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  1. I love the vocals on this album and it has 4 incredible videos. It's not my favorite but I can find great moments in every single Madonna album.
  2. Gaga is talented but unfortunately she's an idiot of the higest order. I just saw her new video and some awful interview where she was talking about big dix and then later turning around and responding with "oh, that's a stupid question" as if she's some sort of intellectual tigress with something important to say. Worst. Does she not realize that she had been giving nothing but stupid answers that entire interview? Madonna may be more uptight than she used to be but at least early in her career she made it a point to balance her pretentiousness with a healthy dose of self deprecation. I don'
  3. For the most part the tour is garbage, but its few high points were great indeed. It really had no hope after the last two amazing tours though.It looks and sounds like poop in comparison.
  4. Why are you so fixated on this Angelina VS. Madonna thing? Madonna will never be america's sweetheart. She has no chance in hell given the way her career has panned out and the way she has manipulated the media for so long. I don't even want her to be america's sweetheart, fuck that. That's not who she is. And the only people who gush about Angelina & Brad are entertainment reporters. B+A are in the tabloids on a weekly basis with negative stories continuously written in hopes that the two will split up. Not only that, their children are written about as well, always with a negative he
  5. Seems like they dubbed her vocals for pretty much everything I'm not complaining, it sounds great.
  6. Holy fuck at the way Die Another Day is edited. INCREDIBLE. Oh my god, this is so good. I love this woman.
  7. Oh it's been that way forever, I've always been the only one who hated it (and gemini). To me, it sounds like my abuelita trying to bust a move. But hey, rock on to those who love it. lol
  8. Heartbeat was a piece of embarassing garbage though, with Madonna squawking all over the place. It sounded better with Pharrell singing it for god's sake. This song sounds like a song that would sound better with Madonna singing it, and that's a good sign.
  9. Wait so is that Midge's song or not? I thought that the Anna chick said it wasn't. I like the song too btw.
  10. I really like it! I just hope there are no stupid rappers barking all over it. I hate the sex/killer lyric but its better than having to deal with Lil Fucking Wayne.
  11. Organica, romance I'd like to make you eat wheatgrass... (Only a few people will get that )
  12. What did you talk about? And what pics did you focus on?
  13. I sincerely doubt that Lil Wayne has anything to do with the song, I think it was just a rumor that snowballed.
  14. Keri should stick to writing hot songs for more interesting women. Hahaha.
  15. Complete with her soulful crow vocals of course, as seen in "Heartbeat"
  16. I'm sure Madonna is great in bed, but really, shouldn't certain things just be left to the imagination? Organica, romance
  17. Yeah I don't know that anyone on here has given any sort of hint that they don't want Madonna to work with black people (if that is indeed what was being insinuated in your post Etips). I think people just were worried that Madonna was going to become that embarassing 50 year old mom who hits on her daughter's boyfriend. Ultimately I think a lot of fans were scared of Madonna playing out her mid-life crisis in a very desperate and embarassing way, and working with the practically pubescent Justin Timberlake and the ever-obvious Timbaland was a part of that. Can you blame them? Before American
  18. Hahaha, no, that's Lil Bow Wow if I'm not mistaken
  19. What's the use if she makes an ass of herself? More and more I think this Lil Wayne thing is just bullshit, but think for a second. Madonna is going to be 51 this year. Her last hit was a year ago and she's managed to not ONCE leave the spotlight since then. All Madonna needs to do is release (decent) music and she will be relevant. Gossipers are more interested in her than ever now. She doesn't need #1 singles, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Britney, Miley... WHATEVER to keep herself from turning into a boring housewife. She'll be touring until she's 60 - 9 years from now. At that point, what are yo
  20. I don't get Lil Wayne. I've never "gotten" that type of music. Eminem, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, 50 Cent, Akon... it all sounds like guidette club music to me. I prefer Kanye, which says a lot because I openly hate the guy. But at least he makes an attempt to advance the genre. Same with MIA. That's what hip hop is to me, its not always something you're in the mood to listen to, but its agressive and interesting and sexy. The aforementioned people just sound like trash.
  21. Hahahaha. Btw, imagine if this thread were about Madonna & Katy Perry? I wonder if it would have been more positive or way worse. I'm gonna go with way worse. I like Katy Perry SEE? I have no problem admitting when I have questionable taste. It's just the thought of Madonna pussypopping with Lil Wayne scares me too much, it was already scary enough with Justina in 4 Minutes.
  22. IsaacHarris, I really like your posts Anyway, at this point, all I want is for Madonna to just go on tour so I can look at pretty pictures of her thighs.
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