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  1. Humans human. Nobody is above doing harm to someone who also possesses a marginalization.
  2. The United States doesn't have buildings this old this beautiful. Which is why there's a slight disconnect except for those of us who are either catholic or have French heritage. The architecture alone can't be easily replicated. Sympathies for those most gravely affected.
  3. For themselves the value is being light or white passing. But Americans have a limited idea on who qualifies as white. And evidence of Hispanic origin usually negates all else for stateside gatekeepers.
  4. The exit polls show black women defeated Moore. Because the white folks there--majority voted for him.
  5. I walk on thin ice therefore I am a Japanese woman who receives fat royalty checks from my deceased husband's estate.
  6. Nonwhite people are the only people who should be conversing with each other on the matter. Whites love getting to be the victim in matters on race.
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