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  1. So, I have a legit question for the Trump supporters because I know some are here and reading this (although they'll prob be too pussy to answer). I really hate giving him this credit (not that it's really a positive) but he's changed the game for politics in the US going forward (it's already started really).....which I'm sure you will clap, cheer and hoot and holler about right now obviously. However, the changing of the game means that at some point we WILL have a Dem version of Trump. Everything is cyclical after all. I find many Trump supporters act as if what is happening now is permanent.......it's not. So, with this new "anything goes" change that has happened, how will you react to the Dem version of Trump when he or she comes into power? I truly don't think these imbeciles have thought THAT much far ahead to see the full repercussions of what has happened. They will though...maybe not in the next 4-5 yrs but certainly within the next decade they're in for a very rude awakening.
  2. Exactly! Although he's getting some shit for this one, not nearly enough as he should be. Just goes to show how desensitized everyone is becoming to this shit show. In another few days, it'll be swept under the rug like everything else and forgotten. We're fucked for 2020. Make no mistake.
  3. I think I hate this little snot nosed motherfucker more than his father. WTF did these people expect?? They completely went against "conventional" politics and it WORKED for them, they WON! There's consequences that come with that though.
  4. I hope you're right actually! I'd love for us to bounce back to some semblance of normalcy in the election process once again. I just have my doubts. As of now though, reason, respect, balanced positions (ALL things that WERE and SHOULD be a given) seem like old news......currently, seems like the Dems using those virtues in a bid for presidency feels like bringing stones to a gun fight. We'll see though! A year + is a long time in the political world. It's totally possible I'm being way too pessimistic about the situation but looking at the extremism not just in the US, but across the world, I'm not sure if now is the time to play nice. Like I said, I hope I'm way off on this.
  5. At least for the foreseeable future, I feel like Trump has completely ruined the possibility of any "centrist" being elected. Whatever Dem gets the nom, they're going to have to go HARD and extreme......just as Trump has done and will do again. It sounds like I'm giving him way too much credit and I don't mean for it to but I'm afraid he's changed the way the game is played forever. Ethics and decency are out the window. It's all about the show and extremism now. Sadly, I think that's the only way a Dem will win next year......a left version of Trump basically.
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  14. Kurt!! Did you get tickets to Philly?!? I’m rooting for you!! 😘

    1. Kurt420


      Thanks peter!! ❤️ No word as of yet! 😞 

      I saw in Philly thread where people started getting notified yesterday so I'm hoping the notification process can stretch over the course of a few days. 😬  🙏

    2. peter


      Oh! Prayers for you, Kurt! I’m kicking myself ... I almost reached out to you to see if I could put in a request *for* you, since I have the ICON legacy angle. I forgot it was noon deadline (b/c the first batch had a deadline of 11:59 pm). I was thinking, if we both landed tickets, I could always give them to my friend in Philly. But it was odd — I didn’t have the “accept tix” email for NYC yet, and even though ICON was supposed to get two cities, there were places saying “you’ve met your quota” etc. Sorry, honey. Hope you get something! If not, I’m confident there will be a way somehow for you!! I just know it! xoxo

    3. Kurt420


      Awww....that's so sweet! I appreciate you thinking of me. ❤️ Starting to lose a little hope now that Friday is here. Guessing if I don't hear anything by close of business Pacific Time today then it's mostly likely a no-go.....although they did say they'll be notifying through 6/2 so anything is possible. I'm thinking the same as you though.....this just can't be the only way to get tickets. The shows are so far out so I'm also confident *some* opportunity will arise between now and then. I know there's that lottery deal at some point but def not holding my breath for that....prob about as likely as winning the real lottery. :lol: Not losing faith though!! She could very well end up adding some Philly dates too. So, you're all straight now for NYC then?? 🙂

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