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  1. At this point 10% is too high in my opinion. His fanatics are well and truly brainwashed beyond help. I seriously questioned anyone that voted for him in 2016 but anyone that does this year AND actually loves him......well, like Hillary said, they're truly deplorable. And @Jazzy Jan u are absolutely correct. I can't imagine that most of his fanatics would appreciate or support this behavior in ANYONE else. Let's just imagine really quickly the conspiracy theories flying around IF Hillary were president right now and things happened just as they have under Trump's watch (they wouldn't have...but let's imagine) there would be absolute outrage, calls to kill her probably. He makes me sick. The awful thing is, even if he does lose in November, you know he already has a narrative created for how it's a scam, the election is a fraud, Biden cheated, everyone is against him etc.......and of course his little zombie deplorables will lap it up like little dogs. Sorry for that last comment, didn't mean to insult dogs.
  2. This makes me fucking sick. I'm sorry, but I just can't watch the video....it makes me cry and want to punch someone at the same time. How in the FUCK does this keep happening!?? Not only does it keep happening but there's DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE ON VIDEO of a lot of these murders and there are zero consequences. It has to stop!! I don't count on any punishment for this worthless piece of shit but I do pray that THIS TIME something will be different. May he rot in jail for the rest of his life and make his "little bitch boy" status official in the hands of the biggest BBC in the place. I'm not for the death penalty but if someone "Dahmer'd" his ass then.....OH WELL!
  3. I was team Pete up until he dropped out. Had planned on voting for him in primaries but instead went Bernie. As a gay man, obvs I'd love to see a gay vp and found him a breath of fresh air when he spoke. I still think he would've slaughtered Trump in debates simply because he's incredibly intelligent and had a way with words. Have to say though, I don't see how Amy was any worse than anyone else. Those debates got vicious at times but that's what debates are all about really, at the end of the day, I never thought any of them truly "hated" each other. They all have the same end goal. I found the critique of the candidates being "mean" to one another this time a bit odd, I mean, it's a debate, that's what happens and always has. Pete bit at Amy, Biden and Bernie just as much as they did at him. I have to say though, right now I do think a female VP would be a wiser choice.....especially a female of color, that will go a long way for Biden I think.
  4. I think he's feeling the heat to pick a female VP.....a female VP of color preferably. How so? I can see where she may seem fake in her humility to some with her "my father saved pennies in his peanut can" story several times but smug?? Never got that vibe from her.
  5. No, I'm not referring to you or necessarily anyone in this thread. I was more just generally speaking, based on my observations all of these years, mainly those of the far right tbh that simply consider her the absolute devil. I do think she's done good things and think she's incredibly smart. I also think the outright blind hatred people have for her is misplaced and it's impossible for ONE person to be responsible for the things she's given full blame for by many. Not to mention the out and out lies/conspiracies that surround her that have no basis on facts. That doesn't excuse her for any bad things she's done though. My whole thing is why don't others get the same venom she does? People that have done far worse and have more power. Something isn't right about that to me. I do understand both sides are shady and have committed heinous, terrible things and there's definitely someone (or something) above them even that are calling many of the shots. I'm totally with you in regard to Bernie. I do have my reservations about how he'd fare with the general, "moderate" public, the "swing voters", however, I still placed my vote for him in the primaries this week and will happily vote for him if he's the nom in the general election. I don't find his policies extreme but I am skeptical about what he could realistically get done. I feel like he'd either win very big or lose very big against Trump, I don't think it'd be a race that was super "tight". If not Bernie, it is indeed going to take someone "outside of the box" to really grab people again. And btw, I do (and always have) valued your opinions and enjoy your posts. You'd be the last person I'd consider misogynistic or "sexist" so sorry if you or anyone here thought I was specifically talking about them. Again, it's just generally speaking based on reading/hearing many different things over the years.
