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  1. A major mistake was making GMAYL the first single - by far the lamest song on the entire CD. But radio, or in particular Top 40 radio, isn't interested in Madonna anymore, at least in my part of the world - Madonna's been relegated to the classic hits/Best of the 80s & 90s stations, which won't play her new stuff.
  2. Looking forward to her new collaborations with William Orbit - ROL is still her best ever CD, in my opinion.
  3. The best songs on "Hard Candy" were the ones Madonna did with Pharrell - it was the Timberland/Timberlake crap that let the CD down slightly. "It's Not Me" is a classic that should have been released as a single, ditto for "The Beat Goes On".
  4. Those two did some awesome songs together in the 1980s and 1990s, culminating on the "Ray Of Light" CD. I'd love it if Madonna collaborated again with PL in future.
  5. Beyonce and Madonna are both great at what they do, and they're essentially performing in 2 different genres, so it's wrong to compare them! Beyonce is an extremely nice girl - you wouldn't call her a diva!
  6. I can't believe some of the crap I'm reading here! This is meant to be a Madonna appreciation board, not a forum for her haters. I thought she rocked the house tonight, the woman is still a goddess in my opinion! And it was for a great cause, remember that!
  7. I'm listening to COADF as I type this! I kinda wish she'd do some more songs with Stuart Price if he's available.
  8. She looks amazing, every inch the Queen! And hasn't Lourdes grown into an attractive young lady?
  9. Prince did the electric guitar opening on "Like A Prayer" and he also contributed to "Act Of Contrition". Madonna can do rock orientated songs!
  10. The stuff she did with Mirwais on "American Life" was mediocre, and that's being kind! Thank goodness that COADF was so much better, and I wish she'd work with Stuart Price again.
  11. 1. The SEX Book. 2. Shanghai Surprise 3. All other movies, with the exception of "Desperately Seeking Susan". 4. American Life 5. The infamous 1994 appearance on Letterman.
  12. Queen Bitch: I thought Madonna was protected from abuse on this board, so why the fuck are you always here bashing her and her fans?
  13. I hope Mariah has another breakdown, a very public one!
  14. Thanks for the link! She's a class act, her interviews are always worth reading!
  15. Oh yes, this is a major flop for Mariah and her fake husband! Considering all the promotion and the radio airplay in the U.S, these opening week numbers for Mariah are abysmal! Madonna on the other hand, with zero promotion and a flop single, still makes the Top 10, and that's with another greatest hits package.
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