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  1. So I can look like. a cat/ cheetah/ humanoid hybrid ? No thanks ! hahaha
  2. I would rather have my nails removed with a blunt plyer !
  3. He kind of disappeared during the campaign. Which was a good thing .
  4. He's kind of faded into the background . Praying h e will be staying there for good .
  5. I have a feeling Mother's Husband ( Pence ) will run in 2024 but CONGRATS to Biden and Harris ! Am happy for the USA !
  6. His presidency has been nothing but chaos from the beginning to the end .
  7. I mean who fucking voted for Kayne ?????!!!!
  8. Yes exactly . I makes me think of how many lies they will have ti spin from the GE .
  9. His doctors are saying that he's ready to go back to work .... I mean did he made the whole I-got-infected-by -Covid- thing up so he could downplay it and manipulate the public ???? At his age it's not possible to get over covid in like a week .
  10. Yep . I wished Biden / Harris have more of a presence in the media . It's all about Trump Trump Trump . Exhausting and am not even in the US.
  11. I can not believe he did that photo op on the balcony of the White House without mask. " Don't be afraid ." Yeah right don't be afraid of Covid. It's easy for him to say when you are the president of USA and have access to the best medical cares money can buy .
  12. From Vanity Fair and I kid you not .... What a hill to die on... https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/09/jk-rowling-transphobia-new-novel-troubled-blood-controversy J.K. Rowling Proves Her Commitment to Transphobia in Her New Novel Cynthia Nixon also called out the Harry Potter author for her “painful” anti-trans comments. By Emily Kirkpatrick September 14, 2020 No longer satisfied with simply repeatedly expressing her transphobic opinions on Twitter and in 3,600-word screeds on her personal website, J.K. Rowling now a
  13. What's wrong with this woman ? I feel like she's using her HUGE platform to actually bully the trans community into accepting HER fact that they are in fact men and not women and shouldn't be entitle to ANY right whatsoever . What an arsehole .
  14. HAHAHA I thought Yo Semite takes the cake to be honest . What a moron
  15. Crave . Forever and ever . Come Alive is ok. Not keen on Crazy .
  16. Loved it last summer . Loving it thus summer too !
  17. Her history of being abused and assaulted are totally separate issue and she shouldn't use that as an excuse not to give Trans women their right to live their lives as women . She can advocate for safety of women and safety of trans women at the same time but she's just a rich and stupid bigot . I also think it's a sign that she's not all there in her head .
  18. Her view on the issue is quite regressive . I'm sorry she was sexually assaulted and have had to experience domestic violence at a hand of a man I presumed . She can advocate for women / girl' s right to safety but don't bring trans people into it . They are not making you less of a woman and more importantly they are not dictating on how YOU should live your life so why do you think it's your business to tell them how they should live theirs ? JK says she support safety of trans women , at the same time she thinks their basic human rights should be denied .The right to be who
  19. YES ! My jaw kind of hit the floor when I read that. Try replacing the word trans with homosexual and we, might be back in the dark ages . And no this is not some ' woke ' shit . We have to evolve as people . Not too long ago same sex marriage was not even an option so what is the difference between supporting trans community and support gay community or any other minority community for that matter . It does no harm to the straight community . You don't die because you're straight but you have higher risk of being killed when you're trans so I find JK's view to be a little l
  20. I'm disappointed but not surprised by JK. She's been saying some problematic shits for a few years now. I'm a gay man and I'd NEVER understood the struggle of trans people . I just didn't think the trans world existed . I didn't and refused to understand it . Until a year 1/2 ago one of my male friends told me he was in the process of transitioning . He is now a she . At 39 . Now everyday I'm leaning about the trans community and their struggle and for JK to be saying shit like she would have been forced by social / peer pressure to transition if she had been born 30 year
  21. I've not heard the George Floyd's conspiracy theory but some friends in UK told me that covid-19 was a conspiracy that was cooked up by China to try and get into our data/ personal infos . Also that Italy had wanted to get rid of their senior citizens for years so they wouldn't have to pay for pensions , healthcare etc so they didn't try to stop the spread of the virus I couldn't believe my ears . It was bat-shit crazy . And these people will have combat answers for your every questions /arguments .
  22. I always forget about Don Jr and ...Eric . Their combined IQs is probably lower than room temperature .
  23. I forgot to add tyranny to my list . Jail ? Would like to see that and please lock up Jared Kushner and his Karen wife as well .
  24. I wonder how he ,his wife and his children will live after his presidency has ended. His run has been nothing but an overlonged reality horror show . What legacy will he be leaving behind except hatred , death , racism and cowardice .
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