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  1. Horrible story. The rise of intolerant groups in some EU countries is really worrying. And to lose a fighter in such an unfair way. I hope Madonna writes a message.
  2. karbatal

    Why Kanye West is hated in US?

    Hated? Is one of the few places where he has hits. He's an absolute nobody in Europe. Big name recognition and not a single song regular person would recognise. Same with Drake. Maybe UK being an exception?
  3. Wow @Kim what a great article it is about the bufflers!!!!! So many things I've noticed through the years in politics but also at work makes sense now.
  4. Well it really makes you wonder why on Earth the most inept politicians in generations have met at the very same time in so many international countries. From the UK to Spain, France, United States, Hungary... I would add Merkel to the list. Coincidence????? What happened? Is it simply that the world has turned so complicated that nobody knows how to really work it out? I'm studying a lot about the EU these days and admiring so much those early leaders, like Robert Schuman or Jean Monnet, who said that for big international problems and dangers we need big and international solutions, who envisioned the Union as a common space for peace and prosperity. With commodities shared to avoid war industries to rise again, but also to reduce costs and pour the benefits into the destroyed heart of Europe. Sadly, the dream turned into a corporated nightmare full of lobbies and neocon cunts. We citizens have allowed it too, by supporting Governments who oppose to important improvement such as the failed European Constitution. Under this Constitution we would enjoy stronger Fundamental Rights, for example. 60 years later most of us have forgotten. I'm opposed to globalisation but I'm all for community. Instead of working to create a social and prosperous EU as a community, they decide to go solo and face global terrorism, free trade areas, mutual recognition agreements... Well, good luck!
  5. What really baffles me is the absolute lack of knowledge on the EU and even of history of the EU from British ministers and even people. You can't separate the four freedoms established in the Maastricht treaty in 1993: freedom of goods, services, capital and PEOPLE. You can't choose one and get the other three! Even counties from the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) have to accept those four freedoms if they want to be part of any of them. Plus, they support economically the EU if they're part of certain areas, such as the Research Area or benefit of the expertise and quality control of experts from the agencies... So they will never get a deal that goes against the Single Market. That's when history is important too. The idea of the EU was born in 1950 with the aim of peace. One way to reach peace was to share the production of coal and steel. And in 1957 other goals were already established: to join forces to create a common economic and social space. It took almost 40 years to fulfill that goal and now this FUCKING COW thinks she can have what she wants???? You can't jeopardise the market only because you don't like immigrants and you feel superior to the rest. I'm sick and tired of politicians fucking up years of efforts pursuing impossible and ILLEGAL dreams. It's happening the same here with Catalonia, where politicians and some people thought the EU would support them when the very idea of the EU is to unite, to pool sovereignty, to work together... And they wanted to cherry pick what was best for them too. Once again, you can't jeopardise Schuman's ideal of the unity of the countries because you feel superior to the rest! One way of solving the remaining tensions in exYougoslavia is through the EU integration and now you come with your absurdities! UGH!
  6. karbatal

    Australia's political shambles

    Thanks for posting this, Jan. These past five years the controlling of the press and media by influential groups or personalities has increased A LOT for several reasons: 1. Social media is hard to control so elites use traditional media as a counter defence. 2. Elites are TERRIFIED for the increase of social revolts and anger by citizens so they use media to destroy any possible rise of new social union or new parties. That's why they don't care about the rising of far right, as usually far right is complice of the elites and destroys minorities and social union. Most of this has happened for decades but now we are much more aware because we have access to other sources of information. But sometimes we can't do anything if campaigns against a politician are exposing truths. These elites have lots of dirty secrets from those politicians and use them at convenience.
  7. ???? You're confusing vocalists with singers with artists. Of course artists can get better with age.
  8. Maybe it's for the best. Maybe people get so tired of absurd social media that it turns into an abandoned MySpace.
  9. The state of the USA
  10. Problem is that they start drinking in the airport while the rest don't. It's far worse than us as teen-agers. We weren't drunk at noon in the center of Barcelona without t-shirts and we wouldn't jump from balconies.
  11. That is just the tip of the iceberg. The extintion is far more dramatic when it comes to much smaller living beings.
  12. I give this cunt the benefit of the doubt, as maybe her claims are about her problems of mobility and the travel agency not booking the correct hotel. And the fact that she's as old as Tutankhamon and maybe she is losing her mind. If not... she's a cunt. Nanna, 81, claims Benidorm holiday was ruined because there were 'too many Spaniards' 13 August 2018, 13:23 By Emma Gritt 6K The OAP was left in tears as there were no English tribute acts at her hotel. A fuming British OAP claims her Benidorm holiday was ruined because her hotel had 'too many Spaniards in it' - and there were no English tribute bands. PUBLICIDAD inRead invented by Teads Freda Jackson, 81, says she was left in tears at the end of her two-week trip because of the "rude" Spaniards, and has questioned why they don't holiday elsewhere. The Retired care assistant said: “The hotel was full of Spanish holidaymakers and they really got on our nerves because they were just so rude. “One evening a Spanish guy nearly knocked me flying and he just walked off without even apologising. Freda has gone public after Thomas Cook failed to refund her holiday from hell (Image: SWNS) "The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish - why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?” Grandmother-of-six Freda and her 61-year-old friend paid a total of £1,133 for the all-inclusive stay at Benidorm's Poseidon Playa hotel, but claim that they were not informed it is a predominantly Spanish hotel. They also claim that the hotel is on an incline when they had specifically said their mobility issues meant they needed a hotel on a level surface. In a move that wouldn't seem out of place in ITV comedy Benidorm, the furious OAPs demanded a full refund or a free trip from Thomas Cook to make up for their overly Spanish trip to Spain - but were horrified to be just offered a £75 gift voucher each. The hotel is popular with locals - much to Freda's rage (Image: Thomas Cook) Freda, who lives in Blackburn, said: “I have never complained about a holiday before - but this one was a disaster from start to finish. “My friend and I paid for it from our pensions and it was a struggle trying to fund it over 12 months and the holiday was totally ruined - I cried after. "We wanted to go somewhere on flat ground and not in the hills because we have mobility issues. “To top it off once we got to reception they told us we had been put on the 14th floor, thankfully we were moved to the second floor, and that it was 42 steps down to the hotel’s swimming pool." The pair travelled 1,500 miles from Manchester Airport to Alicante on May 10, after not being notified by Thomas Cook that the dates of their flights had changed. The Poseidon Playa was 'teeming with rude Spaniards' (Image: Thomas Cook) Freda, who has previously visited Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Tenerife, claims Thomas Cook ‘mis-sold’ and ‘ruined’ her dream holiday. She said there were no reps on the holiday who they could complain to about the trip - so instead Ms Jackson submitted a letter of complaint to Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook bosses initially offered Freda and her friend a £75 holiday voucher as compensation for the ‘disappointing’ trip abroad. But after declining the initial 'goodwill gesture' made by the travel company, they made an improved offer of £566 to be split between Freda and her friend.
  13. I guess this is a cultural thing? In Europe this is normal.
  14. It's very dangerous as now it's proven that it works. And it works big time. You spread lies on immigration and refugees and terrorists and you get millions of votes from stupid racists citizens. It's worked in Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary, France, USA... In Spain the conservative party is at its lowest and since last month the campaign against immigrants is full force. In only this month racists people are appearing everywhere!!!!
  15. The moment this happens, many problems will be solved. I don't understand why media outlets take responsibility for inaccuracies and harmful material and social platforms don't, especially when those pages have been active for YEARS.