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  1. These kinds of posts aren't funny. I suggest you stop now.
  2. For what its worth, I've been hearing nothing but good things on the radio and on TV about this. I guess it took Madonna going back and bravely doing this all over again for people to understand that she's not fucking around. And yes, Lola is a lady.
  3. And I will add that I've said on here a few times that I didn't consider Hard Candy a flop at all. It started out pretty well. Once Give It 2 Me dropped it nosedived as expected, but I think that's more an issue of the wrong song and the abandoning of the project more than people disliking it. I've actually noticed that some people who didn't care for Madonna in the last 10 years enjoyed this album, which is cool. I don't think she made a barrage of new fans with this album though, which is what I'm gleaning from some people here. Young fans pop up around EVERY album release. I've been posting
  4. This is when your argument becomes especially irritating. People could make just as much fun of us for liking Madonna, just to let you know. I like Britney myself. For totally different reasons from Madonna. I also like NIN. For totally different reasons from Madonna. What does ANY of that have to do with this argument? You could insert anyone's name in place of Britney and say "ugh, you like them, how can you say anything about this album?" No one's trying to say that their taste in music is better than yours. I think people are more curious about why there's so much animosity when the sub
  5. Again, I have to reiterate... SO WHAT? Who here has said anything about it being a mistake? The worst that was said about it was that is was a shitty album, or that it was transitional (I said that - and transitional doesn't equal bad. It just means it was transitional). And as expected the same troupe of people dampen their undies for no reason. I don't get it. Are you just really angry that it wasn't recieved as well as the last album? And what's so bad about thinking a song or two with Pet Shop Boys would have been interesting? I'm sure you would have loved it yourself. After all,
  6. A Pet Shop Boys album would have at least been more interesting, flop or not. It's funny that people have to resort to "But 4 Minutes was a hit!!!" to give Hard Candy any sort of plus points Poor Hard Candy. It was a total transitional project for Madonna, you can practically smell it when you play that crap. (Cue Pud's Britney taunts ) Oh and because I'm obligated to post this anytime I say something bad about Hard Candy: I LOVE MADONNA WITH MY HEART & SOUL & SHE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FEMALE RECORDING ARTIST OF THE GALAXY! (and yes I do mean it)
  7. Goldtooth's teeth are more user friendly, but my teeth are sturdier. Your hole can rely on my teeth way better.

  8. When are you gonna grind your hole on my teeth?

  9. Deleted. I hated it. Haha.

  10. That guy is like a far less attractive, poofier version of you!

  11. If she revamps the whole thing I guess it could be cool. But yeah I'd rather wait a few more years for a whole new tour. Sticky & Sweet is done.
  12. When was the last time someone sold this much? Was it Amy Winehouse? Honestly, those kind of sales are like flukes now. Maybe once every 3 years, someone sells that much. It's not enough to save labels.
  13. NIN still releases albums. They're just not through a major record company, the sources of the music industry's demise. That's all I'm saying. If she wants to release physical CDs fine, but since her contract with Warner ended, one would think that she'd be finished with major labels but if she wants to meddle around with Universal, she's really just going the same route once again. Unless she strikes a deal in which they sell her albums for 4.99 with a touring passcode or something. But I doubt that.
  14. Yes of course, I just thought Madonna would be going a different route and just developing her own distribution method like other artists did - Trent Reznor did it with his own "label" (even though its really just a distribution company) called the Null Corporation, and that was just for the physical stuff. Everything else was digital. Major labels had zero to do with it. I mean really, you even said yourself that you didn't buy the physical release of Hard Candy I just assumed it would've been less about the CD now that she's a free agent.
  15. Well just look at the figures from this year. The numbers are dreadful. I wish I could find the article that discussed just how bad album sales have gotten and how much trouble the music industry is in as of right now.
  16. I don't think it matters how well labels promote albums really. No one is selling albums anymore so it's just kind of pointless to keep releasing CDs if you left a major label to get away from all that in the first place. If they offer some sort of interesting deal where the CDs are promoted with concert tickets or specially priced or something then I could see it kind of working, but ultimately if she's a "free agent" she should just be releasing music via her website like Nine Inch Nails did. It made them tons of money. Look at how Hard Candy did. It didn't flop but it's sales were pretty
  17. Great news and I can't wait to see the DVD but I'm kind of dissapointed that Madonna's just gonna be releasing stuff on a major label all over again. The music industry is dying a slow and painful death, I thought she would've come up with a far more interesting method of releasing her material like other ex-label bands have done.
  18. Actually, I was just recalling that thread you made about a year ago with that fat woman giving that guy a back massage with her huge barriga!

  19. You are amazing. I'm gonna come to Denver and rape you.

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