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  1. Well, the good/bad news with situations like this now is that Trump has set the bar so incredibly low and said so many stupid, inaccurate things that people are pretty much desensitized to it at this point. It's gonna take a real shitty Dem candidate to match his level of stupidity and ignorance. There was a time snafu's like this could be seen as a big deal......does it really matter now though?? In fact, it seems like people prefer this over someone like HRC who apparently spoke a little bit too properly and couldn't "connect" with people because of her "elitist" mentality (aka: she was smart). We see it in politics and entertainment more than ever now......people like things to be dumbed down.
  2. Oh ffs Pathetic on all levels!! No doubt these are some of the same people that think there should be a "White History" month since there's a "Black History" month.
  3. Yep...the more vile he is, the more his cult worships him. Gay issues aside, I will never understand how the Republican party completely sold themselves out for this man. On paper, in a lot of ways, he's the complete and total opposite of their core values. Country over party my ass. And yeah, as horrible as it sounds, I honestly would probably throw a party if that happened....and have a shirt made to commemorate the joyous event. #sorrynotsorry
  4. He's such a pathetic little bitch. Let's just hope he keeps shoveling those McD's cheeseburgers down his throat daily.....maybe then by 11/2020 we won't have anything to worry about!
  5. I agree. I would never shower at a gym unless I absolutely couldn't go straight home afterwards to shower. Nothing wrong with working out, getting in your car to drive home and then showering. I like long, private showers where I can listen to music and relax.....that wouldn't be an option in a public setting.
  6. I think we forget that Hillary actually won the popular vote with almost as many popular votes as Obama won with in 2012. She had somewhere around a 2.8 million lead over Trump (roughly 65 million vs. Trump's 62 million), while Obama had around a 2.9 million lead over Romney in 2012. So, while she clearly didn't run a perfect campaign, in almost any other instance she would've won the election.....we can thank the archaic Electoral College process for fucking that up. Not sure where this narrative that Hillary was totally absent from battleground states began but here's an article to straighten some things out: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trumps-campaigns-numbers/story?id=43356783 Personally, I think Comey fucked it up for HIllary. That last email "controversy" just days before the election probably swayed those that already thought she was shady. In the end, it turned out to be a bunch of nothing. Unfortunate really.
  7. I absolutely do NOT wear the same underwear every day. I sleep naked and will put on same underwear from day before to do workouts, then shower and put new underwear on. If I do other activity through the day that gets me sweaty, I'll take another shower and change underwear again! Just sayin....lol.
  8. Yeah....a messy one that's way past her prime and performs drunk.
  9. There really isn't at this point. It's a shame nobody on either side of the fence really gives enough of a damn to do anything. It's disgusting and absolutely shameful.
  10. The FBI Said Conspiracy Theories Like QAnon And Pizzagate Are Domestic Terrorism Threats “Identity based, and fringe political conspiracy theories” are very likely to motivate some domestic terrorists to “commit criminal and sometimes violent activity,” the memo warns. The FBI considers conspiracy theories that are born and spread online a dangerous breeding ground for domestic terrorists, according to recently revealed bulletin produced out of the agency’s Phoenix field office. The May 30 memo, first obtained by Yahoo News, states that federal authorities believe “identity based, and fringe political conspiracy theories” are very likely to motivate some domestic terrorists to “commit criminal and sometimes violent activity,” since certain narratives “tacitly support or legitimize violent action.” The bulletin specifically refers to QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory that a shadow network is working against President Trump, and that an insider, “Q,” knows how it will be exposed. The FBI office also describes how QAnon theorists believe that Trump is leading an effort “to dismantle a conspiracy involving ‘deep state’ actors and global elites allegedly engaged in an international child sex trafficking ring.” Trump supporters have embraced the conspiracy theory, wearing shirts and hats that feature the letter “Q” at his rallies. Members of the QAnon community expressed their anger and disbelief on Twitter, exclaiming, “how can Q and POTUS let this happen?” The 15-page bulletin is the “first FBI product examining the