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  1. Cherish. I used to think it was the worst and most cheesy song on LAP, but in 2014 something clicked and it is now one of my all time Top 10 songs.
  2. Lady Gaga : "I'd just walk down the streets on the lower east side, totally free.' She makes my blood boil.
  3. I kind of understand where they were coming from with the MDNAT cover (even though the execution is a bit wack), but the S&S cover is just so random and makes no sense.
  4. It is just one of those face filter apps.
  5. The Cure debuts at #112 in France.
  6. The song is on 500 Spotify playlists including the biggest ones, but can barely crack Top 50. Flop ass mess. It's ridiculous how much money they have been using to keep her career afloat. Is she funding herself?
  7. I don't even talk to gay men who like her. They are mostly tacky and annoying af. Sorry but all gays should have exquisite taste.
  8. Her new song is now playlisted on 500+ playlists on Spotify. (for the record, playlist is like the payola of streaming) If this doesn't boost her streaming numbers, then it's safe to say that she is forever done on the charts.
  9. Well I'm A Sinner's production was a rehash of Amazing which was a rehash of Beautiful Stranger. Orbit's production on MDNA was nowhere close to ROL's quality.
  10. Debuted at #17 in Australia, and it has been #1 on iTunes for a week now. Just to show how unimportant sales have become.
  11. I didn't know the Maroon 5 guy said this. Now I love him
  12. Debuts so far: Ireland 53 Germany 79 Netherlands (failed to chart) Sweden 99 New Zealand 3(bubbling under) Belgium (failed to chart) A fucking mess
  13. I can't @ some people here trying to defending Camille. This cunt thinks Madonna hasn't done a good thing since the mid-90s. Yes she hates ROL, Music, AL and COADF too.