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  1. The attacks have not been vindicated. I guess they were Islamic extremists, because of the target and the modus operandi. Thing is that there have been some frictions between Buddhists and Muslims but normally Christians were not attacked.
  2. This is too horrible. I can't even imagine all the pain that this attacks have brought on so many families. so many lives lost or disrupted.
  3. Those would be people living far away from Paris. I posted a little video from my honeymoon as homage but never to brag, because with Ryanair everyone in Spain can easily and cheaply spend a weekend in Paris. It's nothing to brag about. Anyway, those laughing at what people post can fuck off. They should let people be instead of being a hunch of bitter police
  4. Thankfully, most parts are in good state!!! And the beautiful glass is intact!
  5. When something this big happens, it simply takes time from other pieces of news. Which doesn't have to be as important as a war. If a bomb had exploded in the Louvre, all information would have turned from Notre Dame to the Louvre. Today's newspapers have a big coverage but it has occupied the place of lesser news such as Finland's elections or Brexit. All overage about Notre Dame will be in the International section. Yesterday it was a moment of impact that did required all coverage in Spain (where you watched the news) for several reasons: it's very near Spain, most Spaniards have visited the temple..., but most importantly, we can relate as our cities have cathedrals and castles with treasures which are one thousand years old too. That makes the coverage in Spain on point. For the rest of the world, 13 million people visit Notre Dame every year, it's one of the most valuable and iconic buildings in the world and we didn't know during the coverage if the whole building would go down and if the fire would spread to the whole Ile de la Cité. Another mix that brings the interest to the public!
  6. I'm sorry but I don't agree AT ALL with your message. Information is not only about death. Not only about war. It's about human interest. And those news required exactly that coverage.
  7. It's surreal. I'm at work and whenever I lift my head and watch the television I can't believe this is happening.
  8. Cathedrals have suffered lots of fires and destruction through the centures and are always renovated. I am sure that the Notre Dame cathedral will be as beautiful as before in the future.
  9. Part of the ceiling has already fallen. They were doing renovation works inside, so I guess the flammable products were everywhere.
  10. I guess most of this will be for the semifinals. If Madonna's act is up to 15 minutes, then in the final there will only be Neta singing her last-year winning song and some new crap and the rest will be Madonna. And how random that they choose Eleni Foureira! Maybe her song was a hit in Israel?
  11. Well done. These people are (we like it or not), examples for younger kids and their words mold conciences. Sad, but true. So it's great he no longer can play there.
  12. Oh an Eddi has a beautiful song to pay homage to her birth town, Glasgow
  13. And this song by Eddi Reader sums up the feelings of a romantic and maybe short sexual scapade in a foreign city during holidays...
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