threat of conspiracy theory–driven domestic extremists” and lists instances in which suspects plotted or carried out “deadly violence” because of false, fringe theories that they had found online. They include that a gunman who killed 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last October, for example, had reposted a Zionist Occupation Government conspiracy theory cartoon on social media. In June 2018, a man from Nevada decked out with body armor, rifles, and ammunition was arrested and referenced QAnon. On Tuesday, the Daily Beast reported that Twitter suspended an account that blasted conspiracy content, including QAnon material, after the president retweeted a theory that Democrats are the ones “interfering in our elections.” The FBI document also cites Pizzagate, the bogus theory that Democratic operatives tied to Hillary Clinton were running a child sex-trafficking ring out of a pizza restaurant in Washington, DC. In 2016, a man from North Carolina showed up to the joint with an AR-15 rifle, shot through a door, and aimed it an employee thinking he was saving trafficked children. “The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts,” the bulletin states. “These targets are then subjected to harassment campaigns and threats by supporters of the theory, and become vulnerable to violence or other dangerous acts.” In its bulletin, the FBI’s Phoenix Division also points out that because some conspiracy theories are highly partisan, major political events like the 2020 presidential election cycle will probably produce more extremists. Although the bulletin acknowledges that conspiracy theory–driven crime is not new, it emphasizes how “today’s information environment” and “crowd-sourcing” have changed the way the content more easily spreads and evolves. “It is logical to assume that more extremist-minded individuals will be exposed to potentially harmful conspiracy theories, accept ones that are favorable to their views and possibly carry out criminal or violent actions as a result,” the document states. When asked about the Phoenix Division’s bulletin, an FBI spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that it is the agency’s standard practice to “not comment on specific intelligence products.” “The FBI routinely shares information with our law enforcement partners in order to assist in protecting the communities they serve,” the spokesperson said. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/briannasacks/fbi-memo-conspiracy-theories-domestic-terrorism This could have it's own thread I suppose but it sort of ties into the upcoming election.......after all, the whack jobs embracing these conspiracies were certainly a huge contributor to the result of 2016. I've actually met people like this and it's truly mind boggling. Most are quite sensible in other aspects but somehow allow themselves to get wrapped up in conspiracy theory bullshit that can be made up by anybody, anywhere.
  11. Hillary is like the Madonna of politics to me, she gets so much unfair shit thrown at her just for merely existing basically and everything she says gets twisted into something completely different. Remember when she coughed and all of a sudden she was dying and unfit to be president?? Everything is so exaggerated with her. She's done NOTHING that many other MALE politicians before her haven't done. Sadly, the big detriment to HIllary was also her biggest asset....her knowledge and experience. There has never been a more qualified candidate and I'll say that til the bitter end!
  12. Obviously, the pendulum will swing back at some point but barring something major happening between now and 11/2020, I just don't think it's the Dems time sadly. None of the candidates blow me away.....they're all pretty weak IMO. Nothing fresh, lots of in fighting....stale.
  13. Exactly! It's almost comical because in reality, they both probably think his "cult" are a bunch of fucking morons and aren't the type of people they'd be "chummy" with in ANY way whatsoever.....but they're easy to manipulate and use for his benefit (and ego stroking) so that's that. For all the bashing of the "elite" he does, Trump REALLY wanted (wants) to be a part of it VERY bad...hence the whole running for president thing......and before that even, the man would attend the opening of an envelope. I mean, didn't Madonna stay in his house or have a photoshoot in his house sometime in the 90's?? WHY would he even allow that to happen if he didn't want to be a part of the "celeb elite". Does anyone else almost feel awkward when seeing his most fervent supporters?? They're almost always disadvantaged in some way and obviously desperate. It just makes me sad almost to think these people literally worship this man as some sort of savior when there's not one drop of authenticity to him. EVERYTHING he does is for his own benefit.
  14. I want to hug youuu!! :cries:

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