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  1. I low key like her Sticky & Sweet tort body saison, particularly Sticky & Sweet 2009. It was kinda like iron Madonna from the early 90s making a comeback. But ultimately I save my hissy fits for her artistic choices, which as fans, let's face it; we have a bit of veto power on. But her body? Really none of my business, especially when she's turning out perfs like this at 60 years old no less. Madonna has spoiled her fans in ways we haven't come to fully understand yet. Like @MadFan said- these phags were all fine with Madonna entering her 50s and 60s, so long as she stayed Olympian and svelte and relentlessly energetic. Well guess what, Madonna is a human being after all! And she has to do simpler choreo at this stage. She can still dance, it's just not going to be 1990 or 2008 or 2012 again no matter how nostalgic you ppl get for it. Enjoy her while you can. You can't stop the clock, but you can enjoy today.
  2. Huh me lake you marry? Telly that you war me? Spin ya love of me Spin ya loaf of meat
  3. I'll just give you a few keywords: Assad Voting record in congress First democrat to try and make nice with Trump Connections to Hindu nationalists Poor record on gay rights (and yes her statements and family actions from when she was a young adult can be held against her, especially if we held it against Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama) If you want a real progressive, go with Elizabeth Warren. Gabbard is a weak general election candidate and I am really suspicious of the very intense Russian bot activity with regards to her.
  4. I just did a quick browse on instagram (always a risk). From the reactions I've seen online, she seems to have impressed and thrilled and moved EVERYONE. The only place that I've read any sort of negativity is on here. You guys are really sad.
  5. Yeah some of you guys need to get off the internet. Dissecting a 60 year old woman's body is a little weird, even for me.
  6. Yeah she was fabulous. End of story. Dunno how anyone can say otherwise.
  7. Some fans are still living in fucking 2005 I swear. Reality doesn't mean much. God only knows what kind of misery they're projecting onto Madonna. For her to be doing this at 60 is mind-blowing. The energy, the confidence, the beauty, the presence. This woman is 1 of a kind. I'm lucky that she's MY gay icon and I'm not stuck watching Lady Gaga over here in Vegas with her gauche nonsense and pretending it's great. Or pretending like Taylor Swift's half-assed and very-sudden gay adoration is quality and sincere. This is MADONNA. The original. Thank god.
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