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  1. This one is hands down my favourite. So many quotable moments. Haha I AM NOT DIANA ROSS!
  2. Yeah Madonna should just stop touring all together because of the audio. What's the point ya know? I think she's lucky to have such observant fans like us. ... Stfu
  3. Have never listened to a Madonna LIVE CD. Looking forward to the BluRay to have in my collection.
  4. The cover is perfect. anyone bitching about it yet on here?
  5. Thank you. I was just going to mention that. Its great to celebrate Madonna's influence...but let's not reach.
  6. Ke$ha

  7. Ke$ha

    The album would get a huge MEH if anyone else released it. But because it is Kesha, this is a great transformation for her and it's well done.
  8. what did he say. Im not in MURHICAH
  9. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    the first one looks like Amy Poeler (god bless her) which is NOT a good thing. second one looks like Charlie Hides (need i say more) i dont even want to bother with the rest haha
  10. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    If he was smart he would. He needs to ride this One Hit wonder train for as long as he can.
  11. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    She is terrible. Haha. All of her videos have that same fucking close up shot of her right side of face looking up and the camera and smiling.
  12. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    You're not alone on that one. Watching it compared to Mariah I was like...umm not sure which one is more cringe. Hahaha. Madonna CAN MOVE though ..that's for sure. But that Sorry performance.... Eeeeek. Sorry :(
  13. Your Whitney Houston Top 10

    So emotional I wanna dance with somebody How will I know Its not right but it's okay (thunderpuss remix) Heartbreak hotel (hex Hector remix) Your love is my love Million dollar bill (freemasons remix)