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  1. This is absolutely heartbreaking. Those poor babies If there's a hell, I really hope this worthless son of a bitch is there. RIP to the mom and her babies.
  2. We can always hope for Hillary to swoop in at the last second. I kid. Although, honestly, I would be perfectly fine with that but it would be an absolute meltdown across the board if she did that. I'm sure you know Bloomberg is in now but I honestly don't know an awful lot about him. He seems to have pretty solid support though with some.
  3. Sadly, these are things that should just be a given and common sense to most people but you're absolutely right. Which is why the Bernie Bro's need to start taking a look at other candidates too....just in case.....and by taking a look, I don't mean starting hate campaigns and conspiracy theories about them. Find a viable #2! See the bigger picture. What Bernie wants is what we should ultimately be working towards as a society IMO. However, it's NOT going to go from Trump to that in the course of a year. It's just not. Be supportive and hopeful for Bernie.....but also be realistic. These people are going to cost us the election again, I have no doubt. Number one priority should be getting Conald Dump and the corrupt GOP OUT!! Dems (or socialist Dems) are losing sight of that.
  4. I can *almost* give benefit of the doubt for '16. I know I'm not alone when I say, I didn't think Trump had a chance in hell. I truly didn't think Americans would be THAT stupid....boy was I wrong. And given how polarizing Hillary was from the get-go, I can understand the saltiness of the "Bernie Bros". NOW though?? Nope. There's no excuse to try with the same shit this time. Obviously, they should put all their energy into supporting him now but for the life of me I can't understand them totally shutting down EVERY other possibility already just because it's not exactly what they want. We are in CRISIS right now with Trump and the brainwashed GOP. They are making this way too easy for them.
  5. Outside of the top contenders, I actually like Klobuchar. Fat chance there but I feel like she's really improved over the past 6 months. Honestly, I don't "hate" any of the Dem nominees. I'm open to just about any of them. Nobody is ever going to be perfect. Compromise people.....look it up!
  6. The "my way or the highway" mentality of certain factions of the Dem party IS incredibly unfortunate. Talk about shitting in your own bed. Hillary is too "cold", Pete is too....whatever....racist I guess now? Is that what we're rolling with?? Biden is too "corporate" and represents the "old way". Basically, anyone that gets any bit of momentum over or equal to Bernie becomes a "problem". I really do like and respect Bernie but his diehard supporters can truly fuck off. Equal to Trumpers in my view.
  7. So, Pete intentionally went in to fuck over AA's in South Bend? Is that the implication here. He may have been uninformed about certain things but please let's not like he went in with an iron fist with the intention of hurting the AA community.....which is the narrative some people are attempting to create. Pete isn't oblivious to his shortcomings and he's willing to get more informed. Yup.....Trump got this in the bag for 2020. Thanks AGAIN "Bernie Bro" Dems! Keep waiting for that perfect candidate. #wonteverhappen #dreamon
  8. These are my thoughts exactly. People may consider it pessimistic or say that I'm giving up before we've begun but I think part of the responsibility of considering a candidate is who can actually win in the current political climate. In a perfect world, I'd be Bernie all the way. I feel like his policies would revolutionize this country. You raise the most important points though, even IF he were the nom and IF he won, it's going to be an uphill battle and I'm afraid nothing would really get done. I do think at some point it's going to come down to "extreme" right and "extreme" left and the more center candidates will be forced to choose a side basically......but I don't think 2020 is that time. I admire the tenacity and unflinching support of the "Bernie or bust" crowd but on the other hand, sorry to be blunt, they need to keep a foot in reality and at least be OPEN to the fact that he IS seen as somewhat extreme (even if he's really not) and at least consider other potential Dem candidates if things don't go like they want. To just see them dismiss every other Dem for one reason or another because they aren't absolutely "perfect" is disheartening and frustrating because that in itself will guarantee four more years of Trump. His 2016 win was a perfect storm of things but the "Bernie or bust" crowd certainly didn't help matters and I do feel was a contributing factor in where we're at now.
