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  1. Millions of Romanians have come back to their homes and surely have something better to do than demostrating against gays! They prefer demonstrating against corruption, to be honest.
  2. I changed a bit my message because these are my options and i can't be sure. Maybe you're right too.
  3. I'm not sure. Imo the brand new religious feelings but the construction of male and female ideals in Slavic cultures. Homophobia is Eastern Europe doesn't come from the orthodox church, even though that church is homophobic. It goes back further I think.
  4. karbatal

    The disappearance of Saudi Journalist

    The BBC World Service has been such a great surprise for me. Just today I listened to a one-hour-long report on the opioid crisis in the USA, such a great report. They spoke with families, with helpers, with victims... Other times the report is about some African country. For example, it was the BBC that discovered that the recent atrocity of soldiers killing a pregnant woman was in fact Cameroon. And all this past month they've been doing really interesting reports on the economic crisis, after 10 years of the Lehman Brothers crash. Reports on the situation in countries such as Iceland, or what happened to people who lost their home in the USA, a debate where people from different EU countries where invited... Of course, I listen to this service as entertainment, so I am not sure if they really inform well in a day-to-day basis. And about the House of Commons, precisely one of the MPs denounced yesterday how they are using politcally the situation. Exactly what you say.
  5. karbatal

    The disappearance of Saudi Journalist

    By the way, I watched a bit of Channel 4 this morning (I discovered I can watch some news through an app in my tv) and there was some report on bullying and harrassement in the House of Commons there! I had no idea, but what they were telling was horrible! How can it be possible?
  6. karbatal

    The disappearance of Saudi Journalist

    It is been really interesting how the BBC has been covering this issue. For the past two months I listen every day to the BBC World Service radio and I love the reports they do and how every day give new updates on different issues in the world that for other media start and finish the same day. I don't know if the regular BBC there in UK was reporting too! Regarding Saudi Arabia, I have no words. How ALL the Western countries are licking their asses. Democratic and elected governments go there to shake hands and make business with that worrible Dictatorship... no words. Here in Spain we sail lots of guns and arms, there's reports that tell that those very arms end up in Islamic State bands, and yet the sale keeps going.
  7. karbatal

    Rebel Heart backdrops are leaking!

    The Rebel Heart video is sooo beautiful. ❤️
  8. Gambling is becoming the new "drug problem" for young people from humble families here in Spain. Experts are alerting that the consequences are being devastating. Meanwhile, famous people, especially football players or tennis players (Nadal) are endorsing several online pages here. Those people are role models for youngsters and helping a obnoxious economic sector. The fact that this can be advertise in the Opera House is beyond horrible.
  9. I hope Eastern Europe stops with this absurdity.
  10. Great song and the video is somehow good too even though it's cheap and absurd
  11. karbatal

    Westlife confirms reunion

    worst boyband ever.
  12. The thing is that the composer of the song supported Remain https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36286255/abba-s-bjrn-ulvaeus-on-uk-s-european-union-referendum
  13. Omg those appalling covers!
  14. Great news. these vaccines against the papiloma virus are doing great in many places. And yes, anti vaccines really can't be more obtuse (and dangerous).
  15. Really, they have no shame.
  16. karbatal

    Kanye West

    What a stupid and illiterate person.
  17. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spiders-Web-Britains-Second-Empire/dp/B077PD8CPZ
  18. karbatal

    Australia's political shambles

    What a pity. It's so difficult nowadays to have any kind of unbiased media!!!!!
  19. karbatal

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yeah Josep Borrell told it last week
  20. karbatal

    Australia's political shambles

    Jan, I've been listening to the BBC World Service (which I love) and they've been reported about the journalist at ABC being forced to resign because his reports were not liked by the Government!
  21. I've just watched in Amazon Prime a very interesting docu on London and how the secret web of secret financial societies was built when the empire fell down in the 60s and the creation of tax havens that ultimately were responsible of the de-industrialisation of the country as they only invest abroad. And how it's the reason why sub Saharan countries are so poor. Nowadays there's a full financial mafia ruling even government organisms in the UK. Really interesting documentary!!!!!
  22. Horrible story. The rise of intolerant groups in some EU countries is really worrying. And to lose a fighter in such an unfair way. I hope Madonna writes a message.