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  1. Janet Jackson thread

    janet. is her best album, period.
  2. Katy Perry thread

    @Bill Do you think a drop zone ticket is worth it? (I'll go to one of the European shows so no CHEAP tickets there yet) or should I do GA along the catwalk? I did both front row and heart stage for RHT and felt that the main stage was very high and I was looking at M's back a LOT so I preferred the heart stage. Is it the same for Katy's show?
  3. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    Girl Gone Wild Revolver Gang Bang Papa Don't Preach Bad Girl I Don't Give A
  4. She literally recycled Candy Shop's choreography for S&S
  5. She has a solid adult contemporary audience and she's marketable for grown women (I mean housewives and lesbians). She makes inoffensive beige music and doesn't have the typical pretty girl look that may intimidate people.
  6. Ticketmaster resent another email claiming it was sent out by mistake. I'm smelling some DRAMA backstage.
  7. Yeah it was an error but they did send out the emails, which means something was already drafted for the rescheduled dates to be cancelled.
  8. https://atrl.net/forums/topic/81637-gaga-to-cancel-european-dates-of-jwt/ Something fishing is definitely happening behind the scenes. Is she still fighting with the insurance company? What is going on?
  9. Kids react to Madonna

    I didn't know about her songs/music until I was like 10 and that was the 90s. I'm actually glad to hear that most of them know her name and recognize her music, I mean...it's 2017!
  10. It has been so transparent since day one! She announced her disease and postponed the tour just a few weeks before the documentary and made a big deal about it. Now that the hype (did it ever generate any?) had died down she's rescheduling all the dates. Where was the disease when she promoted Million Reasons everywhere? Where was the disease when she was flying like a frog at the Super Bowl? Where was the disease when she was filming A Star Is Born?
  11. If you seriously think songs like GGW have more appeal to teenagers than to middle-aged gay men, then I don't know what to say. and also thinking that Rebel Heart is more of a teeny bopper album rather than a mature record..... Do you seriously think Madonna was thinking in her head that "I'm going to release Living For Love and Ghosttown and dress as a matador and the teens are going to love it!"? the level of delusion....
  12. Madonna Mania

    That was amazing! The finale mash-up is everythaaang