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  1. I wonder if they can make a big state funeral in this pandemic.
  2. I saw it trending a couple of days ago. I prayed they were all bots. I can't believe anybody can be that stupid.
  3. Meanwhile, this is the email I got a couple of days ago from a UK wholesaler I planned to buy from:
  4. It's appalling. And the horrible attacks from extremist right parties to the women rights in Europe is horrible. It's clear the white misogynistic straight man is aware he's losing influence and is attacking like a scared cat.
  5. Madonna never went away. She simply sold a bit less. I don't think Madonna has ever done a come back..
  6. Girl, he resurrected! Best come back ever! Best come backs in history: 1. Jesus 2. Kylie Minogue with Light Years
  7. I learned since I was a kid to difference religion from church. Jesus fed the hungry, helped the outcasts and threw the greedy merchants from the temple. He told people to love each other and accept each other. He is a real inspiration. The fact that pigs took his message to profit, kill and oppress doesn't mean that the message isn't pure love. I believe in every inspiring prophet and I get inspired by them.
  8. He's the head of the Catholic church. If people were expecting they were suddenly going to be open minded after 2000 years of corruption, stealing, murdering and abuse...
  9. Are people here taking the bait and commenting that INVENTED article? Do you guys really think anybody being 18yo giving any damn about emojis?
  10. No. This is because WE have been the ones writing the articles this past decade
  11. Generation Z plays its own drum. They won't even notice these articles because they are in another dimension. I really admire A LOT Gen Z
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