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  1. Music from the tours ranked

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Nice! I didn't watch the other video she did but this was cute. Like how she pointed out how Madonna looks like a total rock star but she's singing a "sparkly and glittery" pop song. That's kind of what I've always thought about Madonna. It seems almost inappropriate to compare her to "pop princesses" like Britney or Gaga etc. They're not even in the same lexicon as Madonna.
  3. People always seem to think music released in their youth is best and untouchable. I've noticed it's hard for some as they get older to maintain that enthusiasm and excitement for newer things.
  4. Dubdonna - her best dub mixes

    Everybody (UK 7 inch single dub)
  5. Collaborations that never happened

    Didn't that Mariah interview get proven as fake at some point??
  6. Yes!! Love all the colors she's been wearing lately. There's something very "early years" about her fashion sense now....it just seems super fun right now....bright, exuberant, lively! I like it!
  7. Collaborations that never happened

    Yeah, no doubt it would've got more attention but if it was as we know In The Closet now, just with Madonna vocals then even that is a little underwhelming to me. I love In The Closet but considering the star power involved I expect something phenomenal. Kinda how I feel about Love Song too. BUT It still would've been MJ and M at their peaks (both coasting toward end of their "golden years") and like you said before, a pop culture event unlike none other. Imagine this being released as the lead to Dangerous with the video Madonna had in mind for it.
  8. I prefer when she's a little thicker. It especially suits her now that she's older as it makes her look more supple. Honestly, Virgin era, around Bedtime Stories, Golden Globes '97 and roughly the 2-3 month period after Rocco's birth are when her body looked best to me. And let's be very clear....anyone looking at those pictures and seriously thinking she's honestly fat have serious body issues themselves. Yes, she's thick.....by Madonna standards only. Most women would kill for "fat" Madonna's body.
  9. Collaborations that never happened

    I would've loved an MJ collab but I agree that it may not have lived up to what everyone thinks. As much as I ADORE Love Song, it's not quite up to either Prince or Madonna's best.
  10. Music is always my #1 with Madonna and I do hope she throws us a little bone on that topic......but I'd suspect even if she's actively recording that she may be more hush hush about it this time after the RH fiasco. I'd never choose movies, skincare or any product over her music but honestly, during this "in between" era that we're in now, if it weren't for the skincare line, we prob wouldn't be seeing her at all. The 3-4 year gap between albums seems to be the new norm now so I don't feel like the promo for MDNA Skin is taking away from "music time" if that makes sense.
  11. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

    1. Girlie Show- the energy in this one is unmatched by any other version. She was on fire. That ending dance break 2. Who's That Girl- like much of WTG tour itself, this is just Madonna young, wild, free. It may be as choreographed as any other version but it feels like she's just out there free flowing it...full of passion 3. Sticky & Sweet- I feel like Live Earth is the best "modern" version of this song and S&S comes closest to that. 4. Rebel Heart- probably the best staging ever for a LIB performance. I really dig this one a lot!! Not super high energy and not too mellow...just right. 5. Confessions- Oh goodness.....I watched this recently and it's actually not as bad as I remember. I always considered this to be the methed out version of LIB. It was just always way too fast and frantic for me. It felt like there could've been a better song choice for that slot in the show. Definitely high energy and fun though! I just prefer my LIB slightly more tame...... 6. Drowned World-.......but not quite this tamed.....lol....really, this is a pretty version and the dancers solo is stunning.....but with only two 80's tracks in this show, this one just always underwhelmed me. Personally, would've liked a more RHT-esque version at least...something with a little more dancing from her.
  12. Vogue from the tours ranked

    To me, visually and costume wise the MDNA version is what the BA version could've been. It captures the essence and attitude of the song the best out of all of them. It's grand just like the song itself. Sticky version is just like a burst of energy, the reinvention of the song brings it new life! Also love the choreography on this one. Vogue being the opening number on ANY Madonna tour has to rank somewhat high for me. I have to say in a lot of ways, especially sound wise, the RIT version is very "Madonna lite" to me. Like a lot of things she did around this time, she just seemed to be holding back, a certain "oomph" was missing from the performance. The fact that it's an opening number and that I kinda sorta consider BW to be a part of this performance and those yoga poses + crab walk boost it above a couple of the others for me. Even as a kid, I thought something was so tame about the BA version of this song. Like someone else said, it's almost like a rehearsal. I've always pictured the cone bra, an extravagant stage set up and heavy dancing. I do think the BA version delivered best as far as choreography of all the live versions (S&S being verrrrrry close) but despite being the "original" performance, it was never one that I revisited outside of watching TOD in full or BA in full. The VMA's is the quintessential version of Vogue from it's "original" time period for me. To me she gives the best vocal of this song with her Girlie Show performance. Like the whole Middle Eastern vibe with the arrangement. I do like the choreography with this one too.
  13. Vogue from the tours ranked

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. Yeah, that type of thing was not really the norm back then.....now everyone from your "top tier" stars to your favorite D-list has been is peddling some product.....sign o the times. Also, it's worth noting that Cher was hawking someone else's (Lori Davis) hair care products on a 30 minute infomercial (which back then were seen as promos for cheap, rip off, bottom of the barrel products....anyone remember the spray on hair from Ron Popeil...lol?) not her own line of hair care products. At least we can say this is Madonna's actual brand and it's top of the line. Madonna isn't out there pushing some random bitches low grade skin care line....lol. Even if that were the case, in this day and age, I don't even think anyone would blink twice. Even then I didn't understand why Cher got so much shit for that. Who gives a fuck really?? lol I used to like that infomercial because it was CHER!! Speaking of Ron Popiel....I also loved that food dehydrator infomercial back then. I begged my Mom for one of those......never did get it....lol.