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  1. Like some of the stuff in here is breathtaking. Madonna using her most mediocre tracks as a battering ram to send a message of what exactly? It's called being self-indulgent. This is a 50th anniversary Pride festival not a goddamn funeral. You can uplift and you can demonstrate your activist stripes. Do you really need to be going into the moldiest corners of your catalogue? What point is she trying to make? 

    Whatever, queue the usual suspects with their insults. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    50 years of Stonewall. It would have been the perfect moment to remember the fight of the past, to enjoy the achievements and to reflect on the challenges of the present. And maybe to remember that Pride used to be a politcal demonstration. Today the overwhelming majority of gays merely see it as another chance to get drunk, to get drugged up, to fuck around like there is no tomorrow. Of couse only, if you are a young, good looking or at least well hung guy. But of course, the gay community is such an inclusive one, where everyone finds his/her place. What a fucking lie, what fucking hypocrisy, what fucking superficiality. This community needs a wake up call. The whole situation of "let's have a party", reminds me of this scene in "A normal heart" where people were still arguing that they will not stop fucking around because they have somehow earned that right when they are confronted with the fact that this "gay cancer" is most likely transferred by having sex. Ignorance is a bliss they say. NO, it's not. And the fact that 50 years of Stonewall seems to be just another chance to have mindless fun is frustrating. Just as frustrating as the reaction Madonna received during her GLAAD speech when she mentioned 50 years of Stonewall and its importance and there was a deathening silence in the room full of supposedly educated people or activists. Confused about it, she abruptly changed the topic and started talking about herself "hhm kay, her comes the me part".

    This community is its worst enemy. How can you expect people outside of the community to stand up for you, if you don't even do it for yourself. If there should come a time when LGBTQ rights will be dismantled, this community is the only one to blame. The question is: will this community fight then or will they party on and play the victim because it's so en vogue?

    End of rant. 


    I agree with you.

    if you’re saying that Madonna is making the right choices musically here to make the message stick, well, I’m not as optimistic as you. 

    These song choices suck plain and simple. There’s a reason this thread is a big pile of crazy. We want what you want. But we want it to stick. 

    No one will talk about the power of Madonna’s message with this setlist. Once again, SHE will become the topic of conversation. It won’t be about what she contributed to the cause, it’ll be about what a letdown she wound up being and I am not sure how I’d be able to refute it. 

    This perf HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. But this thread is a good barometer for how low our expectations have gotten as a fanbase.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Not to give up on her ?   

    What over a pride performance that we have not even seen yet.   I did not like the Eurovision performance but has not made me reject Madonna or want to give up on her.  Already listening to Madame X and getting ready for the reviews of her tour. 

    Funny too that the people that expressed disappointment over Eurovision were told off  but the criticisms were about the performance and singing.  There was none of the type of comments in this thread which funnily enough are far worse than anything said from people from Europe over Eurovison.  


    Shrug. I probably won't give up on her. It was more meant give up on this "era" or whatever you wanna call it. 

    You guys sure have a lot to say about the people voicing their concerns in this thread and I really hope you guys are right, and I am wrong. I'll leave it at that!

  4. 5 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    And do you and the rest of the moaners? 

    I am DISGUSTED at this thread. If anybody in his/her right mind would think of booing Madonna I hope that person gets a big fat slap on the face for insulting a woman that has BUILT part of our culture and has helped us so much when we were suffering bullying at school and our families wouldn't understand us. 

    That woman, Madonna, should go there and has the ovation of her life no matter what she performs. And if she wants to go and give a 20 minute speech, we clap because her message is what helped us so much. Her message, not Rescue Me or Hung Up. Not even Vogue. Her message that we should be proud of being ourselves.

    She chose to give a performance through message just like she decided that Madame X wouldn't be a collection of God Control bridges and I Don't Search I find, but a Dark Ballet bullet to our brains. 

