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  1. Love Jane and yeah, has always been a total badass!!
  2. Phew......OMG....that's reassuring(ish) lol I was gonna say, is this REALLY where we're at right now.....although, there's too many that would totally be down for that!
  3. OH dear God.....I can't even joke about this. This is absolutely REVOLTING and DISTURBING.....if Trump told these people to go into the streets and shoot minorities and gays in the name of the Lord, I have no doubt they would. Idk why at this point, but I'm just shocked at the stupidity and BLINDNESS of these people. History will NOT be kind to these people. Fucking repulsive and I'm ashamed to even be in the same state where this is happening.
  4. Truthfully, up until recently I have never taken the time to really dig into Warren. I like what I see at this point but, she's definitely seasoned so can understand how others have seen things over the years they may not care for in regard to her. So funny you bring up Jimmy Carter, I was just watching more recent (by recent I mean within last 10 yrs) interviews with him and I agree with you, that is a true decent, genuine man that (seemingly) had the interest of America in mind more than any political agenda. He's REAL. He gets the short end of the stick too......he's often considered the "nothing accomplished" president but that's simply not true. As he said himself, the fact that he was a one term president has tarnished his reputation and puts a dark cloud over the actual accomplishments of his presidency. Have to look at when he came into office too, Watergate, Nixon corruption and Vietnam were all so fresh. Much like Obama, he was handed an absolute mess and did the best he could with that. Sort of off topic but one thing that REALLY gets under my skin his how Trump and his cult always site the economy as a talking point to his success......but let's make no mistake, Obama set him up for success in that regard. Everything had been on the upswing for YEARS before Trump was in the picture so I give Trump little to NO credit for the "strong economy".
  5. I do think she's progressive but yes, she did use to be a Republican. I don't think we should use that against her though. People change their political affiliation all throughout their lives and let's face it, Warren grew up in OK....I believe she's mentioned how other family members are Republicans so that can definitely impact someone's political affiliation. Clearly, she's learned some things over the years and had a change of heart on many issues. Right now, my ideal ticket would be Mayor Pete and Warren. Listening to Mayor Pete talk is just so calming and refreshing. Of course anyone that can string together a coherent sentence with actual substance is a step up from the corrupt goon we have now so, maybe my expectations have been lowered. Imagine though.....a 37 yr old gay man, who let's face it, has more political experience at this point in his career than Trump did pre-2016......now THAT would be progressive but....I know that's most likely not realistic.
  6. Omg.....ALL of this right here!!! YES!! You said everything I've wanted to say in regard to this. I will say though that I adore Bernie and even now he's absolutely my #1 pick among the Dem candidates at this point but I'm also realistic and....well....his chances now and in 2016 were slim because he's VERY left. Again, I love him, think he's in this for altruistic reasons and I believe he wants to achieve everything he says he does (I don't think it's just talking points with him), his passion for good is palpable in my opinion but there's no way this country is ready for that. Having said that, I felt like Hillary's passion for doing the right thing was palpable as well. There are so many many misconceptions and flat out lies about that woman that are now just "fact" and probably always will be. I find it sad that so many people fell into that trap......but regrettably, not really surprised. Just goes to show how far we have to go in terms of equality for men and women. Anyone denying sexism played NO ROLE in how 2016 turned out is living in a fantasy land. The 2016 election truly was the perfect storm BUT I still say Comey sent it over the edge by doing what he did mere days before the election. That was no accident. Funny that now with the more recent developments that the right is AGAIN bringing up Hillary's emails as an attempt to deflect.....this is in 2019. Truly....who gives a flying FUCK about her emails at this point?? Anytime the right is facing some sort of "crisis" all they have to say is "Obama did this" or "Hillary did that" and it STILL triggers the deplorables. WHY though?? Politically, both of these people are ancient history. It's just desperation and outright obsession at this point.
  7. Funny how that only seems to happen with Republicans. Also, people always seem to act as if the entire Hillary campaign was a disaster, completely ignoring the fact she obliterated Trump in the popular vote. Obviously, in this case it didn't matter and of course there were areas she should've focused on more but people are too quick to label her whole campaign a disaster of epic proportions when it really wasn't. Also very tired of people saying she didn't take responsibility for her own shortcomings when she totally did. She's stated numerous times her fuck up's that contributed to her loss. People (even other Dems) really reach to try to find the worst in Hillary. I do hope some lessons were learned in 2016 in that regard. I know this is totally unpopular opinion but I'd vote for Hillary again in a split second. #sorrynotsorry
  8. Dat ass converted some of the converted back into gays again?? Have a seat right here Mr. Trudeau!!
  9. This is powerful! It's a shame it has to be made at all though. What's even more shameful, is there are those out there that will watch this and not feel outrage in the way most of us here do.....but outraged that this is yet another attempted "attack" on their "rights" as gun owners.
  10. Well, the good/bad news with situations like this now is that Trump has set the bar so incredibly low and said so many stupid, inaccurate things that people are pretty much desensitized to it at this point. It's gonna take a real shitty Dem candidate to match his level of stupidity and ignorance. There was a time snafu's like this could be seen as a big deal......does it really matter now though?? In fact, it seems like people prefer this over someone like HRC who apparently spoke a little bit too properly and couldn't "connect" with people because of her "elitist" mentality (aka: she was smart). We see it in politics and entertainment more than ever now......people like things to be dumbed down.
  11. Oh ffs Pathetic on all levels!! No doubt these are some of the same people that think there should be a "White History" month since there's a "Black History" month.
  12. Yep...the more vile he is, the more his cult worships him. Gay issues aside, I will never understand how the Republican party completely sold themselves out for this man. On paper, in a lot of ways, he's the complete and total opposite of their core values. Country over party my ass. And yeah, as horrible as it sounds, I honestly would probably throw a party if that happened....and have a shirt made to commemorate the joyous event. #sorrynotsorry
  13. He's such a pathetic little bitch. Let's just hope he keeps shoveling those McD's cheeseburgers down his throat daily.....maybe then by 11/2020 we won't have anything to worry about!
  14. I agree. I would never shower at a gym unless I absolutely couldn't go straight home afterwards to shower. Nothing wrong with working out, getting in your car to drive home and then showering. I like long, private showers where I can listen to music and relax.....that wouldn't be an option in a public setting.
  15. I think we forget that Hillary actually won the popular vote with almost as many popular votes as Obama won with in 2012. She had somewhere around a 2.8 million lead over Trump (roughly 65 million vs. Trump's 62 million), while Obama had around a 2.9 million lead over Romney in 2012. So, while she clearly didn't run a perfect campaign, in almost any other instance she would've won the election.....we can thank the archaic Electoral College process for fucking that up. Not sure where this narrative that Hillary was totally absent from battleground states began but here's an article to straighten some things out: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trumps-campaigns-numbers/story?id=43356783 Personally, I think Comey fucked it up for HIllary. That last email "controversy" just days before the election probably swayed those that already thought she was shady. In the end, it turned out to be a bunch of nothing. Unfortunate really.
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