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  1. Butter9

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    What the hell was THAT ????!! I can't think which one is worst. This or Black Eyed Pea in 2011 . No entertainment value whatsoever !
  2. How can it be blamed on both sides? I don't understand ? One side is in support of Nazi ideology and White Supremacy . Does he remember what the Nazis did to the human race ? "Fine people on both sides " . I'm sorry even if you are a fine person but if you are marching alongside a bunch of Nazis you ARE A NAZI .
  3. Back ion Action !

  4. Butter9

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Oh wow XXL. You rocked it with this post.
  5. Butter9

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I just read your link to the article about his view on transgenders and I'm disgusted. To say that transgenders will suffer all those health issues etc so therefore there should not be any transgender ? I think every person who would like to transition int another gender will be informed of all those risks by their doctors and isn't their choices to take those risks? To suggest that the suicide rate for transgenders is higher because they are transgenders ? Isn't it because of people like Milo who wrote a stupid article in support of a society that doesn't support freedom of choice ? He chose to do this campus tour and people have chosen to protest . What's the problem ? Also I don't get the Madonna thing at all. Yes she was anti establishments but in doing so she helped bring spotlights on key issues such as homophobia , sexism , racism ( as in the narrative of Like A Prayer vdo - that's what I got from it anyway ) and AIDS etc. She didn't do it out of hatred .
  6. Such sad news . Barbaric . What a world we are living in :(
  7. Butter9

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    It's like going back to the dark ages. I thought it was a joke when I read the news on social media but omg this is reality and it's scary and surreal .
  8. Butter9

    George Michael thread

    I've just read this on BBC . So sad. RIP and yes can 2016 just fuck off already !
  9. I love Berlin and have been to this Christmas market . RIP.
  10. Watching my mother slowly dying of cancer was the most painful experience of my life. I'm still unsure about this as the patients would have to administrate the lethal does themselves ?
  11. God how did it come to this? I went to visit my friends last year in London and I love it ( BB - Before Brexit ) The energy / the vibes etc) When I left UK in the early 2000s it was pretty dead. No creative energy etc at all. I'd been going back a few times after I left but only in the last 3 years that I noticed the UK was really happening again. The Brexit happened and I thought WHATTTTT????
  12. I used to live in UK for 21 years . I gave up my British citizenship now though. Most of my best friends are still living / working there . Some are Europeans . Does this mean they will have to apply for work permits and visas to remain in UK ? I'm utterly stunned.
  13. I like him . He's got a good sense of humour. Will gift this to all my aunties !