    What's next? If she doesn't dress properly we boo her? If she decides in her tour to give an all accoustic session simmilar to TOAC she should retire? Yes, because I've read that very sentence in this thread "if she's not into the pop star thing anymore she should stop performing". You know who who are. She'll do whatever she wants and those who don't understand her can take the door and leave. Just like those wannabes left her when she did Erotica.  Just like after American Life some absurdas became Kylie fans. Just like Ray of Lighters hate her albums ever since and just lime Confessioners became Gaga stans. 

    She doesn't care a bit and I have the feeling that the character assesination is this time for real. That she's frankly tired of the moaners and doesn't care if you all decide to boycott her. 

    And yes, NOW I FEEL BETTER NOW. 

    Bye, bunch of bitter Felicias. 

    I never said I was going to fucking boo her. Stop lumping me in with all your gripes. I've been very civil in this thread. 

  5. 1 minute ago, runa said:

    I do. Only took me 1 post to feel better. You should try it. 

    :lol:That was a good one.

    Need I remind you that this is called a forum for a reason. You come on here to have a discussion. Your lack of interest in having one doesn't make you better than me. If you add nothing to the argument, you may as well just lurk. Hope that makes sense to you. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, runa said:

    Omg the overreacting here, is just too much, :dead:

    no reason to post every 30 seconds, just get a fucking grip. :rotfl:

    We're talking about a performance at PRIDE here, there's no man's life at stake. And if you question your love for M because of something you haven't seen yet, it says a lot about the fact you. Maybe you shouldn't be here. You all sound like a bunch a spoiled kids.

    I hope her next hashtag will be #notofansdictature

    omg do you feel better now

  7. Look, I get it, art is supposed to offend sometimes, it's supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, ALL I ASK OF MADONNA is that she do it with some degree of wit and savvy. Make the message stick. Don't give me some gratuitous recreation of one of the ugliest moments of our recent history. Like come on. Be smart about this.

  8. Just now, Herfaceremains said:

    I’m sorry for your experience. I’m getting out of this thread because you have your reasons for your passionate responses, and I respect that. 

    It's ok, I am not mad. I am just venting here. I'm really trying my best to not have to give up on her. I'm concerned. She makes me happy, I don't want that to change. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Herfaceremains said:

    If she was to sing Express Yourself I can guarantee half of her contrarian fans would complain she was lazy in revisiting an old chestnut. If she did Deeper and Deeper, it would be that her voice sounds bad, and how does the song reflect anything Pride-related? If she sang Live To Tell, the porta potties would be overflowing. Im sure you meant no offense, but I’ll interject that I don’t need to ask you what is a sore subject for American gays. I am one. None of us gets to speak on behalf of a majority. But I feel this conversation isn’t evolutionary. It’s torally tribal, and I guess that’s the problem. Madonna just can’t please every faction of her fanbase, casual and fervent, the GP, the haters, the ignorant and the cynical. It’s impossible. 

    No actually I do get to speak about that with some degree of authority cuz I lived there and went to that club almost every weekend from the years of 2014-2016 when I had friends who worked there. I was there just a month before it happened. I know ppl who were wounded and one who died. She really needs to watch it with this video. And this is just coming from me, a former regular of the club and former resident of Orlando. Imagine how ppl who were there might interpret it. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Herfaceremains said:

    Maybe Madonna doesn’t feel her place at Pride is to cater to the desires of people who will run to the porta potties to do drugs because she isn’t flaunting glitter and glee while singing Rescue Me. Maybe she doesn’t feel it's her “duty” to entertain in that manner, and instead is focused on waking her audience up because the type of gay male who sees Pride as a drug and fuck fest should probably be reminded that there are still millions of gay men around the world who don’t have the privilege of paying hundreds of dollars to feel they are part of a microcosmic elite, or deciding that because they can’t count the hairs on their chest anymore and their metabolism is faltering they will redefine as bears. Instead these people are stuck under oppressive regimes where they can be legally discriminated against, beat up and murdered without consequence, and they need international solidarity. Maybe she wants to be partly political and partly celebratory because that actually makes sense. Maybe some people will have the common decency to listen to and appreciate her playing an acoustic Future on her guitar before flipping the vibe to Vogue. 

