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  1. Performance vs Performance

    Holy Water (RHT) vs Deeper and Deeper (GS)
  2. Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    This right here. It's sickening but oh so true.
  3. Justin Timberlake thread

    Why does it feel like every song by everyone (except Ed Sheerhan of course) is labeled flop these days?? Katy- FLOP Taylor- FLOP Britney- FLOP Gaga- FLOP Beyonce- FLOP I even saw Adele called FLOP because 25 didn't quite have the staying power of 21.....now we have FLOP Justin. Are all these things really flops or is a hit not as easily and simply defined as it once was??
  4. I respect at least she's not one of the herd like the others but personally, I just can't seem to get into her. I haven't given her latest album a real spin yet....I've listened to a couple tracks though and they aren't bad but not sure if I can do a full album by her. I did give her earlier ones a fair shot and I was nearly ready to swallow a bottle of pills by the time I was finished. I do like the atmosphere of a lot of her songs though....they're sonically interesting for sure. I have to put her on the same list as Bjork for me. I want so badly to like them and I've given them fair shots but something just does not click for me with them. I'm transfixed when first starting to listen to their albums but somewhere down the line I just get bored and tune out.
  5. Thank goodness for the "old" divas like Madonna and Cher in the late 90's and early 00's.....I wasn't feeling the early Britney, Christina, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore etc pop of that time.....I didn't start to tune back in again until around the time In The Zone and Love Angel Music Baby. Then of course Loose, Fergie's solo debut, Rihanna started releasing banger after banger, Blackout and yes, even Gaga had a couple decent tunes early on. Now though, I can't even find anything as good as Loose....much less the "next ROL" by a current diva.
  6. Keep in mind that Rebel Heart has sold around 240k in the US: Demi Lovato's Confident album released in 2015 has sold around 235k. Her 2017 album has sold about 50k so far The 2015 Selena Gomez release Revival has sold about 415k. Ariana Grande's 2016 Dangerous Woman album has sold about 325k. (bless her cuz I do think she's a wonderful person and she's clearly a massive M loon) Even "veteran" Rihanna's latest has only sold a little over 600k Excluding Rihanna, between the other three artists altogether they have less than 20 top ten hits. None of them have any special sort of star quality.....they're all pretty but look like any girl you'd see at the mall or something. Nothing distinctive about them. Really puts things into perspective.
  7. A "deep cuts" tour?

    Who hacked IsaacHarris' account?? I KNOW the real IsaacHarris wouldn't say no to any HC track being included!?!? How about Incredible instead??
  8. North Korea is mad again

    And when these boys finally pull their "buttons" out and determine which one is bigger, they'll be in safe havens.....meanwhile we'll all be j But hey.....at least someone will know who has the bigger "button" then right? Then all will be right in the world I'm guessing? What IS the point of all this anyways?? This is precisely why we needed a female in office. She's not worried about the size of her "button" AND she has the ability to string two sentences together too so that could've helped instead of having a fame hungry D-list reality star, Twitter troll at the helm.
  9. A "deep cuts" tour?

    Would we be down for something like this? Stevie Nicks just wrapped up her most successful solo tour, The 24 Karat Gold Tour. This show focused on lesser performed album cuts instead of just her typical "hits" only sets that she normally does. The "deep cuts" were interwoven with lengthy stories about the inspiration and stories of the creation behind the songs and other random little vignettes peppered throughout the show. I'd absolutely love for Madonna to do something like this.....oh can you imagine the stories! Obviously something like this wouldn't be meant for stadiums so either smaller arenas or theaters would be ideal for a tour like this. She said recently that she'd like to try something more scaled down so something like this could work perfectly with that in mind. She definitely touched on this idea with Tears Of A Clown.....which was fucking amazing as a one off (or two off in this case) but I'd almost like something more straightforward and less conceptual if she were to do this. The setlist may look something like: Everybody Angel Gambler Where's The Party The Look Of Love Til Death Do Us Part Something To Remember Rescue Me This Used To Be My Playground Bad Girl I'll Remember Sanctuary/Bedtime Story I Want You Skin Time Stood Still Impressive Instant Easy Ride Get Together Voices Broken Falling Free Messiah Some songs could be interchanged with others from night to night (kinda like Prince's last tour). Also, maybe add a LAP encore or another one of her massive hits to close the show.
  10. Music from the tours ranked

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  11. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

    1. Girlie Show- the energy in this one is unmatched by any other version. She was on fire. That ending dance break 2. Who's That Girl- like much of WTG tour itself, this is just Madonna young, wild, free. It may be as choreographed as any other version but it feels like she's just out there free flowing it...full of passion 3. Sticky & Sweet- I feel like Live Earth is the best "modern" version of this song and S&S comes closest to that. 4. Rebel Heart- probably the best staging ever for a LIB performance. I really dig this one a lot!! Not super high energy and not too mellow...just right. 5. Confessions- Oh goodness.....I watched this recently and it's actually not as bad as I remember. I always considered this to be the methed out version of LIB. It was just always way too fast and frantic for me. It felt like there could've been a better song choice for that slot in the show. Definitely high energy and fun though! I just prefer my LIB slightly more tame...... 6. Drowned World-.......but not quite this tamed.....lol....really, this is a pretty version and the dancers solo is stunning.....but with only two 80's tracks in this show, this one just always underwhelmed me. Personally, would've liked a more RHT-esque version at least...something with a little more dancing from her.
  12. Vogue from the tours ranked

    To me, visually and costume wise the MDNA version is what the BA version could've been. It captures the essence and attitude of the song the best out of all of them. It's grand just like the song itself. Sticky version is just like a burst of energy, the reinvention of the song brings it new life! Also love the choreography on this one. Vogue being the opening number on ANY Madonna tour has to rank somewhat high for me. I have to say in a lot of ways, especially sound wise, the RIT version is very "Madonna lite" to me. Like a lot of things she did around this time, she just seemed to be holding back, a certain "oomph" was missing from the performance. The fact that it's an opening number and that I kinda sorta consider BW to be a part of this performance and those yoga poses + crab walk boost it above a couple of the others for me. Even as a kid, I thought something was so tame about the BA version of this song. Like someone else said, it's almost like a rehearsal. I've always pictured the cone bra, an extravagant stage set up and heavy dancing. I do think the BA version delivered best as far as choreography of all the live versions (S&S being verrrrrry close) but despite being the "original" performance, it was never one that I revisited outside of watching TOD in full or BA in full. The VMA's is the quintessential version of Vogue from it's "original" time period for me. To me she gives the best vocal of this song with her Girlie Show performance. Like the whole Middle Eastern vibe with the arrangement. I do like the choreography with this one too.
  13. Vogue from the tours ranked

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5.