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  1. In Nadal case, he created a firm to tribute in the Spanish Basque Country (a fiscal paradise in Spain but let's not open that can of worms) and for a sum of 19 million euros he only paid 10.000 euro in taxes. The Spanish treasure discovered the plot and made him pay the money. That was 2012. In 2017 he had the guts to say in an interview "in other country I would pay less taxes but I wouldn't be so happy". The very nerve. But of course that's how PR works.
  2. Surely he will be lovely. And a good person. And plays wonderfully tennis. But it happens with many sportspeople that they have only sports in their heads
  3. They should play for Monte Carlo then and have that passport. Not to mention when recently he said that all political parties, including right extremists, where valid in government if they are good. Of course now all fascists in Spain are cheering him. He can't be any dumber. What a moron.
  4. ? Because I'm Spanier like he is and he's not only dumb in Spanish but he doesn't pay the taxes here.
  5. She sold hundred of millions. Her followers don't give a damn about her recent work.
  6. Well all the millions come from the Potter franchise. Her other books are big fat flops. Nobody will read the new one.
  7. She’s truly the biggest disappointment in decades. I can’t think of another beloved person who’s sinking so low ever
  8. Oh no what a big loss in every way!!!!!! So sad
  9. Wow. Indeed. But many early punks turn into conservative biggots
  10. The saddest thing about this is that 2020 is one of the most active years in social justice and this Karen only focused on menstruations.
  11. I adore EVERYTHING about Batuka: message, song, vibe, video!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaah
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