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  1. Or maybe McConnell just has no soul like the rest of the QOP? Really it's that simple.
  2. This sounds so bleak and helpless, yet it's so very true. I honestly don't know what it will be to finally tip this over the edge, but I feel like it's not in the too terribly distant future. We've been able to withstand a lot as a nation over the past nearly 250 years but this current assault on truth and facts to the degree that it is thanks in large part to social media, is just something I just don't think we'll be able to overcome. It's not that we just disagree on issues, we live in two completely separate realities. Seeing the people throwing hissy fits over masks, saying with a straight face COVID isn't real....or is just a "flu" and how short sighted people seem to be about 1/6 has just been really really disheartening to me. As horrible as it was 2016-2019, 2020 and 2021 have been so eye opening at just how SICK we are as a nation....literally and figuratively.
  3. I definitely have had my reservations about how much the 1/6 Committee will actually be able to achieve when all is said and done but hearing the AG be so explicit in how far and wide he's willing to take this gives me a glimmer of hope. There must be accountability from the TOP all the way down.
  4. It's nice to see him break. it. down. Everyone in this country needs to hear this. I wanna see more of this Joe.
  5. I feel like he's just as worshipped as he ever was, it's almost as if his supporters have doubled down in that regard. To them, he's the victim that was robbed off his election win by fraud courtesy of the Democratic party. He's been doing "rallies" for the past year saying as much to everyone that will listen. They strongly believe him too. The Republican party has had many opportunities to completely repudiate him this past year (never mind the past 5 yrs) and have chosen not to. In fact, they perpetuate the lie themselves. It's been repeated over and over and over again for the past year. The damage that causes is immeasurable and the results of which I don't think we've fully seen yet. Truly, there are two completely different versions of reality in the US right now, I don't know how long a society can function that way? Bill Maher really broke it down during a segment on his show recently: Less than a decade ago this type of scenario would've sounded insane and as naive as it may sound, almost impossible for something like that to happen here. Now, it feels like we're on an inevitable crash course toward some sort of insane scenario like he goes over in that video.
  6. Americans are so fucking stupid. I get the frustration with the current administration but the fact that more would actually vote for the GQP aka The Party Formerly Known As The Republicans if an election were held today is repulsive to me tbh. How quickly we forget......less than 1 yr ago, this was the party that promoted and facilitated a domestic terrorist attack with the intent of overthrowing the certification of legal votes. To this day, I don't think a lot of Americans realize the gravity of that and just how close it came to actually happening AND how if we are in a similar situation in the future, there are now people in place that will do just that (overturn the votes that is) without hesitation. I think many people feel like it was just a thing that happened that day and we should just move along because it's over now. I feel like it's only just begun tbh.
  7. Yep!! It's so fucking frustrating to see. Here we are (and by we I mean the Dems) with all three major branches of gov't, a small window in time and we're squandering it. Well, certain members of the party in particular are choosing to hold the whole country hostage based on their own personal interests. The negative impacts this selfishness is having is like a domino effect already. To think, one year ago, we pulled in many independents and "swing" voters and as we see by what happened in VA this week, they've gone bye bye at this point......and I don't blame them a bit. We have one year at this point before Republicans will inevitably take over the House again and I'm betting one year from now, this same conversation where NOTHING has happened will be ongoing. I'd never vote Republican (at least not in their current incarnation....or ANY incarnation I've seen in my lifetime) but this is the type of shit that just makes me not want to vote at all. If we can't do any better than this when we hold the vast majority, then it's helpless and I may just sit out next go round.
  8. And many could see this inevitable conclusion 20 years ago. Unless we stay forever, this was always going to be the outcome. The conflict NEVER ends in the middle east, we were just a complication in the middle of it all. The US needs to stay out of everyone's damn business.......we are BARELY keeping our own Democracy together, time to focus on THAT. My heart hurts for the poor Afghani people though during this time. Like you said, it's heartbreaking to think back at all the lives lost over the past 20 years, including the American soldiers. Not to sound cold but it just all seems so pointless and avoidable.
  9. Trump never gave anyone a chance to give him a chance. He hit the ground running with his lies, crimes and bullshit from day one. To put it as kindly as possible, let's just say he never "grew into" his POTUS title. THAT is putting it mildly. Newsmax, Fox and the rest of his "cult" can suckle his baby dick all they want......doesn't matter, this man will ABSOLUTELY go down as the worst president this country has ever seen. He started as an inexperienced goofball and ended it as a main instigator for a domestic terror attack with the intent to prevent the certification of our election. Now, just need for Senate to come through on the upcoming impeachment trials. This country needs an "insurance policy" of sorts that this vile prick can NEVER run for office again. Then of course there are the dozens of OTHER lawsuits that have been waiting in the wings for him as soon as he was out of office. So, he'll be a busy man in his post POTUS life. Hopefully we'll see plenty of humiliations, bankruptcies or even jail time for him in the upcoming months/years.
  10. So fucking happy right now!! FINALLY that long 4 yr nightmare is over.
  11. Thank you Jazzy! Likewise to you! Like you say, it is horrible to see those you care for that were once "normal" become completely brainwashed and live in an alternate reality. I find it baffling that even you, experience this and you're basically a world away from me. How one earth do Aussies get on board with this? Seems to be such the antithesis of the great things I hear about Oz. Not suggesting that it's reflection of the majority of the people there but still, just bizarre that Trump's cult-like pull really does span across the world. I try to be an optimistic person for the most part but I just don't know where we go from here. How do you convince practically half of the country that an election they STRONGLY feel was stolen, was completely legit? If 60+ state court cases thrown out (many by Trump appointed judges), Attorney General, head of Cyber Securities and 2 Supreme Court rejections don't convince them, then I don't think anything can. I'm very happy Joe/Kamala are going to be at the helm in less than a week now but I absolutely do NOT envy them in any way. They have a long, hard, dare I say almost impossible task ahead of them.
