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  1. Sounds like a pop record that suits the time it came out. was it groundbreaking? no. are there some minor things I would change or could do without? yes. but I absolutely adored it then and now. plus it was the first time I saw her LIVE twice.
  2. GMAYL GGW L4L GT BIM 4M TUTR GI2M Celebration
  3. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    Masterpiece has a very special place in my heart, especially after I got to love it. but Ghosttown is a ballad and a jam at the same time and sounds great on some good speakers.
  4. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Would love to hear this in HQ or better yet in full. seems like a total one off but still. or was she just warming up her vocals while recording the album
  5. akin. and he's adorable too. never seen Scandal show though
  6. Obsessed with the track/look/performance.etc. Perfection.
  7. It's the best one of the only songs of M's that I consistently hear on the radio.
  8. It is time to discuss Hatdonna....

    I'm currently unemployed