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  1. Got the vinyl today! Wanted the tape but they were gone already.
  2. Oh, nice! It's so beautiful there. My father was from TN, a smaller town outside of Knoxville, so I would visit the area frequently as a child. Lots of fond memories of Christmases, Easters and Summers in TN. I still have family there that I haven't seen in yrs so I really need to make my way down there again. Oddly enough, never did visit Dollywood as a kid so that's definitely on my list.
  3. This one is instrumental but it totally gives me the feeling of a glam night in NYC in the 70's You can almost smell the poppers listening to this one.....gay, San Fran in the 70's!
  4. @Jazzy Jan that 80's Reba you posted got me thinking about other 80's country songs.....so many had cities in the lyrics or titles. This is one that came to mind I remember hearing as a kid: It mentions, great Smoky Mountains of course but also other cities in TN like Knoxville, Gatlinburg.....also mentions LA. Of course whenever I think about TN and Smoky Mountains, immediately the impeccable Dolly Parton comes to mind:
  5. The thing is though, everyone involved in the film knew that was going to happen so why put yourself in a vulnerable position by half-assing things? Especially in such a polarizing case like this. Despite the general opinions in this thread, there is in no way a general consensus that MJ is guilty in the GP. Even personally, I've ran into very mixed reactions and obviously with social media there's a big divide. Just assessing the reactions over the past month since the doc aired, I've also noticed a pretty big racial divide. With this little detail, it's not that the abuse occurred in another location that's the issue, it's the fact that this bumps up the timeline for abuse. In the case of MJ and his overall "patterns", there's a BIG difference between boys of 14 yrs old and 16 yrs old. Many have stated that in various ways in this very thread.....how after the boys reach a certain age they're "discarded" for another that is younger. I'm not saying every detail down to the shoes everyone was wearing needs to be accurate but the director should've done his job better here, point blank.
  6. Very sloppy and irresponsible on the part of the director not to fact check, especially with a subject matter as serious as child abuse. He should've already known every little detail of this documentary would be scrutinized and analyzed with a fine tooth comb. He really should've went back and dotted his i's and crossed his t's which apparently he didn't do. Mind you, he stated before the release he already knew there were going to be attacks on his, Wade and James' credibility, so why put yourself and them in such a vulnerable position with shoddy research? Even though I find their testimony credible in the film, I still say a film with a little more balance (if not in presentation, then certainly on the research end) could've been just as effective. Perhaps that little bit of extra research on the part of the director could've circumvented this. From the get-go I've said the "other side" of the story is important....well, this is an example as to why I think that way. Will never understand the shit some of us got for suggesting that. People automatically think by doing so, it's a suggestion of "defending" MJ, when that's not necessarily true. In a case like this, knowing and presenting all of the CORRECT details, down to the nitty gritty (especially if you're MAKING the film) is imperative! It won't be the director that gets thrown under the bus, it's going to be the victims.
  7. Haha right! Not that I think she should get shit for that but yet another example of how there are different rules when it comes to Madonna. I will say though, there are some diehard Stevie fans that question these associations, most don't take issue with it though and see it as a smart move.Stevie is widely seen as legit "rock and roll" so that already gives her a leg up when it comes to this. People tend to take "rock music" more seriously than a pop act so hooking up with "younger" acts will get a free pass. This is far from the first time she's done it too. Regarding the induction speeches.....I think the artists must (or can) have some say in it because no doubt JT was partly chosen as promo for 4M which had just dropped and for the upcoming HC album in general. This isn't the first time Stevie has hooked up with Harry so it's likely she had a hand in his selection.
  8. While not surprising, I have to say I have a special dislike for discriminators that are very much discriminated against themselves.
  9. Tonight is the big night!!! Congrats to all the inductees!! Really looking forward to Stevie's speech (no doubt it'll be long winded af ) and performance. She has another "hits" compilation type album out today too. Curious to see what Janet is gonna do too. I assume she'll be the opposite of Stevie, say 10 words and then disappear . Curious to see if she'll actually perform too. I thought it was cool that M had Iggy perform in '08 but would've been amazing to see her perform with everyone that year.
  10. I was waiting for this to be brought up somewhere. So ridiculous.
  11. I have to say I've always found this to be incredibly exaggerated. After all, it's not like she busted out hysterically laughing uncontrollably. It was more like disbelief, processing what she was just told.....I have done the same thing before when hearing strange or upsetting news.
  12. mine isn't holding a charge very long these days so I may have to take you up on that!!
  13. Agreed! They're just as vile as the one throwing the kicks to that poor soul. What a worthless excuse for a human being that piece of trash is. I hope he gets what's coming to him ten fold.
