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  1. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    And this person ended up creating a REDUCTIVE product aimed to fast food swallowers.
  2. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    Everything seemed effortlessly beautiful all that era. Yes, I prefer Stars Academy.
  3. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    He had his time last decade. Now he's uneventful. Just like Gaga.
  4. Wow things have developed a lot. They were terrorists. It was funded and organised. And then Cambrils!!!!!
  5. I don't live in Barcelona but several good friends do. We don't have active users from Barcelona here, do we? I recall a user called Francisco?
  6. 13 dead confirmed, by the way. The terrorist is a French from Marseille. Even though he's muslim and this is considered a terrorist attack by the Spanish police I smell that it's more a cause of "man radicalised really fast", which usually leads to mental problems. The connection between ISIS and Spain and especially Barcelona is absurd. It's true that ISIS wants the Spanish territory to be Muslim again as it was 1000 years ago, but our Muslim community is not precisely very radical and Barcelona is as random as was Cannes a couple of years ago. It's true though that hundreds are being monitored by the police for risk of radicalisation.
  7. What a horrible attack. All my friends from Barcelona are OK thanks God. Thanks Kim for thinking of me. Those of you who have ever visited Barcelona know how packed is Ramblas street all day. It's horrible. I have no words.
  8. The problem is that white people simply commented that saying "all white people are the worst" or "white people should burn" was a bit... weird? Nothing else. 100% of people here are anti supremacist and consider that those nazis are vile. Only that happened. The rest was shit being stirred. I can't imagine a real Madonna fan being racist or supremacist or misogynist or homophobe.
  9. It's weird some people here think white people shouldn't express views and comment when truth is that only if white people commit can we solve the problem. In other forms of discrimination like gender equality the politics now involve men because they are the ones who should stop sexism from Co workers and have to realise the importance of gender equality in all levels. In bullying at schools new methods involve the silent majority so the bully gets alone. But in racism only non whites can speak up????????? Oh well...
  10. Agree except with GGW. Jump is far better and run the same luck.
  11. Great!!!!!!!!!!! My all time favourite performance
  12. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    I think a program took Kylie, Madonna, Kesha, Gaga and JLo and that face was created
  13. See? Here comes the person saying horrible things about everyone in so many threads, races included, and yet asking for respect from the "European" who in fact would be considered as HISPANIC in the USA. . But I give you bad news: those other posters who are now in other forum are no longer here to come and cheer you and start a witch hunting as it has happened before. As I said, fuck off and take you troll ass anywhere.
  14. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Well, at least one PR team is doing things right. In this vapid and reductive world, with 140 letters messages, no wonder they will tie the release with this good press and will chose the song that fits. It is a bit machiavello-esque, but in terms of PR is a good move.