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  1. Her history of being abused and assaulted are totally separate issue and she shouldn't use that as an excuse not to give Trans women their right to live their lives as women . She can advocate for safety of women and safety of trans women at the same time but she's just a rich and stupid bigot . I also think it's a sign that she's not all there in her head .
  2. Her view on the issue is quite regressive . I'm sorry she was sexually assaulted and have had to experience domestic violence at a hand of a man I presumed . She can advocate for women / girl' s right to safety but don't bring trans people into it . They are not making you less of a woman and more importantly they are not dictating on how YOU should live your life so why do you think it's your business to tell them how they should live theirs ? JK says she support safety of trans women , at the same time she thinks their basic human rights should be denied .The right to be who they are . How does she view trans women's position in society ? How can we protect women and girls AS WELL AS trans women and other marginalised minority groups who deserve equal rights to safety and shouldn't be denied the basic human rights that can be afforded to everyone else . Trans people face discriminations , sexism , hate crimes and in worse cases they get killed ( 331 + trans were killed in 2019 worldwide ,compared to 369 in 2018 ) . ( I'm not even going to go into the gay movement / trans movement that leads to pedophilia or children are being forced into transitioning etc which is completely crazy , based on unrealistic statistics and will make everything worst for ALL of us as a human race.)
  3. YES ! My jaw kind of hit the floor when I read that. Try replacing the word trans with homosexual and we, might be back in the dark ages . And no this is not some ' woke ' shit . We have to evolve as people . Not too long ago same sex marriage was not even an option so what is the difference between supporting trans community and support gay community or any other minority community for that matter . It does no harm to the straight community . You don't die because you're straight but you have higher risk of being killed when you're trans so I find JK's view to be a little limited and not all that worldly . It's quite amazing when you think who SHE IS and how HUGE her platform is .
  4. I'm disappointed but not surprised by JK. She's been saying some problematic shits for a few years now. I'm a gay man and I'd NEVER understood the struggle of trans people . I just didn't think the trans world existed . I didn't and refused to understand it . Until a year 1/2 ago one of my male friends told me he was in the process of transitioning . He is now a she . At 39 . Now everyday I'm leaning about the trans community and their struggle and for JK to be saying shit like she would have been forced by social / peer pressure to transition if she had been born 30 years later is just beyond ignorant . No JK you would still be a WOMAN . It just means that now people have the freedom to choose and they have a choice and they can make that choice without being KILLED ( BUT they are still being killed though ) . It doesn't mean we see the struggle of women any less or that women will be less safe . It just means that now more people ( trans , women , kids ) will ALL BE SAFE . When I read this ( that she wrote ) my heart just sank . Why can't we fight for trans' right and women's right at the same time ? I don't get it . "So I want trans women to be safe. At the same time, I do not want to make natal girls and women less safe. When you throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he’s a woman – and, as I’ve said, gender confirmation certificates may now be granted without any need for surgery or hormones – then you open the door to any and all men who wish to come inside. That is the simple truth," And many Harry Potter stars have come out to support the Trans community which am glad to see. https://ew.com/movies/every-harry-potter-actor-whos-spoken-out-against-j-k-rowlings-controversial-transgender-comments/
  5. I've not heard the George Floyd's conspiracy theory but some friends in UK told me that covid-19 was a conspiracy that was cooked up by China to try and get into our data/ personal infos . Also that Italy had wanted to get rid of their senior citizens for years so they wouldn't have to pay for pensions , healthcare etc so they didn't try to stop the spread of the virus I couldn't believe my ears . It was bat-shit crazy . And these people will have combat answers for your every questions /arguments .
  6. I always forget about Don Jr and ...Eric . Their combined IQs is probably lower than room temperature .
  7. I forgot to add tyranny to my list . Jail ? Would like to see that and please lock up Jared Kushner and his Karen wife as well .
  8. I wonder how he ,his wife and his children will live after his presidency has ended. His run has been nothing but an overlonged reality horror show . What legacy will he be leaving behind except hatred , death , racism and cowardice .
  9. I don't know but I'm fine with my Thai passport . I love the UK though but I don't think I want to live anywhere else but Thailand . Brexit however took me by surprised and I was shocked to see some of my friends voted to leave the EU and most of them ( if not all ) ended up regretting their decisions .
  10. I did become a resident because you get that offer when I've spent around 12-15 years in UK but when I hit my 20th year I knew I was going to go home so I didn't even bother applying . In 1997 , the year HK was being handed back to China there was so much anger and confusion . People were scrambling to get out of HK . UK , I think , had one of the toughest policies regarding immigration and Canada ( the 3 countries people most wanted to migrate to were UK, USA and Canada ) was easier to migrate to . If I remember correctly if you have a specific jobs ( like if you're a doctor , lawyer , have money to invest etc ) it was very easy for you to just move to Canada from Hong Kong .
  11. I had an opportunity to be one but I didn't take it . At that point in my life I could not see myself living anywhere but in Thailand .
  12. The fact that they had to buy sub-standard PPE kits from Turkey says it all. The Cummings interview I found very insulting . The fact that he didn't even have to hold that stupid press conference but he did and chose to insult the public's intelligence with the most ridiculous lies is pretty shocking . The eye sight test drive being the worst . I mean you have covid-19 so you decide to go for a test drive with your wife and child presumably as crash dummies ? I lived in UK and mostly London for 20 + years and I love the UK but I don't recognise it anymore . Brexit was a real shocker to me because the Leave campaign was based on big fat lies and people kind of bought into it .
  13. Cold blooded murder . I'm disgusted . USA is on fire. I think state of emergency will be declared in many States.
  14. The castle looks so much better when you have Covid-19 and while you're driving to test your eyesight with your wife and child as crash dummies . That interview he gave made the whole thing worse.
  15. @San Please take good care . I hope they have a future preventative plan in place . Something that could be built into the infrastructure. How can this not be about Climate Change ?
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