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  1. Lil Wayne may be THE RAGE right now, and he may be a funny interview, but come on, he is our post-recession answer to 50 Cent and Eminem. But I'm sure people who love a collaboration with them too, after all, it COULD GO #1!!!!!1one!
  2. What's wrong with them? God, they're at least better choices than Lil Wayne.
  3. Yeah, all in all I just don't want Madonna to age as ridiculously as her contemporaries. If she wants to continue wearing leotards and looking like a pro-athlete, I support that. I LOVE that - as long as she's doing it in defiance rather than doing it to be sexy or turn on the dudes (I choose to believe the former despite mounting evidence toward the latter). But she's showing major symptoms of a mid-life crisis with the choices she's made in the past few years, and because I AM A FAN, I want her to continue being a cool chick and being in touch with you know, reality. After all, we all laughe
  4. The point I was lazily trying to make is that Madonna is more and more coming across like someone who is just grabbing onto whoever is young and "hitworthy" to keep herself relevant. I know Moe was trying to say that she's always been that way, but I don't think so. I think it was just easier for her to have success before, regardless of who she worked with. She was younger and less concerned with her expiration date running out, so she could do something like Erotica one day, then do Bedtime Stories the next, then Ray Of Light. She could have done a song with Spice Girls. She could have done
  5. What does that have to do with anything? He's just as much a Midge loon as he is a Britney one. It is pretty laughable that she's collaborating with Lil Wayne. The woman is coming across so desperate lately. And its not easy for me to say that, believe me.
  6. ^ You're tho different! Omigod.
  7. I refuse to believe this. If its true, how embarassing she's become Lil Wayne is a fucking assclown.
  8. Well Madonna's cunttastica side has been around since the moment she had a hit album so I guess it doesn't phase me either way. . When you become a fan you just accept these things about her. I don't like her mean side but I don't dislike it either. It's her. Oh well.
  9. Madonna is infamous for being a cunt when she smells fear. It's just who she is. Flattery never seems to have an effect on her. Whenever she goes on Regis & Kelly and Kelly starts rubbing her pussy on the chair just from the mere presence of Madonna, I can tell Madonna feels awkward. But she's gotten nicer now that she's older; I'm sure Tori's story was from back in the mid 90s. And the advice Tori gave the singer was 100% on point.
  10. Well la-dee-da I'm just saying that its really not the same thing as dressing up like an assclown at a wedding, or an Oscar ceremony, or a banquet, bartmitzvah, whatever. It's a fashion gala where celebrities all show up with too much makeup and overpriced clothes, Madonna just happened to be one of the celebs who went all out.
  11. Except this is a costume party! I think she looks great apart from the ears. They don't even look like ears!
  12. I knew the grassdress wasn't a fluke. I love it when Madonna goes nuts with outfits. She's reminding me a lot of Blonde Ambition/Truth Or Dare/1991 Madonna lately.
  13. Hey Poo, True Poo, Poosh, Love Makes The World Go Poo, Poopie Poopie.
  14. Yeah, I think we've all had enough of your bad attitude. Either learn to respect the rules here or be gone for good. Enjoy your 2 week suspension.
  15. If Madonna's camp really did lie about the whole paparazzo thing then what a dumb move on their part.
  16. Ugh I really am regretting reading those Dlisted comments.
  17. I've been dying for her to go brown for a long time now. I think she would look incredible.
  18. SHe's in London right now. And she has an english son. I don't think she hates it that much. But then again, you have a telepathic connection to Midge and I don't. Must be cool. What did her poop look like this morning?
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