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  1. i've never heard of this film but after searching it i can totally see the connection plus madonna dressed as marlene dietrich at the mdna priemere and she sang Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte from the film.
  2. http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/07/19/smug-criticisms-of-madonna-and-endless-gaga-comparisons-are-a-victory-for-ageism-and-misogyny/
  3. same thing is happening for me. whats happening in the uk with this album
  4. posted at drownedmadonna.com "One of my favorite ARTIST [Madonna] ever working on one of my favorite Albums [Madonna's upcoming album] ever with one of my favorite Producers [William Orbit] ever," producer and songwriter Jean Baptiste Kouame posted on Facebook. Jean Baptiste is talking about Madonna and her upcoming album, which he already describe as one of his favorite albums ever, and on which he worked on with UK producer William Orbit.
  5. wow this is the most excited i've been in a looong time about anything new from madonna-even tho its just one pic, but it actually looks like she made a effort
  6. i prefer it when Madonna doesn't wear false eyelashes because when she does wear them her eyes look tiny
  7. i'm glad the audience applauded latoya when she said how pleased she was with the speech. tho i noticed the 4 witches looked slighty shocked by it. i think those women on the view just say things that they think the public will like, so hey why not jump on the madonna hate bandwagon.
  8. the adoption is now been approved according to sky news
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