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  1. The USA has now surpassed China in infected cases and has the most confirmed cases in the world right now. Stay Strong ( and clean . personal hygiene is a must . DO NOT share things like cutlery /plates / towels etc . Have your own set . WASH YOU HANDS like there is no tomorrow .) We are fighting this together
  2. I hope he chokes one his next Chinese Take away .
  3. He was at a charity event with Prince Albert II of Monaco( who has tested positive ) but no one can confirmed . https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/03/25/coronavirus-prince-charles-covid-19-huge-deal-monarchy-uk/5077286002/
  4. Prince Charles has tested positive for Covid-19 . What Trump said is a bloody joke . There is no way you can contain it and declare that the country ( one as large as USA ) is safe from the virus in just two weeks . https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52033845
  5. Thailand update 937 cases ( + 107 ) 70 Recovered 4 Deaths 4 Critical 860 in hospitals Our largest Super Spreader came from a single event . The boxing match ( they decided to host the match even when the government had put a ban on mass gathering ) at one of the most popular boxing arenas followed by people returning frommass religious gathering in Malaysia . Also MANY people are concealing their travel / illness / social contacts histories therefore they have infected many others including the front liners such as doctors / nurses . Health minister / doctors / nurses across the country have come out today BEGGING people to tell the truth about their travel / lifestyle / social behaviours. This is a photo of some of the doctors and nurses here in Thailand using their lunch break to make PPE ( personal protective equipments ) while begging patients to be honest . PM will declare State of Emergency on Thursday 26 March .
  6. I'm ok . Bangkok has gone into soft Lock Down ( shopping malls and many public areas are closed . Restaurants can only serve food to go -no seating . Supermarkets and pharmacies are open ( almost if not all have run out of face masks ) . My office is still open but we will implement " work from home ' from next Monday . Total cases are not upon to 827 with 4 deaths and 57 recovered and 7 in critical condition . I hope you are doing well @Gaudet and take good care .
  7. @Kelmadfan Thanks for your kind massage . We are now at 721 confirmed cases . I hope all is well with you too
  8. Emirates Airline will suspend ALL flights except for their cargo from 25 March due to super low demands because of coronavirus . https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesasquith/2020/03/22/breaking-emirates-airline-suspends-all-flights/#6bf751a66bd8 Singapore is will not allow short term visitors to enter or even transit through the city -state . The ban takes effect Monday 23.59 local time . https://www.thejakartapost.com/seasia/2020/03/22/singapore-to-ban-on-all-short-term-visitors-in-new-virus-measures.html Here in Thailand it's a bit chaotic as the Governor of Bangkok have announced closure of many public spaces such as shopping malls , cinemas , gym , restaurants ( can only provide take away services ) , bars , clubs etc . They seemed to forget that most people who work in those places are from the provinces and now they are heading back home . So the plan to contain the virus in Bangkok has largely failed .They didn't think of the consequences or even have a proper plan in place before they announce the closure of all those places . What a mess . Stay safe everyone and try not to go insane . My hanging on by a thread .
  9. Take care everyone in Europe , US & around the world . We are at a soft lock down point here in Thailand and Asia. We will get through this .
  10. As of 18th March 2020 Japan had 873 Infected cases with 31 deaths . Not including those confirmed cases on Diamond Princess Cruise Ship ( That's one messed up mass quarantine if nothing else ). If those confirmed cases are included it would have out Japan's cases over 1,500 . Also Japanese people wear masks the minute they have slight cold / flu. We in Thailand got the 'wearing mask when sick ' or ' to protect our heath ' from the Japanese . I also think Olympics 2020 has a lot to do with the numbers of tests conducted ( to not make the figures very high ) in comparison to South Korea which performed over 248,000 tests . Japan I read did just over 32,125 tests . State of Emergency was declared in Hokkaido which was the worst hit prefecture . https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-japan-testing/japan-testing-for-coronavirus-at-fraction-of-capacity-idUSKBN2150ZR
  11. I have no idea what they are thinking . Most of the athletes won't be able to prep for the games and who is going to go to Japan and would Japan be comfortable letting people from other countries in in July ? How are they going to guarantee the health and safety of their own people, let alone the athletes .
  12. Also I still can not believe these things are still going on :- 1. People getting on cruise ships . 2. Going to pubs / bars 3. mass religious gatherings 4. Spring Break 5. Japan & International Olympic Committee thinking they can still host the Summer Olympics . The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said Wednesday it is "fully committed" to holding the games from July 24 and that measures were being taken to guarantee the "safety and interests of athletes, coaches and support teams."
  13. have * heard I should have said .
  14. I hope so . 1. Pasta / Rice /Grains / Instant noodles ( Ready made pasta sauce - something convenient ) / canned soup / canned products 2. Frozen Food - Frozen Vegs / Meats 3. Water 4. Toilet papers/tissues 5. Shampoo / Soap 6. Dettol 7.Alcohol ( For cleaning ) 8. Pet food ( if you have any ) 9.Other kind of drinks Orange juice etc 10. Granola 11. Hand Sanitiser 12. Medicines ( paracetamol , Throat spray etc ) 13. Rubber Gloves ( disposable if can ) 14. Milk ( UHT kind that you can keep for a long time ) 15. Coffee / Tea 16. Cooking oil I thought it was a rumour at first but all by British friends have it too .
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