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  1. Kurt420

    Sophomore Albums....

    Blondie- Plastic Letters Stevie Nicks- The Wild Heart Whitney Houston- Whitney Gwen Stefani- The Sweet Escape Daft Punk- Discovery Chemical Brothers- Dig Your Own Hole Hole- Live Through This TLC- Crazy Sexy Cool Prob many more but those are ones that come to mind.....and of course Like A Virgin! 🙂
  2. Kurt420

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Sadly, I have to agree that he'll win again barring something drastic of course......which in this current shit show we're living in anything is possible but it's not looking good. I'm definitely not saying it was just that "Susan Sarandon mentality" that got him elected but it contributed.....along with about 50 other things. It was like a perfect storm of things really including what many viewed as an overall "meh" candidate to begin with and Dems in general just not having their shit together.....far too over confident. She had a record number of votes but if only just a few more that may have been "Bernie or Bust", "I can't vote for either" or the independent voters would've voted for her, then she would've got it. Trump really did come at an absolutely perfect time.
  3. Kurt420

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Pfft....I'd rather have Gaga herself than what we have now. Being chummy with "Hollywood Elites" seems so innocuous compared to the reality now.....and at least she had some sort of political background that could be "sugarcoated". Now we have a narcissistic, fame whore that is doing on the job training that's destroying the world. And before anyone says...."but it could've been worse with Hillary".....maybe so, but we'll never know. I just know I'd rather not be a passenger in a plane where the "pilot" has never seen a cockpit before, even if the other pilot in question may have had a cocktail or two before getting on the plane. But it's ok.....isn't this kinda what some wanted? The Susan Sarandon type crowd? What'd they say? "Trump will bring the revolution"? Soooo, here's the revolution. Enjoy!
  4. Of course I see nothing wrong with wanting diversity of her set lists but one thing that you have to consider is that LAV, LAP, Vogue, EY, Music, Holiday and prob a few others are songs that could really be done on every tour. Those are her biggest hits, EVERYONE knows them and half the audience is there especially for those songs. Only diehard fans like us would find something "negative" about those songs on every tour. As you said, LAV MDNA and LAV RH are two COMPLETELY different performances so I don't see the problem. Same with LAP from S&S to MDNA.....two completely different performances. That's another thing to take into consideration btw....the fact that she changes performances of her songs so drastically so even if she does perform the same songs 2-3 tours in a row, it's not going to be a repeat. The bottom line is that she has thrown songs she hasn't performed in many years into the set list of her two most recent tours. As others mentioned, OYH, DAD, MG, EY, TB.....all songs that had been decades since she performed. You keep going back to S&S and before when according to you, she used to switch up her set lists more. One thing you need to remember though.....she didn't tour for eight years.....and she didn't touch MOST of her 80's classics for ELEVEN years (or more) so just about ANYTHING she performed from '04-'08 was going to feel fresh. Personally, I like your RH tracklist but for a casual fan, GGW and GT in favor of LIB or a "80's medley" of DYU/ITG/LS etc?? Nope....especially considering RH was taking her to places she had either never been or hadn't been in years. I find it interesting you call RH a recycled tour when, if you really break it all down, she performed sooooo many songs on that tour.....I know they didn't all end up on the DVD but nonetheless, as a fan, that was one of her most interesting tours to follow because you never knew what she was going to pull out on any given night. I was lucky enough to see WTG and then the next show I went to, she performed Ghosttown and Secret. I hope mixing it up from night to night is something she continues to explore on future tours. I'm well aware this is going to sound bitchy so I'm ready for the callouts but.....your "critiques" sound like a child that's spoiled (as "children of Madonna" we all are so it's ok)......think about it, you're complaining about two "Spanish themed" LIB performances within 7-8 years of each other and two guitar based BU performances ELEVEN years apart from each other, two consecutive LAV performances that couldn't be further apart from each other in presentation....think about that for a moment....now think about how MANY other acts tour every summer and do the songs the exact. same. way. every. time. Just comes across as a little petty, nitpicky and quite frankly ungrateful.....anytime I see "lazy and uninspired" tacked onto the description of any of her tours it just gets me riled up because NONE of them fit that description.....the woman works her ass off and has a gazillion songs. She's never going to please EVERYONE.
  5. I'm so ready for a bangin Hung Up performance! As much as I love the MDNA Tour and HU, I have to say that performance did fall a bit flat for me as well. What she was doing on stage was cool but the musical arrangement of the song just kinda plodded along.....and HU is most definitely NOT a "plod along" type of song in it's original form. I know it's a "washed up" kind of thing to do and Madonna would most likely never do it but a one off night in an "intimate" venue where she performed the COADF album in it's entirety from beginning to end would be amazing.
  6. Exactly! We already know whatever is current is going to get the most attention. Outside of that, she has to think of the general public somewhat (at least for major arena/stadium tours). This is precisely why I LIKE that she sings A LOT of new material in her shows because who knows if we'll ever get to hear it otherwise? Those that went to CT got to see COADF performed in all it's glory. I'm pretty confident the casual fan at her shows would much rather hear LAP, EY, Holiday for the hundredth time (mind you for a lot of those people it's their first time) than Future Lovers or Let It Will Be (as much as I personally love those songs). At this point, I feel like her 90's hits need more attention than any 00's album tracks (except for the mandatory Candy Shop of course...lol). Highly doubt she hates COADF or any of her albums for that matter but gotta be realistic when you're selecting songs for a massive world tour. With that said, I could definitely see her pulling Sorry out or even Get Together as it's pretty universal....even if a lot of people would think it's a new song....lol. The neglect of so many of her brilliant album tracks is another reason why I'm kinda ready for a smaller, intimate tour....and I don't mean every single tour from here on out needs to be that way but one where she pulls out rare fan favorites would be amazing at this point in her career. Why not?? Intimate and small doesn't have to mean Madonna on a stool with a guitar either....as we saw from her Met performance. The possibilities are endless!!
  7. Kurt420

