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  1. Yes. In Nazi Germany the first step was to control all media. And drop by drop the message was established. But Facebook and especially Twitter are very powerful. Those groups can look for a new platform but it wouldn't be the same. It would be like Fox news, a niche that only stupid people watch. The danger of Facebook and Twitter is that the message gets through even if you are not interested. And in Facebook case, it can be targeted depending on your interest.
  2. This is inherent to human being. This situation is a carbon copy to those sects that announce the Rapture on a specific date. Those sects where people suicide together. We are surprised about this because for years we didn't see this in politics. There's a psychological aspect to all this, with people either feeling they are the chosen one or people thinking they know the truth because they are cleverer. Deep down it shows an absolute void and lack of self steem.
  3. At first I thought that Ted Cruz tweet was fake. How can anybody be so stupid and get votes?
  4. Oh but according to The Telegraph Biden loves GB because his ancestors left Ireland during the famine
  5. Your trolling got stale. Time to change your name again and start all over?
  6. They thought that being English is some kind of special treatment. Hence the narrative that the problem in borders is because of France and now the burocraric mess is due to the spiteful EU.
  7. What a really unexpected shock. Who would have thought?
  8. Really good summing up in just one minute. Anybody listening to this and not agreeing that is the society we deserve should be ashamed of themselves.
  9. Only 5 years ago we had in Spain a highly corrupted conservative ruling party, in lots of trials for embellished money and taking away all kind of rights and they were winning by a landslide. I can't understand why struggling workers do that. As I read about Trump supporters, In the very end many people don't vote because they agree with the party but because the party hates the same people they hate.
  10. I don't think those rights can be taken away so easily? One thing is to make less "rigid" (as capitalists say) the labor market and reduce the payment you get when you're made redundant, but those are hard earned rights!
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