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  1. I knew something like this would eventually happen to a pop concert. I was so worried during the European leg of RHT.
  2. He makes my blood boil. How the hell did this thing become a president?
  3. Here's you rambling about Obama and purposely ignoring Trump's policies again. You ain't slick.
  4. I can't take Trump seriously but Melania's fabulous. She literally fucked her way up to the top. What a fucking queen.
  5. https://yadi.sk/i/PUZYS4Jp33AbJn

    You can either download directly from the web or install the Yandex software (something like Mega) and sync it with your local folder. 

    1. Pedro


      Thank you 😊:inlove: Gracias! 

  6. Then you're in for a surprise. Trump is NOT the one to be scared of, it's the evil people behind him that will get to control everything, esp Mike Pence. The republicans will now control the house, the senate and the supreme court very soon and they can do whatever they want, LITERALLY. The GOP hasn't had this much power since...I don't even know when. Something WILL happen to LGBT rights within the next 4 years. Just wait for it.
  7. I love D!!! Used to hang out there every month when I was in college. Yes there's a zombieland vibe to it but downtown is completely safe even at nights. The atmosphere there is just so unique and rare! One of my favorite American cities.
  8. Issues with religion, gun control, homosexuality all intertwined in one mass shooting. This is the perfect storm for American Politics...
  9. Yes, 'cause that's exactly what I meant.
  10. I really hate the western governments coming for China. Without slavery or colonizations the western world wouldn't be what they are today. They have absolutely no place to tell what other developing countries should do (except for nuclear weapons for obvious reasons). It's like you robbed 5 candies by killing 50 kids but when another person tries to steal two candies you are the first one to step up and scream "you can't do that it's illegal!!!".
  11. I can't believe people are going in on the zoo and saying all animal lives are equal and they should've just left the kid alone...
  12. Gap apologizes and promises to change ad for Ellen DeGeneres' kids clothing line after it sparked a backlash for showing 'token' black girl as an arm rest for a white child Gap shared pictures for the GapKids X ED campaign on Twitter It immediately sparked a backlash from users who spotted the flaw They blasted company for showing a black girl as a white girl's armrest They also called Gap out for only using one 'token' child of color in the ad Gap spokesman said they will replace the shot with a different one A Gap Kids ad for Ellen DeGeneres' clothing line has sparked a social media backlash for having a racial undertone after presenting the only black girl in the campaign as an arm rest Quote: Gap Kids has apologized after an ad for Ellen DeGeneres' clothing line sparked a social media backlash for having a racial undertone. The company shared pictures for the GapKids X ED campaign on Twitter on Saturday with the caption: 'Meet the kids who are proving girls can do anything.' 'We all have the power to empower one another,' is the tagline for the line – aimed to encourage young girls to 'follow their passions.' But Twitter users immediately spotted the flaw in the four photographs posted on Gap's Twitter account – and called the company out on presenting the only black girl as a prop. The company was blasted for only using one 'token' child of color – and presenting her as an arm rest for a white girl. The white girls, meanwhile, are shown doing gymnastics, DJing and using a telescope. Fatima La'Juan Muse said: '@GapKids proving girls can do anything… unless she's Black. Then all she can do is bear the weight of White girls. #EpicFail.' Muse added that the picture suggests there is lack of diversity in the boardroom at Gap as 'most people of color would have immediately recognized the error.' 'Thanks for perfectly illustrating what 'passive racism' looks like in mainstream media,' wrote Jessica Wow. The line, a collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres, is aimed to encourage young girls to 'follow their passions'
  13. Gwen's post has like 12000 comments, there was an actual outrage
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