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  1. Cosign. Especially artistically.
  2. Madonna On Spotify (Quality Control)

    For the foreseeable no other physical media format will supersede them.
  3. Robin Quivers. Just calling her the black lady is Gaga level reductive.
  4. Madonna On Spotify (Quality Control)

    I have Spotify. You can set the volume control for all your streaming content at the same level.
  5. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Justify My Love is the lightning in the bottle Erotica could never duplicate.
  6. Madonna Day Celebrate (Amoeba Music) LA/SF

    I don't I'll be fine.
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Bedtime Stories

    Inside Of Me Human Nature Take A Bow
  8. HOLY TRINITY | Ray Of Light

    Skin Nothing Really Matters Frozen
  9. Madonna Day Celebrate (Amoeba Music) LA/SF

    Don't cry for me. You guys said the Miami taping was horrible. The consensus is the audience is dead and they had to edit two shows together which is never a good sign for quality and cohesion.
  10. Maybe she'll find a new European collaborator. Musical cohesion from a single producer for another album is what I want.
  11. Madonna Day Celebrate (Amoeba Music) LA/SF

    Only interested in her Blu-rays and DVDs. Never saw the MDNA Tour (fight me).
  12. Attempting to think of Madonna mech I don't have which is a lot.
  13. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Justify My Love sounds surprisingly timeless. And the video still seems provocative despite our access to porn and the mainstreaming of trans people.