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  1. and i spit out my drink. good god LOL!!!
  2. TRVC

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    So basically every halftime show sucks except Madonna's. Listen, I'm not a Maroon fan either, but the halftime show is there for a group to perform. There doesn't need to be bells and whistles Everytime. Madonna did that because that's what she does!
  3. He's a total Ann Coulter type troll
  4. TRVC

    Justin Timberlake thread

    so basically it will be boring and pretentious AS FUCK
  5. TRVC

    Justin Timberlake thread

    People HATED SEXYBACK when it first came out. We all know what happened with that.
  6. You can still download the songs for "offline listening". Stores on your device in a "hidden folder" in a format only playable on the respective App.
  7. Absolutely. I agree. Hopefully by 2019 they have all that figured out. Interesting..
  8. I didn't even think of that. You cant inherit music anymore :(
  9. Wow. Haven't heard this in years. Thank you for posting this! Hands down one of the most euphoric dance songs ever.
  10. TRVC

    Free Spotify Is Trash Audio

    Also I love having access to MILLIONS of songs at my fingertip. Saves the time of having to purchase or download illegally. I pay for an Apple music subscription (cause I'm not a cheap bastard) and it's amazing
  11. TRVC

    Free Spotify Is Trash Audio

    I think the pros and reasons for streaming versus downloading a song are obvious. To each their own! When you don't have internet or data available, having the song saved or downloaded is obviously handy. But streaming equals no storage and the recommendations are great.
  12. TRVC

    So Beck's "Colors"

    Absolutely. I loved his work with Charlotte Gainsbourg (girls can wear jeans....) and I was extremely satisfied with this album.
  13. id say WAY LESS than a century. But yes...I agree for the most part.
  14. Wow. This was an interesting read. Thank you for sharing. Such a depressing state of affairs. Hence the touring/products/endorsements that most recording artists get involved with.