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  1. people stopped using this gif a few weeks ago.
  2. HAHA. Did she have a stroke? That's a terrible GIf
  3. Impressive Instant and Nobody Knows Me
  4. Thank you. Jesus , some people on here. "I don't like her outfit" "OMG WHAAAAAAT. Bowie is dead, micheal is dead but Madonna is still here and you don't like her outfit. Go die !!!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. NONE. it's time may come though
  6. She looks great. But def boring. Good night everyone
  8. Ive said it before and i;ll say it again. GAGA is the TRUMP of pop music when it comes to fake hype and lies. She needs to be impeached from the industry ASAP. lol
  9. I thought Katy's song was "meh" at first but like all GREAT POP songs, it grows on you. I absolutely love it now.
  10. is the show like her last tour? setlist seems kind of the same
  11. LOL!! It was the sound of chains dragging on pavement and 2 seconds of a piano....guys come on. Im just as excited ...but calm down