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  1. loowee

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    Um...it actually was, and I don't even hate Maroon 5 that much.
  2. 1. Homogenic 2. Vespertine 3. Vulnicura 4. Debut 5. Utopia 6. Post 7. Volta 8. Medulla 9. Biophilia
  3. loowee

    Clean Bandit - Solo

    Clean Bandit is pop genius. They always know how to craft a trendy pop record without them sounding generic.
  4. loowee

    Songs that you hate.

    Anything that comes out of Sam Smith's mouth.
  5. loowee

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Eh I don't like his personality in general but he didn't really say anything snarky. It's just his unfunny humor.
  6. loowee

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Who the hell is Gary Barlow?
  7. loowee

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I actually really like Say Something and it will most likely become a pretty big hit thanks to the SB push. His new album is defo underwhelming, but the critics are doing the absolute most to tear him down. The album trailer was so DRAMATIC but the album ended up sounding just like his previous albums.
  8. loowee


    I'm living for the fact that Rihanna won a random award tonight while both Gaga and Swift went home empty handed
  9. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/bono-u2-state-of-the-world-what-he-learned-from-almost-dying-w514442
  10. loowee


    The cover is so ugly and gross but yet so brilliant. Another great cover from Bjork.
  11. loowee

    The Weeknd

    The Weeknd is miles better than Ed Sheeran. The Starboy song alone is better than Ed's entire discography.
  12. loowee


    Most songs on Vulnicura are pretty accessible and have an existent song structure. The Gate is a 7-min long gibberish fart with Arca beats.