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  1. Emma is an incredibly smart girl, but she's just flat wrong on the facts. Madonna gave everyone a very clear  warning at the beginning of the video, spelled out in text. And the implication that Madonna is profiting off of the video is really incredibly irresponsible. 

    I'm not into fanbases swarming other ppl's social media accounts with their craziness, but I do think Madonna fans should be on her page pointing out the holes in her statements. Looks like she didn't even watch the video. If she's walking it back then good. 

    People need to chill out. The first instinct is to go for the jugular with Madonna and its a bit over the top. Lately they've been succeeding, but Madonna deserves to be defended on this 1. People are just flat out lying about her. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Andra said:

    Girl, moaners or no, our desperate meltdowns most likely saved this setlist, let's face it.  Don't think she didn't read out comments.

    Someone had to go here, and I am glad it was you and not me :rotfl:But yep. I wondered the same thing myself. 

    Someone probably told her flat out that she was going to blow another massive opportunity if she did not do something with the setlist. She has to make part of the setlist at least an indirect homage to gay culture and her own immersion in it. This is pride. This is a celebration with a lot of heavy undertones, sure. But it is a celebration. Bitch, act like it! So if she was aware of my tough comments about the setlist, GOOD!! I'm only trying to help :lmao:

  3. After seeing the potential/unconfirmed setlist, hearing God Control and I Rise, and after seeing the unabashed brilliance of the God Control video, I'm feeling more confident about the pride perf. Could actually be iconic tbqh? We will see. 


    [Xtina]Noms announced and I'm WINNING

    Usually at the Billboards just PERFING

    Feelin' all G-A-Y

    I don't care it's NYC PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!![/Xtina]

    @Monsieur X

    And yes that is a reference to G-A-Y London nightclub perf by MARGE in 2005. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    I think you've lost the point I was making.  I was simply pointing out that I'm just surprised she didn't have more views since it was getting heavy media coverage. That's all!  I'm totally aware and have "accepted" that she isn't going to sell/stream like the younger acts.  I would have thought (love or hater her) with the media exposure she's been getting with this, she would have had more views by now.

    No you’re right, I mostly went off on a tangent. I know what you meant. But I was just kind of thinking out loud as to why it may be this way.

  5. 1 minute ago, Starman said:


    people would have been more excited about yhe album

    I do agree it was a big mistake to not release the song before the album came out. But I'm not sure it would have mattered. She just put out a really stunning video that has just as much replay value as Hung Up and it's still just kinda plodding along.

    I really do think Madonna's name still means something to virtually anyone you talk to (so her relevance is sort of permanent in that sense), but when it comes to current output - she's facing the same challenge Prince and Bowie did. She can make the most innovative, interesting pop music and ppl will still feel like "oh, she's still making music?" 

    Ppl didn't care when Prince or Bowie released albums after they had turned 50-60 years old - they're starting to not care with Madonna either. I know I keep bringing them up, but it's the easiest example. And it's not necessarily bad. 

  6. Just now, Simo9jo said:

    To me something like Girl Gone Wild is a cringe mess...as are lifeless repetitive dance remixes. At least the production on American Life is innovative. 

    I can see how Girl Gone Wild is a cringe mess for fans too. But at least it came to life when performed live. Much of MDNA is like that to me - live treatment of the songs gave the songs a sense of identity that they didn't have on the album. 

    American Life is kind of the inverse - a song that wanted to be innovative and unique but was bogged down by being tuneless and schizophrenic and capped off by a really stupid rap. It's just awkward, it's the equivalent of wearing cargo shorts with a blazer and Birkenstocks, and then putting on a beret and walking outside. The song is just a mess lol 

  7. Just now, Priceless said:

    I think she should re-invent the arrangement for American Life just like she does with the other songs from her back catalog...then it might have a sporting chance.

    I mean, it's the ONLY way it'll have a chance. The original incarnation sounds so goofy live. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

    I think the album is regarded as a classic and the video was widely praised but IMHO generally the song still has a mixed reaction partly because of the production. 

    I love the Rauhofer mix but the original version I just don't listen to.

    I really hope the pulls off an amazing show and gets showered with praise. I can't take another Eurovision fiasco!

