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  1. Billboard Hot 100 38 (-9) Lady Gaga - Million Reasons Bye Flopanne
  2. And she's 100% gonna pick Aldo Diaz's trash artwork and I will burn my stan card.
  3. I like her but Debbie has always been and will always be jealous of Madonna. "I would probably have been Madonna before she was if I was career-orientated and showbiz-minded." Bitch no.
  4. But WHO was interrupting her artistic choices at this point? Guy? LN has nothing to do with her albums, Interscope only does distribution.
  5. That seemed more like a contractual issue rather than an artistic one.
  6. It's just not an argument about "working with one person" versus "working with a team of songwriters and producers". IMO after she left Warner she gained 101% control of her musical output, so ever since MDNA she became the sole director of her records and started hiring whoever suitable to execute her ideas, whereas with records like ROL and Music, it felt more like a 50/50 collaborative piece of work. For the Rebel Heart album you can clearly tell everything was put together by her. I think she's still in the process of adjusting to this new recording method hence why her recent albums can get quite patchy and sometimes sloppy.
  7. 1. Confessions Tour 2. Blond Ambition Tour 3. Rebel Heart Tour 4. MDNA Tour 5. Who's That Girl Tour 6. Sticky & Sweet Tour 7. Virgin Tour 8. Girlie Show 9. Drowned World Tour 10. Re-invention Tour
  8. Father John Misty (writer on Joanne) just came for Gags:
  9. It's her third best track EVER after LAP and Frozen.
  10. Is this real? Proportion looks a bit off but get it bitch
  11. IKR? I don't care if these stupid twinks stan for Gags, but middle-aged men who love Gaga and can't see through her bullshit are REPULSIVE and TACKY. Where is the wisdom?
  12. This song would've been perfect if the verse had better vocal mixing.
  13. What genre would be considered "experimental" these days? There's basically no dividing line between mainstream and left field music anymore.