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  1. I just think that considering the fact that the song is her biggest hit since 2000 she'd be selling better. I don't know how much the market is down, I know it's bad. But you'd think that it wouldn't be sinking so fast. And I just checked the UK numbers and those are crappy too. It's just weird that she's performing so much worse than the last album. I know, I know, it was the holidays when Confessions came out, but I think it still would have broken a million copies over here even if it was released in say, February. I don't think this one will do that. 4 Minutes just isn't selling the album,
  2. Well I think people were talking about the the numbers stateside. I haven't seen the latest numbers but from what I saw about a week ago, it didn't look like she was doing all that well.
  3. Oh, you already changed it. Nevermind.
  4. I changed it Bill, because I thought you were being an asshole and I thought that your original post deserved as little attention as possible. But now I see you were being sarcastic. It'll be changed back with a quickness.
  5. Or maybe you save us the verbal-diarrhea and quit trying to argue with me and the rest of the people on here who are voicing some pretty valid complaints about the way this tour is beind handled. If you're too thick, ignorant, or egotistical to understand where we're coming from, you're better off gloating somewhere else. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why people aren't down with what she's doing. If you can only justify it with bullshit like "OMG MADONNA IS AN AMAZING BUSINESSWOMAN" or "GUYS IF YOU DONT LIKE THE PRICES DONT BUY THEM!" then yes you are better off SHUTTING UP.
  6. Listen, throughout this entire thread you've had this "cheeky" attitude about people complaining because they couldn't afford it. If you didn't want your comments to be misunderstood then maybe you just should have shut the hell up.
  7. And another thing - if you have the means to shell out upwards of $400 for this woman, then GOOD FOR YOU. Let's hope she marginally appreciates your dedication. With that said, I don't think it's cool or even appropriate to make fun of others who aren't up for doing that simply because they have other things in their life to tend to. Not everyone is gonna have the same willingless to blast away their disposable income like you do. The least you can do is not be a snob about it.
  8. I remember 2006 like it was yesterday because I was determined to jet to New York to see this hag. On the first day I couldn't get my tickets - the seats I wanted were gone within minutes. For weeks, I wasn't even able to ACCESS tickets from Ticketmaster for the New York dates. None even popped up. Maybe a nosebleed here and there. Finally, in early June, about 3 weeks before the show, I got lucky and got my tickets when Ticketmaster released their seats. When a show is deadlocked like that, you know its sold out. But you can still get floor seats for some of these shows. I'm not saying the
  9. Well I certainly don't buy A&F jeans and I certainly don't blow my money on stuff that I know is overpriced. That includes everything. Call me cheap or a jew, but I don't believe in doing that. Madonna's tour is overpriced and yes she's ripping off her fans, and Boytoyville can sit on his computer chair all day long and try to convince me to lick Madonna's undeserving ass with him, but I choose to see this realistically and she's overcharging. If this is what she has to do to see a considerable profit then maybe she should just save herself the trouble and go to Vegas. I'll still suppor
  10. Oh yes you are getting ripped off. You may be able to afford it, but you're getting ripped off. None of the New York shows have sold out and neither has Boston. Remember 2001? Those shows sold out in MINUTES. It's been DAYS for some of these shows. Sounds pretty fucking slow to me.
  11. I'm not surprised the tour is selling slowly. She's being outrageous with her pricing - so much so that I'm not even going this year. I paid a nice $170 in 2006 for the seats she's charging $350 for now. Yeah right, like I'm gonna for that. lol Ultimately there's a limit to how much you can rip people off and she rode that pretty well during the Confessions Tour. Right now, there's less buzz around her, her album isn't selling, and instead of keeping things the way they were A MERE TWO YEARS AGO, she jacks up the prices. So it's no surprise that this is slightly blowing up in her face. I'll
  12. Aside from the corset, the Reinvention tour had some of her worst costumes ever. That whole tour was kinda shitty actually. I thought Confessions was way better costume-wise and overall. As for your question, we don't know the answer to either yet, but I'm sure Jamie will direct again.
  13. Reinvention: 1x in Miami Confessions Tour: 2x in New York I wish I had gone to Drowned World
  14. This is exactly how I see this situation. For years I never really gave a shit about Madonna being a megalomaniac because I knew it was her thing and it was part of her mystique and status. But I think this realy pushes it. If she truly wanted to put on a good show for her fans, she would make sure the right people are getting their hands on her tickets. Instead she just takes the easy way out and looks at it from the angle of "well how can I take these guys down in a way that benefits me?" It just sounds like a cunt move to me and I'm not feeling it. Oh well.
