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  1. For me it's XSTATIC PROCESS. I would skip that song all the time and it wasn't until this last year or so that I'm obsessed with it. Also Unapologetic Bitch. Can't get that out of my head now!
  2. That makes sense. Thanks for the clear up. How do you know this?! Is her contract posted online?
  3. I truly don't think Madonna can block someone from using her music. But I need to do more research around the ASCAP to fully have this conversation. I'm not just going to assume (like everyone does on here)
  4. We're talking about music being used In a film not pressings of albums to be sold.
  5. They can use Madonna's music if they pay $$$$$$ regardless of her "approval" or not. She doesn't own the music.
  6. man people are NASTY on social media. This story of the biopic being made is all over the place and the comments are quite concerning. nothing new there though. just annoys me that it's LITERALLY the same comments for the last 20 years. "Old, slut, ugly, veiny hands, British accent (omg what year is this?!. ANYONE who lives in England for an extended amount of time and marries a Brit will pick up certain inflections...anyways), desperate, whore, terrible music". LIKE OKAY PEOPLE...MADONNA isn't popular with the retard Millennials and right wings ...we get it.
  7. Madonna is hands down the MOST RESPECTFUL icon to other people In The Public. Dont know what goes on outside of the media...but still...this PUBLIC shade that's being thrown at her is so fucking uncalled for.
  8. Disagree. i'd say this recent album is getting more attention than the last 3 (not that it means anything LOL). And it is also their most solid and well produced album since "No Exit" (that Maria song)
  9. Madonna needs to recognize that not everyone understands her "speeches" and she needs to write them to be more friendly to the general public so she can get her point across. A lot of times Madonna's points are overshadowed by her selective irony. We as Madonna fans "get it" because we understand her irony and WHY she says certain things to grab headlines.... but I understand why some daft people still don't understand Madonna's purpose for comments like that.
  10. Guys... her and her HUSBAND SPLIT A WHILE AGO
  11. It was business. Just go back to interviews with the two of them. Their managers both thought it would be a good idea to combine them for some work
  12. He was such a nervous amateur. Get your question out honey. He couldn't even gather his words. Celine taught him a lesson. Love her
  13. She's a "featured artist" whore. No wonder she is going to beat madonnas billboard record.