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  1. Ouch! That Sputnik review was painful to read.Thank God that most of the reviews have been positive for the most part.
  2. Yeah I noticed that they're only showing two prices (the cheapest ones at $40 and the most expensive ones at $355).I'm sure there will be tickets in the mid-price range too ($100-150).
  3. I agree!! I want a big,dramatic,EPIC video this time......with a well-known actor in it,and a big name director too.I also want a storyline.
  4. Hopefully,she does a different song each day.I'd like to see an acoustic version of "Joan Of Ark" on one of the episodes.
  5. I'm impressed with all the promo Madonna is doing for this album.Performing all week long on 'Ellen'?? That is great!! This is the type of aggressive,effective promotion that we didn't see for MDNA.
  6. I hope that Guy and Interscope have some major plans for this song.They can't rely solely on radio airplay,so they gotta have a plan B.
  7. "don't make it into something sordid" I love when she says that
  8. I'm not too crazy about that song,either.
  9. seriously? I pre-ordered from Amazon and they're saying it will be released on March 10.
  10. Madonna is very well-respected by black people.Rappers practically worship her Throughout much of her career,her songs were played on the R&B stations.
  11. I don't think it's a case of him *refusing* to work with her.He just wanted to give his protege a shot. Interestingly,many years ago,Jay Z asked Madonna to appear on one of his songs,"Justify My Thug".She couldn't do it because she didn't have time (I think this was during the Re-Invention Tour era).
  12. This song has alot of potential.It has a universal message that's very postitive and inspiring,plus it features a rapper on it.That would help it get radio airplay.
  13. Just went to my local Barnes and Noble and it wasn't there yet.I guess I'll go back in a few days.
  14. You guys shouldn't be sad watching this performance.This performance actually shows you what the lyrics *really* mean. You fall down,you experience heartbreak (disappointment),then you get back up,put your crown back on and carry on! That's exactly what Madonna did and we should all be really proud of her.Nothing's gonna stop her.
  15. Madonna is incredible! She's a trooper.She fell down and yet she carried on....just like the song's lyrics!!
  16. When I participate in these type of threads,I try to pick the songs that have the most *mainstream* appeal,as opposed to picking the "fan favorites".I think "Ghosttown" and "Iconic" are the songs with the most single potential.These songs will appeal to the masses. The title track is an obvious fan favorite,but I don't think it would be a strong single.Remember how listeners rejected "American Life" (a song where Madonna is also talking directly about herself)? Those type of songs don't make good singles for her,unfortunately.
  17. I got an email last week saying that my copy is on its way
  18. "Devil Pray" is a fantastic song,but I don't think it would work as a single.It has a very positive message but unfortunately,many people won't 'get' it.The message will fly right over their heads and they'll just accuse her of promoting drug usage,lol.
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