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  1. I've said this before and I'll say it again: MOST CDS do not sell alot of copies these days! I don't know why some of you don't realize this.There are only a handful of artists (mostly younger acts and a few rappers) who sell *massive* amounts of CDs these days.Keep an eye on the chart and you'll see that,in many cases,the Number One CD only sold about 150k (or less) in its first week.That's the new reality and Madonna knows it.She recently said "Thank God I don't have to rely on record sales.I know how to put on a show". CD sales are irrelevent.Touring is where the real money is.
  2. To those of you complaining about the sales....don't you know that MOST artists don't sell alot of CDs these days?! The music industry is a mess right now.These days,you could sell 100k and have the Number One album in the country.There are only a handful of artists (mostly younger acts and rappers) who sell huge amounts of CDs.Mariah Carey is the exception,not the rule.I don't know why some of you expected Hard Candy to be a massive seller.It's doing okay.....as well as can be expected. Madonna is doing fine.Look at where Janet Jackson's career is at these days.3 flop albums in a row and a planned tour that may have to be scrapped because of lack of interest.
  3. As a member of ICON,I'm getting my tickets through the pre-sale.I would NEVER pay more than face value for a concert ticket and nobody else should,either.I stay away from scalpers,whether it's on Craigslist,ebay or whatever.The only reason that scalpers are in business is because DUMB people pay them.I refuse to do that. Get your tickets through normal means,people, and there won't be a problem.
  4. I hate articles like this.Why do they have to keep over-analyzing the chart position? Madonna sold 280k her first week and she has the Number One album in America.Mariah has nothing to do with it.End of story.
  5. MADONNA 'STICKY AND SWEET TOUR' Candy Shop Give It To Me Dress You Up Dance 2 Night Deeper And Deeper Justify My Love Secret To Have And Not To Hold (acoustic version with Madonna on guitar) Miles Away (acosutic version with Madonna on guitar) She's Not Me Hung Up (rock version with Madonna on guitar) Angel (a new rock version with Madonna on guitar) Borderline Like A Prayer Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Video interlude: "Voices" 4 Minutes (with Justin appearing on video screen) Causing A Commotion Heartbeat Into The Groove Beat Goes On (with Pharrell and Kanye appearing on video screen)
  6. I don't see why some of you are disappointed.280k is GREAT when you consider where the industry is at these days.Her album is a hit,that's all that matters.Janet's latest album couldn't even do 200k in its first week....she is now having her *third* flop album in a row.That's certainly not the case with Madonna.
  7. :Feedback" didn't even reach the Top 10.I think it peaked at Number 19?
  8. Close to 400k in the US.This album is fueled by a successful hit single that's been in the Top 10 for five weeks.This will ensure that the CD sells extremely well in its first week.
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