  6. I swear to God you'd think Hillary Clinton single handedly caused every horrible thing in the world politically (and otherwise) these past 25 yrs with the way people place blame on her for EVERYTHING....literally EVERYTHING, even now (and she's not active politically) is "her fault". I would never say some of the criticisms aren't justified.....but at a certain point it becomes ridiculous. Any of the atrocities she may have been complicit in, were FAR from just HER doing, however, you'd never really know that with how obsessed people are with placing the blame on her solely. Why doesn't John Kerry get even a sliver of the criticism she gets? Even Bush #2 doesn't get the shit she gets now. By far the most hated politician that was never even president. And deny deny deny all you want....there IS a modicum (and I'm being generous) of sexism involved. I woke up with a headache today.....Hillary's fault?? And let me add, I can't think of anyone that has been as publicly humiliated by her husband's "extramarital" behavior and SHE is the one that gets blamed for it. There was (and is) ZERO sympathy towards her for that. There's also zero acknowledgement for her getting through that mess. Not only is there no acknowledgement but it's perfectly acceptable to shame and blame her for HIS behavior. Truly, I've never seen anything like it. I find her similar to Madonna in a sense in that, you can pretty much say whatever horrible things you'd like, blame her for things that aren't necessarily her fault and NOBODY cares. All bets are off when it comes to Hillary.....even in this "SJW" era we live in. The latest thing is acting like Monica was some poor kid that didn't know what she was doing and Hillary was complicit with it all. That's bullshit. That woman was an adult that was flat out in love with another woman's husband. I'm not shaming Monica, she was indeed young and probably vulnerable and naive but please let's not act like Bill snatched up some 14 year old while Hillary turned a blind eye.
  7. And this is some REAL shit right here. You echo my sentiments exactly. So sick of everyone hoping for some "unicorn" candidate.....it'll NEVER HAPPEN. Biden was towards the bottom of my list of the candidates but I'll absolutely be voting for him in November if he's the nom.....with a smile....no doubt! I'm so over these over sensitive, unrealistic SJW's. I said it before, but it's worth repeating.....they're every bit as detrimental as Trumpers to this race. I KNOW if Bernie loses the nom (which is looking likely) there's gonna be those that not only don't vote Dem, but may even vote Trump as some sort of "revenge", it happened in 2016 so it'll happen in 2020, no doubt.
  8. I mean, I'd do him.....but I'd tell him how worthless he is while I do it.....which from the looks of it, he'd prob like.
  9. I like Warren.....but this should've happened before Super Tuesday. I think quite a few of her supporters would've went for Bernie vs. Biden if she hadn't been an option. It just blows my mind that after 4 years of Dump this race isn't cut and dry. I fully expect 4 more years of Dump and prob repercussions of that for the rest of my lifetime. Truly sad and disheartening.
  10. Not a good sign at all. It's really disheartening actually. From the numbers I saw fairly early on, it seems like the youth in general didn't turn up as well as expected, especially for Bernie. Although both he and Trump have very passionate bases, sadly, I just don't think the number of Bernie's truly passionate supporters matches that of Trump. If the past 4 years and the guarantee of a VERY bleak next 4 years if we don't beat Trump doesn't bring you out to vote, then wtf will?? Biden DID seem to bring out black voters so he better thank his lucky stars for that. At this point, I'm ok if he rides on the "Obama association".....whatever it takes to get DUMP out of the White House. From there, we can start to make things better.
  11. Sad that Pete dropped out but hopefully we'll see more of him in the future. Put in my vote for Bernie today. I still believe he's polarizing to many "swing" voters but I agree with others, at this stage, he's the ONLY one of the 4 remaining that actually incites passion among his followers and that goes a long way.....as we saw in 2016. That momentum would only continue to build if he became the nom. Biden is indeed another Hillary in that, many would vote for him because they HAVE to, not because they want to and I just don't think that will cut it this time. Would be an even bigger shame if Bloomberg got the nom.....with his record, he may be Republican again by November. Don't trust him in the slightest.
  12. This is absolutely heartbreaking. Those poor babies If there's a hell, I really hope this worthless son of a bitch is there. RIP to the mom and her babies.
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