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  1. Trump / US politics thread đźš˝

    You can't ban that. Now states could pass policy that would make early transition for prepubescent children illegal.
  2. Hypothetical: Madonna Stadium Tour 2018-19

    Madonna stadium dates should only be selected for filming purposes only. Outside of that everything else should be arenas. Also, I wouldn't mind a smaller tour not in promotion of an album exclusively devoted to album tracks and b-sides. She can go esoteric as fuck with the set list and themes. Play less venues exclusive to Europe and the US.
  3. Her baby isn't the least bit black nor does he resemble the father. Store bought baby.
  4. Madonna loves bad boys and that's her failing in seeking a partner. I wonder if the corporate type would have been more appropriate suitors?
  5. Madonna said recently she dated Pac and was feeling very primal. Does anyone remember or know what I'm talking about?
  6. Like a Virgin through to Truth or Dare were her most iconic looks. I know that Erotica going forward is amazing iconography but I feel like the easy go to for Madonna was the eras I outlined.
  7. Nice add. She's historic and legendary.
  8. Dandridge, Horne, and Kitt should have at least been given the college try.
  9. Because their fallen idol is a martyr to them.
  10. Beyoncé Thread

    Solo is a living giving force.
  11. I figure before I send her one, how does everyone else go about it?
  12. What Do You Tweet Madonna?

  13. Come On In To My Store

  14. Come On In To My Store

    Never understood the collective disdain.

    Future Lovers remains my favorite from Confessions. Of course Mirwais produced it.
  16. Come On In To My Store

    I thought about you when I saw that.
  17. Come On In To My Store

  18. Come On In To My Store

    I held onto this picture. Wonder why?
  19. Once Sixty

    Should Madonna be considered for lifetime achievement prizes?
  20. Once Sixty

    Madonna stays healthy. Unlike Tranet who allows herself obesity between projects. Madonna will be fit for touring the world throughout her sixties. Now the seventies is when the body shuts down for exhaustive shows and road life. Tina Turner has said this in an interview with Oprah for her final tour in 2008--09 she was too broke down to continue like this her body needed the leisure advance age demands.
  21. Once Sixty

    Her never turning sixty should freak you out more.
  22. She was a bachelorette -- Madonna should be able to go girlie for her digs.
  23. A waste of roughly 200 dollars for the chance to experience a public display of grotesqueness is fine.