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  1. Lori your post musta been on the last page so I can't quote it (too lazy), I was gonna say that it's the first one that's made total sense so far. I hope that's what the intention is ultimately, for this business to prosper in that manner, which still might be slimeball on paper but ultimately fair because the artist will be the only person netting profits on tickets. I guess that's a good way to look at it - but it's still excessive and greedy. lol
  2. I'd love to find a real world example of someone who would not only do this, but would find (and know) 47 people who would all enthusiastically be like "oh ma gaw, let me get out mah checkbook!" Face it. None of us know what is going on. All we know is that Madonna's business moves are getting more and more like that of someone in the sunset of their career and if she's gonna become a Rolling Stones-ish touring act then I'm really not prepared to shell out all that money and energy to see Madonna shake her ass in a stadium! And this partnership with Stubhub just kills my motivation even more
  3. Don't you understand? This is a website by scalpers for scalpers. This particular deal will most likely sell to a another scalper who will then sell all 47 of those tickets for varying price. Who knows how those 47 tickets got into the original seller's hands in the first place. I can assure that hes probably not taking a loss on them despite what it looks like. This is the business Madonna is sticking her nose into.
  4. Seriously Carta, I don't think you're an asshole or anything, but give me a break. Madonna signing a contract with a highclass scalper website is just kind of tacky no matter how you spin it. Would you defend Madonna for making money off the guys on Ebay? It's the same thing. She's just looking for new ways to make sure everyone is putting money into her piggy bank and it just looks and sounds bizzare. Period.
  5. Right. Like someone really has a use for buying 47 fucking seats.
  6. She really is the new Mick Jagger. Oh well, at least she's in semi good company.
  7. Take a look at stubhub and explain to me how some of these to die for seats ended up on that website weeks before the presale. That makes no sense. The site evidently has thousands up for sale and those are seats that should have been allocated to Ticketmaster so one of US could have bought it fair and square. All this economical bullshit aside, the woman was raking in the cash just fine in 2006 when she wasn't doing this monkey business. This Live Nation deal is bringing some new stuff to the table, and apparently a partnership with Stubhub is part of it. I can't imagine that this include
  8. Talk about totally missing the point. Anyone who is SMART on this forum won't be paying any of those outrageous prices. She's going out of her way to make even more gobs of money than she already would if she toured like normal, and she's joining forces with the assholes who keep people like us from getting hte seats we want when they go onsale. And she's making money off of all their undeserved profit too. Re-read the thread if you don't understand why people are pissed with this woman.
  9. If people don't wanna pay thousands of dollars for Madonna they won't. Personally I just have a problem with her intentionally going to a business like stubhub, giving them a handful of great seats before even her FANCLUB PRESALE starts, and running some of them at over 1,000 a pop. Ridiculous. She's turning into a megalomaniac and she's ripping off her fans majorly. And I don't think it's gonna work. And don't give me this business bullshit. Anyone with a brain could come up with an idea like this, making money off the guys who rip off your fans. It's not savvy. It's slimeball. YUCK.
  10. Bullshit. All you're saying is that we can get our tickets elsewhere. Of course we can. I knew people were gonna spin this into something like "well she should be making the money off of them anyway!" No. Basically she's saying that if people are gonna make profits out of selling her tickets at a higher price to desperate fans, then she's game for joining forces with them. Stupid and crazy.
  11. Of course. But I see no reason for the fucking WALL STREET JOURNAL to run an outrageous story like this unless there was truth to it. The scope of the idea is just stupid and shitty no matter how its spinned. It's shocking really. We'll see.
  12. I suppose you have a point there. I really want to hear more details about this because it just sounds so tacky on paper. I mean Stubhub is basically Scalphub. It would be the same for any artist. Making money off scalpers just sounds stupid and slimey. If I buy the tickets I want to buy them standard price from Ticketmaster. I mean the entire reason people have trouble finding great seats on Ticketmaster (and I know firsthand how tough it is) is because of this kind of thing. For Madonna to make a buck off of it is just lame.
  13. Nah it might be a good business move on the monetary angle of things, but I think that's about it. The woman has enough money. She's basically endorsing the ripping off of her own fans who already have to pay $400 for good seats. It's a tacky and megalomaniacal move. She might get away with it this time, but when the legs close and the music slows down, it might be a different story. Personally I think it's a pretty ridiculous and bitchy thing to do. You can only be so aloof to the people who support you and buy your music. When you start making money off the guys who rip off desperate fans wh
  14. I dunno about official but if all the New York publications are buzzing about it then I'd take it as something that's pretty close to reality. I don't really get why she'd do something this blatantly greedy and oily, so I hope it gets explained soon.
  15. Yeah this is pretty outrageous in my opinion. To actually endorse the ripping off of her fans. What a bitch.
  16. Dumb of her to keep skipping Australia. Hope she and her posse reconsiders.
  17. That's for a stadium though, so I'm not sure how it'll filter to arenas. It should be the same but you never know with this pricey bint...
  18. From the Dolphins Stadium website: Tickets for the Miami Concert will go on sale Saturday, May 31 , 10 AM. Tickets are $70.00, $120.00, $195.00 and $390.00 offering a variety of excellent seats at all price levels
  19. It's really strange that Australia isn't even being talked about. Maybe it's going to be announced like Japan was.
  20. See, everyone's po' Omg I totally forgot about Endelito, I think he's the one person in the world that I'm taller than...
  21. So who else is going to Houston? Cristela (if you don't I'ma come to Dallas and KIDNAP YEW), Lesbi, Jamesshot, Lushlipsgirl, Rockerito, and Paulitapower? Damn Madonna has a lot of Texan fans on this site! I'ma show up in my 10 gallon sombrero! :vanitybonet:
  22. I wouldn't be able to afford anything else though. Yeah it would suck seeing Madonna in a stadium but I can't justify a big trip to Vegas, Chicago or New York and I definitely don't want to go to hideous Miami or Atlanta. Not that Houston isn't hideous itself, but it's really accessible for me because most of my family is in Texas.
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