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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    You're the one who often imagine scenarios and come up with baseless assumptions and have your own little meltdown out of nowhere, and I'm not the first person to call you out on your debbie downer syndrome. Who's the one that is "losing it" and getting easily "triggered"? I can't stand Chris Brown or Justin Bieber either but I'm not psycho enough to think her next album will be inspired by them just based on her clicking a follow button. You probably thought her next single will feature P!nk since she wore a pink dress last week, didn't you?
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Jesus fucking Christ let this woman live. Why do you have to sprinkle negativity into every single thread with most of them based on your own far fetched assumption? Rihanna and Chris Brown haven't even done any EDM for years and Rihanna's last album is more acclaimed by fans and critics than every Madonna album since Confessions. First she can't post this and post that on her own social media account, and now she shouldn't be following contemporary artists too? I swear to god some of you just wants her to get locked up in elderly care and releases ROL 2.0 3.0 4.0 every two years.
  3. She is so obsessed with the numbers. Cuntga your tour is "sold out" because your team gave all the tickets to the scalpers, who wouldn't have given a shit about selling your shows if you weren't headlining the Super Bowl. Enjoy your last 100m grossing tour.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Well have you deactivated all your social media accounts? Have you cut off your Internet access? Have you thrown out your TV? Advertisements are everywhere in the modern age, we're exposed to them on facebook, youtube, websites and basically anywhere you go. Why do some promo clips from MADONNA bother you much?
  5. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    A LOT of time and effort is involved in moving to another country, especially as a single parent with 4 kids to raise. I know she has her assistants but knowing how hands on she is with everything, it must've took her quite some time to sort things out. And I'm sure she's already drafting for the next album, but it's quite unlikely that she's secretly working rigorously on a big project.
  6. Material Girl from the tours ranked

    I like every single one except Re-Invention Tour.
  7. I like the first two and last two tracks. Everything else is a miss for me.
  8. @ her randomly spraying some MDNA rose mist on Mercy's face in the end
  9. Her belly is so gonna make headlines on Monday. Queen of relevance strikes back again
  10. Nope. I'm sure he has every single Madonna record in his closet but he just tries to act as straight and masc as possible . Everybody in the industry knows he's gay.
  11. It's pretty obvious that she didn't literally mean she's touring in 2018. She's simply saying she'll get things started in 2018. Remember when she said "2014 is mine! New music!"? 2018 is our new 2014.