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  1. That was the ENTIRE POINT. WHY bring up Kylie if you knew it was going to send this thread into a bitch-fest hall of fame. And jesus you need some anger management.
  2. Oh PLEASE. You think I care at all what you think of my Christina hate? It's all pretty much a joke and I think everyone here EXCEPT YOU interprets it as such. And if it BOTHERED me so much then why didn't I argue about it then? I was practically NICE about it. You can complain all you want about me hating Christina and its not going to bother me. It's got nothing to do with why we're arguing now. And I'm not denying that I can be bitchy and rude at times - I'm definitely no angel. But I'm also not a damn stick in the mud. And yes I've trash talked people from Madonnamad before on here and on there. I don't see how that has anything to do with this. Those were situations with FREAKS and this is just a silly debate over your issues with pop stars. The whole reason I brought up your rudeness was because you claimed to be all of a sudden this HAVEN of maturity regarding the aliases and my picture post, when you're hte one picking fights with MADONNABOY717 on a daily fucking basis and whining about the Kylie haters every chance you get. And NO I didnt think this was a thread to get back at me. I mean are you KIDDING me? I'm not a Kylie hater by any means. Wether it was initially intended to be or not, it turned into you being vindictive brat about the Kylie mess.
  3. Your opinion of the disco ball was hardly the reason I decided to go off on you in the first place. Yes I thought it was baloney but I was prepared to just give my 2 cents then leave it be. Then after you made that silly whine-fest of a post about the 'milestone' and the Kylie crap, I posted that picture as a playful way to say "it's not worth it." What made me come back was your constant need to be such a vengeful grump when it comes to Madonna and her supposed 'rivals.' It's DUMB. Your whole basis for posting this thread was to hit back at the Kylie wars - you said so yourself. I mean are you serious? RIDICULOUS. In addition, it only took that picture (at the time it was just a mere wisecrack) for you to come lash out at me and declare yourself so 'above' posts like that and then go OUT OF YOUR WAY to try and make me look like the immature one. Petty indeed. You shoot smartass jokes like that all the time in response to people's posts. You also say really RUDE things to people too. And no don't ask me to go hunt down an example for you because I could care less. All I know is that this is all extremely hypocritical and if people's stupid posts about Madonna and Kylie bother you enough for you to make this vindictive and RETARDED thread about a disco ball, then I'm scared of you. And yes, I mean it when I say get a sense of humor. You interpreted a Debbie Downer picture as a full fledged insult.
  4. If you find those comparisons so ridiculous then why stoop to the same level by doing something equally annoying? Oh and BRAVO for pretending to take the high road by casting off my picture joke as infantile and immature. You do the same kind of thing all the time. Get a grip - and a sense of humor for chrissakes. You also bash other artists too - take Mariah Carey as a ringing example. And yet you freak out when someone says one negative thing about Kylie or when someone does the stupid 'copying' shtick. Sorry not everyone is as informed or as mature as you. Learn to deal with it and not start STUPID threads that make you look like an uptight and whiney asshole.
  5. Is that it? So she ripped off the lotus-styled disco ball. Okaaaaaaaaay.
  6. Fantastic review... and I agree with everything he said about the Sorry interlude in comparison with the American Life video.
  7. Hmm... hissy fit. All I know is that all this ticket talk just leads to the inevitable HISSY FIT crap with the Kylie brigade, which leads to the HISSY FIT crap with the Madonna brigade - both co-existing on this one forum in delightful harmony. Kind of annoying to wade through if you ask me, especially when there's NADA to bicker when we've got nothing official. So yeah. I thought you'd be the first one to share my sentiments but I suppose not.
  8. If I have to read the phrase 'sold out' one more time I'm gonna scream.
  9. She's a character alright but she's a total sweetheart!
  10. LOL! Awwww. How cute Where did you get those? Did you take those of her icognito?
  11. Hey Hector, next show can you zoom in on Mihran's ass during Future Lovers and take a pic for me? One of Jason's ass would be great too. Thanks in advance!
  12. Well you can't please them all. The main criticism of that article was the song choices and I think that was one of the shows strong points, so go figure. Who wants a greatest hits show, yuck.
  13. It's such a latino fest! I would say the other more racially offensive word for kicks because of the inside joke, but everyone here would probably and over it Adorableness!
  14. iBaila la calle, de noche baila la calle!
  15. FUCKING AMAZING Perfect body, perfect butt, perfect humping, just PERFECT JR you look adorable playing with the balloon!
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