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  1. I wish it was a real pic. It's so sixties
  2. Yes it is. I admire her music and always there's an excitement when she unleashes a new studio album but this era her whole mindset is on that movie thingie. The new album is just a side dish. If it wasn't for her manager we likely wouldn't have gotten that Superbowl performance (excellent promo for her new music).
  3. It's suppose to be all about the music M. Making music is like a side job for her now
  4. I knew she would perform "Ray Of Light" that song is so uplifting even for that football game. Great setlist representing each decade for the casual/non-fans and a new single performed for the first time Straight guys better hold it in when M performs
  5. I believe this half-time thingie is for 12 minutes. So she will likely do 2 or 3 songs. My guess is "Give Me All Your Love" (obviously), "Music" or "Holiday", and "Ray of Light"
  6. Hell I almost forgot about Celebration So looks like our M is also kind of labelmates with our boys Take That. Take That and M
  7. If she wants a COADF single then stick to "Hung Up" or "Jump" for Superbowl.
  8. No I'm watching the halftime only on TV. Besides straight guys have a nerve to diss M's big halftime show. For them SB half-time is for pissing the beer out of their system and pooping out their chicken wings
  9. M looks very harsh and hard looking in those pics. I believe she dug out her old knee-high boots again from the closet and dusted off those granny panties. She was much sexier and classier for WE promos.
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