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  1. karbatal

    Privacy Policy Changed

    It is a new private policy in the EU to avoid the abuse from servers from allover the world. This is something that has taken years to get and will grant rights to EU citizens. They won't use your data offshore for example and whenever you accept new privacy terms, they have to be explained VERY VERY CLEARLY and you don'¡t have to agree to it all or decline it all, you can accept several parts. It is a very important step into security and democracy. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is clear that how our data is protected can make the difference: they influenced the Trump elections and the Brexit referendum because they profited from unprotected data.
  2. but no one is surprised ore anyone here?

    and keep calm ok 


    he he he 

  3. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    I don't know if you followed Operación Triunfo, but if you don't, please tell me if you find this song good. Most people around me are RAVING about it and I find it so appalling BAD! I keep silent, of course, they are enjoying their song and that's all, but I do wonder if this phenomenom really makes you enjoy songs that normally you would hate??? And how many times it happens to us when we are in the middle of a phenomenom?
  4. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    I didn't like the Spanish entry at all. Those two were from a Pop Idol thing, that was suddenly revitalised in Spanish television, reaching sociological impact. Millions of people seem to be in love with the contestant and that love made them believe we had any possibility I didn't watch the tv program and it is really curious to watch these phenomenons from the outside! Of course taht was not the case. Spain is UNABLE to craft a good song nowadays, it seems. We should do some reggaeton or technolatin, tbqh, instead of copying other formulas!
  5. Oh we all forget Angels. Overplayed and maybe overrated but a good song. Should we include Your Disco Needs You too?
  6. My favs are 1. No Regrets 2. Feel 3. Millenium 4. Rock DJ 5. ? I don't remember more
  7. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    To be hones Jessica reminded me as when the cows are about the give birth, you know and they have those legs open and are swimming from side to side?
  8. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    The thing is that the UK song was not that bad???? OMG @Jazzy Jan we didn’t comment the German entry???? A copy from Ed Fucking Sheeran????? Even as ugly as him???? And he cried And then the song ends and another red haired copy of Ed Sheeran among the public was crying too We screamed so much at home!!!!!
  9. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    Do we know why that boy stole the mic from the UK singer?????
  10. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    Thank you! Eurovision is a musical party and we're GLAD Trump Land doesn't understand us. Besides... Really how can anyone complain in 2018 about Israel being in Eurovision??????? Australia is a camp guest and I love it's here because they add the wtf spice!
  11. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    Well, HORRIBLE Israel won Good news? At least next year will see eccentric performances again!!!! This year with Sobral effect was SO BORING!! I still root for the Bulgarian entry!!!
  12. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    The best thing about Ireland is that is Eurovision in a nutshell: daft song, vanilla male singer and panto performance
  13. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

  14. karbatal

    Eurovision thread

    For me it's part of the big drama. And love when the boys face each other and move while the girl (Zhana) belts out with all her heart (and the wind machine hits her dated wig)