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  1. Somehow even though they are trying, homophobia will not grow much in Spain in my opinion. Spain has lots of flaws but it's curious that the country is very open regarding LGTB. But it is true that they are trying A LOT recently.
  2. Sadly many people think that Muslim persons are inferior or deserve what happens to them
  3. I am not sure about that. But in that case, let's welcome with open arms to those opposing the Taliban to the extent of leaving their homes forever. But of course once they get to our lands we treat them like Talibans.
  4. We forget easily when it's not happening to us but i I read an article the other day about the hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam and Laos still suffering the horrible consequences of the gas used by USA during the war. What for?
  5. I don't usually comment on USA politics because I find them terribly complicated. But I'm always surprised at how similar are democrats and republicans in foreign policy. Obama should be judged as war criminal for what he did in Syria. And Biden is simply continuing in Afghanistan what Trump started. Foreign policy is the biggest business for the USA. Tons and tons of money is being done through wars and coups and puppet governments. They have destroyed whole countries and condemned generations and generations to poverty in foreign lands. For DECADES.
  6. I hope all models who had found new platforms after the announcement leave and Only fans goes bankrupt.
  7. He is a war criminal and should be judged, along Bush and Aznar. More than 200.000 people died in Iraq. Not to mention the consequences in the shape of ISIS that the war brought.
  8. No idea. It happened last December. The goal was to fight against child pornography, which is a very good goal of course. But child pornography is not precisely shared in those pages! It's in the dark web. It's simply a war on porn
  9. Only verified accounts with the blue check can upload porn. There's no more amateur sex for example. I run to Xvideos a long time ago
  10. They did ban not verified porn. I haven't visited that site since then..
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