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  1. "she rocks the scene" what a NAFF VANILLA BASIC BITCH thing to say.
  2. Silly cunt. Just admit you owe her career to her.
  3. I've idolized Madonna since I was 14, her and Prince when I was living in the suburbs of Melbourne blah blah. Something about their sexy nature and them stirred something in my hormones.
  4. Thomas and Zac are best of friends from Sydney. New York City is their dream city, having both visited the big apple on separate occasions they always dreamt of the day they could journey across the ocean together. Then, they woke to an announcement on Kylie Minogue’s Instagram alerting the world she was headlining New York City Pride this year - 2018. You can imagine the absolute excitement this brought... joy to the heart you might say. Kylie Minogue too holds a special place in the heart of Thomas and Zac, such a place indescribable through words. Now, NYC pride is a near 3 months away in June and neither Thomas or Zac have the immediate means to be able to pay for the flights and accomodation. Help them. Help them live their dream and fulfill a life long desire of happiness. https://www.gofundme.com/take-us-to-kylie-in-nyc
  5. maybe if he stopped taking drugs he wouldn't have anxiety
  6. "Ive been inspired by Dolly Parton since I was 13 years old"
  7. Calling it now. Charlene returns to Neighbours by 2020. Oh wait, she hates Australia, she should try Eastenders.
  8. On A Night Like This is a great eurotrash fag pop song.
  9. The fact that her name is PAULA
  10. Truly the pits of Bowel Leakage.
  11. Can Kylie dance better than this?
  12. For youuuuuu What a ghastly stupid howling bitch.