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  1. They aren't even trying it with the terrible photoshop look at the area around her dress
  2. The song is dying on Spotify.
  3. What a snoozefest of a pop star. Her music is pretentious and boring. Liability is nice but that's it.
  4. then who?
  5. She's the sexiest pop girl since Madonna. So effortless and modelesque. a true star.
  6. Another big hit in the bag for Rihanna. She's so fucking hot and sexy.
  7. The Cure - Lady Gaga #1 POWER Z100 New York#1 POWER Radio DisneyTOP 10 SUBPOWER WQMP OrlandoTOP 10 SUBPOWER KMXV Kansas CityTOP 10 SUBPOWER WPRO Providence Are you ready for ready for...a perfect storm perfect storm?
  8. "Super Bowl 51 HT Show Starring Lady Gaga" is submitted for Emmy consideration.
  9. Gosh I can't believe I'm about to stan for Katy fucking Perry
  10. Meanwhile in Singapore: "Mariah is the Queen of Asia!!!" my ass
  11. Her tour is BOMBING. How is she going to pull through this time?
  12. NO. It only managed to bounce back to #46. The song is also dying on Spotify (desipte millions of playlists).
  13. The fact that she dropped a Justin Bieber/Chainsmokers knockoff and can't even go higher than #39.
  14. What a fantastic track.
  15. @1:56:20. They started talking about ageism and Katy gave Madonna a shout out