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  1. By the way, was there in Norway where Madonna asked how anybody could speak that language?
  2. I will wear this. It may be summer there but being Norway I'm sure this Spaniard will be cold
  3. I will hold a cardboard sign with Miss Smamfa on it. And will look for the medicated woman. She seemed real fun!
  4. And we with coordinated wool jumpers!!!
  5. Hahaha hahaha I wish Madonna performed in the same Children of the Corn festival tbqh.
  6. Hahaha this thread is always a laugh Lady Cuca jajaja
  7. I was looking yesterday for info about a song and I discovered that Damita Jo was a real singer from the 60s. Why did this whisper relic spoiled that name?
  8. At the end only Madonna will be selling in five years
  9. And she wasn't given any big hit by the record company, even though it was one of the most anticipated releases. There's something going on when the record company doesn't invest in a A LIST singer. You can't compare this to any Madonna moment because since TB Madonna hasn't relied on the record company to buy tracks. Rihanna and Perry are total pop products.
  10. Queen of Arians!!!!!!! The old man clapping holding that tiny dog Smamfa's high five to the distracted massive woman
  11. There's a propaganda plan against Muslims since the 90s.
  12. Those fans are the modern version of the Madonna Wannabes!!!!!
  13. Well you can't see these level of emotion from GP in any other pop princesses. Has Rihanna ever made dance a bunch of people with coordinated jumpers???????
  14. I've been laughing like an idiot these past two days whenever I remember the gifs and the name Smamfa hahaha
  15. The real enemy are the ruling elites. In the UK, in Spain, France, Germany, USA... But as Nirvana said, in the most insightful and clairvoyant lyrics ever, "here we are now, entertain us". And we argue nonstop about sterile issues while they laugh.
  16. She used a fake belly similar to those in films. All pics were photoshopped to death. I'm waiting for Solange to SPEAK UP.
  17. I watched one long video of him a long time ago and didn't tell many things that we don't already know: they get money, make whole nations suffer, they don't care, if you can't do it anymore you are out. Those paedo things and rituals seem a bit too far- fetched to be quite honest. Ps: i'm a junkie about this conspirancy vids but I barely believe them. had it be true what he says, he would be dead for telling those things.
  18. Those two seconds before the step always make me cringe. Like the one with the kick or the jump in the Super Bowel
  19. Veruca Salt
  20. I wish I had a jumper like this and could be with them. I'm soooo gregarian...
  21. They are far worse than the Jacksons.
  22. This is too much hahaha. HAHAHA