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  1. Ray of Light just saw "Burlesque" it was in the movie
  2. btw I live in Montreal CANADA and there is Best Buy everywhere ... !!!! Just like Toronto !
  3. this site is getting really annoying with its constant bashing ..... she IS NOMINATED for a grammy for a #1 dance track true in terms of success it was not Vogue BUT EVERY MADONNA FAN KNOWS CELEBRATION .. and in many parts of the world ie Canada UK Europe it was a "actual" hit and some of us would like to see her perform it live.
  4. what are you keeping it sealed for ??? I play my hard candy .. sometimes I feel like vinyl
  5. I'm suprised Whitney got nothing i thought her comeback was going to be the big story Grammy night
  6. Celebration is the most straight ahead DANCE of all those tracks -- she has a shot
  7. I can't remember the last time I watched tv and was totally SUPRISED !!! that was great.
  8. Human Nature She's Not Me Dress You Up Papa Don't Preach Express Yourself
  9. WalMart Montreal 2 CD 18.74 1 cd 13.74 DVD 28.74 most prominent new release . another person in line was buying it same time i was
  10. Definite b-side .. i like Revolver better
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