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  1. Ruins whatever high frequency detail that was captured in the unfiltered video.
  2. Do you know I assumed this was from a gay ball.
  3. Outside of Rosie, does Madonna keep celebrity friends?
  4. I'm completely in the tank with Paglia over trans kids. But grown ups in midlife know if they choose to transition they're not making a frivolous mistake.
  5. Like a Virgin is the best comedic bit of her entire touring career.
  6. 200 is a steep price.
  7. People from academia are not as lofty and bright as we hold them. In reality they are us with meaningless credentials to justify having an audience.
  8. She's a fan with shitty feelings about the direction of Madonna's career. How is she any different than any of us except she's a famous person?
  9. I like her. But no one's opinion matters more than mine.
  10. Too easy for her detractors to use especially if it isn't a commercial or critical return for her.
  11. Elephant in the room we worship the Erotica era and all that came with it. The backlash screwed the LA fans for a tour date. I prefer challenging set list like The Girlie Show's where there is not a concern about catering to expectation of the hits.
  12. Paglia is a fan of the bygone era Madonna. Therefore everything about the Madonna of now which doesn't appease the fan she is gets thrown under the bus and set on fire.
  13. I love this. I think I'll decorate my dream home after Erotica.
  14. Erotica is unchallenged in Madonna's discography. Such a perfect combination of music and thematic vision.
  15. Your beef with me has nothing to do with Madonna. I said something long ago that has kept you sour ever since.
  16. Women being objectified for their sexuality predates Madonna and the modern era altogether.
  17. She was insecure she aged eight years since The Girlie Show.
  18. I don't want you in Russia. Anywhere seems better than there at this point.
  19. Bye Bye Baby is the official/unofficial sixth single of Erotica.
  20. There are no closeups of her for the broadcast and DVD version per her request.
  21. She's not keeping a baby.
  22. Definitely transparent about being a fraud.
  23. Vanity.