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  1. Vielleicht kannst du die Informationen nicht erreichen? Ich habe heute das NDR Info Radio Sendung gehört und nur ein sehr kleines Kommentar war zu hören. Dass die EU in zwei Wochen ein neues Treffen haben wird. Nichts von was passiert.
  2. Well, some were wondering why some countries have more material than others to face the pandemic. Was it because those countries were better prepared or have a more efficient system? Nope. It's because their governments FORBID the companies to sell material to the neighbors while people were dying. Those firms were the official distributors in public Spanish hospitals. This is not a blind item. The names are Germany and France. Information by the very serious newspaper La Vanguardia. This pandemic is going to change a lot many things. https://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20200324/4874322651/especulacion-mercado-bloquea-llegada-material-sanitario-espana-coronavirus.html?facet=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  3. If this health crisis is as severe in other countries as is being in Italy and Spain we will see the true colours of some politicians. Not only Johnson and Trump consider that the economy should come first.
  4. Well, Ursula von Der Leyen told Spanish media, that China asked the EU to send the help in a very very discreet way. It seems that China's authorities didn't want to alarm the population (or wanted to save face). That's why the EU help was not reported. BTW there's an absolute storm against Germany and Netherlands in Spanish social media right now. Serious media is reporting that Frits Rosendaal, Dutch's expert on pandemics, is criticising Italy and Spain for giving treatment to elderly people. He thinks those beds should be for others and the elderly should be kept home. He calls our position "the Mediterranean culture about the elderly". I tried to contrast the info because I'm too appalled for words but I can't find anything in English. I REALLY REALLY hope it's not true.
  5. Well, be prepared for a cascade of politicians having the virus. Mainly because they are being tested. Most people aren't being tested.
  6. Oh I wrote Neverlands instead of Netherlands I won't change it. It's a proper name for a place where the ruler is a delusional arrogant pig.
  7. They basically refused to create a common financial response to the deep economic crisis that will come. But Neverlands absurda prime minister said that Italy and Spain should have saved money these years when economy was so great. I have no words. Literally. The austerity measures imposed are the reason why our health systems are worse now than 10 years ago. People are dying. Our economy couldn't recover because of the very measures that Germany imposed and have resulted an absolute failure. Macron has supported Italy and Spain position, along Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland. Now that the UK is out, we can finally point who has been blocking important policies to build a strong EU. And it's always been the very two countries all along.
  8. What about Portugal calling flat out "DISGUSTING" the Dutch position on the EU? Portugal, once again, being the cool, fabulous country. Mark my words, people, that if Germany and Netherlands keep being this miserable things are going to change big time.
  9. You are right, it was another member. My frustration and anxiety is making me answer too fast sometimes. Here's the caption. Anyway, there's no point in looking back at what we thought a month ago because, frankly, this is the first global dangerous pandemic we're going though.
  10. Please, stop. Last time you used the line "oh I stroke a nerve" with me too. If you think now is the time for your I told you sos with this drama and hundreds of people dying each day in our countries and us in quarantine with symptoms and fearing for our elderlies, then you are the vile one.
  11. I sincerely hope that no other country goes through what is happening in Italy and Spain. I really hope that this was a case of perfect storm here and the rest of the world stays safe.
  12. It really made me sad that it was The Guardian. I really admire that newspaper. Maybe in the UK it's happening as in other countries, that the complete interruption of revenues from advertisement has put media on the limit and are asking for a bail out from the Government.
  13. This has been published in Boris Johnson's country. The very very nerve.
  14. Meanwhile, in the UK... I sincerely hope the population there is not that stupid. I'm glad that most answers to the article in Twitter are calling them out.
  15. Yes, you already said this and you were right. You were so clever. Some of us were incredibly stupid. I will copy this answer for your next I told you so post next week.
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