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  1. 28 years ago the Berlin Wall was no more...

    Who else is based in Berlin? We should meet!
  2. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Could somebody please repost the epic Mariah gif where she is holding a note and then just ends up screaming into the mic? She was wearing some ugly dark coat or coat-like dress I don't remember.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Sounds soo good.
  4. Madonna RARE

  5. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    It is Justify....
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Do you think her roots are "real"? They should be grey.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Oh no what have you done!!!
  8. Wish Celebration cover was more like that.
  9. Love don't live here anymore (Soulpower remix)

    Let's not forget about this mix:
  10. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    She has beautiful lips. Oh Lola
  11. Hard Candy : the divorce diary album

    We have all demos? WTF WHERE
  12. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    At least Mariah pulled it off for once.
  13. I can confirm Madonna will be covering My Heart Will Go On.
  14. Lana Del Rey