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  1. What a disgusting human being is that Saudi cunt. And he does whatever he wants everywhere!!!!!
  2. I know. Referendum for a republican Spain NOW!!!!!!!!!
  3. I can so clearly picture them believing the population would get soooo interested that they would forget Corona
  4. No matter how much they try, nobody gives a damn. Washington is the lady gaga of governments
  5. Will she ever STOP? She's become an insufferable Karen!
  6. But to be honest I'm sure Chomsky will pretty soon cut ties with Rowling
  7. She's part ofsome manifesto about the free of expression and the danger of being cancelled. She's among.150 names. Some as important as Noam Chomsky, whom I admire a lot. This Is Dangerous
  8. She's the most read writer in our life time and she was millions and millions of fans. She's incredibly influential and therefore her wrong opinions can endorse bigots.
  9. Frankly, news outlets should find better ways to earn money than scaring the population. That's the second new possible pandemic that's made the news this week. We have this mess still going on and it looks as if society considers is time for a new single.
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