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  1. If I have to read the phrase 'sold out' one more time I'm gonna scream.
  2. She's a character alright but she's a total sweetheart!
  3. LOL! Awwww. How cute Where did you get those? Did you take those of her icognito?
  4. Hey Hector, next show can you zoom in on Mihran's ass during Future Lovers and take a pic for me? One of Jason's ass would be great too. Thanks in advance!
  5. Well you can't please them all. The main criticism of that article was the song choices and I think that was one of the shows strong points, so go figure. Who wants a greatest hits show, yuck.
  6. It's such a latino fest! I would say the other more racially offensive word for kicks because of the inside joke, but everyone here would probably and over it Adorableness!
  7. iBaila la calle, de noche baila la calle!
  8. FUCKING AMAZING Perfect body, perfect butt, perfect humping, just PERFECT JR you look adorable playing with the balloon!
  9. Another night of Madonna totally taking over New York. Everyone who was at the show, come post!
  10. Just got a call from Slyguy and he said that Lenny Kravitz is RIGHT in front of him tonight Lenny must be a FAN! Hector has taken a bunch of pics that he will post later on. Lucy Liu is also there, he should have pics of her also. Yeahhhh!!!
  11. Another amazing night. It was great meeting you guys by the way (Slyguy, HG, and TheBigHam)! I had a great time and the food was DAMN GOOD.
  12. The show was fucking phenomenal. UNBELIEVABLE. It amazes me how she keeps raising the bar with her tours. This easily kicks Reinvention's ass - and I adore that show. I was awestruck the whole time. There was a RIDICULOUS hick husband below me who was dragged to the show by his wife. He kept complaining about the heat and he sat down for most of the show. He was like 7 ft and annoying. I was clapping and dancing everywhere, sweat flying off of my body and trying to yell with my painfully hoarse voice and he just sat there like the party-pooper non fan that he was, complaining and constantly getting up to "go get some AC." Ugh. Anyway I had a fucking fantastic time. There was NOT ONE EMPTY SEAT in the house. Zero. Oh and the crowd seemed perfectly fine to me, I don't know what people are talking about. I just think that she got pissed that people weren't more nutty in I Love New York, but I think that'll change as she does more shows. But overall the crowd was pretty good to me. One of my favorites of the show is Erotica/You Thrill Me. For Erotica fans who haven't seen the show - you're going to go crazy for it. It totally revived the song for me. So hot. Music Inferno is another KILLER number. And the Sorry interlude is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen... it totally gives me a reason to like the Sorry video now Oh and as for the NUTS who say Madonna can't dance (YES THAT MEANS YOU MISS BONET)... SILENCE! This show will be a nice SLAP in the face for you.
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