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  1. I'm so sorry Jan. I will write you tomorrow because Jari and I have been concerned about you and your city.
  2. We were warned 30 years ago but nobody took notice. We're being warned now and still some powerful people deny all this.
  3. I'm very sorry Jan. The animals, plants and of course population. I don't know what to say. I live in a country where big fires are a problem too. The only thing that I've learned from all that is that we shouldn't think in our human time lapse, but nature's one. Fires are part of the cycle of life (in Australia certain trees only reproduce when there's fire). The problem is that we humans have destroyed so much land that somehow we can't afford fires.
  4. Absurda Are you really taking my Beyonce attempt to humour posts to strengthen your opinion? I have no time for you.
  5. With fair LAWS. And obeying the law. And if they rant on twitter NOT supporting them.
  6. "Jews should be incarcerated" "Ok let's discuss it" When someone says things against human rights there's no discussion. That person is a complete moron. Do you know why I know? Because in Spain for years the conservative were discussing gay rights until a new government approved gay marriage and told them to fuck off. There's no discussion about this.
  7. Would you discuss if someone told you that gay couples can't marry? Simple question. Would answers supporting gay rights be "outraged mob"?
  8. Every one here supporting the idea that transgender people haven't got the rights to change sex or be considered the sex they feel inside are disgusting and despicable. I hope you all block me because you make me nauseous. How would you feel if anybody supported that baker that didn't want to sell the wedding cake to the gay couple? Because this is exactly the same.
  9. Ugh. If she had said two men can't married I'm sure you'd be applauding too. Transgender rights in 2019 equals gay rights 15 years ago. She's stepped out of line and this is not freedom of speech. This is civil rights.
  10. There's many anonymous people working very hard. Let's clap all the efforts and the big promotion that Greta is achieving to focus om an urgent matter. But also let's keep our right to call out every marketing product we detect. We ar experts in spotting these things after we've been calling out Gaga or Beyonce
  11. I'm extremely disappointed with her. I'm such a big fan of her message and this tweet suddenly tore down everything. She didn't even try to clarify her words.
  12. What happened with Deutsche Bahn? I recall their tweet calling her out for posting a pic among suitcases while in fact she was traveling first class. Wasn't it true? I don't follow news as close as before.
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