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  1. mimimong


    She doesn't have enough personality to be unapologetic or a bitch, and has never written a song or composed a song in her life. She's not a true artist.
  2. mimimong


    Chinese media are reporting that "the Asian Madonna" Ayumi Hamasaki will meet and be Madonna's "Unapologetic bitch" in Macau. Ayumi was unable to attend Madonna's concerts in Japan due to a last minute trip to London. Ayumi Hamasaki's friend and celebrity stylist Alvin Goh is facilitating the meeting. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4355470391 http://tw.on.cc/tw/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20160216/bkntw-20160216182851044-0216_04111_001.html http://s.nextmedia.com/realtime/a.php?i=20160216&s=7018882&a=54766161 https://www.facebook.com/alvingohk/posts/1213949348632934
  3. mimimong

    Tokyo - February 13

    I've just put 2 and 2 together, are these 2 girls/dancers Aya and Bambi?
  4. Gaga better not step on stage with Madonna unless she wants to be out danced, out sung, outclassed and fat shamed.
  5. mimimong

    Atlantic City 9/15/12

    Why is she giving so much attention to the Gorgon? She must be loving it.
  6. mimimong

    Madonna scraps plan to tour Australia!

    I just want to go to sleep and have this era done when i wake up, my heart can't take this pain
  7. mimimong

    Paris Olympia Viewing Thread!

    What the fuck is she going on about? She's rambling like a demented cat lady.
  8. mimimong

    Madonna scraps plan to tour Australia!

    I was thinking a cinema release of the concert but I'm sure if she ever does make it down under she'll be leaving in a body bag for fucking with the Aussies for so long
  9. mimimong

    New Paris Date - July 26

    Madonna is spoiling us lately! Wonder if her tit will make a debut inside the legendary venue
  10. mimimong

    Madonna scraps plan to tour Australia!

    She'll make it up to you guys one way or another!!
  11. mimimong

    June 12 - Rome (Olympic Stadium)

    I wonder if she's preparing her pussy to flash
  12. mimimong

    Madonna's Boob Makes The Sun

    How has this affected the album sales? has it gone up in the midweeks?
  13. I hope Madonna beats the shit out of Gaga when she sees her next
  14. I just remembered even tried to kiss britney and britney was all "lol no sry"
  15. [media=] [/media]Gaga replies to madonna at 2:24