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  1. No, i didn't. But it's nice he did aknowledge the greatness of this song! Well, I would love Madonna to follow him too.
  2. First images of Madonna sending a hard message to the meeting board
  3. Yes. If they focus on the strength of being strong and independent in a man's world instead of giving blow jobs in a limousine this could be big. But I fear it will be based on those stupid unofficial biographies.
  4. Is this "too career oriented ' the new" she rehearses and I'm more organic "? Lazy cows. They're bitter because they lack the strength, discipline and stamina and prefer to get stoned instead of working. Then, they discover their careers are stale and go against the hard working ones. This is how JEALOUSY works.
  5. This is creepy beyond words
  6. Where's the Golden Girls episode about the face when you are on your back when you need it?
  7. With so many problems and politicians behave like retards in every election everywhere.
  8. Is that pic true or is it photoshopped????
  9. Only one copy came to my city and it was sold but @Je5u5 is such a great guy and bought me a copy in Madrid. Last year I had my copy thanks to @promise to try.... Well i sincerely hope there's no more Madonna in RSD because I can't handle this stress levels!!!!!!!