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  1. Judging from the clips we’ve heard, I think this album is going to be fairly mainstream sounding compared to Music/American Life. The productions sound so lush!
  2. She just posted another 10-second new music clip on her story! Very contemporary groove with some exotic accordion sounds in the end!
  3. Nah, looks like he's been working on his own projects in Quebec.
  4. Oh no I wasn't joking at all! If you listen to the clip with headphones you can seriously hear her singing "magic" at the background. But I know it's just me being delusional and thirsty af for new M music. And btw thanks for the loop!
  5. If you listen closely you can definitely hear her singing “magic” again and again! #WeRSuperstars is shook!
  6. Disco mixed with strings & portuguese/african beats would sound intriguing and she'll be giving the gays all they want.
  7. She doesn't need to avoid anyone because she's in her own lane at this stage of her career. She can't compete with these girls anymore. This is not 2008.
  8. WTF @ the thought of Madonna's release schedule depending on Gaga's. Such a retarded assumption.
  9. She’s NOT spending the entire year writing, recording and flying musicians across the Atlantic Ocean for a fucking MIXTAPE. Get real.
  10. Avicii Heart re-release with an extended version and new lyrics? Fuck me up Queen!
  11. The hip hop community is stanning hard for this! Hopefully it gains momentum and reaches Top 10!
  12. Whether you like it or not, STREAM the song! This could be another Top 20 hit for M!
  13. Now we know why Madonna’s feature was scrapped from Nicki’s album.
  14. Quavo has other better songs on the album but this one is cute and harmless. Another Top 40 Billboard hit (hopefully Top 20 with the help of Cardi) for M so...why not?
  15. That was because RH was a surprise digital drop. If they’re going for a traditional release then they’d need time for editing, printing, packaging and shipping of the physical copies AFTER the photo shoot, which definitely takes more than a month.
  16. An album/era is always planned months ahead because of touring/promo/release/packaging schedules, and the Aretha thing wasn't even that big to begin with... We've known for months that they were looking to book arenas in Europe in Summer 2019, and the next album is obviously gonna be another tour bundle type of deal, so it was never likely that she was gonna drop the album almost a year before going on tour.
  17. Did Mirwais just follow Jonas Åkerlund on instagram? Could this be a sign that they’re officially planning the visuals for the next album?
  18. Radek Joszua Łabuz Jean Baptiste-Mondino, Steven Klein, Herb Ritts, Aldo Diaz, Josh Brandao, Mr. Brainwash. You even don't know what are you talking about... And you don't know the reality... I fucking can't @ this comment
  19. https://www.montecarlogala2018.com/catalog Join Madonna in her recording studio in London and preview songs from her upcoming album Madonna’s next album will be coming out soon, and before its release, the Queen of Pop invites the winning bidder and up to three guests to join her in her London recording studio to preview some of the songs from the alum with her. For anyone who has ever wanted to go “behind the scenes” of an alum, or for anyone who is a fan of Madonna - that is, for everyone - this is a true “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. Experience to take place in London in October or November, 2018. Date to be scheduled by mutual availability. Experiece is for up to four people. Travel and accommodation not included.
  20. Bieniek is a well known and established artist who has done plenty of commercial works internationally. Some of you thinking he's some nobody who hates the mainstream..... With that being said, he's an ass for posting their conversation publicly, although I can see why he's turnt off by Guy(or M)'s approach. You don't just ask an artist to send you thoughts and sketches to "see if things will work out", it all just sounds like the same ol' stingy strategy that her team has been pulling since she left Warner. Write him a check for conceptual design first and foremost.
  21. Since the album thread is closed: Well, apparently she's looking for artists to work on her album cover! And she asked Sebastian Bieniek! But seems like the German artist has turned her down? Or is it some German humor that I don't grasp?
  22. Lauren seems to mostly work on LA-based projects. If she's flying to London, then it's a pretty clear indication that she's going there for M. Her last couple of international trips (shown on IG) were all Madonna related. It's not a far fetched assumption at all.
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