has been authorised for a long time. The obsession with identity that is spreading across Europe like mould across fruit affects the extreme Right, but also the Left. Right-wing nationalism and left-wing nationalism have one thing in common: nationalism. Toothless grandmothers will knit flags... When Catalonia has broken the shackles binding it to the Spanish monarchy and the Holy European Empire, what will happen? Proud independentists will march through the streets of Barcelona to the sound of drums and fifes, taking themselves for the Durruti column, young girls will throw rose petals at the militants who have bravely defied the Spanish police state, choirs of curly-haired children will sing of new-found freedom and the end of the Euro, toothless grandmothers will knit flags in the colours of the new Republic, and great-grandfathers will dig out the caps they wore at the front in 1936. It'll be beautiful, it'll be moving, it'll be magnificent. And then when evening comes, everyone will go home and collapse in front of the telly to watch "Wheel of Fortune" and Barça in the quarter final of the league cup. Catalonia really deserved that.
  11. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    What's this shit? The original COADF is everywhere. Adn these people decided to re-issue and number it???? Isn't it ABSURD?
  12. Yes. That's the thing. Right now her new song is being played a lot and it's a hit. But after two months is utterly forgotten. I mean, if Pink disappeared we would only notice she's not there after two years.
  13. Yes it's true and this should be an opportunity for trying to help the country. It's been like 20 years of absolute chaos there!
  14. Yes. She's always there but most people can't remember a single song released by her these past ten years. Never in the news, never relevant... How this woman sells albums and makes tours is indeed a mystery.
  15. I don't agree. Change terrorism for train accidents and you will notice the same. If Afghanistan was news was because soldiers from our countries are there. That means: we are related to the situation.
  16. It is not much a question of controlled feelings, but a question of what is near and what is not. If a train collapses near your home, you will be horrified. If it collapses in another European country you could be a bit sad. If it collapses further, it makes little news. We get affected by things that are near us (first) or we can relate to (second). That's why I never understand those critics about the media coverage on things that are incredibly remote. We would be crying and messing our hairs EACH DAY if we gave the same importance to every tragedy in the world. That said, it is HORRIBLE and, once again, another attack against innocent population.
  17. It was weird. I love the song so I enjoyed it. But it was simply weird
  18. Kylie Minogue thread

    Yes. Every song is about her pussy or her hole, in the end. Slow, Wow, Into the Blue, All the Lovers... Which is very cute if you think about it. We need more songs about pussies, tbqh.
  19. Kylie Minogue thread

    She will say something like "don't mess with my girls" regarding drag queens and that will count as political and personal and everything in between. To be fair... I'm happy it's not a Christmas album, she can sing about her pussy if she wants to.
  20. Kylie Minogue thread

    She's a princess... ...of Zamunda Omg I read that the album will be political and personal I'm sure neither her nor the interviewer could talk about it with a straight face Oh God, I can't wait for the album. It's been soooooo long.
  21. So in the end the poor sister has always been Dress You Up. And Angel is the fucking Cinderella
  22. By the way those songs not included in TIC were included in the Holiday Collection. I make two pictures.