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  1. Exactly. What people don‘t realize is that Christians introduced the concept of homophobia to Islam centuries ago.
  2. 1 Extreme Occident 2 Faz Gostoso 3 God Control 4 Killers Who Are Partying 5 Crave
  3. What timing. Who needs these remixes for promo NOW??
  4. The instrumental is cool. I like it. Her processed vocals and those lyrics are HORRENDOUS.
  5. 1. Madame X - a blast: complex and bold 2. Rebel Heart - enjoyable: some good intentions 3. MDNA - a mess: rushed 4. Hard Candy - doesn‘t exist
  6. Well the instrumental and production is so good but the vocals and lyrics are cringeworthy like she‘s taking the piss.
  7. I love the final vid but these harder contrasts and darker colors make her look airbrushed as hell which is absurd.
  8. Funny you say that, i‘m APPALLED. I really liked the more natural soft color palette.
  9. German press is ripping her to shreds. Looks like a lot of people think the vocoder on Future are her live vocals. LOL It feels so bad, though.
  10. That picture... and are they laughing at her in the audio clip? Wtf
  11. Her verse and the post chorus trumpet parts are great. Love the overall vibe and sound. I think it could have been more elaborated, though.
  12. In LOVE with her look. @Mensch was so right! Hope this version is close to the final edit.
  13. Love her vocals. They sound much fuller and stronger than in the Medellin verses (which still bother me although the chorus with Meluma and the catchy Cha-cha-cha part are the highlight).
  14. Thanks Rob Looking forward to hearing it.
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