    Exactly. The album is what has aged well. The song is basically in the same place it was when it came out in 2003. Some die hards think it is great, everyone else just think its an awkward cringe mess. 

  9. @jamesshot @Amelia The views aren't higher because Madonna is not relevant like that anymore. I know, sounds reductive to just flatly claim that, but it's just the truth. I don't mean this to be derisive or mean regarding your desire to see Madonna go viral like that (who knows, the video may have legs). But I think some of us just need to accept that this is her career now. Someone else in another thread summed up Madonna's challenge perfectly. She is too old in age for the young kids to get into, but she is also making music that is too "youthful" and experimental for older generations to get into. There's not much of a place for her.

    So for really provocative videos like this, people may have interest for a split second but it doesn't mean much when she's not Beyonce or Ariana Grande. She got the much welcomed positive press from the video, and she took a big risk putting it out. I know that's not enough for some. But after MDNA and Rebel Heart semi bellyflopped and the RH tour sold barely half of the MDNA Tour, I think we should have all been prepared for this new phase. It's weird when I see ppl in other threads pleading for Madonna to collaborate with Ariana Grande or some other young star. I mean... she has done that, time and time again. Every album since Confessions has featured some version of that, and each album has done worse than the last . Maluma is a massively popular artist in the Americas. Look how far it got her? 

    Madonna's more Bowie/Prince than Bruce Springsteen or Whitney Houston. That's just where she is now. Let's all take pride in that. 


  10. 1 minute ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    When the song came out, all the fans hated it. Then years later, it was praised. Now back to hate. I can't keep up.

    Shit, not me. I’ve hated it from day 1. And maybe I just don’t post here enough, but I can’t remember a time when that song had a Renaissance. It’s always been (AT THE VERY LEAST) a very divisive song for fans.

  11. 11 minutes ago, Andgon144 said:

    Cult status is like legendary status right ? Or what it means ? :x lol

    It can mean legendary, yes. They're not mutually exclusive. But to have cult status means that a large chunk of the population is aware of you, but only a portion of that population understands your work. Prince became a cult figure in the latter half of his career. David Bowie was pretty much a cult figure throughout his entire career. They're both legends. Cult movies, like The Shining or Suspiria are deemed so because of their uniqueness and innovative style, though movies like that have plenty of detractors. All of this could easily describe Madonna in 2019. 

    Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey Whitney Houston, are great examples of icons (well, in the case of Mariah, more like second tier icon) who are not cult-like at all. Their music is too safe and simple for that -it appeals to any and everyone. Madonna is far more of a David Bowie or Prince than she is a Michael Jackson. Though it wasn't always that way. In 1991 you could say she was more Michael Jackson status than Bowie. But Erotica/SEX changed all that permanently (and she's better off for it, btw). 

  12. The lyrics of this song are among the strongest in her career... the flow of the song really kind of orbits around the power of the words. Every part of the song is tailored and constructed to be super catchy and quotable. I'm astonished at the level of songwriting talent in Madonna sometimes. I think it's been so long since I've heard these kind of raw instincts from her because she's been mired in other producers CRAP for so many years. This album is such a colossal achievement - I am so glad the videos are getting similar treatment. A really incredible time in Madonna's career for me, tbh. 

  13. The sooner we all accept that Madonna's become a pretty subversive figure in pop culture, almost cult-like in status, the sooner we can all learn to enjoy her art the way she intends.

    It's not 2005 anymore. Madonna post-50 has done a lot of experimenting with her legacy - she's done the money-hungry thing with the gyms and perfumes (GROSS), she's done safe (Hard Candy and Rebel Heart eras), she's done grandiose (the entire MDNA era), now the bitch wants to be an artist. That means she's had to shed a lot of goodwill in favor of being the woman she wants to be. Butt implants, experimental album, grillz, intense new music videos, eyepatch, eerie album sleeve and all. I'm here for it. But we're going to have to understand that its not for everyone and people WILL be puzzled by her. It'll change with hindsight of course - I can already hear ppl talking about Madame X in 2025 and speaking on its boldness and bravery and the visuals and blah blah blah. Same old story. 

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