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  1. Thanks for posting! Very cool! I've never seen that before.
  2. Interesting! I don't recall ever hearing that but very well could be!
  3. Interesting implication.......that Madonna chooses her friends based on who's trendy and will make her seem more "popular" and then discards them when they're no longer hot. I've read that many times from her haters regarding everything from who she chooses to work with musically, to who she hangs out with socially.....what I find strange is that a fan of hers takes the same stance. You're missing a piece of the puzzle though. Madonna has been relevant forever....a lot of people have "trended" and then disappeared in the years she's been famous. It's only natural when some of these people are "hot" that they may be in some of the same Hollywood social circles as Madonna and her closest friends. That doesn't mean she's going to remain "besties" with each and every one of them for the rest of her life. Just to cite the examples you gave though.....she knew Rupert for YEARS before they were public "besties" in late 90's/early 00's......while she was close to Gwyneth at one point, that friendship always seemed like a product of circumstance to me. They were both married to Englishmen and hung around the same social circles of famous people in the UK at that time, it's only natural the two "Missus'" would strike up a friendship......then there's Demi. Let's not forget she was a part of the "Brat Pack" as was Sean Penn at the time Madonna was married to him. No doubt they knew each other LONG before we started seeing them together in the 00's hosting their Oscar party together each year.
  4. Perhaps! I'm sure that single release didn't rake in too much $$ either.....although, what was her poorest performing single at that time probably sold more than her best performing single in recent years (minus GMAYL of course which DID go Gold in the US...just sayin..)
  5. I guess we're just assuming this since it wasn't on the Showtime broadcast and it's not credited on the tracklisting. I hope you're right though! I do think it would at the very least say something like "featuring excerpt from LDLHA" or something to that effect. I guess we'll see! Fingers crossed! A shame to see one of the best vocal performances she's ever done just tossed aside though. Girl has the $$ to pay for it....lol.....I don't understand. Either way, can't wait to have this in my hands FINALLY in less than a month now!!
  6. Glad stuff if finally coming together with this release.....was looking a little shaky for a minute there....lol. Yeah, don't quite understand why the gorgeous LDLHA is being cut.....first time (and most likely the last) time she's EVER done that song live in 31 years. It must be some sort of copyright thing or something. The Material Girl doesn't wanna give the material ($$$) to have it on the DVD perhaps....idk. With the length of time it took to put this together, I was hoping for full TOAC as a bonus too.....oh well. :( Complaints aside, I'm happy it's getting released. While we may not get a lot of "extras" as fans of other artists may get, we do have ALL of her tours released in some form or another (TOD for BA and IGTTYAS for RIT), so we're quite fortunate in that regard.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA!!! QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE!! Thank you for providing me with the soundtrack to my life. Thank you for always giving 110% of yourself with your performance art. Thank you for your big heart. Thank you for always being a revolutionary, fearless bad ass!!
  8. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    There's a new all 80's radio station in my area and they play so much Madonna.....recently I've heard Lucky Star, Causing A Commotion, Crazy For You, Dress You Up, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita, Borderline, Holiday, Live To Tell, Express Yourself, Into The Groove......I think I hear her more than any other artist. It's great to hear her on the radio again, even if it's old songs.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    David looks so much older than 11 yrs old. He's gonna be a big guy when he's older!
  10. Happy birthday Rocco!

    Awww....happy birthday little brat! lol I kid. Even if he's had his moments in the past couple years, he's still her baby.....and this will be the last official year of him being her "baby". :( Whatever the arrangement is that was worked out between them, they seem to be in a good place now and that's all that matters. While his birth wasn't as big of a media "event" as the debut of Queen Lola, I definitely remember this day in 2000. I can remember some complications with his birth, so the first reports were a little worrisome but that very quickly passed. As time goes on, it seems like he may be the kid most like her....maybe that's why they butt heads...lol....also, the older he gets, the more "Ciccone" he looks! Happy bday kiddo....behave yourself and try not to give your Mom panic attacks! haha
  11. Hard Candy : the divorce diary album

    I do like that but it would fit better if the album were titled GI2M. The pink pussy blossom on HC though kinda fits given the title.
  12. North Korea is mad again

    I agree with everything you say! Sadly, as serious as the situation is and as serious as the threat of potential escalation is, this is one of those things that nobody (general public) is going to do anything about or take seriously until it happens......THEN (if anyone is left) there will be outrage, disbelief, confusion, chaos amidst the "but I never thought....." exclamations. As frustrating as this past year has been politically to witness, it's also been very eye opening. People really are THAT fucking stupid and clueless. Like someone else said, Trump has probably been jizzing all week with all this mess and we all know he's just itching to hit the button. That would be the ULTIMATE power move in this little game of playing Mr. President. The most fucked up part of all, he'd probably become some sort of national hero for at least 5 minutes or so. The US always gets super patriotic and defensive (Freedom Fries anyone?) in times of conflict. His already fanatical fanbase would most likely worship him as a Christ like figure after something like this.....lol......that'd be just enough momentum to breeze through re-election in 2020. The US also doesn't like to switch presidents during war.
  13. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    He's such a gentleman. You can tell he has an immense respect and appreciation for her as an artist.
  14. If you could turn back time

    I think I'd have to do 1985. I don't remember any of that and I so wish I did! What a whirlwind year. From LAV being the hottest song/album at the very beginning of the year, Material Girl video, DSS, VT, Time magazine cover, Playboy/Penthouse, Live Aid, marriage to Sean, SNL, the wannabes, six hit singles....the list could go on really. Must've been amazing to experience the rise of the Queen.
  15. Suggesting Madonna isn't interested in making music anymore is ridiculous. Jesus Christ, even if one doesn't like RH, it's clear her heart was in that project. There was enough material for 2-3 albums and I think she promoted that album more than she's ever promoted any album in her entire career. I think some of the most personal songs of her career are from the RH sessions. Not to mention the RH tour which saw Madonna pushing her own boundaries with her shows.....adding/removing songs from the setlist, changing up performances, the heavy banter with the audience etc....are all things that would've been unthinkable with Madonna circa 2001. Doing TOAC was a total surprise. Madonna putting on a completely separate show in the middle of a world tour isn't something I could see younger Madonna doing. Not just a separate show of course but a show with a completely different concept, setlist, costumes than the main tour itself......and doing it for free. That's someone who's passionate about what they do! Also, just because we don't see her in the studio doesn't mean she's not working on music. She constantly writes and a lot of that ends up becoming song lyrics. At this stage in her life and career I don't think we can expect her to churn out an album every 2 years on the dot as she did in the 80's/90's.