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  1. I heard about it from a friend at work. He said "did you hear Madonna was in an accident and is in the hospital"......I let out the gayest gasp ever....lol......he then gave me the rundown. So, for me there wasn't this prolonged time period where I wondered if she was gonna be ok or not. From what I remember, the extent of her injuries was immediately reported.
  2. I wouldn't even mind them focusing some on the "salacious" part of her early years story or even dramatizing some of it but......AT LEAST get the part about her music right. Dramatizing the real story about her being under Camille's management but breaking into the studio in the middle of the night with Stephen to record the "dance" stuff that would make her famous? How, her management wanted her to be Pat Benatar but HER (and Stephen's) creative vision is what ultimately took her over the top? That's incredible in itself. I just really hate the thought of "Madonna stealing Borderline from her band" becoming the "true" story. It's just not right.
  3. I live for this type of Madonna ballad. Falling Free is gorgeous. I'd put it with her best ballads like LTT and OF. As much as I adore the slower songs from the '98-'08 period, those ballads were missing that dramatic flair that the best of her 80's/90's ballads have. Take WIFLFAG for example, it's definitely a "ballad" but it's so mid-tempo when you set it next to something like LTT or You'll See. Those ballads are just completely in another league to me and FF fits right alongside those easily. I'd also throw Messiah in there too.....I think there's something about the dramatic strings in her songs that just makes me melt.
  4. Re: Madonna saying on AB she's "from Detroit" and "a famed high school drop out", I've always taken that as Madonna trying to sound like a bad ass. Plain and simple. This funky, "street urchin" looking little white girl from Detroit that dropped out of high school and went to NYC on her own to hit the "big time". It's a good story! I don't think Madonna quite realized just how massive she was to become and how every aspect of her life would be nit picked, so I'm sure she thought "what's the harm?" Quite a few famous people have done the same thing. With all that said though, 33 years later, she (and about a thousand others) have stated her "real story" so for the script writer to use THAT direct quote when there's soooooo many other quotes out there now that tell the "real story", is just lazy on the script writers part. I mean hello? Even the infamous (to M fans anyways) Jane Pauley interview where she directly calls Bay City "a smelly little town" would be more fitting. Sorry, but that script is a reductive version of the Madonna story. Don't like the implication that Emmy was about to hit the big time when Jellybean swooped in and pushed her over the top as a solo artist......it's just so basic. The REAL story is fascinating enough, why the need to alter it so drastically?
  5. Michael Jackson It's too bad In The Closet didn't work out....I do wonder if Madonna's part in the song would've been more pronounced than the "Mystery Girl" on the version we know. I think I'd want to hear Madonna sing more if she had done a song with him. Although, that spoken, sexy vocal style was all the rage for her at that time.
  6. That site was fantastic to read through. The analysis' are quite long so I'm not sure anyone is actually reading the whole thing. It paints a very comprehensive picture of an artists popularity. Everyone here should read the Madonna analysis.
  7. ^^9 HOURS! That's dedication!! I stood in line for about 45 min and I got my Madonna! Also got Stevie Nicks, Prince, Blondie and Toto (lol). I picked up the recent reissue of Bedtime Stories too while I was there.
  8. I don't think they were first friends that said "oh we must work together".....I feel they got together more for business reasons but it's obvious there's a mutual admiration between the two of them. I don't think they would've worked with each other if there wasn't. Madonna wouldn't have someone on her song that she didn't genuinely like as an artist. I'm sure some sort of professional/friendship developed when they worked together. Despite popular belief, connecting with someone who's "hot" at the moment has never been beneath Madonna and I think that was the case here.
  9. Dannylex is right though. If they REALLY wanted to off someone....they could....and do probably. I don't care what kind of arsenal you have stockpiled. What they have is and will always be better. I get what you're saying, at least make 'em fight for it but at the end of the day if they want you gone you will be.
  10. I think citizens should be able to have weapons but the laws need to be tightened and enforced strongly. Of course putting ANY restrictions automatically = THEY'RE TAKING ALLLLLLLLLLLL OUR GUNS AWAY!!!! THE KENYAN AND CROOKED HILLARY ARE TAKING 'EM ALLLLLL!! STOCKPILE NOW!!!! So fucking stupid. I'm all for the right to bear arms but the overall gun culture in this country is fucking ridiculous, completely out of hand and needs to be brought down a couple of notches. Serious limitations and restrictions need to be placed. The fact that people think mass shootings in a "civilized" country on at least a weekly basis is "normal" says it all really. Why is this not as big of an issue in any other "civilized" countries?
  11. It is a public forum that exists for comments, therefore, we can comment that we don't like other people's comments too! The burning question here is why do some fans feel the need to be the devil's advocate (seemingly) just for the sake of it? Like you come here all...."I'm gonna show them".....WHY?? No offense but every single thing I've read from you has been some sort backhanded jab at Madonna.....that's fine. You're entitled to that but don't get all whiny when you're called out for it. Overall, THIS forum isn't the environment for Madonna jabs....sorry, it's just not. Good news is, ALL the other major Madonna forums are practically Madonna hate sites that love to discuss all of their perceived Madonna missteps. Not only that, but just about every forum dedicated to other artists or any general music forums that discuss Madonna always LOVE to talk about everything they hate about her. If that doesn't satiate your need for discussing Madonna career blunders then there are always the comments sections of ANY news article you read about her and ANY YouTube video of hers. So.....trust, there's PLENTY outlets for discussing "alternative" Madonna opinions. What's wrong with ONE place in this big old world wide web with a more positive, celebratory tone??
  12. Not sure what Madonna of 1989 would've said but Madonna of 1998 didn't want to be making pop music videos and "stomping" around MSG at age 50.....she wanted to be a movie star by this point. Perhaps you and the other one would've preferred that as well.
  13. Of course he wants a war.....but I think he wants to hold off until closer to 2020. He'll do it around time to start campaigning so America will be in one of it's "patriotic" phases similar to '04. I don't think Americans like to change leaders in the midst of a war. That will be the perfect time for him to scare people into voting for him again. Considering what's gone on these past couple of weeks, it seems like the intense hatred towards him has cooled somewhat from a couple months ago. That's not good. That just means this is now all starting to become "normal". Wasn't one of the reasons why so many people hated Hillary was because she's a "war monger"? Where's the outrage from the Dumpsters over his actions these past two weeks?
  14. It seems like slut shaming has become forbidden thanks to the SJW....which isn't necessarily a bad thing but.....I have to say, that rule seems to be suspended when someone slut shames Madonna. Like she deserves it for some reason.