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  1. 1 hour ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I doubt she will. I pretty sure she's oblivious to the Eurovision reaction 

    She wasn't. Hence the edited YouTube clip and her thinly veiled, defiant hashtags and posts in the days following the perf.

    If she is cooking up something really cutting edge and unique for pride that somehow manages to dress up the dreadful American Life into something powerful and alluring then fine. But like @GOD likes to say, you can't polish a turd. 

    Being stubborn and doubling down on decisions that put your performing ability in doubt may make Madonna seem like a STRONG INDEPENDENT UNCOMPROMISING ARTISTE but it doesn't always make for quality viewing.

    Other Americans have said this: we took Eurovision on the chin, shielded a bit from the devastating reaction it got in Europe. We didn't realize the damage that did until the days after. Now, Pride is lower stakes, but we're not out here trying to get our worst fears realized after watching Madonna drop the ball on Eurovision. We're hoping that was just a spasm of poor decision making.

    All we ask is that she showcase this album better, and uplift the gay community on an important day. We're really just asking for fucking crumbs here, truth be told. 

  2. God, the fallacies in here are hilarious.

    IF you object to a setlist and provide your reasoning for it, you automatically branded as this flailing faggot who will only be satisfied to hear 5 Hung Up's in a row capped off by the Sphinx Medellin version.  We all know that's not true. But that's your only refutation and I get it, you gotta stick to it. 

    But it's really not that simple boo. 

  3. Just now, Nikki said:

    I've said this even before the album got released.. but I think she should've done a deal with Netflix (or youtube) and shown a doc making the album, including the living room sessions and maybe M doing a few songs acoustically (with the local musicians). maybe even do a few private little shows, film them, and just pick the best one to show to the masses.. so she has the control and chooses what everyone sees. it would be perfect..

    This part of her career I blame on Madonna's management. Madonna is an artist, leader, and a creator, she is not a day-to-day manager. She's got too much on her plate, so she trusts that her management is doing well by her. But nope! They manage her like she's Bebe Rexha or something. She's the biggest female pop star in history. Her catalogue (and current album) is a sophisticated one, SO ACT LIKE IT. I don't know why she's going on stupid shows like Grahama Norton or Fallon in the first place (let's be real, Fallon is kind of a phony). I can't even remember the last time that Beyonce did an interview or that dreadful Toilet Swift did one either, and their careers are better off for it (Well, Taylor is starting to flag, but that's because she's just really crap and ppl are realizing it). 

    Madonna doesn't need visibility, she just needs to create. Imagine if she released a big visual manifesto for Madame X and did nothing thereafter except tour. It would be such a breath of fresh air. 

  4. Honestly sometimes I wish she just went the visual album route, did no promo, and just went on tour. We'd be living off the fumes of a MADONNA VISUAL ALBUM for god knows how long, and the tour would be the most exciting thing for us since 2012. We wouldn't be having these ludicrous conversations. 

  5. Just now, vertigokane said:

    I’m paraphrasing, but he basically asked if she had any idea what she meant to people/fans, and she didn’t offer any sort of gratitude, but instead implied that it was a burden and that she couldn’t get caught up in caring.


    well, that has its advantages and disadvantages.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Dindi said:

    Oddly enough, I actually liked Future more after her Eurovision performance.   It's rather unfortunate that it followed a very off-key and lethargic LAP performance, and this is how most of the GP will remember it.   

    Madame X is quirky in that many of the songs, even if they're not my fave, works well in the context of the album.   I can't imagine if the rumours of a visual album are true, I might appreciate Future even more. 

    Agree with you 100%.

  7. 9 minutes ago, MadFan said:

    It's interesting that people are calling Future this political song because it's really not. The lyrics are about barely anything. Just because it's, let's face it, kinda más o menos doesn't mean it's political. :lol: And just because God Control is a banger doesn't mean it isn't political - it's much more so than Future.

    Yep. That big dissertation about gay pride from @Raider of the lost Ark is like ok great - let's make the performance both activist in nature and also uplifting. He maintains she's aiming for deeper meaning. Why not go for the most political song on the album? God Control. It hits every mark. Lyrically, it's incredible. Future can be on the setlist too as a bookend - clearly she loves it. Fine. I am not opposed to it being in the mix. But American Life is a lurch into incompetence for me. Why that song? 

    I'm not saying Madonna's career is over or that I hate her. I just want to understand these choices. American Life is a song about vanity and fame that accompanied an album (and music video) with very politically charged imagery, so people automatically assume it's a political song. We can dissect that word all we want, but that song about Madonna.  Performing that song at this event is ridiculous. No one even likes it. Music is democratic in a way. A fan here and there may like American Life. Most do not. It won't play well. 

    Alright I'll stop posting about this :rotfl:

  8. 1 minute ago, VogueMusic said:

    I just can't grasp the hate for this song. It shines like this bright light on the album. It's incredibly catchy, has got great hooks, a melody that sticks with you, and if this was any other artist, I could see this all over the radio. The lyrics may be heavy, but like other songs on the album, the production fools you with something that's quite escapist, takes you away to another time and place... perfect for the summer.

    Don't get why this one gets such a hard time.

    I think Future is great.

    I just have opinions on it being her song of choice for big performances. Especially after having heard the masterpiece that is this album. But that's for another currently ongoing thread.

    Future gets love from me.

  9. Just now, Dindi said:

    Given that enough time has passed, I think it would be amazing if she reunites with some of the original Blonde Ambition/TOD crew for her Vogue performance.   If there's a time for burying the hatchet, World Pride would be it.  

    Lol that would be so fucking amazing. Amazing enough to perhaps make the stupider setlist choices moot. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Samo said:

    What ultra conservatives have been bashing her this time around? Please enlighten me ?  The Pitchfork review, if you can call it that, was written by an SJW as is virtually everything from Huffington Post or BuzzFeed


    That could change with the God Control video, but even then SJW'S will somehow FIND fault with it and her


    I sweat SJW'S are why Trump got elected in the first place, people got sick of them, they're a cancer to REAL liberal causes and activism.

    Definitely agree with this.

    Also, I'm really bracing myself for God Control.

  11. 3 minutes ago, MichaelDieker said:

    Ya know, the wealthy (mostly white) gays that will be attending this could use a good sermon in the middle of their celebrating. Many are shallow, racist transphobes who do nothing to uplift the other members of our community who aren't so privileged. These are rich elite gays. They could use a reminder that their ripped abs and perfect tans and amazing clothes are meaningless distractions from the pain going on in the world. American Life is a great song to perform for that segment of the crowd for sure. American Life+Future is certainly a statement we need today and she's brave to do it. Definitely not playing it safe by any means.

    You're such an ass, dude. And that rap is iconic. 

    Thank you!

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