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  1. Who knew after all these years Nicks would be the looker between them.
  2. The United States doesn't have buildings this old this beautiful. Which is why there's a slight disconnect except for those of us who are either catholic or have French heritage. The architecture alone can't be easily replicated. Sympathies for those most gravely affected.
  3. Beloved I'm not making sincere false equivalency just humorous observation.
  4. Madonna laughed at a fat rape victim deserves to be on tee shirts.
  5. Thriller is a studio album not a compilation so this competition is merit-less.
  6. Madonna wouldn't distance herself from his art for the sake of solidarity with the victims. So why would she say anything? And I say this as someone who believes she was never that enamored with him to begin with. Horrible people contribute significant things to our society. Madonna laughed at a fat rape victim. But I still Stan for that bitch. And despite personally believing the accusers I'm shocked how enjoyable MJ's songs remain.
  7. Conformation via this documentary that MJ is a serial child sex abuser is the absolute worst.
  8. Rooting for Chaka, Stevie, and Rage Against the Machine.
  9. Kate Bush is a traditional musician. No singing over prerecorded demos.
  10. Experts on what? Technicians offer up an opinion about how something sounds equivalent to the artist themselves. I wouldn't want Madonna handling the knobs on her own material because she's not that kind of recording artist. But Bjork, Prince, Kate Bush and musicians like them could and I'm fine with it.
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