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  1. I'm vegan myself and this woman is seriously messed up.
  2. freddykrueger86

    Boys and coach found in cave after 10 days

    I read "after 10 years" first.
  3. freddykrueger86

    Songs that you hate.

    More like HELLene Fischer. What's wrong with you!? Get out of here.
  4. freddykrueger86

    28 years ago the Berlin Wall was no more...

    Who else is based in Berlin? We should meet!
  5. freddykrueger86

    Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

    Most annoying song since Poker Face.
  6. freddykrueger86

    The horror of West Papua

    You speak the sad truth.
  7. freddykrueger86


  8. freddykrueger86

    Demos You Preferred Over The "Official" Versions

    Some demos even got music videos.
  9. freddykrueger86

    Phil Collins comes out of retirement.

    I used to hate his music. Maybe it was his voice that put me off. Eventually I grew to love his work. One More Night, Don't Lose My Number, I Wish It Would Rain Down... Fucking amazing pop songs. Didn't even mention his stuff for Genesis.
  10. freddykrueger86

    Prince Dead at 57

  11. New single is pretty meh. Speak To Me (Bassflow Remake) was exquisite. Remember that from 2011?
  12. freddykrueger86


    Album version is forgettable but the demo is classic Madonna. I love the middle8.
  13. freddykrueger86

    David Bowie thread

    News you don't want to believe. RIP