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  1. Preach And add the stupid Spanish queen there too for agreeing to meet this scum.
  2. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    Good points Ilijah Whenever a nationalism movement has to lie, twist history and claim territories using invented history it shows it is a big fat scam. Oh and macedonia means salad fruit in Spanish too.
  3. I listened to a Sophie B Hawkins CD today. The only one that is not in Spotify (I don’t know why). The álbum Wilderness. The sound QUALITY!
  4. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    In fact i was surprised in 1991 that a Yugoslavian country was named like that and later that a Bulgarian region too. For me Macedonia was always related to Greece
  5. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    But Macedonia is indeed studied in schools as part of the Hellenic civilization. Alexander Magno was born in that specific part of Ancient Greece.
  6. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    I was very surprised reading the comments on Facebook. Some people were on the verge of apoplexy callling Tsipras traitor. I know Macedonia has twisted history and invented facts and stolen history from Greece and Bulgaria (as so many nationalist forces do) but I don’t know why the name Macedonia has to be exclusive of Greece??????? There’s a region called Macedonia in Bulgaria too. That means that this country has rights on the name too.
  7. This is happening right now. Italian governement refused to accept a boat that had rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, who were about the get drowned. almost 700 people, many of them children and pregnant women. And Spain has offered a safe port to take care of the tripulation. Really, for those out there who think that voting doesn't matter, i give you a big FUCK YOU. Your vote given to stupid CUNTS who deny suffering migrants to land makes you accomplices of the same situation. Understood?????? And if you vote to have a government that shows sensitivity towards suffering people, you will show your humanity. This is the news. From The Guardian. Migrant rescue ship rejected by Italy invited to dock in Spain Pedro Sánchez says Spain will welcome the 629 migrants onboard MS Aquarius Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Lorenzo Tondoand Sam Jones Migrants wait to disembark from Aquarius in the Sicilian harbour of Catania, Italy, at the end of May. Photograph: Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters Spain’s new prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has given permission for the stranded migrant rescue vessel MS Aquarius to dock in Valencia, and said his country will welcome those onboard. The humanitarian ship, which is carrying more than 600 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya at the weekend, was turned away by Italy after Matteo Salvini, the head of the far-right League party, blocked it from docking and said it should go to Malta instead. Malta refused, saying it had nothing to do with the rescue mission, which was overseen by the Italian coastguard. A statement from Sánchez’s office said on Monday: “The prime minister has given instructions so that Spain can fulfil its international humanitarian crisis commitments and has announced that the Aquarius will be welcomed into a Spanish port. “It is our duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe harbour to these people in accordance with international law.” Italy and Malta thanked Spain’s new Socialist prime minister for the offer to receive the rescue ship Aquarius at the port of Valencia. But it was not immediately clear if such a voyage was feasible given the distances involved. The ship is more than 1,400km (750 nautical miles) from Valencia.The Aquarius said it had not yet received instructions to head to Spain. Earlier, the UN’s refugee agency had called for the 629 migrants onboard, including more than 100 children, to be allowed to disembark urgently. “People are in distress, are running out of provisions and need help quickly. Broader issues such as who has responsibility and how these responsibilities can best be shared between states should be looked at later,” said Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR’s special envoy for the central Mediterranean. The European commission, anxious to avoid feeding the new Italian government’s anti-EU narrative, took a softer line, calling on Italy and Malta to consider the humanitarian needs of those onboard but insisting the matter was outside its control. “Enough!” Salvini said Monday. “Saving lives is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp isn’t.” On Sunday, Salvini said all Italian ports were closed to Aquarius. “Malta takes in nobody. France pushes people back at the border, Spain defends its frontier with weapons. From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration,” he wrote on Facebook. He said the route took the boat past Malta, and the boat should dock in the capital, Valletta. But Malta rejected the request, saying international law required that the migrants should be taken to Italian ports. Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, thanked Spain on Twitter for offering to take in the Aquarius “after Italy broke international rules and caused a standoff”. He said his country would be “sending fresh supplies to the vessel. We will have to sit down and discuss how to prevent this from happening again. This is a European issue.” Mayors across the south of Italy had pledged to defy Salvini’s move on Sunday. Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Palermo, said he was ready to open the city’s seaport to the ship. “We have always welcomed rescue boats and vessels who saved lives at sea. We will not stop now,” Orlando said. “Salvini is violating the international law. He has once again shown that we are under an extreme far-right government.’’ But a representative of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which has staff on the boat, said the mayors’ remarks were “nice but not practical” because it was standard practice to wait for the Italian coastguard, which is under the control of the Italian government, to allow a ship to dock. More than 600,000 people have reached Italy by boat from Africa in the past five years, and it is estimated as many as 500,000 are still in the country. Salvini’s League, formerly the Northern League, campaigned in the last election on an anti-immigration platform, even though the previous government had overseen a big drop in the numbers coming from Libya over the past 12 months. The humanitarian group SOS Méditerranée, which operates the Aquarius, said the migrants on board, who are mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, were picked up in six different rescue operations off the coast of Libya and included hundreds rescued from the sea by Italian naval units. Additional reporting by Daniel Boffey and Patrick Wintour
  8. Now it is happening with Catalonia too... People being so basic that think that alll the country or all the region is the same and using ugly remarks. Absurd. A coworker of mine whose family is from Castilia has family in Catalonia. His cousins there now are unable to have a normal conversation. And yet THEY ALL come from the same Castilian place!
