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  1. Sure it should have done better than it did, but it was doomed from the start really.
  2. Well why do people even bother buying her songs on iTunes if no one cares about hte music? It may be slutty trashy pop but people LIKE IT. And even though I think Britney is lightyears away from Madonna talent-wise, people were calling Madonna's music slutty and throaway in the 80's I'm sure. And we all know that isn't the case. Give the girl a break. She's not eating babies or calling herself a "VISUAL ARTISTE WHO IS NOT LOWBROW AND HARKENS BACK TO THE DAYS OF WARHOL." She's Britney. Who cares. ACCLAIMED ARTIST WITH 10 YEARS OF SUCCESS.
  4. Britney's album is going to do well whether you guys want to admit it or not. And it deserves to. It's a great album. Again, you can hate her, but this time around there's a big response to what she's doing - not only because her health is back in order, but because the songs are pretty great.
  5. So, anyone get video of Timbaland womping around onstage? Now I'm wishing I went to this show
  6. Timbaland has an ego the size of Brazil, and a body the size of a small car, but he's definitely charming
  7. X Factor, I know you're new here, but I'm only gonna tell you this once. This kind of pesty thread flooding is not allowed here. Take your shit to Pop Princesses and post about Britney there. This thread is at 14 pages and half of the posts are yours. Enough. Push your luck and you'll be suspended.
  8. Madonna loves Britney, Jamesshot. The world loves Britney. We all love Britney. *twilight zone music*
  9. Holy crap what a hot picture of Madonna. Can't wait to see Madonna and Britney play with each other's naughty parts onstage!
  10. For awhile there it looked like Hard Candy was a DOA disaster when all the inflated projections people had on here were aggresively put to rest (even I thought it was gonna debut better), but looking at that list you can see that this album is performing at least on the same level Confessions was, adjusted for inflation from 2-3 years ago. 2006 was probably the last year the music market had any life at all.
  11. No you are, sweet Philly boy! I know you're from Pittsburgh but I like saying Philly boy.

  12. I love you Goldtooth!

  13. Please post pics of you wearing the shades. Kthx
  14. Has-been? I wonder if Sarah Plain's spokeswoman understands that if things go right in the next 3 weeks, she'll be out of a fucking JOB.
  15. Because you have a vagina. A meat sandwich. And tetas. Bitch

  16. I hate most republicans. Just thought I'd share that.
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