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  1. Yes I agree. I know she stands by it from an artistic viewpoint. But hopefully she knows she can and NEEDS to do better next time in the vocal department.
  2. I think the opposite - I think she was willing to have that conversation before her management intervened. Maybe not willing enough to override them.. But she was ready for him to own what he was asking- ("you're going to have to be more specific.") which he decidedly was not doing. He was weakly beating around the bush with very coded language - and he should have just asked her "There was lots of talk after the performance about the quality of your voice, how do you feel you did that night vocally" etc. Instead he crawled right into her trap and chickened out of flatly asking her and instead
  3. Lots of rumors of there being another collection of songs coming out (like a chapter II to Madame X), so that wouldn’t surprise me. But after this era, I feel like Madonna will shed her skin in a way. I think a lot of pop stars are doing this btw, not just her. Rihanna and Beyonce are 25-30 or so years younger than Madonna but they’re not releasing music with the same formulaic label approach anymore either. Pop stars and actors are kind of freelancing their creativity now. The music and movie industries are kind of going tits up.
  4. I would not be surprised if after Madame X, we don't really get a studio album (in the traditional sense) from Madonna ever again. I really wouldn't. The comments about RH and MDNA were confirmation of things a lot of us already knew.
  5. She is being creative and imaginative and after the last 2 eras (MDNA = all creative capital went to the tour [no complaints there], RH = well, check out the Mojo interview), I am really fucking relieved. There was a point in 2015 when a fellow fan that I know "IRL" had just watched the Bitch I'm Madonna video, sighed, looked down, and was like "she just doesn't have much left in her." And that really hit me straight in the heart cuz I kind of felt the same way. I was beginning to just let go tbh. So needless to say, I'm really happy she proved me wrong with this album. Couldn't ask for a
  6. Yes. I think a lot of fans just need to come to grips that it's never going to be 2005-2008 again. Or even 2012 again! Things have changed SUPER fast. The culture and times have shifted and that means virtually zero room for Madonna to remain relevant in the way a lot of these pop acts are. But it should not matter. Madonna is still proving herself as a creative, curious woman at 60 and that's real progress. This time will be looked back on with admiration and appreciation for her boldness. Trust me, she is cementing herself as an American legend right before our eyes, we are just
  7. My relationship with this song is strange because I feel like when I first heard it, I did not even bother to sit down and listen to it properly - I just noticed the amazing singing and grand production but I didn't really listen hard enough to the words in this song. Each listen kept bringing me closer into the song though and now it battles for my top spot. What an incredible ballad. I mean, this is classic Madonna. Been so long since we've heard something like this. There are multiple serviceable ballads on Rebel Heart but they're nothing like this.
  8. You gotta admit, she is showing up everywhere with rose these days She didn't get sloppy did she?
  9. Ppl are so weird. It's like they're just now waking up to the fact that Madonna is a sassy, cheeky, flirtatious...bitch! She's always been that way. I mean my god, watch Arsenio Hall. What was that, 1992? With Rosie? She really hasn't changed much. Twitter is full of people who cry after they masturbate.
  10. This song is a work of art in every sense. It's such a defiant statement. She sounds unleashed. Ugh I LOVE HER!
  11. What an incredible assessment by Darren! I agree with every word. I try really hard to put my finger on why Madame X is such magic. He really summed it up.
  12. Madonna is like Prince at this point. An icon, but a subversive one. I don’t take any of it personally tbh
  13. Oh I totally forgot that ridiculous mdna comment. Lmao I don’t even think Obama remembers he probably just isn’t the type to go crazy over anyone. Michelle is more of the celebrity tbh
  14. I don’t get why we are all supposed to hate the eye patch all of a sudden? Lol
  15. lol calm down. She's just serving looks and getting her social media on. She's not shooting a video
  16. Oh trust me I'm enjoying her. Madame X is the kind of classic album that'll give me memories for years to come. I just want her to stop blowing what are basically layups for her. She can do it. She already shut me up when it comes to the music, I want her to shut me up with the perfs now.
  17. She really has me wrapped around her finger I get pissed at her for something and then she just does a few poses to Vogue and I'm in love all over again. I really hope the Anitta hashtags are there for a reason. I want her to move past Future and I Rise and give us the real meat and potatoes of Madame X.
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