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  1. Truth is that the world goes so fast that EVERYONE is improvising. From politicians to CEOs to businesses like music or cinema... Even Madonna, who is a control freak, is improvising nowadays ways to showcase her music
  2. The European Commission stated yesterday that the EU opposes to this and that access to a free Internet is a citizen right.
  3. Those numbers I would be embarrassed to be pandered as a pop legend and come home with those embarrassing numbers. In Arianas case, she's clever and still playing the fresh card instead of burning steps. Those numbers are good for her.
  4. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    I stopped training last spring because I was simply fed up after more than 15 years going to the gym. I'll go back in January with new energy. There's no big drama. I put a little weight too.
  5. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    When Madonna rests, she tends to get weight 1988 and 2017 have been The Munchies eras..
  6. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    This is what was commented years ago. I copy and paste from Pud's Scrapbook blog. "It was mentioned in french daily newspaper "Liberation" when "Blond Ambition Tour" hit Paris in July of 1990. Madonna was on the cover, a pic from the "Vogue" performance from the show. Inside there is an interview of Jean Paul Gaultier with original sketches of the costumes he made prior to the ones that were selected by Madonna. On these sketches she appears as a brunette with the same hairdo as in the "Like a prayer" video, she wears a bathrobe because he wanted her to take a shower on stage ( which she replaced by the masturbation scene. On the back of the bathrobe there was a tag "Taste Heaven". In this interview he talked about the "La Isla Bonita" costumes and how at the last minute he had to redo all the costumes because from when he took Madonna's measurments to the time she was about to start the tour she had lost a lot of weight and his team was forced to go to L.A to resize everything. A while ago i posted the sketches on a forum, it was a bad capture with my phone^^I moved a lot since then so i have to look into my boxes to enearth them again."
  7. Well, in her defence she has played with the boy twice and this is the first time we know (at least I know, maybe I am wrong). So this time she didn't use the boy's illness to promote herself. But it's true that Gaga never seems to interact in a sincere way with the audience.
  8. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    OMG THE CDS!!!!!! And I love so much the rehearsal pictures. It's weird, but they are so intimate and tender and beautiful!
  9. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    I wonder if the first single will be in January.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's a Belieber a fan of Justin Biever?
  11. I know I am very tacky and all that, but I love when fan kids get on stage Kylie used to do it, and for the little kids it was such a thrill and it was so funny. I remember maybe it was the X Tour or the Showgirl one, and one little girl, she couldn't be more than 4, got into the stage and started singing and dancing to Can't Get You and Kylie and us we were in stiches, she was so cute and so funny. There was not even music, Kylie made the rythm clapping on the mic. I'm very glad Madonna talked with the public so much during the RHT too. Those moments about the wedding and all that... Remember Rachelle??? OMG.
  12. Oh, yes. He seems to have some health problem. As they say in the comments: "He is affected by severe autism and her mother has been trying to get him to meet Gaga for quite some time"- Don't know Gaga's main reasons for this, but I am sure it was a magical moment for him and his parents
  13. Has the kid any problem? He seems too quiet and unemotional.
  14. I do consider though that the uncontrolled internet is bringing more problems than anything nowadays. Bullying and hate crimes are rising because of social media, hate speech seems to be free nowdays, and terrorism is being organised through internet too. Maybe I am in the wrong, because I don't expect some fascist regime to rise in the future and take me to jail for fapping to gay porn, but I have zero problems with a controlled internet because, frankly, all my interactions are about Madonna and Facebook. So I'm up for it because I'm tired of anonymous people being trolls and causing pain.