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  1. this song could use someone like Nicki Minaj on it! It's a boring song otherwise.
  2. I agree! I'm hoping that this is just an unfinshed demo.It sounds cold and incomplete.The production is boring and generic.It needs some more work.
  3. I think the song actually *needs* a guest artist on it....to liven things up.
  4. That's what I was thinking.Maybe on the 'finished' version,Nicki will be doing the chant.
  5. in any case,I guess Preston was right after all.Remember when he said that we would get the first single in November?
  6. Could somebody please tweet Guy Oseary and ask him if this is the *real* single,or just a demo version? Also,ask him if it's really Nicki Minaj doing the chant?
  7. so that's Nicki Minaj doing those cheers?!
  8. Please,Madonna....choose a stronger single!! I don't even think that this song will do very well in America.Hopefully,this is just a "buzz" single and she will release a better single closer to the albums' release.
  9. This is exactly how I feel.I was expecting something much more exciting.This song is decent,but I actually find the production to be boring.
  10. I agree.I think it's an *OK* song but it's not amazing.
  11. I feel the same way.It's fun and catchy,but it sounds like it's missing something.The production is actually kinda boring but it's just the demo version so hopefully the finished song will be much better.I think this track *needs* Nicki Minaj and M.I.A to liven things up!
  12. I wish that Madonna and her team would "guard" her music more carefully.
  13. Most likely not,but I think it would make an excellent album title "a cougar out of control"...lol
  14. I like the part about "promoting it like nobody's business".This is exactly what Warners HASN'T been doing in recent years: aggressively promoting Madonna's music! It's no wonder that she chose to get away from them.Universal seems energized,excited and ready to do all that they can to make this album a hit.That's what Madonna needs and deserves.
  15. That's what I've been saying.I don't want to hear the song until it's all finished and released "officially".It's way too early.The album isn't even mastered yet.
  16. I wonder if "Girls Gone Wild" is actually the track with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.? I think that should be the name of the album! 'Girls Gone Wild'....the new Madonna album!
  17. That's a great idea in theory,but I'm pretty sure that "GMAYL" is the new song that will be performed at the Super Bowl (at least according to the reports so far).
  18. I think she would have more success with this single if she released it closer to the Super Bowl....either a few days before,or the very next day after.I have a feeling that,if she released it this month,the song would be 'old news' by the time she performs it at the Super Bowl.I want her to take full advantage of this amazing promotional opportunity. Imagine if she "premiered" this song at the Super Bowl,then released it the very next day.The song would really benefit from the massive exposure! People would be flocking to iTunes to purchase it.The hype would be tremendous! Remember,over 100
  19. ^^I don't think it would be a good idea to release "GMAYL" later on this month.It's too soon! More time is needed.I'd like for it to be released closer to the Super Bowl.By then,Madonna should have a video filmed,remixes completed,etc.
  20. 'Method To The Madness' 'Unbelievable' 'M-magine This' 'Endless Journey' 'New' (a short,simple and sweet title,signifying that she's starting over) 'Desire' 'Complete' 'World View' 'The Writing On The Wall'
  21. My guess is that the new single will be released around February 1st....a few days before the Super Bowl.
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