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  1. Yes, most Muslims in Europe are condemning terror and now are suffering from racism, especially immigrants. And those in Muslims countries are suffering fundamentalism too: women and gays above all. This past weekend I had a visit from a Bulgarian friend, he came from Sofia with his boyfriend, a Iranian refugee who had to flee because he's gay and his brother was to MURDER him because he was gay. In that part of Iran the father or the elder brother HAS TO kill a gay in the family, according to their laws. The boy could flee to Turkey and ended up in a refugee camp. Non gubernamental organisations from Australia, Canada and USA (until Trump) worked to give those gay refugees asylum. Now with Trump the USA associations cannot keep doing it and due to Erdogan neirher Canada nor Australia can work properly. The EU does NOTHING. Well he told me that after he fled his brother turned the mother and sister's phone off and he called him and asked him to come back because the mother was dying. This boy was about to risk his life going back to see his ill mother but the sister was able to call and warn him that all was a trap! The brother was trying to trick him into going back, so he could kill him! Can you believe it? Thank God this bulgarian friend was in Turkey visiting the refugee camp (he's a film director) and they fell in love!!!!!! And now the boy lives in Sofia. But there are still all those gays in Turkey waiting. And so scared! If Erdogan sends them back they will die. People like that boy are those refugees that some Europeans don't want because they are Muslims and come from the Middle East. And every refugees has a story. This is one story from millions of broken lives. Most with no happy endings.
  2. Oh I like I Fucked Up. I think what happens to me is that I can't enjoy a Madonna album if I don't love it as a whole: whole album concept, imaginery, reinvented persona and attitude. That's why even if I take out the turds I can't enjoy it. But it's true that MDNA has some great songs.
  3. I accept if people say that about Hard Candy, but to like it better than THE ALBUM THAT CRAFTED POP MUSIC AS WE KNOW IT (Lilke a Virgin) it's another thing And to like MDNA more than ROL or Music... And i don't care about "we have different tastes", somethings are simple a big NO!. It's like saying you like Selena Gomez more than Like a Prayer
  4. The face of Larry King with that headline over him
  5. They don't like her AT ALL
  6. Nope. They don't love Gaga.
  7. The hype about this album was incredible. When they confirmed Orbit, for example! And what about the Superbowl, I thought I was going to explode. Then the album was released
  8. Yes! For example GGW makes me cringe, but I am pleased that so many people here love it! I have tried EVERYTHING to like the album. I tried having only the songs I liked in my mobile: I'm Addicted, Love Spent, Falling Free, Best Friend, Beautiful Killer... But not even then i could. I tried to give some rest the album, and the next time I played it I felt it was worse. I played the album to my now husband, because he loves Rebel Heart so so so much (he has discovered Madonna with Rebel Heart) and he told me that the music is so bad that he's glad he discovered M with this last album "had it been with that mess, I would have laughed at her" he told me . He asked me not to play it again EVER! hahahaha. It's weird because most melodies and especially lyrics are good. But there's something that irks me with almost all songs, except Best Friend.
  9. Me too All this era was like a looooong Me Against The Music embarrassment. I do adore Best Friend though.
  10. Yes to all.
  11. Well he was born in Kent. He's as British as Theresa May.
  12. We have them NOW. Syria is destroyed because of "Christians" and the politics want to paint Muslim religion as dangerous. Christians have killed more Muslims in one month than radical Muslims in all history.