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  1. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I found this for $10 at a record fair a couple weeks back: AND This, 12 inch Rescue Me for $2: I was very pleased!! Oh and I also picked up the UK 12 inch of Live To Tell with the poster included and UK 12 inch of True Blue w/Holiday as b-side but at $10 each, I didn't fare as well price wise as Erotica and RM. I got so excited when I saw "import" and really had no clue the value of the albums until I got home and checked. Oh well....sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! I did also find Vogue 12 inch for $4 so did pretty good on that one too.
  2. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    1. Beautiful Killer 2. I Don't Give A 3. Give Me All Your Luvin.....which I'd like to remind everyone is Madonna's most recent certified GOLD single and BB Hot 100 top 10
  3. Yeah, I agree with a lot of you.....don't understand this need for celebrities to comment on every single crisis that occurs. Then, when they do say something it's picked apart and taken out of context and blasted as "insensitive" or "selfish and out of touch".......BUT if you say nothing at all, then you're ALSO "insensitive" "selfish" and "out of touch".....so fuck it. If she wants to say something then good for her. If she doesn't then good for her. I don't NEED Madonna to comment on THIS particular story to know what her stance is on this subject. She's made that clear numerous times over the years. Also, being a victim of sexual assault/rape herself, it's pretty crystal fucking clear how she feels about this.
  4. I saw lots of coverage in the media about the RH leak but not once, ever did I speak with someone (that's not already a diehard fan) IRL that had actually downloaded and listened to any of the leaks. I feel like I actually had to work to find links for those songs. I recall joining some random (either a "Pop Bitch" or Britney forum) to download them so I don't think your average person would care to go through all those hoops. With that said, I absolutely believe the leaks affected the whole roll out of the single/album so obviously sales would've been affected to some degree. RH did sell almost a million copies though during it's chart run.....I truly don't believe even with a perfect roll out and no leaks that it would've done much more than over a million. Regarding the topic at hand, I've had people say that to me ever since around '03-'04....."oh I didn't know she still toured. Isn't she getting older?? Can she still move around like she used to??"...or..."OH you're going to see Madonna?!?! COOL! Does she still release new music?"......I mean it's the same discussion each album/tour cycle for 15 yrs..... For like four minutes in 2008 when 4 Minutes was big, it seemed like more people were all "YAY MADONNA" than usual but at this point? It's like that never happened. That was a "ray of light" in the otherwise darkness...lol. OH and for like a week after the Super Bowl, people were all about Madonna....but still not sure if a lot of them knew she was releasing an album.
  5. This was an amazing (and THRILLING) read!! Thank you again Curtains....love the way this was presented. The hard work you put into this shows! The album rankings was a nice unexpected little treat too!! So many surprises! First of all, how dare some of you score all those zeroes!!! Secondly, CLEARLY Ain't No Big Deal was being listened to on a mobile device in all it's tinny sounding glory when rating it and NOT with good headphones or on vinyl with good speakers. If it had been, all of you surely would've heard how GLORIOUS young Madonna's voice sounds on that track......she sings it with so much conviction. Shame it missed the top 200!!! Go. Listen. Now!! Can't believe Bitch I'm Madonna didn't even crack top 150. I knew it wasn't necessarily a fave but I thought it would at least get in top 100. I also thought Stay was a bigger fan favorite....it also missed top 150. Even more shocking is that Material Girl didn't even crack top 100 and Your Honesty is above it! In fact it seems the Like A Virgin album altogether didn't perform so well considering it's the go to studio album for the casual Madonna fan. The title song ranked lower than I thought here too! On the other side of the spectrum, surprised to see Human Nature rank as high as it did and Skin nearly in the top 40 was a total shock! That's my fave (and others apparently) fave on ROL. Also nice to see Take A Bow make the top 40. Perhaps the RHT has helped renew some much deserved love for this gem! Pleasantly surprised to see Rebel Heart in top 25.....and WOW at Ghosttown at nearly top 10!! That just may be the biggest shock of all for me. Not that it doesn't deserve it but it's just nice to see that others recognize. This is going to be a Madonna classic with time. Prior to seeing these results, I would've bet a paycheck that Hung Up would've been top 10.....never thought Justify My Love or even Open Your Heart would place higher than HU. Ok...have to say I'm slightly salty at You'll See and Secret placing higher than Into The Groove......I mean You'll See + Secret = one giant Madonna classic. While Into The Groove = one giant Madonna classic. So wanted ITG to be top 5!! As for the top 3, I have to say I'm a little surprised Frozen made top 3. I knew it would be top ten for sure but I thought maybe Live To Tell or even Into The Groove would be number 3. Not terribly surprised at #'s 1 and 2 BUT I did think they'd be reversed. Typically, Like A Prayer always wins these things so nice to see Vogue edge it out. As time goes on, it's becoming clearer that those two songs are going to be THE quintessential Madonna songs. The album rankings are pretty shocking as well! ROL being number one isn't a major surprise but BS being above LAP!?!? Sure didn't see that one coming!
  6. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    Idk if I can do this!!!
  7. I'm confident it's top 3.....although Candy Shop is some stiff competition! lol
  8. I was trying to think of a good time for you as I'm at work during the times you provided in the poll. I have weird hours....lol....usually, my best times would be like 11P-12A EST.....which I think is 4 or 5AM CSET.....lol....I know those aren't ideal hours (even in ET it's kind of late). I'll def try to sneak in though during a break or something. Thank you for all this Curtains! Even if I can't participate in real time, I'm super excited to see these results. I know you've worked very hard on this. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
  9. Haha.....I love the look of that machine! In some way, I do think ONLY that early 80's look is fitting for this....the bright 80's colors, Madonna's little girl voice on those early songs (although I did hear OYH playing in that clip posted). Image wise though, the "gaudiness" of her First Album/LAV look is super appropriate for Vegas. I don't see any harm in this whatsoever....in fact, I'd love to play it!!! Gambler does seem like an obvious choice to play as well......but I can kinda understand why they'd want to stick with known songs in this case. People will hear Gambler and be like....ummm....is this a new song or???? lol Then again, if the machine hits, it could be playing Birthday Song and I don't think anyone would give a fuck.
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    But Mr. Reality TV Star In Chief, we'd MUCH rather see you go to hell instead!! NFL aren't the ones that need to change here.
  11. 2017 Hurricanes

    This whole situation absolutely breaks my heart. Seems like SOME relief is coming to them but it took that fucker THIS LONG to put anything into action. Those poor people.....I hold PR close to my heart and this is just unreal. Will they EVER be able to bounce back from this?? I hope we're able to hear from our Puerto Rican MNation members very soon. Pray everyone is ok!