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  1. It's bothersome to me that they went through the effort to do this. Making it seem like Black people in the states are only looking to censor things that upset us. Which is wholly inaccurate.
  2. Were MDNA properly mixed and mastered to higher standards than sounding on par with a stream there might be an argument for his return.
  3. Erotica has never been unseated from its top position.
  4. I want them to continue working together. I feel the results for Madame X were sort of mixed. But I suspect that had more to do with the direction Madonna wanted to go in. Extreme Occident is the masterpiece of this particular collaboration.
  5. Extreme Occident is what we've come to expect from a Mirwais and Madonna collaboration. Different, emotional, and repeatable.
  6. @Kim Either you're going to the concert or you're not. Many aren't so there is little incentive to gush for the things to come when you're not participating in the live experience.
  7. Humans human. Nobody is above doing harm to someone who also possesses a marginalization.
  8. The most consistent way I support Madonna is through physical media purchases and defending her honor to haters in the e-streets.
  9. It looks a million times better without the New Roman font.
  10. I sort of want the Frida cover but it excludes my precious Extreme Occident which is the centerpiece of the album to me.
  11. Erotica not debuting at number one had to sting for all that transpired before its release.
  12. Frank also had one in LA. And if Madonna did an LA edition at his local I know how to get there quick fast and in a hurry.
  13. Someone else's holy trinity. Everyone knows I'm not a Ray of Lighter but an Erotic bottom.
  14. I love this song! Come Alive and Extreme Occident before it is the perfect preamble.
  15. This was purposefully cruel. He said only one factual thing in the whole piece.
  16. I love Dark Ballet. And I understand Killers being a buzzkill since it outstays its welcome.
  17. Madame X is high art in contrast to the three albums that came before it. I think my fondness for American Life intensified because Madonna was committed to being fun for the sake of fun since the divorce really left her publicly vulnerable. All the press constantly attacking her age and no one in the mainstream articulating a defense on her behalf. Madame X for several represents a reset for Madonna. She's better than so many musical starlets that came right after her who are sometimes thought of as her peers. Mariah/Janet for the living examples.
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