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  1. it's a great song. released by a younger act, it would have been top 10. such is life for Madonna now
  2. I did the same thing. And now that I think about it, watching previous interveiws and such, he is a total pretentious wannabe super star. But he doesnt have the goods to back it up. I can see him hanging with those ridiculous queer artists that bash Madonna all the time and love Caca
  3. Crazy is the only song on the album I haven't grown tired of yet (sorry ...i love all the songs but this is the only one that I have't given a break...i over played the shit out of this album lol)
  4. exactly. when I find that I am dissing the song...i think of the video. SO SO GOOD
  5. I just had a hard time with that first single. Madonna looked amazing. ...but I dont know. I can't get through that song I like songs that have a chorus and a melody that flows nicely. I'm just an old fart i guess lol. Madame X as a complete album will always be in the top 5 tho
  6. exactly. We have been doing this whole "she should have released this single first and it would have been a hit" since the American Life days. It's nice to discuss the "woulda coulda shoulda" thing, but we all know any single would have been ignored.
  7. I suppose. With a less controversial video (obviously keep the disco parts in. LOOOOOVE IT) and the song needs to be reworked so it has an actual flow to it. It kind of just keeps going and going and going. It was my fav song from Madame X and it gave me goosebumps when I first heard it, but it is one of the songs (along with Batuka) that I can't really sit through the whole thing without skipping it. Would it have been better than snooze-fest Medellin? absolutely.
  8. Same. It is a very cute song, but ranks in my bottom 10 of worst Madonna songs. Just for the vocals alone. Hard to listen to
  9. There is nothing wrong with this remix in all reality. We have gotten FAR FAR FAR worse. But I agree that we need some diverse type remixes and not the same bouncy gay bar club stuff. however, it is still a good remix. gets you hyped!
  10. Not a fan of the original at all...but these remixes are hands down best batch of remixes for a song since the Confessions era. Wow
  11. I'm sure there was a need a for it if they did it. Derp.
  12. SO EXCITED. Love this song so much I hope it is a straight out music video with ONLY the song. I am so over these long intros and breaks halfway through (God Control being an exception). Makes it annoying to listen to when the song takes forever to start up and has a random break later on (Medellin and Crave for example). Such an annoying trend in music videos these days.
  13. Favourite song at the moment is God Control again. It was previously Looking for Mercy. Keeps changing! I'm sure it will be Batuka next week lol
  14. Nope. Heard three different songs from Reinvention. Heard a couple from confessions. And a ton from sticky. That's what's great about this station. Unless you're listening 24/7, you'll miss other stuff. They did a great job programming this station
  15. Unless you're in Brazil, no one will know that. I sure as hell didn't. But I don't know if that just means I'm old and out of the loop lol
  16. EXACTLY! and she is one of the wealthiest artists in the world...so clearly she is doing just fine and will continue to march to her own drum!
  17. I would like to see the analytics to determine if it has been successful enough to keep around! I really hope so
  18. Heard Graffiti Heart and Can't Stop back to back. Um wow
  19. RH was leaked hella early MX didn't have the tour ticket sales to back it up There are different obstacles for each album. Not to mention that the general public just aren't interested in the music she's been releasing. Oh well! She's an artist and there is no one like her. MX is the best albums of the year. Hands down
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