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  1. 5 minutes ago, Dindi said:

    At this point, it won’t surprise me if she switches out Vogue and throw in Killers Who Are Partying.....might as well go for the whole mood killler package. 

    If I sound negative, it’s just that I think this whole era is being underserviced by these perplexing promo appearances.   She started with such a bang at the BMAs!

    Madonna is the problem here. Not her music, her talent, her visual choices, or her passion for her craft. It’s her. She’s making these choices and she’s too powerful to be challenged. She’s heading where Prince was in his final years, only she’s healthy and happy so she’ll live until she’s 150. But we’ll get a lot of facepalms in the interim. So fucked up.

  2. 1 minute ago, sotos8 said:

    So ten people in this forum are against future because it is trash in her perfect new album? I don't get it . So she should her hits before 2005 and not American life ?

    Am I having a nightmare here? :lol: since when has American Life ever been a song worth calling a classic? If political statements are her goal here, God Control would like a word.

    shes just being a big stubborn baby boomer. They hate losing control of the narrative so they double down on reckless decisions. She’s infuriating. Whatever I’ll stop before I get banned

  3. Just now, Nikki said:

    if she sang future among many other songs, there wouldn't be as many complaints. it's just the idea of her only doing a few songs and still adding that trash in it.. instead of just giving 3 or 4 positive/energetic and powerful songs so people will leave with a smile on their face instead of being annoyed



  4. Just now, Flip The Switch said:

    Aren’t 4 songs confirmed? Of course I’d love more!!! God Control doesn’t make any sense except for the queer sound. 

    It makes more fucking sense than Future!! 😂 omg that song. I actually don’t even hate it. It’s just the equivalent of going to the EMAs in 2005 and performing Super Pop instead of Hung Up :lmao:

  5. 4 minutes ago, Carey said:

    if she does it, it's not the best decision but some people here are acting like it'll kill her career if she does future again lmao.


    perspective doesn't hurt once in a while, it's just a performance.

    Well another perspective is that her fanbase is ebbing and the ones that are left are basically asking for a crumb to eat.

    Future is a stupid song for this event. Period.

  6. Just now, Herfaceremains said:


    I’m laughing and my eyes have rolled so far up they will flip shortly! Some of these posts...Madonna hasn’t lost the ability to do anything. She simply isn’t doing what her hordes of backseat managing fans feel would either benefit her or them better...and that’s a whole lotta opinions pulled out of a whole lotta asses that she honestly clearly has no time for. You’re finding commonality in her making poor choices, and yet aside from some inexplicable hatred for Future, which is an amazing track and has universality to it through the language of reggae and a message of hope and awakening, you’d be tricky as advisers because you all want different things! 😝 Like A Prayer is a bore. The Save The Planet Leo DiCaprio show is a good template. She only wants to sing the bad songs from her brilliant new album. 🥴🥴🥴

    I’d never assume I know better than the most successful pop star of all time how the game is played. We don’t know, and in truth, how can she either? The landscape is so impossible to map out at this point. There are no precedents! She has this massive fame and legacy, she wants to keep challenging herself creatively, and yet everyone wants to stick her in the legacy artist box. It’s literally The antithesis of her artistry! 

    Maybe it’s the Pitchfork review that has made its way into the collective conscience? I’m sensing a lot of revisionist opinions will follow not too far down the road claiming that Madame X wasn’t really that good after all. 

    No, MX IS GOOD. That’s why we are fucking pissed.

  7. Just now, Monsieur X said:

    I wonder if it's because her two little kids like it - honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that's why she performs this. 


    It is by  far my least favourite song on MADEMOISELLE X

    Stop listening to fucking 5 year olds Madonna I swear 

    you’ve finally made a really progressive, cutting edge album that only a WOMAN could make

    i wish she’d stop playing around like this

  8. I guess I’m not worried either since pride is way lower stakes. But it feels like (YET AGAIN) another missed opportunity. I wanted something to be excited about. The god control video is going be brilliant but we’re gonna have to weather yet another storm of crap when that comes out. Would be nice to have something truly pure to brag about 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Starman said:

    I dont think she cares a bout performing in live shows/awards anymore.

    Dont know why she was even booked on this if ishes not willing to at least make it a promo tour show.


    This would have been perfect



    I think the opposite. She loves performing. She’s just lost her ability to read the room as someone else said.

    i love hearing her new music live. But she has 13 or 15 songs (depending on which version of MX you consider the real album) to choose from  to perform a cute set. She chooses one song that went down like a lead balloon on Europe’s biggest tv event of the year, and another that sounds like a forgettable Rebel Heart album track.

    it defies logic like I said. She’s not stupid either. She knows other songs would make a way bigger splash. That’s why she was dancing to I Don’t Search on her instagram a few days ago. To a very warm reception I might add. 

  10. Just now, boy skeffington said:

    I think if someone said, “M you need to rethink what you are performing to make it more digestible, popular, less divisive..” her response would be ...”f*ck off I am not interested in your opinion of my show”

    That’s literally been Madonna since 1983-I think she won’t change. I understand it makes her unpopular and it’s head scratching but that’s always been the way she is as an artist. 

    Well sometimes art can be bad, and maybe you need ppl who understand you and your work to tell you that this ain’t it. Ppl have done this with her before and it has worked. Remember when she wanted to have black face for Hard Candy?

    Artists need to be given proper feedback from trustworthy sources especially when they’re massive pop stars like Madonna. otherwise they just suck. Ppl will start saying Madonna sucks as a performer now, and we won’t have much recent material to point to to rebut it.

  11. Just now, boy skeffington said:

    Well - They aren’t the songs I would choose but also I support and enjoy that’s she’s doing it. She’s being so visible and so creative I just choose to be a fan. I’ve never been let down. 

    Well I understand that but she’s been stepping on too many rakes lately. I’m tired of it. Someone needs to give it to her straight.

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