  9. Normally racism comes from inferiority complex. When I was living in Madrid years ago I shared a flat with two Basque girls. They and their Basque friends always criticised Spain and related the flag and nationality with fascism. ALL OF THEM were sons or daughters from Spaniards . From Galicia or Andalusia. I tried to explain to them that they were insulting not only me, but their parents too and they couldn't even understand. Thank God some months later they got to know Madrid better and many people from other Spanish regions and changed their tune. If people REALLY got to know minorities, nationalities, religions...many toxic behaviours would stop.
  10. it is horrible. Maybe I didn't know because in my city there are not many Mexicans. In fact I was thinking about it some weeks ago, that I don't understand why any Mexican would prefer to go to USA when they could try Spain (when we didn't have such high unemployment). With the nicknames to other nationalities happens as it was with gays only 10 years ago. People feel free to joke about it, tell it, knowing that others would agree. The moment they become a bigger minority it will be frown upon. Or at least I hope so.
  11. Payo poney is the name given by gypsies to latin people. Analyse it: one of the folks more prosecuted, who suffer more racism, show that racism themselves?. When minorities attack other minorities you can perfectly see that the problem is in the human gene itself.
  12. The name is not referred to Mexican people, but I agree 100% with what you mean. I hate that nickname with all my heart.
  13. The worse thing about streaming is that the quality of cds is gone to the pits. Rebel Heart and Golden sound WORSE than when your cousin Mery Jane recorded that Jason Donovan tape for you in 1989.
  14. It happened to me too. I was so happy yesterday listening to some songs and I wanted to listent to Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer, but the Extended Version and then I realised that the extended in Spotify is some horrible remix and I was like "omg, where was that cd" and I was unable to find it so I felt sad 😞 And it happened to me this weekend that I was alone because my hubbie was travelling to see his family and I was like "I will watch the Twilight saga" and I was sure it was complete either in Netflix or in Amazon TV and nope, it was only the first and thank god I still had near me my dvds!!!! I think in the future we will be up to MANY MANY MANY surprises. Things that suddenly are not to be found in streaming and we will miss our cds. First thing I'm going to do this week is to buy a new DVD/BluRay (the one I have is a bit wonky) player before they are out of the market or something!
  15. Tapes will NEVER EVER happen because people have other devices. It is only some kind of "prop" to have and all that. It is only me who still has a tape player I did an article on cassettes a couple of weeks ago and one man from the shop told me "who would be insane enough to play them? This is just a silly trend" and I was like "oh, reaaaaaallyyyyy????" but I put my journalism serious mask and didn't say anything
  16. I only stream I put my cds in boxes and now only stream. I have never in my lived had that Syndrome of Missing Out so I live in my own bubble with songs I find cute and interesting in list in my Spotify and artists I discover because they are simmilar to others I put on those lists. I have only played Kylie's cd once, but I have streamed it almost every day. It is funny because I have played the cassette at least 50 times in the car, so that makes 50/1 in the cassette/cd competition I was commenting with my hubby the other day about Madonna releasing the new album in cassette. We cross our fingers, we are so happy with the cassette recording of the car! It is so nice NOT TO SKIP! I mean, even if you don't like a song, you listen to it because it is a bore to Fast Forward in cassettes.
  17. The thing is that the situation is incredibly unfair for those countries having to support all the weight of the immigration. Especially when their foreign politics aren't responsible of the situation (unlike France, for example).
  18. This woman from Florida (where else?) was a bit of a whore and a bad mother. She won't be missed
  19. I know. They really have to be VERY VERY angry with her to do this? To be fair, I always expect these kind of things to be fake or some kind of joke.
  20. And every nation has a VERY BIG bunch of racists. I was just reading some comments written by Spaniards in Facebook complaining about the rescue because "many people here are suffering poverty". I'm sure many of them have their kids of relatives now working abroad, I'm sure they won't see any relation between both cases???? WEll, it is. A Spaniard working abroad is the same as a migrant coming to Spain.
  21. There's a very suspicious silence regarding all this about the refugees from II WW and USA. Wasn't Anna Frank denied a visa in United States and couldn't flee?
  22. karbatal

    Rick Astley Beautiful Life

    I'm not sure, Kim. The same good formula, good song... it is labelled as "tired" even by the fanbase.
  23. I hope so. The more people supports solidarity, the better.
  24. Meanwhile... 1905. Italian women landing in the USA, migrating to scape poverty 1936, Spanish migrants fleeing the country because of the war and landing in Mexico, country that was incredibly warm towards us Arrival of refugees in London during the II Word War..
  25. Well, most voters in cities are far more interested in news and much more open. It was clear in Spain's latest elections, and that is why in Madrid and Barcelona or Zaragoza there are majors from those new political parties. In London, brexit was refused by a big majority...