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  1. I recall she was so bad life that this time she surprised me very much. I don't find her so bad live. Is she bad in concerts? I mean as a whole.
  2. Fantastic read!!!! Omg I would be so impressed by everything if I got there that they would kick me out in five minutes!
  3. I hate this missinformation era. I lost all hope on human beings. They are the dumbest of all the species. If only neanthertals had won...
  4. Exactly. Thanks Runa babe.
  5. "call me" This family is a complete mess. What a waste of space.
  6. It has happened, but it's not something that big. Little riots happen EVERYWHERE. The fact that so many refugees are now living in Sweden and nothing is happening, except this isolated riots, is a success and prove Trump wrong.
  7. How do they get the money back?
  8. Yonka has been groomed to be the robotic popstar. Unlike Britney, who rebelled, she married the mogul and kept obeying the script. OBEYONCE
  9. Katy is very ironic
  10. Kelly was the talented member of Destiny's Child. All vocal power and real attitude was hers. The other was uneventful and Yonka only moved her hips and did power poses. Oh and the mother dressed them as clowns.
  11. She's a business woman with a wide branch of products, from glasses to perfume to pillows. Why she didn't release her own brand of poppers is a mystery.