  12. I feel like the ones that switched from Trump to Biden in 2020 get it. From what I see though, the ones that supported him in 2020, even despite the Capitol attack still support him. His most ardent of supporters seem to have doubled down and love him more than ever. The more I see and read, it seems they TRULY believe he's some sort of savior sent to start a revolution. It's utterly terrifying to me. With that said, I personally do not know many Trump supporters.....the ones I do know, I've distanced myself from these past few months especially. I will say, I talked to a friend of mine the night the election was called, a long time friend of nearly 20 yrs and it's like a different person now. It's so very sad and disturbing to me. This is a person that voted for Obama both times and even prior to that was always a very sensible person. She has totally drank the Kool Aid now though.....an aunt of mine is the same way. Completely unrecognizable from the woman she used to be.
  13. The "right" is already twisting this and saying it was Antifa that infiltrated the "peaceful" protest and did this. Never mind the fact that Trumpers have been openly planning and bragging about a "big event" on 1/6 for at least the past month (well, since at least Good Harbor Day back in Dec....maybe even before that). They ARE twisted so of course they will twist anything and everything to deflect blame from themselves. Had there been no deaths, make no mistake, they would be BRAGGING about this.....and some still are. There absolutely MUST be consequences for this. As lovely as it is to think we only have 10 days left of having this TERRORIST in the White House and then we can just inaugurate Biden and move onward and upward, this is too serious for that. This can't be forgotten or swept under the rug like ALL of their other crimes these past 4 yrs. The President Of The United States encouraged and emboldened a TERRORIST ATTACK at THE CAPITOL in order to stop the certification of a LEGITIMATE, CLEAN election. If there is ZERO accountability for this, the NEXT insane fucker that comes along is going to have it A LOT easier and God knows what could happen. A message HAS to be sent that this will not stand. Banning him from social media platforms is great and all but we need legal consequences as well. If he's impeached, he can never run for office again. That alone makes that option worth it to me, even if the impeachment process doesn't end until after Biden is already in office. Once he's impeached, he and his vile family and the vile Retrumplican enablers need to have legal action taken against them. Someone needs to go to jail. And in regard to these terrorist Retrumplican pussies saying their "rights" are being infringed upon because of social media platforms banning, these are companies, businesses.....they can do whatever they fuck they want. Just like if someone steps into a locally owned restaurant and starts screaming a bunch of toxic rhetoric and the owner bans them from coming back, that's the right of the business owner. Trump and the rest of his fucked up little gang can stand on a street corner, create their own platform etc to spew their lies, there's no law stopping them from doing that so they really they can "stand back" and shut the fuck up with this whining about "my rights, my rights, my freedom of speech".
  14. I do get this argument and it is soooooooo frustrating to witness this and have basically nobody speak up. What are they to do though really? If they raise a stink then they will be portrayed as the crazy ones. The right LOVES to do that with any little amount of "noise" the left makes. Idk.....I do think in the long run, the approach Biden is taking is going to be the perfect antidote to the insanity of the last four yrs. He's acting like a PRESIDENT should act and for the most part is basically ignoring this little theater piece the right is putting on and starting to tackle and discuss the REAL issues that are plaguing us at the moment, number one being this massive spike in COVID. It's unbelievable that this far into the pandemic we are probably within the next couple months going to reach our "peak".
  15. BINGO! This right here. Talking to people I know that support him always mention the abortion thing as one of the main reasons of their continued support......and mind you I know for a fact some of these people have had abortions themselves. It's truly unreal to me...this cult is fucking sick.
  16. It's very frightening. Trying to enjoy the moment, although it's hard with this "fraud election" stink cloud hanging over (as fake as it all is). I can't help but wonder about the future though. As has been mentioned in the thread already, it worries me to think that there could be someone even worse than Trump that comes along in 2024 or beyond.
  17. FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG guys we did it!! We did what we thought would be impossible and got that FUCKER OUT!! I literally have tears of joy right now. Step one in what is going to be a very very long process.
  18. It really prob could've been called yesterday for Biden and prob under more "normal" circumstances it would've been. As torturous as it is to wait through this process though I think it's good that they're making sure to count every vote until it becomes ABSOLUTELY mathematically impossible for Trump to win. Dot all their I's and cross all their T's because Team Trump and the remaining Republicans that are standing by him are going to do ANYTHING they can to contest this. So, let's have no mistakes that they can't come back and throw in our face. I mean, yes, they will say it's rigged and a fraud no matter what but if everything is done by the book and meticulously, there's only so much they can do. Now that some of the "who's gonna win" anxiety is dying down very very slightly, I have a new anxiety......this man is STILL president for 2+ months, wtf is he gonna do in that time. A morally bankrupt, selfish narcissist can do a lot of damage in that amount of time. He will have NOTHING to lose at that point. He's DEFINITELY a "if this ship is sinking, I'm taking ya all with me" kinda guy. We shall see!
  19. I don't know whether to laugh, be afraid, smh or just feel pity for these sad, desperate people. These people are TOTALLY GONE. Idk how they're going to handle this when it's official.
  20. I hope one day we'll have her as prez. This woman is amazing!!
  21. Idc what anyone says, this woman was absolutely ROBBED in 2016.
  22. I really hope this is how it plays out. It DOES look good for Biden right now for all the reasons you mention. I'm still 2016 hungover though.....I'm just scared to take any of it for granted.
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