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  1. 2 hours ago, VogueMusic said:

    The LAV performance from TGS is one of the prime examples of what truly sets Madonna apart from every single pop bitch in the game - before and after. An incredible piece of performance art, paying homage to one of her greatest inspirations. I have to admit myself that I didn't quite 'get it' for many years. Then it sort of dawned on me the utter brilliance of it, along with expanding my knowledge of classic Hollywood and the true greats like Dietrich over the years. It then all comes into focus and makes perfect sense. Still surprises me that so much of her fanbase doesn't seem to 'get' this one...

    Getting it doesn't mean liking it. Though I do like it because The Girlie Show is the most amaze balls thing she's ever done.

  2. 6 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    But surely it has everything to do with the theme of the Erotica album and SEX - apart from the fact Erotica was going to be called The Girlie Show originally. 

    It's women being sexy and owning it!

    I just wished she'd opened with Bye Bye Baby as that had the perfect show opening! 

    Bye Bye Baby provides the best possible jolt to the show after she does her comedic and slow version of Like A Virgin. 

  3. 3 hours ago, todsmod said:

    Back in the day, people thought Madonna was black, before seeing her picture/videos.  Where is the outrage there?  Some people only see black/white.  Defend your black (wanna be white) .... but don't dare act white (wanna be black) .... that's a travesty!!

    It's an attitude....not a color.!

    Janet's race isn't on the menu for ridicule. Call her a has-been call her washed up call her fans delusional but you have no justification to mock her physicality based on racial / ethnic characteristics.

  4. 1 hour ago, todsmod said:

    Uhmmm, what's the problem, SJW?  Is JJ not of a darker complexion than BS?  Is M not whiter than both?  You had no problem with me comparing their same tired dance moves and whisper vocals.... , but mention skin tones and the SJW's suddenly pounce.  

    Didn't expect you to take a simple skin color comment and turn it into some social/racial injustice.  It's not that deep (at least for me).  We all bleed the same color....RED!!!  

    If my comment offended you (or any others in THIS thread....which where it seems to mostly occur)....I'm truly sorry.  And I'm sorry for suggesting that Jan is of a darker skin tone than Brit.  How insensitive of me. 

    You're being purposely ignorant.