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  1. For themselves the value is being light or white passing. But Americans have a limited idea on who qualifies as white. And evidence of Hispanic origin usually negates all else for stateside gatekeepers.
  2. Everyone outside of Latin American prefers their Latins dark. Dark is sexy.
  3. erotica blu

    Michael Jackson

    His life was so tormented it felt like a relief he died.
  4. erotica blu

    New Album Means New Tour

    Because they wanna increase traffic to their platform.
  5. erotica blu

    Bjork thread

    1993. The Anchor Song is timeless.
  6. erotica blu

    Bjork thread

  7. erotica blu

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    I like lean and muscular.
  8. erotica blu

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Girlie Show is the most radically rebellious tour of hers arguably. The set list was lean and songs which didn't seem translatable live were highlights (Why's It So Hard, In This Life). Bye Bye Baby with her jazz band throwing down makes me resent her not doing what she initially planned which was to use them to make original music. Bedtime Stories could have had entirely live instrumentation.
  9. I believe all the dates were stadium venues for maximum audience capacity and to shorten the itinerary.
  10. Never speak ill of the perennial inclusion of Candy Shop.
  11. erotica blu

    New Album Means New Tour

    I agree an indoor venue or a smaller outdoor venue is a preferable experience. Maybe one day Madonna will do the Hollywood Bowl or the Greek.
  12. erotica blu

    New Album Means New Tour

    People want a stadium tour for the optics and ego of it all.