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  1. Amazing album. From beginning to end. She did that.
  2. After months listening to the album, I can confirm that I always skip 'Bitch I'm Loca', sometimes 'I don't Top I bottom', and also 'Faz Gostoso'. I Rise is a really good closer.
  3. More than ONE MILLION PEOPLE marching today. Is the biggest march in Chile's history
  4. 15. Bitch I'm Loca 14. I Rise 13. I Don't Top I Bottom 12. Looking for Mercy 11. Come Alive 10. Crave 9. Future 8. Batuka 7. Faz Gostoso 6. Medellín 5. Crazy 4. Dark Ballet 3. God Control 2. Killers who are partying 1. EXTREME OCCIDENT
  5. Wow, Killers who are partying is THE song. Incredible.
  6. All the Ellen's performances they used prerecorded vocals. She had a flu, you can notice how different sounds her voice during interviews like raspy voice and then a cristal clear vocals during the performance. That's impossible. 3:12
  7. Of course it has autotune. Even Mirwais said it during his interview with News of Madonna: https://www.news-of-madonna.com/MADAME-X-MADONNA-AND-I-MIRWAIS-HIS-EXCLUSIVE-INTERVIEW_a1136.html
  8. Incredible and sweet video. Loved it! Fun fact: at the beginning of the video, the Batukadeiras are chanting a Virgin Mary prayer. Lovely.
  9. Maybe you're right about I Rise, but Dark Ballet is a Madonna video.
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