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  1. lol as if I have anything to admit to. You and I both know you did a small (but crucial) edit on your post, it was the last thing you said after the crypt keeper line, and in fact I think (if I gave a shit), Svperstar could look at forum logs of some sort to prove it. But I don't care. It's ok, you can tell me to go suck whatever body part of Mariah's. I don't mind. I can dish and take.
  2. I never said I was god. I have very little influence on what goes around here. I see a problem with this Mariah thing and I talked about it and that was that. And I NEVER insulted you. I told you that the Mariahdaily person was right - you sounded jealous. Apparently that's really really insulting to you. Sorry. Then you edited your post (you did because I saw it, so don't call me a liar. You know you edited it, and I know too). You told me to suck on some body part of Mariah's ( ) and that's why I called you an asshole. Because you (of course) wanted to make me out to look like a Mariahlover
  3. Oh don't play the victim card now. I called you an asshole because I saw your nasty post before you edited it. And yes, the person from Mariahdaily is right. You are jealous. And no, I'm not like you. When I long into this forum, I spend most of the time talking about things that I enjoy, looking at the elections thread, laughing, stirring up riveting debates (like this one ), and watching out for the Madonna news. Mariah Carey isn't anywhere near as big of an issue to me as it is to a growing amount of people on here. And since I mod two forums here, both of them MADONNA RELATED, (not the
  4. Oh and don't think I didn't see your post before you edited it GiveItToMe. I saw what you called me. GO MADONNA! SHAKE IT! PUT OUT A GOOD ALBUM DOLL!
  5. I hate Mariah. I think she's gross and she's like the global warming of the music industry. For that reason, I don't even pay attention to her. I switch the station when she comes on. I laugh at her videos. I save her KFC photos to my hard drive. Madonna makes Mariah look like something out MADtv in my opinion. But I'm not jealous of her. Not in the least. And yeah she probably does resort to stupid tactics to get her #1 singles. Laughable of course. It's all she has. Does that make me angry? No, because I'm pretty secure with Madonna's success to be honest with you. Madonna is a vastly more
  6. This is the first time I've entered this thread, and I'm glad to see Madonna is apparently doing well, but LMFAO at the guy from Mariahdaily's response. You didn't even need to mention Madge's name. He/she is not only right, but also managed to wave off your ridiculous email without making a fool of himself. You do sound desperate and jealous. Anyway, I know I'm gonna get the claws thrown at me now, but really, when is this forum gonna get over that bimbo Mariah? I don't get it. Why is everyone so fucking threatened by her? She's a JOKE. She'll never have what Madonna has - balls, brains, c
  7. http://youtube.com/watch?v=tKTCNnTULBk

    "while I turn around you watch meeee check up on iiiitttt"

    *bends over*

  8. I don't think any of their points are valid. Just sounds like they're picking on her really.
  9. lol I never denied that it was a big hit for her. But it was played for 6 months straight and has since been pretty forgotten about. Whereas I still hear stuff like My Humps and Photograph which were hits at the same time. It just seems like a fluke. I may dislike Mariah but I'm not hating on her just for hate's sake, I just think that it's weird that her songs, so big at the time, barely get played now.
  10. They mentioned that in comparison with other hits from that same time frame, her songs are getting really underwhelming airplay, at least on the pop airplay charts. It does make sense because I LITERALLY haven't heard any of those singles since early-mid 2006 at best.
  11. You never know, Cowriah's next album could very well tank. For all the undeserved airplay she got in 2005, I very RARELY hear the songs anymore. It was a total fluke. Someone on another board mentioned her recurrent airplay (which is airplay of older hits I gather) of all the singles from The Constipation Of Mumu is pretty shitty. HA-HA!
  12. Marrah Carrah, Tranet, and Nippy stick out like sore thumbs in that list.
  13. Well to be perfectly honest boytoyville, your desperation about these damn boxscores kind of grates. Relax, breathe, put a period, and wait til they show up.
  15. What does defending her have to do with it? He's simply saying that pulling the video made her look just as bad if not worse than she would have if she had released it. She obviously felt strongly about her decision for whatever reason, so to say she was pussying out or being a hypocrite would just be another case of Vanity_Bonet looking for deeper meaning when there probably isn't one. Besides, that video was probably better left unseen anyway. Mess.
  16. I don't think it's a big deal really... that chart is kinda shoddy and we all know that she's well over 8 million copies by now after all those uncounted weeks. And even if it wasn't, Mediatraffic is excluding a bunch of countries anyway.
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