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  1. i love take it back and take a day. i had my hubby cut out a certain vocal part in 'take it back' and extend the end by 2 minutes.
  2. i found the interview to be really interesting. her voice sounded so sweet for her being sick. i did not sence robin was rude or did not like maodnna. robin was very nice. my husband is a avid stern fan, for the last 20 years and he can tell when robin dislikes someone. i liked the whole interview except the talk about the rape. i got a little uncomfortable with the details of it all. like hearing madonna say it and explain it made me feel so sad. otherwise hearing sterns praise for the album and madonna was really cool
  3. i felt sick and was horrified. im still in a funky mood. at least she didnt 'fall' she was dragged down.
  4. i am in love with 'trust no bitch'. i guess she wont add this track because there are already 2 songs with the word bitch in the titles.
  5. i must say i hated the 1st iconic demo but this new one is amazing. my kids are going crazy for it too. the beat and everything are so different and so great. i dont think my headphones can handle the beat
  6. i didnt even think of gaga when i first heard the demo. i swear i forgot all about that skank. now that everyone says its about gaga it makes me mad. she is a dirty hoe and Madonna is too good to keep her releveant. as much as i love the song i think it should be left off the album.
  7. thank you so much for telling me this. im like a crack head looking for all of these. now i can stop,lol
  8. DAM!!! and i thought i was doing good finding the demos i got. i will never find all of these. thanks for the list though
  9. ''never let you go'' is amazing. catchy beat and lyrics. im so in love with most of the demos. 'best night' and ''joan of arc'' are my favs so far
  10. the album versions are so much better. i love 'Illuminati' now. i am so happy she released these on itunes. she did the right thing
  11. 1. addicted 2. joan of arc 3. bitch im madonna 4. rebel heart 5. wash all over me
  12. this album sounds very personal like american life but not as good. the lyrics are so powerful and sad. i love a few songs and dislike a few as well. i think there are too many slow guitar filled songs. i hope the final product has more upbeat songs to balance out the sadness of this record. these demos have the feel of 3 of her past albums (ROL, MUSIC AND AMERICAN LIFE) a lot feel dated and not fresh but her voice is beautiful in almost every song. i truly loved reading everyones reviews and what was liked and disliked THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY- perfect as is love this song- should keep on album BITCH I'M MADONNA- very cute upbeat song. a little childish but i like it alot -should keep on album Borrowed time- so very sad but beautiful. my 14 year old son loves this song so much. should keep on album HEARTBREAK CITY- really beautiful sad lyrics but it needs something additional. maybe it should be changed to a dance song - she should keep this one if its changed a little ILLUMINATI- i personally do not like this song and does she name drop gaga in the begining? uggg hopefully doesnt make the album JOAN OF ARC- her best song .i love this one so much. gives me goosebumps when i hear it. the most beautiful song i have heard in years. its perfect LIVING 4 LOVE- sounds dated to me i do not like this one so much. hope this one is not on the album. MAKE THE DEVIL PRAY- this song is odd to me. a very country gospel song. her voice is perfect though. im torn on this one... MESSIAH- another sad slow song i could live without REBEL HEART- perfect as is REVOLUTION- hate it . reminds me of that group Basque musicians Kalakan trio she had on her tour with her. UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH- its cute but so beneath her. dont want it heard by the world. sounds very immature WASH ALL OVER ME- good as is or can be improved. this song has so much potential to be a mega hit
  13. now all us Madonna fans have to play that song over and over for all our friends and family. in our cars so the neighbors can hear and in our homes for the neighbors to hear too,lol. we must make superstar a hypnotizing hit!!! im just kidding, sorta
  14. as much as i adore the song 'love spent' i voted for 'superstar' because every person i know that has heard superstar cant get it out of their heads. they tell me they sing it all day. i think it is very catchy and would be a big hit
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