  15. Well, there isn't technically wrong with defending Madonna, I just think you kind of go overboard. I really do wonder what it would take for you to be like "god, what a bitch." She's pulled moves like this before, but I think it's gotten to the point where she just looks like a greedy hag. You, Glittercandy, Lori, and myself have all gone back and forth with each other in this thread and from Lori's side we've gotten a totally different perspective on the situation, even if we're still pretty turned off by Madonna's scheming. Which I think we have a total right to be. All you've done is search
  16. Oh come on, no need to be dramatic. Yeah, at first many of us were angry but can you blame us? Both of the articles that came out of New York painted an ugly picture. It makes more sense now, but I still stand by my opinion that this was a stupid move. It rubs me the wrong way as a fan ultimately, and that's not a good thing. It just makes me feel like this entire venture is just an opportunity for her to rake in cash, rather than get out there and perform for the people that love her. You always go on about being open minded Carta, but I think it's slightly hypocritical of you to say, becau
  17. I guess we can all safely say now that this is not as nefarious as it looked in the beginning but it's still a shitty move in my opinion. I guess I was a fool for thinking she was a TAD more fan friendly than this. And I don't buy the whole argument of this being good because we'll be indirectly helping Madonna give back to charitable causes. I don't buy that for a second. I highly doubt this business arrangement was preceded by Madonna saying to Guy Oseary: "Ugh, Guy, I need more money. I need to give more to charity. Let's see if we can partner up with Stubhub so I can do this." This woman
  18. Either you really don't understand hte point or you just react before you read. Probably both. I made it pretty clear that we all understand that this isn't going to affect us as ticket buyers. What it does reinforce however, is that Madonna would rather align herself with awkward business tactics like this rather than taking the high road and simply becoming more in control of how her show is sold and distributed. She chose not to do that. Instead it becomes an opportunity to simply rake in more money. It's not like she'd be taking huge losses if this was all business as usual. But because sh
  19. What really confuses me is why Madonna would want to do this in the first place. Yeah, I get the semantics of the whole thing, but it still seems like such a cash-cow move. I think it's been made pretty clear that it's not going to really affect us as fans. Fine. I don't think that's what's bothering all the people in this thread anymore. It's still irritating that Madonna would so brazenly be like "oh, my tickets are being marked up over here...that's not right, give me a piece of that." It's just extra money for her and considering that some of us in here could be paying upwards of $400 just
  20. It is. Like I said in response to Lori's post, I guess the intention is to just make it so that scalpers are obsolete, so that Madonna can profit "fairly." Which, no matter how you spin it, is excessive and greedy. Especially considering how much money Madonna makes when she tours. I think it's pretty irritating. But I guess it'll just be another hard pill to swallow in the daily spin of Madonna fandom.
  21. I bought tickets for Nine Inch Nails hours ago actually. Trent wanted to purposefully bypass the scalper syndrome by doing presales on his own website and doing ID'd tickets. It appears like it worked well (despite a bunch of glitches) and I was really happy he did that. He's been very much about his fans in this avenue, but he's obviously not a mammoth touring act. Madonna is a machine and Madonna wants dough. Simple as. I guess it's up to every fan to take it or leave it.
  22. Lori your post musta been on the last page so I can't quote it (too lazy), I was gonna say that it's the first one that's made total sense so far. I hope that's what the intention is ultimately, for this business to prosper in that manner, which still might be slimeball on paper but ultimately fair because the artist will be the only person netting profits on tickets. I guess that's a good way to look at it - but it's still excessive and greedy. lol
  23. I'd love to find a real world example of someone who would not only do this, but would find (and know) 47 people who would all enthusiastically be like "oh ma gaw, let me get out mah checkbook!" Face it. None of us know what is going on. All we know is that Madonna's business moves are getting more and more like that of someone in the sunset of their career and if she's gonna become a Rolling Stones-ish touring act then I'm really not prepared to shell out all that money and energy to see Madonna shake her ass in a stadium! And this partnership with Stubhub just kills my motivation even more
  24. Don't you understand? This is a website by scalpers for scalpers. This particular deal will most likely sell to a another scalper who will then sell all 47 of those tickets for varying price. Who knows how those 47 tickets got into the original seller's hands in the first place. I can assure that hes probably not taking a loss on them despite what it looks like. This is the business Madonna is sticking her nose into.
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