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  1. I don't know why people here are still in doubt when TWO reliable insiders have explicitly hinted that something's happening tonight.
  2. A 2019 countdown live stream and then dropping a new track at 00:00? Could that be it?
  3. Remember your adrenaline rush when the Rebel Heart album cover randomly pops up on iTunes in Dec 2014? That's exactly what I'm feeling right now.
  4. @robster on popjustice: "Her glam team arrived in NYC over night! Hold on to your suspenders kiddo's! This might just be a bumpy ride!" WTF is happening??? A surprise live stream/event??
  5. I actually wouldn't mind if she remasters Hold Tight (and the whole RH album) if we're sacrificing the new single release for another month.
  6. @Mensch has given us enough clues, why y’all still guessing? “more than info” ”single” ”in a few days” Get ready for Friday bishes!
  7. So we might be getting something "more than just info" in "a few days", and our precious insider can't say a "single" word about it... I'm shaking y'all.
  8. My assumption is that the WW lead single will be the disco track she teased and the other single will be a trendy Latin-pop track featuring Anitta which will target the Latin market. We will probably hear endless complaints about the lack of cohesiveness before the album drops.
  9. I still can't @ this dumb ho leaking her own album tracklist five months before the album release
  10. We all know she's releasing the album in March/April, so a photo/video shoot in January doesn't sound like a surprise at all. @Mensch is implying that we're getting something #muchsoonerthanwethink.
  11. I'm all for the first single featuring Maluma (more so than Anitta) for the single version/music video. Now that all of M's videos are on her channel, featuring these artists will bring in MASSIVE views for her back catalogue.
  12. The new album is most likely 99% mixed, mastered, sealed and done, based on the information we collected. This Anitta collab could be for Anitta herself or some producer.
  13. 4 Minutes was a fantastic lead single choice. Yes it's more "generic" than Hung Up/Frozen, but it's still a massive record on its own.
  14. What the..... GMAYL is one of her best post-2000 videos.
  15. Can 2018 just fuck off already? I need new Madonna music and era NOW.
  16. Are they supposed to unfollow each other after their work is done?
  17. I feel like the stars are aligned for the next album as far as commercial success goes. The Latin market is blowing up like crazy and she has a massive SA fanbase which will give her tons of streams if she puts out the right music especially with the Maluma collab. An exotic Portuguese inspired album feels very organic because of her moving to Portugal but it also fits perfectly with the music market. It won’t feel as blatantly trendy as Hard Candy or MDNA, if that makes sense. I’m also sure Mirwais will also give the album an edgy touch so the music won’t feel too commercial.
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