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  1. I saw her live on the Monster Ball tour in 2011 and I did have a good time. It was fun and I enjoyed it for what it was. The "messiness" was a part of the charm. She never moved beyond that though. She's just become sloppier and sloppier as time has gone on. Also, over time it's become apparent she's a fraud. There's nothing genuine about her "art". I'm not even saying she copies everything and everyone (although she does that too) but just her whole approach is completely insincere, cold and mechanical.....empty. While she has a somewhat "powerful" (loud) voice, it's not particularly emotive. She comes from that Broadway school of singing.....theatrical, very show-off but little on actual heart and soul. Her dancing is terrible though. She's truly not talented in that regard. No grace whatsoever....clunky.
  2. Dumpster still brings up Hillary Clinton so much, I can't tell if he's talking about her or him. The situation with Hillary in 2016....THAT was a witch hunt. What Trump is dealing with now?? That's called the beginnings of JUSTICE and the TRUTH finally being exposed. #fuckalternativefacts
  3. Yeah, nobody's perfect. Too bad Mr. Peoples and Trump's deplorables didn't use this logic when assessing Hillary.....who was OBVIOUSLY, ALWAYS the SMART choice.....but no, she wore too many pantsuits and doesn't remind me of my Mama baking pies on a breezy, Sunday afternoon so.....LOCK HER UP!!
  4. IS ANN COULTER NO LONGER A TRUMP SUPPORTER? NO APOLOGIES BUT 'TRUMP TRUE BELIEVERS ARE PETRIFIED' http://www.newsweek.com/ann-coulter-no-longer-trump-supporter-trump-believers-petrified-609317
  5. As a legendary, Queen Of Life once said......FUCK YEAH @ Dan Rather!
  6. jazzy, even now, I wonder if they actually believe half the shit they spew. How can anyone with even a modicum of logic and reason think that a silver spoon born and bred, billionaire, reality TV star with no experience was EVER going to be a good thing?? Their very poor judgement was clouded by their "Obama hangover" (remember a black Muslim from Kenya for 8 yrs was just too too much!!) and that elitist, bitch Hillary (how dare she even TRY to become president....how can she make decisions rationally?? Won't her monthly cycle affect her decisions?? omg just lock her up....why I don't know...just do it). It could've been Satan himself campaigning and they would've rationalized why that would be the better choice. I don't think they've EVER truly LOVED Trump....they just hated Hillary and Obama (and all they stand for) far more. I don't ever anticipate there's going to be this mass exodus of regretful Trump voters coming forward. They'll just be silent. Historically, "they" have never been ones to admit defeat with anything anyways. It's always going to be the black man, woman, faggot, Muslims faults. Joke is on them though. The day they elected Trump they started digging their own grave, in many different ways.....in some ways quite LITERALLY they're digging their own grave.
  7. Yes, however, there's already a foul stench in the air because of this administration. If the "head master" gets impeached, they have an uphill battle like none other. Their desperation is already palpable hence their extremism.....they're trying to get EVERYTHING in NOW because, even they know this is their last gasp. They're a dying breed. It's literally, a bunch of old white men TRYING (and in most cases failing miserably) to "make America 'great' again". All of their decisions these first 100 something days reek of desperation and fear and NOTHING to do with the greater good of this country. The good thing is, whether it be 1, 2, 4 or 8 more years......when the pendulum swings back the other direction, it's going to be GAME ON! For better or worse, Trump has changed the way the game is played to some degree. The lefts answer to Trump will have those dingbats in the "rust belt" on their knees praying for an Obama or Hillary to save the day.....I hope you'll be LMAO'ing when that day comes as well. I'm sure one of the first orders of business will be FINALLY getting those pesky gun laws in order and under control. Fortunately, nearly everything important Trump tries to get in place gets shot down immediately so the left won't have too too much to "undo" when they regain their ground....this time permanently.
  8. Yeah b/c Trump is so anti corporate and anti Wall Street and all that.....get a clue..... http://time.com/4740923/allan-lichtman-case-for-impeachment-donald-trump/
  9. Insecure, petty, delusional, narcissistic and unwilling to listen to others' criticism all = unfit to be the leader of ANYTHING. Clock is ticking....impeachment, resignation, heart attack?? What's it gonna be??
  10. New book details Barack Obama’s wild days in the 1980s http://nypost.com/2017/05/04/new-book-details-barack-obamas-wild-days-in-the-1980s/
  11. That site was fantastic to read through. The analysis' are quite long so I'm not sure anyone is actually reading the whole thing. It paints a very comprehensive picture of an artists popularity. Everyone here should read the Madonna analysis.
  12. Dannylex is right though. If they REALLY wanted to off someone....they could....and do probably. I don't care what kind of arsenal you have stockpiled. What they have is and will always be better. I get what you're saying, at least make 'em fight for it but at the end of the day if they want you gone you will be.
  13. I think citizens should be able to have weapons but the laws need to be tightened and enforced strongly. Of course putting ANY restrictions automatically = THEY'RE TAKING ALLLLLLLLLLLL OUR GUNS AWAY!!!! THE KENYAN AND CROOKED HILLARY ARE TAKING 'EM ALLLLLL!! STOCKPILE NOW!!!! So fucking stupid. I'm all for the right to bear arms but the overall gun culture in this country is fucking ridiculous, completely out of hand and needs to be brought down a couple of notches. Serious limitations and restrictions need to be placed. The fact that people think mass shootings in a "civilized" country on at least a weekly basis is "normal" says it all really. Why is this not as big of an issue in any other "civilized" countries?
  14. Of course he wants a war.....but I think he wants to hold off until closer to 2020. He'll do it around time to start campaigning so America will be in one of it's "patriotic" phases similar to '04. I don't think Americans like to change leaders in the midst of a war. That will be the perfect time for him to scare people into voting for him again. Considering what's gone on these past couple of weeks, it seems like the intense hatred towards him has cooled somewhat from a couple months ago. That's not good. That just means this is now all starting to become "normal". Wasn't one of the reasons why so many people hated Hillary was because she's a "war monger"? Where's the outrage from the Dumpsters over his actions these past two weeks?
  15. It's a stupid practice (from a customer perspective) and NOBODY on that flight should've had to give up their paid for seats. Everyone has places to be or they wouldn't be there to begin with. Dragging a paying customer off (that was NOT being irate in any way....maybe adamant he wasn't leaving but not crazy) a flight that is loaded and ready to go is insane. In any other business this would be forbidden. Imagine being in a hotel, laying down to go to sleep and getting a knock that you've been selected to leave because a more "important" customer had arrived and the place is full. You refuse and they drag you out of the hotel?? That scenario is completely insane but is it really that different than what happened here? I too hope the laws surrounding this issue change. I don't fly frequently anymore but I'll never ever fly United when I do fly. I know they all have their issues but this is absolutely repulsive as are their phony PR releases regarding the incident.