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  1. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I'm predicting an alarmingly normal result on Nov 8 - kinda like Obie's clean win against Romney 4 years ago with about 332 electoral votes and a 4 point margin. Which would be fine if it were Marco Rubio or something but no, it's literally this orange bozo humpty-dumpty c-list celebrity with a personality disorder and legions of white trash racist followers that a former secretary of state/senator/first lady/lawyer has to run against But I'd be lying if I said I didnt fantasize daily about a classic chain of events like Conway quitting next week, another repulsive tape leaking, Trump falling off stage around Nov 5 or so, a la Carly Fiorina, Iggy Azalea, or Bob Dole, him making a racial slur the day before the election, followed by the death punch of Clinton beating him by double digits in popular vote and a 400+ electoral landslide, a massive exclamation point to end the most anxiety ridden and sad election this country has ever seen. Then him retreating to his tattered business, a national pariah with some pathetic web cast like Alex Jones or Cenk Uygur that no one except random white guys with no deodorant or a few russian bots watch but that's why it's a fantasy cuz you know, polarized country and all god so embarrassing. I hope Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus are proud of what they've done. This is their election.
  2. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    Lmao at that poll that has him down 14 Can't wait to see him lose and watch all his tacky lame businesses go bankrupt stupid fat orange fuck
  3. Hurricane Matthew.

    No cuz my half my family (and many friends) live in florida and I was worried about them
  4. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    2nd paragraph was general commentary about dems not directed at you. lol
  5. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    The democrats biggest issue is their marked lack of balls and willingness to surrender to bed wetting and chicken littling, winding up in a pathetic puddle of their own piss wondering why they arent immolating republicans every election. Ciccone's Cheeks is the ultimate microcosm of this. Grow a pair. I hate to quote SNL, but you can borrow Hillarys' if you need it. Crooked, Lady Macbeth, evasive, guarded, humorless, cold. We've heard this shit over and over since 1992, god, what a fucking bore at this point. But what always winds up a pleasant surprise is how Hillary will hang you out to dry in a debate like a surgeon. Just get used to it.
  6. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    Look people, the movement of hte polls can be independent from the truth - we know this. Trump did not prepare. He made every gaffe in teh book, steamed furiously with each Clinton provocation, and stepped all over himself on some of the biggest blunders of his "campaign" She gutted him with his own words just like we all knew she would. What's shocking is how he didnt bother to prepare for it. And the emails? She apologized and left it at that. The debate was catastrophic for him. It wont change the minds of his base. Duh. But it'll energize the democrats. And that can make a difference.
  7. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    Trump didn't prepare. She let him flail and dry mouth himself to oblivion onstage. sarah palin actually tried.
  8. I felt like I was going to vomit watching that video. I only wish that cat had gouged out that little kid's fucking eyes. LOCK HIM UP.
  9. No cuz she's talking about a completely different topic if you didn't notice it was still a dumb comment from her tho
  10. Still photos from the Vogue video or perhaps the True Blue album sleeve. As long as I can remember, that's been Madonna to me.
  11. Pretty sure that 2nd picture is doctored Hillary's health is a truly desperate move from the Trump campaign and it's not gonna wash. That said, the woman works herself to the bone. Politics - and campaigning too, mind you - ages EVERYONE. It's a stressful industry to work in. Her tenure as secretary of state is infamous for how much she was globe trotting.
  12. BREXIT vote aftermath

    Oh I know you aren't being cocky lol
  13. BREXIT vote aftermath

    I'm not convinced it was a smart vote whether it happens tonight or in 20 years. And ripples like this do have long term effects - that's how economics work. One bankruptcy brought the world to its knees in 2008. So while we aren't seeing much action yet, there's no reason to get comfortable and cocky with this entire thing. Brexit has far reaching implications and who knows what it could brew up in the next few years
  14. BREXIT vote aftermath

    But Madam May seems likable tbh Don't know if I'd agree with her on much but oh well
  15. BREXIT vote aftermath

    Your poor prime minister is having to be dragged out in front of the press to assure over and over that Brexit is still happening. The entire planet thinks it was a spastically dumb move, they're basically trying to ease her into possibly undoing it