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  1. If Trump is legit voted out, he's going to do EVERYTHING he can to dispute it AND if he does concede, he's going to (continue) to "burn the house down" like a mad man before he goes. I dread to think of what he'll do between Nov and Jan. However, I think it's highly likely we won't even know the real winner this time for weeks or months even. Hope I'm wrong, but I highly doubt we're gonna know the winner on election night.
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  3. AMEN to that!! You said it perfectly.
  4. Oh....so I guess we're supposed to applaud him now for this?? He should've been doing this in March and no doubt, he's only doing it because he's being FORCED because he's inside of a hospital.
  5. I understand those still somewhat disappointed that Biden is the nominee as he wouldn't have been my first choice either. The Dem candidate pool was so massive this time and I too am a little blase' about the fact that Biden, the most "vanilla" one of all is what we ended up with. However, we're in dire straits at this point. Maybe we need a little "normalcy" at this point. Anyways, for those that for (god knows what reason) that are on the fence or considering voting for a third party, PLEASE keep in mind when you cast your vote you're not JUST voting for/against Biden. This is much bigger and more serious this time. Don't neglect the fact that you're pretty much voting for our entire future, not the next four years. If Trump/Republicans win, THEY WILL gain FULL and TOTAL control of the Supreme Court......THAT will impact us FAR beyond 2024. It's no exaggeration to say that the policies that they'd put in place, will absolutely haunt us for the rest of our lives. I think it's safe to say a good chunk of us are in our 30's/40's so just imagine what we have now until we're 65-70 yrs old at least. PLEASE consider all aspects of who you vote for this year. It's not a game this time. It's not a time to stamp our feet and vote defiantly because we don't have our "ideal" Dem candidate.
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  11. Even some of those against Trump are still somewhat addicted to the shit show aspect of it all. Literally, every single day for 4-5 yrs now we've had a CONSTANT barrage of insanity. I've heard others (even myself) say before that Biden is boring, middle of the road, "status quo" but I truly think we need someone a bit more leveled and centered at this moment. I do believe now more than ever that he MUST choose a female POC as his running mate. After the past week, I don't think that's really an option at this point. Even with all the bullshit of the past 4 yrs and all the "deplorables" seemingly crawling out of the woodwork like termites, I do still firmly believe they're desperate. This IS their last big hurrah, their last breath so to speak and once we get them out....whether it be 2020 or 2024, that's going to be it for them. We will not allow it to happen again on this level.
  12. Sooo is everyone in the "black book" and that went to the island necessarily even involved in child abuse of any sort? I find it hard to believe Joan Rivers or Barbra Walters would be but I guess stranger things have happened. I'm sure there was just a lot of straight up partying and elite schmoozing that went on as well.
  13. I feel like this and a Civil War in USA are almost inevitable at this point. The US is absolutely at a boiling point on multiple levels. Even if Trump is voted out, it's a long long road ahead that Biden or any other Dem wouldn't be able to easily fix.
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  15. At this point 10% is too high in my opinion. His fanatics are well and truly brainwashed beyond help. I seriously questioned anyone that voted for him in 2016 but anyone that does this year AND actually loves him......well, like Hillary said, they're truly deplorable. And @Jazzy Jan u are absolutely correct. I can't imagine that most of his fanatics would appreciate or support this behavior in ANYONE else. Let's just imagine really quickly the conspiracy theories flying around IF Hillary were president right now and things happened just as they have under Trump's watch (they wouldn't have...but let's imagine) there would be absolute outrage, calls to kill her probably. He makes me sick. The awful thing is, even if he does lose in November, you know he already has a narrative created for how it's a scam, the election is a fraud, Biden cheated, everyone is against him etc.......and of course his little zombie deplorables will lap it up like little dogs. Sorry for that last comment, didn't mean to insult dogs.
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