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    I hate comparing these two tours because they're so different from one another. Her whole approach is different. I love how warm RH is and only in comparison to MDNA is it not as visually spectacular. RH is actually a massive show. The production of MDNA and the cinematic quality it had just blew my mind when I saw it live so my vote has to go with that one. Despite that, I'm glad she went the complete opposite direction with RH and showed another side of herself instead of trying to recreate the MDNA tour in some way. How lucky are we to get a completely different "character" for every tour? To top it off, while we may have our preferences, each and every "character" is executed brilliantly. The woman has NEVER had a bad tour.
  8. Kurt420

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    Oddly enough, this seems to be the one tour that I can throw on and anyone that's over remains glued to the screen for the whole show. For whatever reason, that just doesn't happen with the other tours. Mind you, these aren't diehard fans that are even familiar with the MDNA album. This show really is almost like watching a movie. Cinema come to life. I do agree with one thing, the music itself (not the setlist, I'm perfectly fine with that) is definitely not the best in this tour.....honestly, that's been the case since her "comeback" to touring in '01. I don't think she's had a really great band since Girlie Show. It's all been too "canned" since then. With that said, the MDNA Express Yourself is a HUGE improvement (in all aspects) to the RIT version and I do like how LAP stays somewhat true to the original version.
  9. Kurt420

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    I've seen all the tours from DWT-RH live and MDNA is my favorite. Although the late starts increased as the tour progressed, the show itself improved as she got more and more comfortable with it. She worked her ass off on this show. Anyone not impressed with her on this tour is jaded and that's a fact not an opinion. I don't listen to the noise of "dispirited" people after her shows because that's usually casual fans that want The Immaculate Collection live. That's never going to happen. The tour I heard the most complaints when leaving is DWT yet that's one of her most impressive tours ever. It's just noise.....hopefully those people WON'T be returning on the next tour. I heard complaints about lack of hits when leaving MDNA but I've heard that after every show I've attended. As long as she tries to remain a "current" artist, those complaints will remain. Who cares really? The fact is, more people are raving about her show when leaving than complaining and that's true for any show of hers I've ever attended. The one thing I do wish she'd get in check though are those late starts. I could care less but it is hurting her at this point. Her rating on Ticketmaster is far lower than it should be considering she's one of the best live performers EVER......and if you read through the comments, most of the lower ratings are attributed to the late starts.
  10. Kurt420


    Glenn is so 80's hot in this video:
  11. I just can't believe this will end up being their farewell tour. They have to do a tour with Lindsey in a few years.....they can't go out that way. The demand for that tour would be massive now thanks to this. Apparently Lindsey didn't want to go on the road until the end of '19 and the rest of them weren't about that.
  12. Kurt420

    Time traveling on YouTube

    Listen to what's playing as they enter at 17:40! :-D Lots of other interesting vids on that channel too.
  13. Kurt420

    Songs that you hate.

    Leave A Tender Moment Alone, Billy Joel (I LOVE a lot of his work though) New Song, Howard Jones Don't Worry Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin Love Shack, The B-52's (I still know every word and do kinda like the video) Walk The Dinosaur, Dino It's The End Of The World As We Know It, R.E.M. More Than Words, Extreme (falls into the once liked but heard so much I'll never be able to like it again category) To Be With You, Mr. Big I Hate Everything About You, Ugly Kid Joe Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus I'll Make Love To You, Boyz II Men (in fact there's very few of their songs I can tolerate....same goes for most of the 1,000 copycats that followed in their wake in the 90's like All 4 One, Shai etc etc etc) I don't think I like anything by Credence Clearwater Revival or John Fogerty solo.......his voice just grates my ears. I second others in this thread that talk about the 90's......don't get me wrong. So much great music came from the 90's too but the stuff played on radio, while I liked a lot of it at the time, it got soooooo played out!! It seems like 90's hits stuck around FOR-EVER on the radio. To this day I can't listen to a lot of them....honestly, Whitney's death is what made me start listening to her '92-'95 era hits again. Still can't listen to Hootie, most 90's Bryan Adams ballads, a lot of Celine.....lots of 90's ballads overall. I know there's much more but I can' think of all of it now.
  14. Just thought this was interesting as we not only discuss this in relation to Madonna but all acts.....especially in the Pop Princesses forum. Personally, I feel like part of the problem is due to everyone's non-existent attention span in this day and age, songs don't have time to naturally "build" as they used to. If they don't smash after a week, it's a "flop" and tossed aside. It's hard to come back from that with any subsequent singles because the whole era is tarnished by this perceived "flop". When I first saw part of the headline to this article, I anticipated it would be about acts like Madonna, Mariah etc........but no, Justin, Katy and Gaga are apparently now the "veteran artists".