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  1. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    Who cares about that photo? She's clearly drunk at a party with some nobodies who have shit on their faces, like who cares. No one cares about Lady Gaga outside of here and other gay safe places on the Internet.
  2. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Check out that sweet camel toe
  3. I'm sat in an airport lounge and they're playing Escapade. Her music has dated so bad, sounds so cheap and mixing/mastering wise - empty.
  4. Britney Spears thread

    omg he could have killed her!
  5. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    Her fans are trash
  6. At least Janet is using this down time after cancelling her tour and divorcing her gay ass piggy bank to go back into the studio and record some material close to her heart.
  7. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    Vocally, Madonna destroys Gaga. It's about time Gaga gets dragged.
  8. Mariah Carey/KFC thread