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  1. Does the new generation of singers inspire you?I love the work of fellow Australian, Sia, from Dua Lipa and Tove Lo. I find their sound modern and well produced. But my favorite is Lady Gaga - even if my saying so isn't really news! This girl impresses me. When she sits down, alone at her piano and sets fire to the stage, it's incredible. I would love to be able to do that. Sadly, I don't play any instruments, I need to be accompanied. What do you think of Beyonce? Do you think she is a feminist icon? She has enormous talent, that's for sure. Honestly, this woman is like an alien, she's on another level. But one mustn't think that all of this just fell from the sky, I am sure she made a lot of sacrifices to be where she is now. She is a feminist icon, yes, a strong and untamable woman. That being said, there have been others before her. Singers Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler or Joan Jett for example, they wore leather pants in the 80s and yelled they were proud women at the top of their lungs And Madonna? I idolise her! Madonna has always been a model for me. I must have been 14 years old when I discovered her. In Melbourne's suburbs, where I was living back then, I also used to listen to Prince too. Both symbolised something sexy, animal-like. And having changing hormones, it made me feel something Wow she really is a shady cunt, trying so hard to IGNORE Madonna's influence until it was brought up by the interviewer and she had to deliberately steer off the Madonna conversation to Prince. Vile bitch.
  2. The contestant has already explained that his words were twisted. I'm so sick of the media still trying so hard to knock down Katy.
  3. Sounds like Riverwide has a good company!
  4. It's by no means "great" but 10.3M in 2018 is not too shabby! I thought this would bomb hard and people would hate her judging style and drag her through the mud. Thank god I was wrong!
  5. Very decent numbers! ABC has reportedly guaranteed advertisers a 1.8 and looks like it will come out as a plus for the network! On top of that she's rated as the best judge by almost everyone! Looks like this didn't turn out to be another PR disaster for Katy like some of us expected!
  6. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Her pity party documentary didn't even get shortlisted for Oscars nominations. She has no fucking chance in hell of winning an Oscar for ASIB. She'll get a best original song nom at best.
  7. Can't wait to see her this month and in May
  8. She only has two recognizable songs here in Hong Kong and that's Without You and Hero.
  9. She's been buzzing and trimming that hair weekly....
  10. She signed the $25M deal way before the Witness era.
  11. St!nk

    Madgenta serving the same setlist, same production, same flying stunt, same songs since 2006. Shocker!
  12. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Babs is a fucking mess for that "rap" comment, reminds me of certain Madonna fans.
  13. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Last year, Barbra Streisand revisited her past when she was invited to the set of Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born.” She watched a few scenes being shot, including ones where Lady Gaga plays her former character. “It’s good,” says Streisand. “I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to spook it. I can’t believe that was 40-some years ago. I think he did a wonderful job with her.” Originally, Beyoncé had been in talks for the Streisand role. “I thought when it was going to be done it was going to be very different and have a multiracial cast, and the music was going to be rap,” she says. “But it’s more like the movie I made.”
  14. I think she's been doing quite well in Europe. Wasn't CTTR a big hit there?