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  1. I don't think it's a big deal really... that chart is kinda shoddy and we all know that she's well over 8 million copies by now after all those uncounted weeks. And even if it wasn't, Mediatraffic is excluding a bunch of countries anyway.
  2. Well if anything it'll give them incentive to pick up the DVD. *puts on mtlzplk/Jamesshot outfit* "EVERYONE GO BUY THE DVD! I WANNA SEE THOSE WALLETS! LETS GET THIS THANG A LINOLEUM CERT! UH HUH, THAS RIGHT."
  3. Madonna is probably kicking herself for going forth with this contract now, because if it had been any different, I'm sure she would have pulled out and stopped the show from airing. But since the contract looks to be more rigid this time, she'll probably have to swallow her pride and let the concert go without the performance. Oh well at least she tried.
  4. Madonna is SO Sally 'O Mally it's not even funny. Not looks wise, just the whole attitude. When I saw the Hung Up video, Sally was the first person who came to mind. I love Sally and I love Molly Shannon.
  5. Really funny clip from Rome during Let It Will Be I love how they go WOO at every kick, they sound like barking dogs
  6. And let me just say how much I'm enjoying Italy's love towards Madonna... It really would have been incredible to see the show there. All the press she's been getting for it makes it feel like opening night all ova again.
  7. OMG at Lenny and Madge. Please do a song together. PLEASE.
  8. LMFAO. Oh I love how worked up they're getting over her
  9. ROFL at the opening exchange between Vanity and Lesbi.
  10. Have the best time all of you! You WILL love the show!
  11. Well I'm glad it's being aired, but it looks like we're going to get lots of DELIGHTFUL commecials! :square:
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