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  1. Hong Kong people always seem so clever and brave when they demonstrate. China is simply THE WORST. The fact that we're doing commerce with such a bloody dictature is nauseating.
  2. Sick. I'm glad this has gone viral in other countries too. And some still ask if pride and demonstrations are necessary.
  3. Well, most of the people I follow in my Instagram are super mega hot dudes from Iran, so I guess I will be in some black list
  4. Isn't this the rich man who moved most of his millions to Ireland to be ready after Brexit?
  5. The hypocrisy of the first world regarding environment is nauseating. It is new form of colonisation. Not to mention the absurdily posh and unfair EU policies, mostly tailored from rich countries who don't take into account the monetary difficulties of other poorer countries in the EU. Something must be done about environment in the world, but the solution is neither sending trash away or imposing absurds laws without knowing if people can afford to obey them!
  6. Horrible. I hope they are not able to get into institutions. They are scum.
  7. It is pretty clear that the UK will leave the EU with zero deal and only the WTO rules??? I mean, I can see no other exit! Maybe afterwards they can arrange new deals with the EU, USA and all that. I fear for Nothern Ireland, though.
  8. The conservative PP may take the government in my city, Zaragoza I'm pretty scared, tbqh. It's not the first time that they rule the city, but this time they seem so resentful and hateful and they would pact with the far-right extremists to do it! I pray for a pact between Socialists and Ciudadanos in both Aragon Governement and Zaragoza goverment or else we're fucked The only good thing about yesterday's elections is that at least we sent lots of socialists to the European Parliament.
  9. I'm so sorry Jan!!! It's horrible when your country chooses wrong ideas. We've all been there. I'm sure that after some time people will wake up. Nowadays political information is so poisoned that many results are shocking!
  10. I think so. It will be interesting to have him in Brussels. He'll finally understand that the EU is not supporting his ideas.
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