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  1. Love don't live here anymore (Soulpower remix)

    Let's not forget about this mix:
  2. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    She has beautiful lips. Oh Lola
  3. Hard Candy : the divorce diary album

    We have all demos? WTF WHERE
  4. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    At least Mariah pulled it off for once.
  5. I can confirm Madonna will be covering My Heart Will Go On.
  6. Lana Del Rey

  7. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    @vocalism Were the LAP demos you heard from this tape?
  8. HQ Photos Thread

    One of my favorite shootings ever!
  9. But but she plays the piano!!! She's more talented than Mozart!!!!!1!11!1!11111!!!1ELEVEN
  10. This thread. 🙄 You guys have a shit ton of nerve posting 20+ pages of hate on Lady Gaga and then act like you're the victim when a couple of people come to her defense. Stefani Germanotta is a successful, talented woman and entrepreneur who has gone through a lot of shit to get where she is today, much like Madonna. They both have talked shit about each other countless of times, no one should have to be the bad guy here.
  11. She looked like a cheap Gwen Stefani imitation trying to sound like Christina Aguilera when she had "Just Dance" out.
  12. The Fame is generic bullshit.
  13. Sure. As if she would write a song about her rented token lover.