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  1. Well, I have a feeling that they had some plan that has backfired. They wanted all extremists to vote Vox, all conservative to vote PP and all centre oriented to vote Ciudadanos and portrait Socialists as this useless party who creates a chaos. PP and Ciudadanos would form a big coalition with the support of Vox. All went wrong. In the end Socialists voters are stable, more people than expected still vote Podemos and a fragmented right wing has left them more and more weak. I think they didn't expect the Ciudadanos debacle: I think they expected Socialists voters to vote Ciudadanos instead! And the fragmentation led to a loss of seats in the Congress chamber because of the electoral system. Of course that's my theory, I may be completely wrong. For decades the right was always united but the left fragmented. All extremists were voting PP. Now the right has that problem. PP has to gather all conservative AND extremist vote again. That's extremely difficult.
  2. Here in Spain the rise of the far right turds have been fueled by the separatist tensions. Very VERY FEW demonstrations defending the unity of Spain have been supported by regular citizens. Most of them (small ones) were called by supporters of Franco. But media didn't point out how those people were extremists but simply described them as "constitution defenders". WTF? Our Constitution was approved AFTER Franco died! It's a shame the absolute image-washing they're having. And have you guys noticed how it all goes back to the same idea? Make America Great Again. Go back to old flowery Great Britain or the traditional France.Let's bring back the uncomplicated and healthy Spain of the 60s. I have this personal theory. Maybe I'm wrong, mind. They're looking back with nostalgia to a moment in the past when things seemed better (for those who feel that have the right to be better than the rest). This already happened during the XIX century, in the Romanticism era, when precisely nationalism was so strong that countries like Italy and Germany finally united. And that romantic nationalism still affects us. Bismarck unified Germany in 1871 and Italy ended the unification the very same year. All crafted romantic views on what is our country was established during those years and many nostalgic citizens believe those idealistic tales. Hitler and Mussolini had those ideal landscapes from the XIX century as blueprint.
  3. The only solution is to stop validating them. In every country they have raised because media accepted their discourse as part of the "freedom of speech" and put it on the same level as others. Media is a very big part responsible of this.
  4. Behind a far right voter there's a selfish person with zero empathy. They can be young, old, women, men.... They want others to be screwed so they live a bit better and they feel they have the right to do so: because they're born in the country or they have a certain religion or whatever.
  5. They're not coming into power. They only amount to 15% of the votes. It's like thinking that Germany will be nazi in the future because of the rise of AFD. You can plan further trips. Spain is still one of the most tolerant countries in the world.
  6. GOOD NEWS!!!!! Socialists and Podemos (left) have finally reached a pact to form a coalition to conform a social and progressive government : They'll focus on social politics, better employment conditions, dialogue with Catalonia (I've always said that more money will shut them up because in the end is all they want, mark my words) and a firm block against the rise of extreme right. Finally a day to celebrate
  7. The future will be alright. There's one thing the politics and another one real life. And this shouldn't affect your travelling I mean, Spain hosts 70 million tourists each year...
  8. Horrifying Mess Retarded Shame Puke It's as if our country went from Madonna to Gaga in only ten years.
  9. First polls are at 21.00 (Spanish time) but contrary to the rest of the world our polls are always wrong, as if people lied on porpose By 22.30 there'll be enough real results to know something. A friend of mine told me that where she voted LOTS were voting the far right extremists I hope it's just her place. Spain is much on turmoil and like so many countries it's as if we got stupid suddenly. Anything can happen. Btw, Jari has now a blog in Bulgarian about Spain. He just wrote about this elections and how we got to this situation. Maybe you find it interesting: https://jariestefanoff.com/любопитно/как-и-защо-испания-стана-неуправляема/
  10. I confess I voted socialist out of fear of the right wing wining. I feel manipulated
  11. Maybe I'm a dork for asking this but, how do they know the partner was infected through a mosquito and not with more semen in the Caribbean?
  12. Ok, get alarmed if you want. "Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, noted that existing treatments for HIV work against this strain" https://www.webmd.com/hiv-aids/news/20191107/new-strain-of-hiv-discovered I simply used Google. It's the first result.
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