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  1. Sadly many people think that Muslim persons are inferior or deserve what happens to them
  2. I am not sure about that. But in that case, let's welcome with open arms to those opposing the Taliban to the extent of leaving their homes forever. But of course once they get to our lands we treat them like Talibans.
  3. We forget easily when it's not happening to us but i I read an article the other day about the hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam and Laos still suffering the horrible consequences of the gas used by USA during the war. What for?
  4. I don't usually comment on USA politics because I find them terribly complicated. But I'm always surprised at how similar are democrats and republicans in foreign policy. Obama should be judged as war criminal for what he did in Syria. And Biden is simply continuing in Afghanistan what Trump started. Foreign policy is the biggest business for the USA. Tons and tons of money is being done through wars and coups and puppet governments. They have destroyed whole countries and condemned generations and generations to poverty in foreign lands. For DECADES.
  5. I hope all models who had found new platforms after the announcement leave and Only fans goes bankrupt.
  6. He is a war criminal and should be judged, along Bush and Aznar. More than 200.000 people died in Iraq. Not to mention the consequences in the shape of ISIS that the war brought.
  7. No idea. It happened last December. The goal was to fight against child pornography, which is a very good goal of course. But child pornography is not precisely shared in those pages! It's in the dark web. It's simply a war on porn
  8. Only verified accounts with the blue check can upload porn. There's no more amateur sex for example. I run to Xvideos a long time ago
  9. They did ban not verified porn. I haven't visited that site since then..
  10. What I don't understand is why it is wrong that people earn money with their sexual activities? Is this another case of a giant owning that platform now and fearing backlash from morons, like it happened with Tumblr? Btw, I'm sure Twitter will find a way to profit from this. Twitter Porn EXPLODED after Tumblr went prude and bankrupt.
  11. But I thought that page was 100% porn? What in the very fuck?
  12. Oh I read otherwise. Right wing parties are the worst. In Spain those imbeciles are laughing at feminists for mobilising to make governments act and save the girls and women there, telling them to go to Kabul. The level of venom of those people is appalling.
  13. The thing is that there should be more memory about how many times USA funds extremists in foreign countries to destabilise and profit and leaves a mess afterwards. They do wonder afterwards why everyone hates the USA and why the population is sinking more and more in misery. The USA government has been controlled by psychopaths for decades and decades.
  14. The West only will care when the refugees come. To stop them in Turkey and criminalise them calling them terrorists. I feel totally sick. Ashamed and angry. The amount of pain from monsters such as Reagan. His blame in Afghanistan, in the Iran Iraq war, in the crack epidemic, in the deaths of aids. And nobody burns his legend? He's surely burning in hell
  15. BBC Persian has posted a video in Instagram with people falling from a plane. So desperate they were to flee that they hold to the plane even though it was taking off. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSoyEqAIG3S/?utm_medium=copy_link
  16. I read that Australia is giving even more place for Afghan refugees. I feel very proud of your country, Jan. Every woman, gay, minority who will suffer under the Sharia should be granted help and refugee in our countries..
  17. Oh and if anybody here in this forum is still against refugees, I dare them to watch the airport scenes and think if you are going to refuse those people to settle in your country. I can't anymore.
  18. You know what has been achieved? Chaos. Many billionaires profit of chaos. Of destruction, reconstruction, drug, smuggling... Horrible
  19. I am completely in shock watching the images of the airport. I can't even imagine the horror of being there. What a tragedy for such a beautiful country so full of ancient history. And the West civilization, what horrible people we are too. I feel rage and shame.
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