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  1. Artists make money from streaming. Not sure how or how much. But they definitely do. Look it up.
  2. i hate the form of Text. I was agreeing with you. C U Next Tuesday!
  3. It just came out. Give it time to chart. It's in the top 10 in most countries
  4. Not even in the slightest. ?!
  5. VIolet needs to relax and wait to hear both sides of the story. shes the winner of the worst season of drag race anyways.
  6. Waiting for Gaga to find some way to milk the terrible and horrific incident in Manchester by doing something with ariana grande. I know that's terrible to say...but stefani germ is a terrible person
  7. What would you have suggested for shoes?
  8. Exactly. I like their song Blue
  9. Ratchet ass bitch needs to see a dentist and a therapist. She looks like she smells like rust and salmon
  10. Yeah she's wanted to be one since she was 4.
  11. the kids enjoy it. we're old farts (i.e. over the age of 25) so we aren't digging it. lol
  12. I manage a Radio Station and the song has been pulled from rotation
  13. I know she me had voice issues...but man it hasn't gotten better. It sounds like she has phlegm stuck in her throat that she can't clear out.
  14. Where's that YouTube video of the guy reading Janet for cancelling her tour again. It was so funny