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  1. @San Please take good care . I hope they have a future preventative plan in place . Something that could be built into the infrastructure. How can this not be about Climate Change ?
  2. This is so sad. I love Australia . Stay safe and strong everyone . Can't anything be done at all ???
  3. My cousin is on holiday there at moment and she says it's beyond horrific . Why people have to die in the name of any religion is beyond my understanding.
  4. " The stones should not be too big .Lest they kill the person too quickly ." So Sad and So Cruel . https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-middle-east-47831568/brunei-what-it-is-like-to-be-an-lgbt-person-in-the-country
  5. She will address it in her own time . Not only Madonna but I think most sane people are disgusted by this .
  6. You are right . If only we live in a world that's a bit ( not even a lot ) more fair . What do these people tell their gods when they meet their fate ? I can't wrap my head around this at all . I guess we are quite lucky that we don't live there .
  7. Brunei is rich because of its oil . Someone should look into that as well. It's truly a sad sad day . It's 2019 and how anyone can justify stoning a person to death for any wronged doing is totally beyond my understanding . https://tradingeconomics.com/brunei/imports-by-country
  8. How can it be blamed on both sides? I don't understand ? One side is in support of Nazi ideology and White Supremacy . Does he remember what the Nazis did to the human race ? "Fine people on both sides " . I'm sorry even if you are a fine person but if you are marching alongside a bunch of Nazis you ARE A NAZI .
  9. Back ion Action !

  10. Oh wow XXL. You rocked it with this post.
  11. I just read your link to the article about his view on transgenders and I'm disgusted. To say that transgenders will suffer all those health issues etc so therefore there should not be any transgender ? I think every person who would like to transition int another gender will be informed of all those risks by their doctors and isn't their choices to take those risks? To suggest that the suicide rate for transgenders is higher because they are transgenders ? Isn't it because of people like Milo who wrote a stupid article in support of a society that doesn't support freedom of choice ? He chose to do this campus tour and people have chosen to protest . What's the problem ? Also I don't get the Madonna thing at all. Yes she was anti establishments but in doing so she helped bring spotlights on key issues such as homophobia , sexism , racism ( as in the narrative of Like A Prayer vdo - that's what I got from it anyway ) and AIDS etc. She didn't do it out of hatred .
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