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  1. So in the very end.... Is right now Adele the only female "pop" artist selling????
  2. It's curious that Europeans prefer their version and Americans theirs. It's clear the record company did things right hahaha
  3. They still don't get that a physical copy should be treated with care, as a deluxe version of the digital copy. An example: I bought the first two albums from Bruno Mars and there was NOTHING in the booklet. So this third one was directly streamed. Madonna tried a bit more with RH, but I miss the lyrics, the musicians, even some info about the songs... The most absurd thing ever is to buy a physical album and read the line "for credits go to Madonna.com" Hello????? Or to release a physical cd single with a horrible cover and only one lame remix. Hello???????? Marketing 101: offer attractive things so consumers feel they miss something if the don't buy. Ergo: package things properly and include exclusive content there.
  4. @todsmod stole one cassette hahaha I stole as a pre teenager Eight Wonder's Fearless cassette. Funny that we always found money for Madonna though hahaha
  5. I watched the movie Paddington yesterday. I had a lazy afternoon and outside was so hot I decided to watch some light films. Was so surprised how the message of Paddington is in fact a cry about the state of UK (and other countries, let's face it) regarding immigrants and refugees. A film for kids but with a very serious message. In the end the Peruvian refugee discovered how hard it was to find open people in a country that was famous for its open mind.
  6. Well those landlords from the Parliament who allowed the safety law to get less rigorous surely will have to spend some millions now.
  7. By the way, was there in Norway where Madonna asked how anybody could speak that language?
  8. I will wear this. It may be summer there but being Norway I'm sure this Spaniard will be cold
  9. I will hold a cardboard sign with Miss Smamfa on it. And will look for the medicated woman. She seemed real fun!
  10. And we with coordinated wool jumpers!!!
  11. Hahaha hahaha I wish Madonna performed in the same Children of the Corn festival tbqh.
  12. Hahaha this thread is always a laugh Lady Cuca jajaja
  13. I was looking yesterday for info about a song and I discovered that Damita Jo was a real singer from the 60s. Why did this whisper relic spoiled that name?
  14. At the end only Madonna will be selling in five years
  15. And she wasn't given any big hit by the record company, even though it was one of the most anticipated releases. There's something going on when the record company doesn't invest in a A LIST singer. You can't compare this to any Madonna moment because since TB Madonna hasn't relied on the record company to buy tracks. Rihanna and Perry are total pop products.