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  1. It’s absolutely horrifying. The killing in buffalo left me so incredibly sad, when I saw the pic of one elderly lady who owned one shop. It feels so incredibly wrong. Then since then more and more carnage and now this. It’s simply unbearable.
  2. Imagine being the son of a beauty pageant mother and being so incredibly ugly
  3. The face of a spoiled son of a racist diamond dealer
  4. I fear he will be candidate to the presidency in a near future
  5. Either way he will be once again destroying instead of creating.
  6. He is the human equivalent of cripto coins.
  7. Maybe the solution is to stop using that toxic app.
  8. I don’t understand. Are they against preservatives? What is happening with these people?
  9. Why do sex scandals always happen in uk? Is it because the tabloids cover it? I doubt they are more pervert than others
  10. I was thinking yesterday that it may happen to any country. Bigots and ultra conservatives are everywhere. In 5 years or 10 years we could have an ultra conservative European Commission too that changes all rules. Nobody is safe until the working classes WAKE UP!
  11. USA has become such a difficult place to live that I wonder why Americans don’t mígate. I just read an article that if USA applied to be part of the EU it would be denied access because of the lack of human rights. Just imagine the mess that such a big and important and in some ways exemplary country has become since the 80s.
  12. This is incredibly dangerous and terrifying. No right is guaranteed
  13. How do they make him gay? Or is that the real deal? When it comes to deep fakes I’m like a grandma.
  14. The only real power he has now it’s the nuclear weapons. He’s a shell of a real leader. What a loser.
  15. He understood that he must work under rules. Stupid fucker
  16. Is this picture true? He implanted hair and had surgery to have a big jaw?
  17. I wonder if the comments insulting his wife or his kid will be considered free speech too and where he personally will draw the line. Meanwhile Brussels has already reminded him that the EU has already laws regarding social media that he will have to comply if he wants Twitter to operate here. Being the turd that he is I’m sure he thinks he’s above EU regulation. But he’s not. EU Regulator Cautions Twitter on Content Moderation Social-media companies face new, deeper obligations in region; ‘Now we have very clear rules’ https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/eu-regulator-cautions-twitter-on-content-moderation-11650992926
  18. Just like his stupid wife. What a pair
  19. He wants to be Tony Stark but he’s a complete loser no matter how much money he makes. Total attention seeker, which is never a good sign.
  20. Information has been in control of banks and cunts since the beginning. The only difference is that Twitter or Facebook don’t answer to the same rules of media outlets, who are responsible of the content. If now musk as owner had to face consequences of the shit the platform creates he would sell it tomorrow. So I hope that laws change.
  21. Well Twitter has been running for too long and with the pandemic many many people ended up fed up. Younger generations are not frequent users. I expect the same downfall as Facebook. Equally scary because millions still use it of course, but the influence will be less. Anyway he’s a stupid turd
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