  14. I'm heartbroken for him but just goes to show that none of this stuff is 100%......someone is always gonna be in that small percentile where the drugs don't work. Seems like the "on demand" approach may have factored in here though. I do wonder if he'd taken it every day if this would've happened. I recently watched a documentary about the beginnings of HIV/AIDS and we really have come so far. I know it's only going to get better as time goes on. Truly think there will be an outright cure available to everyone in the next 10 yrs or so.
  15. Glad I'm in good company Jazzy! This thread is making me feel obsolete!! Maybe I'll just get a refurbished Touch when mine finally goes kaput.....hopefully it'll last 15 yrs and by that time, hell, maybe mp3's will be "in" again??
  16. OMG peter I'm so afraid my ipod is going to break!! Idk how it's lasted this long, I've had the same one since 2006!! I was talking to a friend (my ex bf actually) last night and he remembers when I bought that and I was talking about listening to my ipod and he was like "uh....REALLY, you still have an ipod...LOL" and then I told him it was the same one I bought when we were together and we was just like . I mean, I know it's been all about streaming for a few years now but I didn't know ipod's were considered THAT obsolete.....Christ! I really didn't know that you could add your own mp3's to streaming services though. I have THOUSANDS though some that prob wouldn't even be recognized by a streaming service, idk if that would even matter in this case. I'm assuming streaming while I'm driving would be dependent on internet connection so what if I have a "spotty" connection. Would I be able to listen to my music?? It's these things that just make me hesitant to go full on streaming. Well, I'll never go full on streaming....I collect vinyl and still collect CD's for artists I really like (like M, all the remastered Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks albums etc) so I don't think they'll ever go away, I mean there's even a market for cassette tapes now (which I'd NEVER go back to not even for nostalgia purposes) whether I'll have a CD player to listen to these CD's on is a whole 'nother story though. Right now, all I can do is rip them to my computer. I have a CD player in my car but that thing broke years ago.
  17. So, now we just act like MJ never said he was innocent for 15 yrs and his estate isn't saying the same now? You can live in your little la la land where that aspect of this story doesn't exist, but it does and it's being discussed as in depth as "the other side". You know why? Because no matter how passionately we may feel that he's definitely guilty, no matter how passionately we may feel that he would never touch a child, NOBODY REALLY KNOWS. Which is why this discussion will never end. Which is why there is nothing wrong with discussing all aspects. You can still think he's guilty but look at the other side of things and vice versa. I don't understand why that's such a difficult concept. I truly hope some of you NEVER have jury duty because it would be a total, epic fail. Imagine being in the room and telling the other jurors flat out "oh I refuse to discuss that side of this case....it doesn't exist. Only *this* side exists."..... GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!! There are people here CLEARLY stating they think he's definitely guilty but may have a question about something they noticed on the defensive side, just because they're CURIOUS not because they're trying to be swayed to believe he's innocent or whatever......they get ripped apart for even asking a fucking question!! Shame to see Madonna fans of all people condone censorship and bullying. Oh and please spare me with your paedo apologist "truth" bullshit......typical extreme, overreacting SJW garbage. Yeah....and if you listen to some people they say you're a flat out paedo if you think he's guilty. Complete opposite sides of the SJW spectrum, but both views are cut from the same shit stained cloth as far as I'm concerned.
  18. Agreed completely! The fact that anyone who even THINKS about looking at the "other side" of the story is immediately labeled a "paedo apologist" is deeply concerning. SJW bullshit at it's finest. It's like, get off of your fucking high horse already. Then you have the diehard MJ fans that refuse to watch the doc and will say those that believe the accusations are "paedos" that just enjoy hearing the stories and want them to be true to fulfill their own fantasies. As far as I'm concerned, both of these extreme reactions are two sides of the same "witch hunt" coin. The bottom line is, only 3 people know the truth. No matter how strong you feel one way or another, no matter the "evidence" you've collected in defense of or in persecution of MJ, when you boil it down it's all an opinion. Looking at and discussing all sides of the story isn't a bad thing but stifling discussion of all sides of the story is.
  19. My perspective has changed greatly since watching the doc and having time to let it sink in. I do believe they're authentic in what they say. I was expecting 4 hours of graphic sexual descriptions and a little bad acting but what I got was far more complicated, intense and heartbreaking. There are still legitimate questions though that many people have. It's not 100% "he's guilty" across the board as far as public opinion goes. In fact, the "did he or didn't he" debate seems just as polarizing as it always was. I see nothing wrong with discussing both sides of the story and anyone that tries to shouldn't be shot down and called "paedo apologists" for it. This is a discussion forum after all and I'm confident there's nobody here that truly condones abuse against children. It's disheartening to see members of the forum criticized for merely pondering questions that thousands or even millions of other people may have.
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