  9. I totally agree. He would make Trump look so effing stupid and wouldn't even have to try. I really like his whole demeanor. I feel good after watching him speak. He's always cool and calm. You raise a good point too, I think Pete would be amazing for foreign relations. Bernie, bless him, can come across as "crazy angry old man" to many at times. What scares me is that we're already seeing the "Bernie or bust" crowd coming for Pete in the way they did Hillary. I would hope some lessons were learned in 2016 in regard to that but I'm not so sure. You're right on. I just can't see the majority of Americans going for him, he's seen as "out there" by a lot of people. BUT on the contrary, so was Trump and look what happened. We're living in very strange times so anything is possible. Would be poetic to see us go from extreme right like Trump to what many would consider socialism if Bernie were elected. Also, I have to say, I don't think it's fair calling Pete a "Republican". He's far away from that. People have gotten way too black and white with their assessment of things. Pete built his momentum from nothing over the course of the past year. Bernie has been around for 40+ years. I mean come on.
  10. I don't find Sanders proposals to be extreme in any way. It's all common sense really. Unfortunately, he's seen as being way too out there for too many people, even a lot of Dems. I do like him and would vote for him in a second if he's the nom but if he actually won, anything he'd try to pass would just be a major uphill battle most likely resulting in a lot of disappointments. It does seem though that Sanders in 2020 or someone else similar in 2024 would be the logical yang (no pun intended) to Trump's ying of the past 4 or 8 years.
  11. Pete has done A LOT in a little bit of time though. At this time last year....or even 6-7 months ago, barely anyone knew who he was. The fact that he's even still in this race, much less number 1-2 in IA caucuses is actually pretty extraordinary for him. Bernie, Biden or Warren should've had IA in the bag based on name recognition alone and even if Bernie does squeak ahead to number one, it's still awfully close when you consider everything. I actually find it quite shocking Biden isn't number one or two. I do agree though that having a gay nominee is a huge risk.....then again, so is having "creepy Biden", with all of the scandal surrounding his son at the moment and "socialist" Bernie. It's just not looking good for Dems for 2020 overall BUT....as we saw in 2016, ANYTHING can happen. 10 months is a long time in politics!
  12. That came right on time! lol Thanks for posting.
  13. I really like Pete too. For now, he's my choice. Idk if it even matters anymore in the age we live in but I have no doubt he would slaughter Trump in a debate. Up until about 6-7 months ago, I kinda just brushed him under the rug and figured he'd be gone soon. A gay, 30 something?? haha yeah right! But to my shock and delight his momentum has skyrocketed quickly. Even if his success in Iowa is as big as it's gonna get for him for 2020, I do think he has a bright future. The guy is smart and so well spoken. Idk why he has a hard time connecting with the black community. I'm hoping it's just that they're not really familiar with him yet.
  14. I don't think they're thinking beyond the Trump presidency (whether it be over next year or in 5 more yrs), they've completely sold themselves out for him at this point. It's more evident than ever now. It's ALL party over the good of the country for them so I think they'll do whatever they need to do to maintain the power they have. I can guarantee the true Republicans don't really like him at all, they tolerate him and I agree with you, due to his popularity with voters they will continue to do so. The damage they're causing be damned.....someone will just have to clean it up later as far at they're concerned. Doing the "right" thing is of no concern to them at this point. Very rarely did I ever agree with a Republican policy but they did at least have integrity to their core beliefs (as fucked up as they may have been), even that has gone out the window now. Imagine a Republican like Trump in the party back in the 80's. He would've been booted out quicker than a ray of light.
  15. The economy is doing well under Trump because Obama set him up for success. I can't begin to imagine the state of this country if Trump had been handed the mess Bush left behind. The economy stayed on a pretty steady incline during the entire Obama presidency. Trump should bow at Obama's feet (where he belongs) because "the economy" is the only jewel in "his" crown. It's funny because I never hated Trump before this. His rotten, selfish attitude was perfect for reality TV....I found him quite funny actually. Too bad he didn't stay in his own lane. Politics isn't (well, wasn't) the place for that type of nonsense.
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