    Maybe people who have been in the know a few times aren’t always in the know, or they receive false or misconstrued information. Or maybe her 2019 American Life revamp will be all disco balls and ketamine, and she’ll perform it in a diamond-studded g-string with her tits painted in rainbow colors with Ariana Grande and a Donna Summer hologram on backing vocals. 

    This is such a reach.

    Madonna used to be good at this. She has so many weapons in her arsenal to give people the message you just tried to convey. INSTEAD, , when it came time to pick her weapons, she chooses a banana (Future), an old rotting fish (American Life), potpourri (I Rise) and some other as-yet undisclosed weapon (if its Vogue, I'd say Vogue is like a samurai sword). That's what her weaponry is consisting of these days when it comes to high profile live performances. That's BONKERS. 

    Have we forgotten Live To Tell? How about oh, I dunno... Express Yourself? How about Deeper and Deeper? How about some of the new stuff that's really empowering and sexy, like Medellin? Or something controversial yet hauntingly catchy like God Control which drives home a massive issue while still sounding celebratory? 

    She's gotten caught up with messages just like @Jeby said, and she's abandoning imagination as a result. This is why I am terrified of the God Control video. A ridiculous, graphic, or otherwise crude statement echoing Pulse (a very sore subject for American gays - just ask me) will make Europe's recent about-turn look like a blown fuse. It could be nuclear winter for her here. I hope she is being smart about this video. This is not 2003 with the American Life video. This is 2019.

    Ugh this fucking woman. She has me wrapped around her finger but she's got me worried about her. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Danmacevents said:

    I'm just playing I don't search I find. It has to peformed at pride then go into vogue. Imagine all the drunk high queens. I'm not agreeing with drugs but they would go OFF for this song 

    Right? But now it's like can we even trust that she'll even bother referencing I Don't Search find if she performs Vogue, if she even performs Vogue at all? :rotfl:I mean, one of her ideas of a classic for this set is already semi-confirmed to be American Life. So what's the other classic? Give It 2 Me? Revolver?


  12. 1 minute ago, karbatal said:

    I think that many people here love her so much and love the album so much that they feel the need to broadcast it properly, but as opinions are going too far I also think that some breathing and window opening would be good too.

    Perhaps. As you can see I am pretty self-aware in this thread. I know life will go on. But for now I am getting some things off my chest lol

  13. 7 minutes ago, Jeby said:

    If Madonna is part of the celebration of stonewall then she is there to entertain the gays so to speak. SO ENTERTAIN THEM. We have heard not everyone is coming to the future and that she is woke and the world is going to hell in a hand basket.  I am sure she will preach during the tour too. This is a pride event. She has disco bangers with messages. She can entertain and have a message. Both ideas are not mutually exclusive. Future is a dead song. If she is in such a bubble that she has not seen that the song did ZERO as far as reaction or traction for the album bearing in mind that it is the song that got the most exposure out of every song on MadameX, then she truly has lost the plot.

    I adore her. Always will. And people can mock those of us that are frustrated and annoyed by her recent choices and call us fake fans or whatever, I do not care. I think I have rationalized her actions on here before so I am not one of those who just thinks everything she does is wrong. I let it go with the choice of singles. I took Eurovision on the chin and defended her on every platform even though I knew the performance and song choices were a mess. If this is truly her set list for Pride, then I am annoyed and I am simply expressing my frustration.

    She has truly lost the plot. Obsessed with messaging and activism and the art and performance is now secondary.

    You really nailed it here. 

  14. 1 minute ago, side_streets said:

    I haven't misinterpreted you nor I think American gays are awful.

    You say that younger generations need to be more aware of their history.

    And when it comes to Madonna, I cannot understand the heat, because nothing has been confirmed officially and I highly doubt she will preform American Life, on the other hand I Rise would fit the event. So, let's just wait and see.

    Yes, thank you for saying it more concisely than me. 

    You're right, I probably should chill. But Mensch isn't known for getting it wrong, so I feel comfortable venting at the moment. Maybe I want Madonna's team to see it. 

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