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  1. She's never been globally massive. I don't know in the USA but in most of Europe, for example, she's always been Michael's sister and had two or three big hits maximum.
  2. I wish Melania sabotages Trump from the inside and becomes a heroine.
  3. Great that she spoke!!!! Has anybody ever asked her about it? Because she was clearly eager to explain herself! Ugh, that snake Taylor! But Perry is so sure about that "cause and effect" and karma... Maybe she knows something?
  4. Thank God she's ok!
  5. Exactly. Terrorism needs as much exposure as possible and being Ariana many pages have reported the attack, much more than the Paris or Brussels ones.
  6. What would be the point if they are suicide bombers? The only way to defeat terrorism is through policial ways. And of course a change in international politics.
  7. After this horrible tragedy in Manchester with Ariana Grande, Madonna's speech in Stockholm, just days after the attacks in Paris, has got more and more relevant. I just read in another thread how people here fear that tours from other artists will be cancelled and one fan wishing that Madonna never again tours. Let's all rewatch this GREAT SPEECH and celebrate life, instead of going away, being scared, and letting terrorists win. "It's been really hard actually to get through the show, because in many ways, I feel torn. Like, why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones? However, that is exactly what these people want us to do. They want to shut us up. They want to silence us. And we won't let them,"
  8. There was two hours queue in Barcelona for the RHT, but we still have to know who was the terrorist here, because maybe it was a worker and got the explosives days ago?
  9. If that Mingos things are true, it's horrible. But really, I can't imagine Katy doing that.
  10. That stupid Runaway song Oh dear, she has such little memorable hits. If only she had invented those boring moves, but she stole them from Michael and Paula Abdul.
  11. The pictures of teenagers with those bunny ears being attended is simply horrible. How can this happen? And poor Ariana. How will she face another concert?
  12. Omg I just woken up. I can't imagine how horrible it has to be. Does anybody know what really happened??? Did the people die because of the explosion or because of the chaos afterwards?
  13. Oh dear... We are officially BORED
  14. Great column by Tracy Horn. And lots of love to Madonna!!! http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/2017/05/my-attempt-running-disintegrates-war-words-madonna
  15. I'm sorry but Cher has faced the same comment from Piers Morgan than Madonna this morning.
  16. Listen, you don't know the tv series, you don't know me and you don't¡ even know my country. And you are not going to solve your private problems with this conversation. If you are offended by the joke, please write to his creator, @alber_caballero and explain to him the joke about Latoya Jackson. But please, do not write about Janet, because nobody knows Tito's sister in Spain.
  17. And now let's forget SJWs and let's focus on Germaine's sister.
  18. I think Katy should try this girl to direct her next performance, because she really knows hot to craft a BIG HIT
  19. why is not avalaible???? This was PURE GOLD, i am sure!
  20. She's a distusting human being and she has to be so unhappy. Nobody being so vile can be happy or satisfied.
  21. Where's the performance???? Love that it was Celine and Cher w3ho stole the show!!!!!
  22. What a beautiful performance. When you are talented and a real artist, you just need your presence. Celine is up there with Madonna as one of the best performers in the last decades.