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  1. 36 minutes ago, Nightshade said:

    I think that is what she was going for. There were rumors on and off that Madonna wanted Dr. Dre to produce something for her but he felt like she was "too pop". Of course, then he went on to produce Eminem, Eve, and Gwen Stefani, so whatever I guess.

    He claims his reluctance to work with the majors is his refusal to be a yes man to them. 

  2. 3 hours ago, todsmod said:

    Back in the day, people thought Madonna was black, before seeing her picture/videos.  Where is the outrage there?  Some people only see black/white.  Defend your black (wanna be white) .... but don't dare act white (wanna be black) .... that's a travesty!!

    It's an attitude....not a color.!

    Janet's race isn't on the menu for ridicule. Call her a has-been call her washed up call her fans delusional but you have no justification to mock her physicality based on racial / ethnic characteristics.

  3. 1 hour ago, todsmod said:

    Uhmmm, what's the problem, SJW?  Is JJ not of a darker complexion than BS?  Is M not whiter than both?  You had no problem with me comparing their same tired dance moves and whisper vocals.... , but mention skin tones and the SJW's suddenly pounce.  

    Didn't expect you to take a simple skin color comment and turn it into some social/racial injustice.  It's not that deep (at least for me).  We all bleed the same color....RED!!!  

    If my comment offended you (or any others in THIS thread....which where it seems to mostly occur)....I'm truly sorry.  And I'm sorry for suggesting that Jan is of a darker skin tone than Brit.  How insensitive of me. 

    You're being purposely ignorant.