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  1. Oh dear journalism is gone to the fucked pits for so long!!!!!
  2. So what is happening, guys??? Are they resigning because they want May to fall, so there's a new general election and the new PM will support a harder Brexit? Or are they resigning because this is a mess and nobody wants to be near the shit? What's really happening????????
  3. I'm planning on moving to the UK, guys. It all depends on my husband. We have a friend there and he may get a job in South London. He would go there and I may go with him, depending how BAD the newspaper where i'm working is going. Things are so bad with traditional press that I'd rather get some negociation with the firm and get some payment and leave. I would go with him to South London if I can't find anything else (after more than one year trying different things with EU agencies and such, I think my profile as a professional is completely uninteresting to everyone). That said, Brexit is coming. Maybe we go there and after the end of March they kick us out!
  4. karbatal

    Koala research gives up their secrets

    Oooooh thanks Jan!!!!
  5. karbatal


    I like Enya It's absurd to have her in vinyl though! Back then the worst album in vinyl were the ambient ones because all the atmosphere disappeared if the needle started to do weird sounds. I recall my joy when I could replace The Celts and Watermark from vinyl to CD.
  6. Are singers in Russia arrested for giving the finger???
  7. Preach And add the stupid Spanish queen there too for agreeing to meet this scum.
  8. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    Good points Ilijah Whenever a nationalism movement has to lie, twist history and claim territories using invented history it shows it is a big fat scam. Oh and macedonia means salad fruit in Spanish too.
  9. I listened to a Sophie B Hawkins CD today. The only one that is not in Spotify (I don’t know why). The álbum Wilderness. The sound QUALITY!
  10. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    In fact i was surprised in 1991 that a Yugoslavian country was named like that and later that a Bulgarian region too. For me Macedonia was always related to Greece
  11. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    But Macedonia is indeed studied in schools as part of the Hellenic civilization. Alexander Magno was born in that specific part of Ancient Greece.
  12. karbatal

    North Macedonia

    I was very surprised reading the comments on Facebook. Some people were on the verge of apoplexy callling Tsipras traitor. I know Macedonia has twisted history and invented facts and stolen history from Greece and Bulgaria (as so many nationalist forces do) but I don’t know why the name Macedonia has to be exclusive of Greece??????? There’s a region called Macedonia in Bulgaria too. That means that this country has rights on the name too.
  13. Now it is happening with Catalonia too... People being so basic that think that alll the country or all the region is the same and using ugly remarks. Absurd. A coworker of mine whose family is from Castilia has family in Catalonia. His cousins there now are unable to have a normal conversation. And yet THEY ALL come from the same Castilian place!
  14. Normally racism comes from inferiority complex. When I was living in Madrid years ago I shared a flat with two Basque girls. They and their Basque friends always criticised Spain and related the flag and nationality with fascism. ALL OF THEM were sons or daughters from Spaniards . From Galicia or Andalusia. I tried to explain to them that they were insulting not only me, but their parents too and they couldn't even understand. Thank God some months later they got to know Madrid better and many people from other Spanish regions and changed their tune. If people REALLY got to know minorities, nationalities, religions...many toxic behaviours would stop.
  15. it is horrible. Maybe I didn't know because in my city there are not many Mexicans. In fact I was thinking about it some weeks ago, that I don't understand why any Mexican would prefer to go to USA when they could try Spain (when we didn't have such high unemployment). With the nicknames to other nationalities happens as it was with gays only 10 years ago. People feel free to joke about it, tell it, knowing that others would agree. The moment they become a bigger minority it will be frown upon. Or at least I hope so.