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  1. I adore this álbum everyday more and more. It's a tragic thing is not commercially recognized NOW, but I am sure it will be a masterpiece for decades to come.
  2. Excellent Living for Love, great work. We all love it.
  3. I must confess, I can't get enough of RH album. I just want to play some of it everyday, I can't help singing alone to most of the songs, I am literaly Addicted, I need some Rebel heart everyday to feel complete. I frequently play in random and I get so excited whenever Devil Pray start. I love to sing Inside out very out loud (I might be annoying actually) but I don't care. I just love it... I feel sorry for general public who doesn't know anything about it, and for those who were fans once and decided to skip RH. Anyway, I wanted to share, just because I love this album.
  4. Let's not stop, keep watching all damn days multiple times at day. Keep posting the link everywhere.
  5. OMG This is so well done, so funny how it should be. Who has the time to do this things? I wish I have
  6. I heard LFL in NY this saturday outside the Century 21 store... I was proudly singing and moving along
  7. I love that the views grow so much each day. #JusticeForGhosttown, tho
  8. I'm lost with all the Yoko ono talk, where is she? LOL :lmao:I feel totally fool asking.
  9. Who else is learning the choreography??? I wanna dance BIM style right now!!!
  10. Thanks for the full video link... NOW I love it MORE, MOOOOORE, MORE, MORE, MORE I wanna have that fun this weekend.
  11. I LOOOOOOVE IT... So much FUN. LOL at the cameos tho Anyway, I'm sure this is gonna be amazing in the tour.
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