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  1. If they crash the EU suffers. It's not that easy.
  2. I may be naive but I don't expect a big chaos. Economy works without rules when rich people want. So goods will keep going.
  3. We live in an era of such absurd business decisions!
  4. I hope all countries are prepared to this no deal October. They can't act surprised. Let's hope that that bunch of useless turds don't let us fall into another chaos like when Greece went bankrupt.
  5. I feel very bad for her and she doesn't deserve a public humiliation.
  6. That Candice Keller seems to be a complete moron, ne çe pa?
  7. well, most people are incredibly racist and ignorant when it comes to foreign countries.
  8. The smile to expect clapping Yorkshire tea! As if tea grew in Europe
  9. I love Kim's readings on UK politics. On the other hand I'm appalled at the absolute low level of most of the political leaders in the world. For the first time in my life I'm avoiding news, just to save me the embarrassment and despair.
  10. And yet if those running away from those countries come to our country we refuse them because they're Muslim.
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