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  1. Female recording artists see Madonna either as a professional threat. Or an example of a talentless beauty getting by on youth, whiteness, and her willingness to use her sexuality to provoke and entice the public.
  2. The movie was a missed opportunity in a lot of ways.
  3. Madonna would never record that because Satan gives her the orders.
  4. Vogue is linked to Blond Ambition / Truth or Dare / and now Strike a Pose. It was also referenced in Deeper and Deeper on Erotica. No live performance of the song has ever been a disappointment only a highlight.
  5. She needs to return to less collaborators.
  6. Do her adopted children have the last name Ciccone? I know David is refer to as Banda for his last name despite Guy jointly adopting him with Madonna.
  7. I need her dragging Lena Dunham. I was assaulted by her perpetual nude and sunburn grotesqueness for Girls season six premiere.
  8. Happenstance. A poverty stricken foreign country she was unfamiliar with where seeing the children in need of care (no pun) opened her heart. Not surprising she felt they needed her more than children she could possibly adopt in the UK or US.
  9. Selfish fan who only wants new music. No more children, one of your two oldest should be trying to make you a grandmother.
  10. For the weathered face queens who are indifferent to the public policies being implemented they're coming for us one way or another.
  11. Janet was Rihanna to Madonna's Beyonce.