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  1. This video is trending in Spain because we don't know if this person is real or a parody
  2. But the damage is done. I really don't know the solution to the problem that is social media. But the problem is BIG.
  3. Millions and millions spent to make a tunnel under the channel so people and goods can travel easier only to end up not being able to use it without endless bureaucracy
  4. Is it me or the EU has already moved on from this divorce? I never hear anything about UK anymore in the news.
  5. And so totally uncalled for. It really is evil to make such a loud crusade against one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Absolutely shameful.
  6. Especially when a word like pedophilie describes it perfectly. I just can't at the absurdity.
  7. This is horrible. Language matters. And A LOT. I read in newspapers sometimes the word "abuse" and they should always use RAPE.
  8. These news make you understand why people have guns there. How can you demonstrate without guns if some white half witted inbred cunt can cross states and shoot you?
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