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  1. Frankly, news outlets should find better ways to earn money than scaring the population. That's the second new possible pandemic that's made the news this week. We have this mess still going on and it looks as if society considers is time for a new single.
  2. Social media should become a 4chan corner. I barely use Facebook and I had to change my Twitter to show UK trends because the Spain ones were depressing and fascist every day during lockdown. Sane people will stop using them.
  3. Many feminists in Spain are going that route. A couple of months ago the Feminist Party was expelled from the left party Izquierda Unida because of their comments on trans. And last week, the president of that Feminist Party, a historical figure on feminism, wrote a column in a right wing newspaper and was retweeted and applauded by the far right. It was HIGHLY embarrassing. I'm not blaming feminists, mind. Many many feminists are not agreeing. It's not even something about age. It's simply TRANSPHOBIA. Just today Stephen King was trending and you had to swim among the amount of tweets applauding Rowling in Spain written by self called feminists. Thank God other women and the big LGTB community, along K-pop fans, called them out.
  4. She's literally going downhill! It was so easy being cool in the early.00s for these people. And now they're discovering they were simply living in a bubble.
  5. We have other important pieces of art in the considered best museum of paintings in the world, thank you very much
  6. Oh you are right about it.
  7. Tell that to the poor bird watcher who was harassed by a Karen, who called the police screaming that a big black man was attacking her. They are privileged absurdas who will stop tbeir antics now that they fear someone may be filming them.
  8. Don't worry babes. Those images are valuable but they were made by the trillions during the XIX century by people who copied the same image over and over. We have a lot in every little village. I'm sure in Italy and Portugal it's the same. Of course THERE IS a law against it. Those patronising articles by Anglo Saxon press, always ready to put down Mediterranean countries, are click bait
  9. We have a trillion frescos in villages where only 10 people live, so sometimes some old lady decides to act.
  10. I am glad they are filmed. To be honest I think we all will end up with a camera in our forehead filming everything because the cunts are becoming too much
  11. I am a person who has worked with words for 20 years. I know the power of words. JK is a very bright s and intelligent storyteller who is a word magician. And those tweets the Youtuber have commented are beautifully crafted to get precisely that reaction but hide the real meaning.
  12. very interesting video. Sadly it doesn't include the fact of WTF is JK spotting differences and focusing on biological sex. What's her point? Sorry but this video, being very interesting and showing a side that I love to hear, misses that point completely: this is not JK commenting that as a response of something. This is JK bringing back this issue again and again with no reason. Except a very obvious one. This beautiful Youtuber has forgotten or maybe doesn't even know what happened in 2018. Those LGBT defending trans do remember: JK Rowling comes under fire for liking tweet calling trans women ‘men in dresses’
  13. What a disgusting woman. All Karens and Kevins are repulsive
  14. Why oh why they always underestimate the population? When it comes to LGTB rights the population is always ready and waiting to justify their love. It's the absurd elites out of touch with reality the ones living in XX century.
  15. Absolutely idiotic. The older I get the more I feel that flags and pride for any mother land fuels all kind of stupidity in the population. The more critical we are for our countries, the more we watch out bad politics.
  16. I've just watched in Euronews about the US UK deal and a US expert said that the deal would be a big triumph for the UK but it would barely make evening news in the US. "America already has a profitable deal with the UK and this new deal will be to use it against China". It's so incredibly humiliating! Why on Earth could the UK put itself in that position? If they had agreed on the Euro and Schengen they'd be ruling the EU along Germany and France. Now it's like Mel B trying to get some attention.
  17. That's true.. I have never watched Saturday Night Fever until recently and I was surprised at how crude it was. It's true that it would be difficult to draw the line. But on the other hand we've seen this happening in books, especially children books. Enid Blyton books have paragraphs removed and changed. Then again, it's for children, so maybe it's understandable. Yeah, it's a weird issue.
  18. I think people should get a grip. I love this film, but I do agree it's incredibly racist at times. Even the filming, when Vivien Leigh slapped really hard and very real actress Butterfly McQueen. McQueen had to ask the director to stop. I think it's not harmful to explain something at the beginning.
  19. WTF? But Churchill fought the Nazis They remind me to far right extremists in Spain complaining about living now in a dictatorship. Dumber and dumber each day...
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