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  1. Those hee hees doesn't sound like him though?
  2. I am asking to know. You defend Jackson. I want to know if you would trust your kids or nephews to be with him uncontrolled.
  3. Remember when they released the album Xcape and included this song?
  4. MJ: "I just wanna share his bed!" Parents: "Of course, give me more money".
  5. And to let them go though a sleep over where they'd share the bed? He's "asexual, mind.
  6. It's some kind of side gala created by some Foundation called Cinema for Peace. They really made a big faux pas there, as the filmmakers had asked several times that they didn't want any link with any politician from any side. And boom! there goes Puigdemont and gives A SPEECH and the opera singer sing Don't Cry For Me Catalonia
  7. Yesterday in Berlin, Puigdemont unexpectedly appeared to give the award to a Netflix documentary about Catalonia. The filmmakers, who were against taking sides, have given the award back and are very angry with the German organisation, for they feel tricked. But the most important part: the artist Anna Maria Kaufmann sang "Don't cry for me CATALONIA", a new version of the classic I just CAN'T!!!!
  8. karbatal

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    Omg did the Superbowl happen? This year nobody commented on it!!!!! It's become totally irrelevant.
  9. And yet, the people in Saudi Arabia are getting all the goods with zero sanctions.
  10. They are still doing it with Iranian people or North Korea. Even Russia. And here we are in the EU clapping like MONGS.
  11. the evil of dictatures. I believe that socialdemocracies are the answer to this world and that liberalism is the cause of most pain, tbqh. But in Venezuela's case it is a dictature, no matter the political sign. (although had it been a far-right dictature I am sure that there wouldn't have been so many problems with USA and other countries...).
  12. karbatal

    The internet has killed the pop song

    "less issues like LGTB shoved in your face" Excuse me? I don't understand that line.
  13. karbatal

    Jack Savoretti

    He's hot,btw. I wouldn't mind a crazy fuck
  14. And in Spain 150.000 people are VERY FEW. Every important demonstration has like 100.000 people in little cities! We love marching, tbqh