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  1. Ruins whatever high frequency detail that was captured in the unfiltered video.
  2. Drowned World Tour Video Filter

    Evil Madonna is scary!
  3. Drowned world tour appreciation thread!

    Isn't the PAL format wider than 4:3?
  4. Beyoncé Thread

    It must be impossible to be girlfriends with Beyonce since she upstages without any effort. Even when she does down she creates a new standard to aim for.
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    Janet's race isn't on the menu for ridicule. Call her a has-been call her washed up call her fans delusional but you have no justification to mock her physicality based on racial / ethnic characteristics.
  6. Janet Jackson thread

    Britney is white Janet. Not the other way around since chronology matters.
  7. Janet Jackson thread

    You're being purposely ignorant.
  8. Janet Jackson thread

    She is playing smaller venues.
  9. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    Blond Ambition really is the greatest of the great in terms of performance and set list.
  10. I walk on thin ice therefore I am a Japanese woman who receives fat royalty checks from my deceased husband's estate.
  11. I've Got Turkish Delight And So Much More
  12. That scene made me an angry old man.
  13. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Our giants leave us daily these days.
  14. Beyoncé Thread

    Laughs. I primarily watch and stalk the straight ones on social media.
  15. Beyoncé Thread

  16. Beyoncé Thread

    Do you know the announcer for this went into porn shortly after this?
  17. Janet Jackson thread

  18. Janet Jackson thread

    Because of diva worship in the community they have to recognize her because you know fags like vagina that parades around with them as backup dancers.
  19. If Prince's passing isn't enough of a motivator for her to think about her legacy as it relates to previous endeavors nothing will. She'll keep it current.
  20. I forgot Madonna used to fuck him.
  21. Janet Jackson thread

    You're sensual as fuck to look at.
  22. Janet Jackson thread