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  1. True Blue re-enters the UK album chart

    Just downloaded too! Let's get True Blue Top 10!❤️
  2. It's interesting and more telling that the mainstream media assume that "gay" is automatically a derogatory term. Much ado about nothing.
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/nov/25/box-set-christmas-music-industry Dan Chalmers from Rino UK quoted in this interesting piece in the Guardian Looking across the range of box sets in the market, they betray something of a bias towards rock music. Will other genres, like pop, ever get the same treatment? "I think Madonna's True Blue would work brilliantly," Chalmers says. "We are talking to Madonna and her reps about various product plans – but a record like that would work perfectly. I don't think it's limited to specific audiences."
  4. The HD version on iTunes is identical to the Blu Ray. The grain is intentional. The audio is still inconsistent, for example the last chorus in "Masterpiece" is ridiculously bass heavy compared to the rest of the song but on a whole the 5.1 mix is good.
  5. MDNA Tour DVD/Blu-Ray Coming September 9/10

    My copy came from Amazon UK and it's perfect. There's a certain level of grain but no different to a lot of films on Blu Ray played in 24p - it looks intentional. The 5:1 mix is awesome too. The photographs posted are definitely (and unfortunately) of defective discs.