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  1. Just now, Confessit said:

    She did an unusually average performance at the Eurovision and people are loosing their shit. 

    She will slay she's not a changed performer who doesn't know how to appeal anymore for God sakes. 🤣 

    This is a woman who knows exactly how to command her audience and she will do it again in a fortnight at PRIDE.

    Part of why Eurovision sucked is because future translates horribly live. Auto tune or not. It’s just an unmelodic mid tempo song that isn’t anywhere near being the top of any fan’s list.

    She’s doing it again and it’ll have the same reception in the room. Period. I defended her at Eurovision too. It was a bad situation but it seemed like just a spastic set of poor choices that she’d learn from. Well clearly she hasn’t.

  2. 1 minute ago, boy skeffington said:

    I disagree. It’s a completely different world now. She’s be criticized for gypsy appropriation now for that performance sadly. 

    It seemed to start with the Prince tribute. I can understand not liking a performance...but since BET had a commercial directly attacking bought/created to run immediately following her performance, I knew the tide was never going to be in her favor again. And it’s been the same outage eve since. 

    I also thought the Univision performance was immaculately staged and compelling ...even if your argument is the vocals. 

    No one is bashed harder, in my opinion. 

    Yeah well part of being an icon is being entertaining and getting a crowd whipped up and thrilled

    picking 2 songs that EVEN HER HARDCORE FANS agree are among the more mediocre cuts from a very brilliant album is stupid 

    it doesn’t even have to be God Control. Why not at least Medellín and Crave? 

    Seriously I just can’t justify the logic sometimes 


  3. 2 minutes ago, boy skeffington said:

    “I am so disappointed in Madonna’s creative decisions. I should be the artistic director. Then she would be so popular.”

    MADONNA doesn’t care. She’s doing her. 

    In the official announcement, they even used the word BRIEF I think because it has always been four songs and she’s not cutting it short or shortchanging anyone. You know that’s the default outrage...”why not a full 2 hour concert🙄

    She’ll get bashed no matter what she does so why bother pandering. The fans bash hardest with the unfulfilled expectations.

    also, Future is a bop

    Oh god lmao here we go

  4. 1 minute ago, acko said:

    The fact that he mentions The Rain Tapes. Ugh... He doesn't deserve 2 know the Rain Tapes. That tragic gay though 🤣 he's not even a real journalist... It's a fucking blog 😅 my mom has a blog

    Yep. If that doesn't underscore what I meant when I said he should not be reviewing Madonna, then I don't know what does.

    I get it, everyone has a right to their opinion. But I feel like there needs to be a least some level of non-bias with reviewers. Why would anyone want a Gaga Stan or a Mariah Stan to write reviews in prestigious publications? You're not getting a real review. The same applies in reverse. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, bardo said:

    i don't know where you got that he loves madonna. he doesn't even like her. he likes some of her 80s dance stuff. but he even gave that a back-handed compliment in this review.

    I'll tell you how I know.

    In 2008 I was 22 years old and after he stumbled upon me online (via means we won't get into!) he thought I was cute. So he hit me up. We chatted. At the time, Madonna was doing Sticky & Sweet and I talked about how I wanted to go to the show. That's when he showed his Stan chops. 

    His knowledge of Madonna is as intricate and as obsessive as yours or mine. He knows every album, project, moment, quote, whatever. He of course loves Erotica, Bedtime Stories. He told me! He thought she was kinda losing her cool at the time though, trashing Hard Candy and basically saying that she was getting desperate and old.

    My theory? He stopped liking her once she decided to lean into her age, whether it was wearing outfits that showcased her olympian body, singing with young acts like Timberlake, dating young men like Jesus. Madonna stopped playing the game of settling for middle-aged sunsetting, and it wasn't for him. He resents her boldness and her willingness to be hated. And look, Madonna is zany and her references are weird and she's not exactly anyone's idea of PC. I get that the persona isn't for everyone. But what exactly is so horrible about this album other than the fact that she didn't give him remixes of her debut album or another Stuart Price affair? He can't seem to decide himself. He doesn't know what to make of her and it frustrates him so he just decides she sucks so her music sucks. Fallen fans are like that. 

    Look at Mariah. She's settled into being just as much a niche act as Madonna, but her lack of ambition is pathetic in its brazenness. Women like Mariah Carey lie down on sofas and mime pre-recorded vocals, then get lifted by 15 men in sailor outfits, her idea of a show. That's his entertainment. That's why he hates Madonna now. But trust me, he oves Madonna, the concept, the symbol, the idea. He still Stans for it. She's just not doing it his way. 

    I've read a lot of him over the years.

  6. 25 minutes ago, bardo said:

    yup. rich is a mariah stan. he doesn't even like "vogue" all that much. and he trashed confessions on his blog back in the day. OF COURSE that's who reviewed the album for pitchfork. it never even had a fucking chance. 


    I actually think Rich loves Madonna but he's one of those guys who only likes to  view her through one lens - a fan who is kinda living in the past in other words. The fact that likes Mariah Carey is kinda cringe and weird since she makes music that pretty much the entire universe knows is pretty bad, but serves a purpose in showcasing Mariah's admittedly great voice (but again, if you wanna talk about someone who needs to hang it up... look no further than her. Her voice is gone and that's all she really had to sell her really generic music). But it's irrelevant. He loves Madonna and he is a fan, but he probably has some sort of beef with her, and FOR THAT REASON, he does not need to be reviewing Madonna albums. It's wholly inappropriate and goes to what @bardo just said. Madonna never had a chance. All parties came into this with an agenda. 

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